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Nathan Nazareth Review | Free Course on Shopify Dropshipping – Is There a Catch?

March 17, 2024

In this Nathan Nazareth review, we’ll determine if his free course on Shopify dropshipping is legit and worth your time. While others would charge for training, Nathan posted his free course on YouTube and is accessible to everyone. Currently, the 21-year-old 7-figure entrepreneur has posted 70 videos on dropshipping and on his channel with 78.9K subscribers.

Why would he give away training for free and how does he benefit from this? Can you actually learn anything from this free course? Is Shopify dropshipping even a good business to start in 2022? Read along and find out.

Dropshipping is a real business that requires time and capital. You need to have capital or credit to pay for orders and you need to keep up-to-date with the market to monitor trends and keep ahead of the competition. If a passive income business model is what you're looking for, check out local lead generation. With local lead generation, you rank sites and rent it out to local businesses. It's easy to scale and has the potential to create financial freedom for you.

Why Is the Training Course Free?

Free video course

I know you’re asking the same question. How would he earn from posting free training? Nathan Nazareth has multiple businesses, and he created the free course to expand his businesses. Instead of selling a training course, he uses the free training to promote his mentorship program, earn from affiliate marketing links, and gain more traffic to his other platforms and businesses.

Nathan’s unusual business tactic has earned him quite a following. He emphasizes on building trust with the customers, hence his decision to offer free training as compared to other “gurus”. Being against all the hard upsells calling them “scammy”, Nathan prefers giving potential clients results first and letting them decide if they like to avail of his other services.

This tactic seems to be a rising trend among young mentors. Other entrepreneurs, such as Amazon FBA wholesale mentor Jatz Naran and Shopify dropshipper Brook Hiddink, also use multi-income streams, free complete training, no hard selling, and success guarantees on their mentorship programs.

Why Shopify Dropshipping?

Large marketplaces like Amazon or Facebook have large competition. The best-selling products have the biggest competition. You need to spend a lot of capital in order to compete and build your presence. Shopify and TikTok are newer and are less saturated. Running ads is cheaper and there is plenty of room to improve your business on this platform.

Here are several other dropshipping courses with their own unique strategies.

Low Hanging System by Rachel Rofe specializes in print-on-demand dropshipping.

My Wife Quit Her Job by Steve Chou teaches dropshipping on multiple platforms

Success With Sam by Sam that teaches you how to dropship on Shopify and eBay and warns that this business model is not sustainable and should only be a stepping stone to other businesses.

You can also learn how to create your own brand and product from Shopify courses like Gretta van Riel’s Start and Scale.

There are programs where they offer to help you build your own Shopify dropshipping business like Trillion Dollar Growth by Royston G King. 

Who Is Nathan Nazareth?

Nathan Nazareth is a 21-year-old Canadian entrepreneur and Shopify dropshipping mentor from Vancouver, British Columbia. Currently, he is taking his bachelors of commerce at the University of Victoria. In December 2020, he founded his company, OutrightEcom Inc.

Originally from Richmond, British Columbia, Nathan started with e-commerce in his first year of college. He started with social media marketing, creating content on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Looking to scale his business, he shifted into other areas such as Shopify dropshipping. He has since made 7-figures on his dropshipping business.

Aside from his dropshipping business, Nathan still does social media marketing personally. Under OutrightEcom, he heads a Shopify dropshipping mentorship. He focuses most of his time on his YouTube channel and also earns from affiliate marketing.

Pros and Cons of His YouTube Course


The course is completely free.

The training is complete and very detailed. Other supplementary videos explain in depth the more complex topics.

Information on his videos is up to date, and he updates them constantly.

He sets realistic expectations on the business model. You can get discounts for programs from his affiliate links and he does not push upsells.


While you can transfer the training you received to other platforms like Amazon, it would not be as effective as taking a course that specializes in them.

Nathan's best-selling product strategy turns your Shopify dropshipping business into a full-time job. It will take a long time to build your brand following before you can earn enough to pay for VAs and automation.

Who Is The Free Shopify Dropshipping Course For?

The free step-by-step Shopify dropshipping course by Nathan Nazareth is mainly for beginners. The course teaches you how to start your own Shopify dropshipping business from scratch. Nathan teaches you every step of the process and gives the best up-to-date methods and strategies.

The training also caters to those already in the dropshipping business who want to learn new and updated strategies to further their business. Dropshippers from other platforms can also learn the basics and strategies to move their business to Shopify.

What Can You Learn From His YouTube Course?

Nathan's main Shopify dropshipping course is a 5 module 2 and a half hour training video. It's a complete A-Z on how to start, manage, and scale your Shopify business.


Module 1 - Product Research

The ideal product is a high selling product that has a passionate audience. Nathan gives 10 niches:

  1. Home decor and lighting
  2. Couples and relationships
  3. Gardening
  4. Kitchen and cookware
  5. Tech products
  6. Toys and games
  7. Health and wellness
  8. Beauty
  9. Cleaning
  10. Fitness

Nathan gives 5 methods on researching products. These are:

1. Supplier Method

The supplier method deals with finding suppliers on wholesaling e-commerce platforms. There are 4 steps to this process:

  • Suppliers - Find suppliers on Alibaba, AliExpress, Dhgate, TaoBao, etc. Search for suppliers with at least 90% positive feedback.
  • Market Research - Search the suppliers' page and check out the best-selling items. Message the supplier and get their number so you can inquire further information such as their warehouse, inventory, and existing retailers.
  • Test - Launch product on your branded niche store.
  • Validate - Create your proof of concept, calculate your sales and profitability.
  • Scale - Order into warehouse, white label the products with your packaging logos, handle shipping.

2. Local Supplier Method

This method involves looking at local suppliers for products to sell. There are 3 steps to this method:

  • Searching - Find premium products in farmer markets, mom and pop shops, boutiques, Craigslist or Etsy.
  • Contact - Contact the supplier to find out about the scale of production, private labeling, innovating or iteration, and quality.
  • Contract - Negotiate for a win-win situation, pricing for bulk orders, and if you can have a trial period.

3. Free Method

You can search for individual products yourself and determine if they sell well.

  • AliExpress - Find top selling products by searching for specific niches.
  • Facebook Search - Search "shop now.bitly" to show videos and images showing products on the market.
  • General Store Approach - Go to a store's Facebook page and check the Ad library under the page transparency section. This will show you active running ads, which is a sign that a product sells, as stores won't keep an ad running if an item doesn't sell.
  • Facebook and TikTok Pixelations - Click on an ad on Facebook or TikTok and add any item to your cart and reach the checkout page. This will tag you as an active consumer and will start showing you many ads where you can find excellent products.
  • Free Chrome Extensions - Apps such as Ali Hunter which will allow you to view all best-selling products on a store's website with one click. You can also check competition such as how many stores are selling the same item. If you pay for the premium version, you can also see how many units of the items are being sold.

4. Paid Method

Use ad spying platforms such as Minea, PipiAds, and Dropispy. These platforms collect winning ads and put the information on their platforms. This is an effective method of finding best-selling products fast.

5. Market Research

Broad but will allow you to find untapped products and "gold-mine" niches. Using Exploding Topics and Google Trends will help you find upcoming niches and markets to take advantage of.

Module 2 - Store Setup and Design

Start by creating a professional Gmail account to sign up for a Shopify account that comes with a 14-day free trial. You will then set-up your store name and other information. Then you will buy your domain name, which costs about $7-$15. It is not required to buy a domain name, but it is important to build your brand early on to compete with other brands.

Second, you will need to decide on your type of store. There are 3 types of stores:

  1. One Product Store - Just one product for sale in the store. You can add 1-2 additional products for upsell, cross sell, or to offer as a bundle.
  2. Niche Store - Many products that cater to a specific niche. For example: various types/brands of kitchen knives.
  3. General Store - Many winning products from various niches. Not recommended, as it is better to target a specific niche that attracts a passionate audience.

Once your foundation is set. You will move to the most important part, using a product page checklist. This list includes:

  1. Copywriting - The first step would be to do market research, product research, and competitor research. Check customer reviews of the products from other sellers. Use effective copywriting strategies like using spacing, catch phrases, and taglines.
    Write concisely (make sure it's straight to the point using non blocky text). Make your copy benefit driven instead of listing down the specification of the product. List down shipping FAQs and guarantees.
  2. Images - Sell your product through studio quality images, lifestyle images, creative images, GIFs, videos, and logos.
  3. Backend Setup - Add backend links to your legal page, homepage, contact us page, and track order page. You can use apps, such as Areviews, to boost the best reviews up on your page. Have a post-purchase page to upsell other products. You can also use apps that use urgency or scarcity tactics.
    TikTok and Facebook have their own channel on Shopify, which makes it easy to connect your TikTok and Facebook ads. A lot of shoppers browse using their phones, so you should optimize your site for mobile as well.

Module 3 - TikTok and Facebook Advertising

Creative ads are king. Create your own viral video ads to attract your audience. There are several ways you can do this:

  1. Use Adobe Premiere - If you have experience or plan to learn, this would be a good DIY choice.
  2. Invideo - A platform that you can use to create optimized ads quickly using pre-made templates.
  3. Ad Agencies - Agencies such as Bandsoffads and ViralEcomAds offer ads creation services.
  4. UGC (User Generated Content) - Do it yourself content such as doing the filming yourself promoting the product.
  5. Influencer Work - Get influencers to promote your product. You can either pay them, sponsor them with products, or offer them an affiliate commission scheme.

There are 2 types of ads you should use:

  1. TikTok Ads - Using the saying "don't make ads, make TikToks," create ads that are native to the platform (shot on iPhone). Follow trends and use popular sounds. Shoot videos that show unboxing, how-to, after buying experience, benefit-driven, or a mashup of real customers. You can also use spark ads, which is sending the product to an influencer for free for a chance they might make a video of it.
  2. Facebook Ads - If you decide to run ads on Facebook, they have the largest database and advanced algorithms. This means more active shoppers with more purchasing power. UGC ads and influencer work works well on Facebook as well.

Module 4 - Backend Systems and Automation

This module will teach you brilliant strategies for managing your business. Here are the 5 key points:

1. Order Fulfillment

In order to compete with bigger marketplaces such as Amazon Prime, you have to over-deliver to your customers. Make sure you fulfill and process orders every day for fast fulfillment.

Apps like Massfulfillment and PayPal Tracking On Autopilot will help you automate the process for faster fulfillment. You can also integrate the supplier by giving them staff access to your Shopify store. You can also use third-party dropshipping platforms such as Zendrop and CJdropshipping.

2. Accounting

Accurate tracking allows you to make intelligent decisions. Proper accounting will also help you should you decide to sell your store in the future. It will also help you prepare for tax season.

You can use excel sheets for daily tracking or use third-party apps like OrderMetrics or BeProfit. There are also accounting softwares like QuickBooks or Xero. If your business has grown, you can hire a bookkeeper, an accountant, and a tax specialist.

3. Cash Flow

It's advised to use a high-limit credit card. You need to calculate your daily expenditures ahead of time to assure you have enough. Be prepared for payout delays in payment processors holds and suspensions.

4. Customer Support

This is very important for long-term success. If you're just starting up your business, try to answer them directly. Once your business is growing and running smoothly, you can use ticket management softwares like Freshdesk or Zendesk. You can also hire a VA to deal with customers through G Suite or by setting them an alias on Shopify.

5. Chargebacks or PayPal Claims

For customer refunds, payment processors often charge you a fee. You need to know how to respond properly to wrong claims. Use a professional template, gather evidence such as tracking information, specifically address the reason, or get help from protection agencies such as Chargebacks911.

Module 5 - Alternative Advertising Methods

In this module, Nathan goes into detail about 4 alternative methods of advertising. These methods are:

1. Influencer Marketing

Contracting Instagram and TikTok influencers is great for long-term credibility. This can either be inexpensive and effective or expensive and ineffective depending on how you do it.


Reusable content that you can repost or repurpose.

If the influencer has a large following, you get massive social proof.

You can use this on your website as ads, testimonials, or case studies.

Can have a low financial barrier for entry.


Difficult to measure the ROI, especially when working with multiple influencers.

The influencer's reputation may damage your brand's reputation.

It might be difficult to convince influencers to promote your product and may take some time.

It's difficult to scale by solely just using influencer marketing.

When working with influencers, the goal of traffic should be to direct the audience to your IG page first. This will help you build followers and add credibility to your brand. From your IG page, it will direct them to your website or lander.

You should create a business profile on IG to access enhanced analytics, post daily, and post stories regularly for existing followers.

Finding and Researching Influencers

All niches have influencers. there are 2 kinds of influencers:

  1. Page Influencers - These are cheaper but have less trust. They get content from other profiles and they work with a lot of other brands.
  2. Individuals - They are more expensive to work with but they provide custom content and build more trust with the audience. They also have better audience engagement than page influencers.

2. Affiliate Marketing Influencer Strategy

Find influencers who have a following at the 10K-100K range. Make sure they have at least 10% engagement to ensure audience quality. Send them products and repurpose the created content on your site as ads. Set them up with an affiliate system which can be done using apps like Secomapp. You can offer micro influencers discount codes for your store and give them sales commission.

3. Organic Advertising

These are easy to do and can add to your marketing reach. Use TikTok to follow trends and create killer creatives. Repost short content on Pinterest. Post reels and stories on Instagram. Upload on YouTube shorts and Snapchat spotlight.

4. Other Sales Channels

Etsy is a good place to advertise if you are promoting handmade or handcrafted products. Etsy also only charges for ads after a successful sale. Paid ads are also an option that can save you time for a price. You can also run ads on Amazon, eBay and Google.

The information he gives for free on his YouTube channel is very detailed and complete. There are also about 70 supplementary videos that explain in-depth the more complicated topics. You can definitely learn a lot to start your own Shopify dropshipping business.

OutrightEcom Inc.

Under OutrightEcom Inc., Nathan operates his mentorship program. OutrightEcom also offers custom made Shopify stores for $199.99.

What Do You Get With the OutrightEcom Mentorship Program?

For the price of $2,000, you will have lifetime access to the program being mentored by Nathan himself. As Nathan focuses on his YouTube channel and has only him and another coach available, the program offers very limited slots.

He recommends that before applying, students should watch his free training videos first in order to be prepared when entering the mentorship for best results. OutrightEcom does not offer refunds.

The program includes:

OutrightEcom also creates custom made shopify stores for $199.99. These pages come with all the apps that Nathan used on his business. They will also pick a product or niche for you if you don't have any in mind.

Are Students of His Mentorship Program Successful?

To date, the new program has only had 167 students. They also give a guarantee that if you do not hit $10,000 in 30 days, they will continue to work closely with you until you hit the target.

There aren't any reviews yet on other websites, but here are some reviews that are posted on OurightEcom's official site.

OutrightEcom review
OutrightEcom review 2

OutrightEcom's Facebook page regularly posts screenshots of student earnings. Nathan also has 108K on his Instagram account, which makes him appear more legit. His detailed free courses do show that he knows what he's talking about. Take this with a grain of salt and do your due diligence before deciding if this is for you.

Shopify Dropshipping in 2022

Dropshipping on Spotify can be a good online business for you in 2022, but you have to keep in mind that 90% of dropshippers fail. Having a dropshipping business is a full-time job. Even after you grow and automate your business, you still have to constantly be updated on the market. You'll spend a lot of time keeping up with trends and doing market and product research to keep on top of the competition.

I've had my try with dropshipping, but I found financial freedom with local lead generation. This online business model allows you to earn passive income by renting out sites you ranked on Google using tactics such as SEO. You don't even have to worry about saturation and competition because you do this locally. Once you get the process, you just simply repeat to scale your business. It can take years before you even need to update your ranked sites.

These advantages of local lead generation allow you to earn predictable passive income and free up your time to do whatever it is you always wanted to do without worrying about your finances. Check out Local Lead Generation for a chance at financial freedom.

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