Richie Contartesi’s Next Play Review—Succeed in Sales With 3 Easy Steps

June 21, 2024

Next Play is a three-step accountability system developed by Richie Contartesi to help sales leaders and representatives reach their goals and earn more. This customized coaching program teaches sales teams and leaders to create a personal roadmap for improving consistency and sales performance. Next Play empowers you to make an additional $20,000 in net commissions monthly in just 90 days.

While improving your sales skills and selling high-ticket products and properties can significantly increase your monthly income, it still requires much time and effort. Hard selling takes a huge chunk of your time for upskilling, prospecting, presenting, and doing follow-ups. But is Richie Contartesi’s Next Play program worth the try.

Alternatively, local lead generation is easy to set up and run. It’s a type of digital real estate in which you own digital assets that you can sell or rent. Unlike hard selling, local lead generation doesn’t need much convincing since the market is ready to buy. This type of business model generates continuous digital real estate passive income. You get a high monthly income with less time and effort needed.

Next Play Review: Pros and Cons


There’s a free 18-page strategy guide on how Next Play can help your team/company.

They have a discovery call to identify your needs, current performance, and goals.

Richie Contartesi has ample experience and is an established Keynote Speaker for big companies.

Next Play/Richie Contartesi has a considerable following on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Next Play has minimal information on the web regarding its price and modules.

You don’t know how much the course will cost unless you take the discovery call.

It’s not beginner-friendly, as stated on the course’s landing page.


The course price depends on the student’s individual needs as determined during the discovery call.

Refund Policy

Richie Contartesi will not ask you to pay if you don’t achieve an additional $20,000 monthly net commission within 90 days.


The Next Play program started on January 2012.


Next Play/Richie Contartesi has 10,500+ LinkedIn followers, 3,600 Facebook followers, and 600+ YouTube subscribers.

June 20, 2024

Compared to other speakers we’ve had, you provided clear insights on how we can improve ourselves, our team, and our organization. We don’t usually bring speakers back on a yearly basis, but I think we’ll invite you again soon. Your energy was great! And your Next Play Accountability System proved useful for all of us. Your honest approach and personal experience make a big difference. Thanks, man!


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

Succeed in Sales With 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Clarity

It’s crucial to create clear, attainable goals and measurable steps. First, you must review your previous sales transactions and assess your current capabilities. This move will allow you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. By doing so, you can develop your personal roadmap and start your journey toward success and passive income.

Step 2: Focus

This step is all about executing the game plan you have made. You need to be laser-focused and consistent in implementing the steps to improving your sales skills, gaining more clients, and closing more deals. Turn off distractions that can steer you away from your goals. Moreover, use your roadmap to guide you when you feel you're procrastinating or not making enough effort.

It also involves measuring your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and engagement and making reports on your performance.

Step 3: Accountability

The last step is to continue what you’re doing. It’s up to you to scale as much as you want and push yourself beyond your set goals once in a while. The key to succeeding in this step is to be accountable for your actions and make adjustments as necessary. It’s also essential to keep yourself motivated and reward yourself when accomplishing your goals.

What is Next Play?

Next Play is an accountability system created by Richie Contartesi with three major steps: Clarity, Focus, and Accountability. These steps help sales reps and leaders evaluate their previous transactions and strategies to create personal goals and a solid plan for achieving more closed sales and better monthly income. Next Play also involves workshops, keynotes, Train the Trainer sessions, internal accountability analyses, and Done-For-You offers.

Besides specific services and company-wide events, Richie Contartesi also provides a one-on-one customized coaching program using the Next Play accountability system. This course helps entrepreneurs and sales reps and leaders make an additional $20,000 monthly net commission within 90 days.

What Do You Get With Next Play?

With Next Play, you will get weekly one-on-one customized coaching sessions comprising individual assessment, strategy and custom playbook formation, KPIs and engagement monitoring, and performance reporting. Additionally, you’ll receive a free 18-page strategy guide for making 8+ figures.

This program will show you how to:

  • Tackle inconsistency and poor communication
  • Resolve accountability issues
  • Increase your confidence and sales
  • Set clear goals and strategies
  • Execute your game plan
  • Earn an additional $20,000 monthly in just 90 days

Who is Next Play for?

Next Play is for sales teams and leaders, entrepreneurs, and companies who make fewer sales than desired or want to build better sales tactics. It’s also perfect for individuals wanting to identify their strengths and weaknesses, boost their confidence, promote consistency, and increase their income. It will help you originate a specialized roadmap to achieve your sales goals.

Who Created Next Play?

Richie Contartesi created Next Play to help individuals sell products, properties, and other services successfully, making a steady stream of additional income monthly. He is an international keynote speaker, an ex-professional football player, and a #1 best-selling author of “In Spite of the Odds”. Richie was also featured in the movie “Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On”.

Richie Contartesi is from West Palm Beach, Florida, but later moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. He started as a football scholarship athlete in 2006 at the University of Mississippi’s Miss Ole team. After graduating, he became a professional football player. But after receiving an injury during the final season, he quit and joined a Fortune 500 company where he excelled in sales. This was his first step to creating Next Play, speaking at over 450 schools, and partnering with global companies like HP, IBM, ABC Supply, and RE/MAX.

Now, he helps individuals and organizations achieve 7- to 8-figure increases in sales as he did with Relentless Warrior Fitness, generating 2,600% revenue growth.

Is Next Play Worth It?

Next Play can be worth it if you don’t mind spending money, time, and effort. This accountability program will enable you to improve your sales skills by understanding your current performance, developing concrete steps and clear goals, and implementing the accountability mindset. Next Play can help you gain $20,000 monthly in just 90 days. The course teaches you modern sales strategies and the right attitude to growing your client base and selling more products and services.

Additionally, it is important to note that an individual’s success rests on their determination to learn. Whether you’re considering joining Next Play, a real estate wholesaling course, or an Amazon FBA course for beginners, you must be 100% committed.

Why Do Sales Leaders Fail?

Lack of a Solid Plan

In any organization, planning is the first step to building a productive team and a successful venture. It becomes difficult to drive the team to produce excellent results if sales leaders don’t have clear-cut objectives, a specific vision and mission, step-by-step action plans, and revenue goals. This situation causes the sales team and the company to fail.

The key to tackling this problem is to create a robust foundation comprising your goals, strategies, individual behavior plans, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These factors will help you build a roadmap for success.

Roles are Not Clearly Defined

Sales leaders must define the roles of each team member and how they contribute to the overall success of the team and organization. Setting each salesperson's role at the beginning of the team’s formation is essential. It allows the members to be responsible and accountable for their actions. Alternatively, if the roles are unclear, the salespersons will have trouble identifying their purpose, tasks, and individual goals.

Ineffective Sales Workflow

This factor is one of the most crucial when dealing with sales teams. You must establish a tactical sale cycle and effective ways to measure your team’s sales performance. It’s important to answer questions like:

  • How do we generate leads?

  • What factors do we consider when generating potential leads?

  • How can the team convert their leads?

  • How do I monitor the team’s sales performance?

  • What metrics do I need to set when measuring staff performance?

With these specific questions, you can develop a holistic, sustainable, and solid sales process that promotes consistency and profitability.

Poor Team Management

Sales leaders must be fair and strategic when handling their teams. You must put into action how you want your members to perform. Being a leader means knowing how to train and transfer skills, influence good behavior, and motivate. You should focus on everyone and not just one person or a certain group (like top and low performers) to build a good support system within the team. Finally, allocate enough time and resources to your sales staff so they can grow accordingly.

Local Lead Generation is My Top Recommendation This 2024

Local lead generation is still my top recommendation for making a continuous stream of money this 2024. It’s a profitable business model for renting or selling digital assets. You can get high passive income by creating your website, using attraction marketing to drive traffic, and forwarding the leads to local business owners.

Hard selling can yield high income but requires significant time, effort, and money. You need to do a lot of prospecting, presentation, and training to build your skills to sell successfully. While it can provide instant high profits, local lead generation is still better for building a constant flow of passive income. You can easily scale this business model to grow your monthly income considerably.

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