If you’ve been researching about online marketing & SEO chances are you’ve ran into Neil’s site neilpatel.com

He’s one of the more famous digital marketers that’s been hired by some Fortune 500 companies and his site had incredible amounts of organic traffic (he’s been working on it for a minute)

He has created a digital marketing / consulting course where he teaches you all of the different tactics he uses as an online marketer to get leads using paid traffic, capture the lead, nurture the lead, and then convert the lead using automation of webinar replays or rolling product launches.

He also knows how to increase the sale of your pre-existing customers by creating upsells, cross-sells and even creating affiliate opportunities.

This was a very dense course packed chuck full of information.

I’ll review this course and give you my thoughts on how it compares with my #1 recommendation which is this local lead generation coaching program, that’s fully responsible for me being able to kill my job at age 25 and live the laptop lifestyle people dream about.

Course Overview

Neil Patel is covering everything from email marketing, funnels, crafting offers, paid traffic marketing, & more.

At times feels bit overwhelming to be honest, it seems that he is trying to teach you every online marketing tactics he has ever used for his clients.

But I believe what you use from this course will vary greatly depending on the type of product or service you’re trying to sell.

I think for a complete beginner that has no product or service in mind that they can sell, this course might miss the mark on providing you with step by step process of telling you just exactly what you should be selling, or how you go about creating your product or service, what niche to go into and how.

Anyway here are the main section of the course.

The “Cold” Sales Process

all about creating a tripwire for your business that attracts the leads to you and then creating upsells, cross sells, and 1 click upgrades that’s known to increase salse by TEN times.

Crafting An Offer They Can’t Refuse!

profiling your customer, identifying their needs, creating your hook, framework for great copy writing to sell, simplify the buying process, and how to add more reasons why in your sales pitch

The Conversion Sequence

how to convert your leads into paying customers by using email, re-targetting ads, creating paid membership, affiliate offers, rolling launches where you can use a software to create a product launch every week.

Back-end Webinar

how to do webinar partnership with other influencers, how to provide webinar replays to affiliates, using webinar replay to create never-ending product launches

Leveraged E-Commerce

suggestions on going into pet friendly, organic, green products that’s selling hot right now with 500% markup, he goes into how to find sources for products, how to manage inventory, etc

Act 2: Getting and Scaling Traffic

Neil trains you on display network ads, those banner type of ads you see when visiting other sites. There’s ways to target people based on their online behavior, almost like your spying on them so that you can display your ads to those are already interested. Also goes into how to get affiliates to promote your product for you.

Facebook Training

all about facebook ads, and using retargetting ads and look-alike audiences

More Advanced Traffic Conversion

twitter ads, what to do when your ads aren’t converting, persuasive storylines, and other psychological sales stuff

Ramping up Paid Traffic

how to keep track of the metrics while you scale

Offline & Online Marketing

direct mail and postcards

Scaling your biz

partnering with JVs, automation, mindset, identify the activities in your business that gives you the most returns

Pros & Cons of Neil Patel’s Marketing Course


  • Neil has worked with wide range of clients from small mom & pa to fortune 500 companies
  • very in-depth training on creating upsells and cross-sells
  • his training can be applied to selling all kinds of products out there from e-Commerce to information type of products like coaching programs
  • great examples and psychological copywriting tactics
  • loved the webinar strategy
  • Display network ads have some great potential for eCom, I’ve not seen training for these types of ads elsewhere


  • doesn’t show you what you could sell or how to actually create a great product
  • no SEO training
  • at times feels like information overload, there’s just a lot of moving pieces and I’m not sure if they’re all applicable for everyone


I think this course is great for someone looking to sell eCom or you’ve built a coaching program or at least want to build some sort of course/information product.

Neil pretty much gives you the best online marketing strategies to get leads, nurture the leads & convert the leads into paying customers not just once but many times over with upsells & cross-sells. He also gives you the strategies to create an affiliate opportunity for your product so that you can get help from other people to promote your product.

Its fair to say, despite Neil’s super in-depth training modules, much of your success depends on your ability to create a great product.

Or pick a great eCom product.

But eCom requires a lot of on-going work and the profit margins are not great because you’re selling a physical product there’s cost of goods sold and especially if you’re using paid traffic (ad cost).

I was doing eCom for a while but gave the business up because I realized I was making more money for the time spent doing lead generation instead, where you just get paid for connecting customers with a service provider and get paid a % of the action.

What’s great is you don’t have to worry about coming up with a product to sell or doing the service/work yourself. You just generate leads for other businesses and get paid for it. Like you’re simply the middleman similar to Uber or Airbnb.

IMO lead generation is the best online business model for beginners to first build their 6 figure internet income so that you can free yourself from the shackles of a 9 to 5. Its just much simpler business with less variables that can go wrong. I’m making $50K per month currently with lead generation and I haven’t used any of Neil Patel’s tactics yet. Ultimately what matters is your ability to produce a lead, whatever way possible. That’s the most important skill on the internet.

After I’ve gone through this lead generation coaching program, I was able to replace my job salary inside 6 months and I’ve been self-employed ever since, making money from the internet and now the ability to work from anywhere I want with just my laptop.

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