Vanessa Terry’s Notary2Notary Review (Is Notary Business Profitable?)

September 12, 2023

Notary2Notary is an online education platform that equips students with knowledge and skills they need to start a notary business. Built and run by notary public and trainer Vanessa Terry, the company offers multiple programs for learners of different levels. “Through our training, resources, and community engagement, our students are able to become six-figure earners,” their website says.

As a business model, a notary company can be profitable. A client can pay top money to hire the professional notary services. A notary signing agent can provide expert guidance on important legal documents and help the person avoid legal challenges and unnecessary expenses. With a notary’s assistance, a client can save money and time. However, competition can be stiff since a 2022 report by the National Notary Association indicates that there are already over 4.4 million notaries in the United States.

We discuss how Notary2Notary can benefit anyone wanting to enter the industry. We look at the platform’s strengths and weaknesses, the available programs and bundles, the online reviews, the founder’s background, and more.

Notary2Notary Review: Pros And Cons


Lifetime access. All courses offer lifetime access. Students can learn at their own pace, plus they can always go back to review the lessons, as necessary.

Access to community. Learners get to join a private Facebook group where they can interact, ask questions, and seek support from Vanessa Terry, her team, and other Notary2Notary students.

Personalized coaching. The company also provides a one-on-one coaching service “to ensure you are on track to meet your six-figure notary signing goals.”


No refund policy. Browsing through their website, we see no mentions about any refund policies for the courses. This can be a potential drawback for customers who may not want to risk their money.

Coaching will cost you extra money. One-on-one coaching with Vanessa Terry will cost you $199 per month.


Notary2Notary courses range from $8.99 to $589. Webinars, on the other hand, cost $47 to $147.


According to the Notary2Notary LinkedIn account, the business was established in 2018.

Refund policy:

No refund policy.


Notary2Notary has a private notary student group on Facebook. It currently has 3,759 total members.


Notary2Notary review are mostly positive online. On Google, the business has a 5-star rating out of 104 reviews. The company also has a rating of 5/5 stars out of 39 customer reviews on Better Business Bureau.

What Is Notary2Notary?

Notary2Notary is an online education platform that provides training courses and webinars to interested individuals wanting to build a notary career in the United States. The company offers detailed, step by step learning materials to help students find work as notary public, start a mobile notary business, or explore other opportunities in the industry.

In addition, Notary2Notary also offers community support for their students. Through their private group on social media, beginners can ask questions or seek advice from industry experts and other students.

Notary2Notary's headquarters is currently in Chester, Virginia.

Notary2Notary Social Media Presence

  • On Facebook, Notary2Notary has 16K followers.
  • On LinkedIn, Notary2Notary has 8,767 followers.
  • On Instagram, Notary2Notary has 23.1K followers.

What Is Notary2Notary Login?

The Notary2Notary login page gives users access to the website. Through this portal, a paying customer can check out available learning materials on the platform. When creating a new account, required information includes the user's first name, last name, email address, password, and phone number. Signing in using an existing account on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, or AppleID is also possible.

What Is Notary2Notary Coupon?

Notary2Notary coupon is a promo code offered for users who want to save money on the platform’s courses. Available online via the CouponBirds website, notary students can access a 50% to 70% discount off on Notary2Notary's products.

What Are The Different Courses and Bundles Of Notary2Notary?

Government Contracting Series Course

The Government Contracting Series course teaches about getting started in government contracting, business classifications, capability statements, federal contracting terminology guide, and more. This course consists of 15 lessons and 13.5 hours of video content.

Price: $589

The Ultimate Notary Bundle

The Ultimate Notary Bundle is ideal for newbies who want to “learn the foundations of becoming a notary signing agent.” This bundle includes Notary2Notary courses, such as Notary Signing Agent Training (Part 1 and Part 2), Remote Online Notary Training, and Tax & Financial Management Training.

Price: $379

The Elite Notary Bundle

The Elite Notary Bundle is for advanced notaries wanting to grow their career and boost their earnings. This bundle gives learners access to courses such as Trademarking For Your Notary Business, Go Direct To Title, Working With Nursing Homes & Hospitals, Non-Notary Work Training, Government Contracting Series, Business Grants, and How to Build A Successful Signing Service.

Price: $379

Notary Signing Agent Training Bundle

The Notary Signing Agent Training Bundle is an interactive training that teaches the process of becoming a successful notary signing agent “from start to finish.” This bundle includes Notary Signing Agent Training (Part 1 and Part 2).

Price: $189

Financial Management For Your Notary Business Bundle

The Financial Management For Your Notary Business Bundle talks about “simplifying the business financial management process.” The bundle includes Tax & Financial Management Training, Business Credit, Business Credit 102, and Ready For Tax Season (Webinar Replay

Price: $179


How to Build A Successful Signing Service Course

The How to Build A Successful Signing Service Course teaches the process and resources one needs to tap in order to “build a team of notaries and signing agents nationwide.” This course consists of 3 lessons and 2.5 hours of video content.

Price: $179

Tax & Financial Management Training Course

The Tax & Financial Management Training Course shares effective tips on tax season preparation. Students can learn everything from business finance management, tax documentation, and more. This course consists of 8 lessons and 1.5 hours of video content.

Price: $179

The Golden Ticket Bundle

The Gold Ticket Bundle gives students access to 18 courses, webinars, and services, including the Notary2Notary Students community, Ready For Tax Season Webinar Replay, Go Direct To Title course, Launch RON 2022 Replay, Notary Signing Agent Training (Part 1 and Part 2), Remote Online Notary Training, and more.

Price: $129

Remote Online Notary Training Course

The Remote Online Notary Training Course covers e-Notarization fundamentals, from application and picking the best platforms, to marketing the business and keeping accurate records. This course consists of 35 lessons and 0.5 hours of video content.

Price: $129

The Ultimate Title & Signing Company List Course

The Ultimate Title & Signing Company List is for any notary who wants to “get a leg up on the competition.” This course shows a list of signing service companies across the United States and consists of 54 lessons.

Price: $129

Non-Notary Work Training Course

The Non-Notary Work Training course shows other non-notary tasks and services that notary businesses may also offer to their clients. The course includes an apostille training session with Judi Lawrence, plus information on US Department of State Authentications, Vital Records, and more. It consists of 9 lessons and 2 hours of video content.

Price: $129

Business Grants Course

The Business Grants Course is a webinar replay that teaches the fundamentals of business grants, along with how a notary can use them to fund their business. It consists of 3 lessons and 2.5 hours of video content.

Price: $129

Virginia Basic Notary Training Course

The Virginia Basic Notary Training Course teaches about the requirements, responsibilities, and applicable local regulations for anyone wanting to work as a notary public in Virginia. This course consists of 12 lessons. 

Price: $47

Virginia e-Notary Training Course

The Virginia e-Notary Training Course is for those who want to work as e-notary in Virginia. This course walks students through the requirements, platforms, resources, and other useful information regarding the subject. This course consists of 8 lessons. 

Price: $47

2000+ ChatGPT Prompts For Your Notary Business Course

The 2000+ ChatGPT Prompts For Your Notary Business Course teaches about growing a notary business through the use of the ChatGPT tool. This course consists of 2 lessons.

Price: $34.99

DIY Remote Online Notary Ultimate Guide Course

The DIY Remote Online Notary Ultimate Guide Course puts learners on the right track as they pursue a remote online notary career on their own. This course consists of 1 lesson.

Price: $12.79

How to Earn $1000 A Week As A Notary Course

The How to Earn $1000 A Week As A Notary ebook teaches the secrets of building a successful notary business and how to earn $1,000 per week.

Price: $8.99

In addition to the courses and bundles, Notary2Notary also has the 30-Day $1000 Notary Challenge Community ($97) and the Elevated Thoughts Mindset & Self Development Community ($10 per month).

How Can Notary2Notary Help You Make Money?

Notary2Notary can help you make money by providing training and resources that allow you to build “a successful nationwide notary business.” According to the company, their goal is to teach earners the necessary steps to become six-figure earners. They also point their clients to the latest information and the best services, so they can achieve success in the industry.

As a notary signing agent, you get paid by clients as you ensure the legitimacy of important documents. Notary2Notary services equip students with the necessary information and skills to become a qualified notary. 

What Are The People On Internet Saying About Notary2Notary?

People on the internet mostly have positive things to say about Notary2Notary. On Google, the business has a solid 5-star rating out of 104 reviews on Google.

Case in point, Kim Grant-Harvell describes the company’s notary training as “one of the best investments I've ever made.”

Also one of their clients, Tamika Gray said that the training and services exceeded her expectations. She also adds that it was all “well worth the money and time.”

On YouTube, Just DeJane posted a Notary2Notary review, saying she was “surprised at how easy” her first signing job was because of the training she received. “I felt well equipped,” she shared. “I have to give all the praise to Notary2Notary.”

Notary2Notary BBB

On Better Business Bureau, the company has 5/5 stars out of 39 reviews from their customers.

Southern Notary Group writes that the notary business trainings offer a fair price point. “Vanessa Terry is always available for questions,” they also add, praising the founder’s excellent customer service.

Meanwhile, LaVonnia S the courses are “absolutely amazing from the beginning,” citing the easy to follow along reading and audio materials as the main example.

Is Notary2Notary Worth It?

Yes, Notary2Notary is worth it. The positive reviews available online prove that many students have benefited from the company’s training courses and resources.

One such student is Nikia Alexander of Indiana. A former insurance agent, she eventually built her own notary business shortly after learning from the program. In a YouTube interview with Vanessa, Nikia shared how she learned how to start and run a business, along with looking at different notary income streams. She managed to grow her money, earning up to $2,800 in a month as she provided notary service to her customers. She eventually boosted that further, making as much as $9,200 per month from her clients. Today, she has her own YouTube channel where she teaches subscribers how to become notary and loan signing agents.

Of course, it should be noted that doing notary work also has its unique set of challenges. While it can be potentially profitable, total income from month to month may be unpredictable. This is one of the main reasons why some part-time notary agents have a hard time transitioning to doing it full-time.

Other than that, accuracy is important. Notary laws and regulations may differ from state to state so being constantly updated is a must. In fact, some mistakes may even lead to lawsuits. Notary2Notary programs, services, and community can provide guidance for newbies and experienced notary business owners in these areas.

Is Notary2Notary Legit?

Notary2Notary is a legitimate business. It is not a scam. The company was established in 2018 by Vanessa Terry. Overall, it generally has a positive online reputation. Many past and current clients have posted their testimonials and reviews online, attesting that the notary service works. For example, some have shared how following the trainings has helped them earn money and establish their own notary business.

Aside from providing notary services and training courses, Notary2Notary also has a business center in Chester, VA where they offer flexible workspaces for rent.

Who Is The Founder Of Notary2Notary?

Vanessa Terry is the founder of Notary2Notary. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, she worked different jobs until she eventually learned about notary business. After years of gaining industry experience, she established her own company. She is also the author of the book How To Earn $1,000 A Week As A Notary Public: Ultimate Guide To Building A Successful Notary Business. In 2021, she was named as one of Forbes’ Next 1000 entrepreneurs.

Vanessa now shares her knowledge, skills, and resources through online training courses, webinars, and live events. Among her clients are students who want to make money by starting a notary career. With her example and expertise, she shows learners how to provide expert notary service and how to find customers in their respective areas. 

Vanessa Terry’s Social Media Presence

  • On Facebook, Notary Public Vanessa Terry has 1.2K followers. 
  • On Instagram, Vanessa Terry has 1,280 followers.
  • On TikTok, Vanessa Terry has 279 followers.
  • On YouTube, Vanessa runs the Notary2NotaryUSA channel where she shares “training & resources for notaries nationwide.” So far, she has uploaded 529 videos so far and 57.5K subscribers.
  • On Apple Podcasts and Spotify, Vanessa hosts the Notary2Notary show. As of this writing, the podcast has 39 episodes.

Vanessa Terry's Claims:

Vanessa Terry claims Notary2Notary can help learners “build successful notary signing agent businesses that launch them into six-figure earners.” The platform believes that through their courses, training modules, and business resources, customers can start their notary business service and “begin their journey towards financial independence.”

Another example of Vanessa’s claims is that Notary2Notary clients get to join their “community of 50,000 successful notary students.”

Vanessa Kerry's Claims Debunked:

Some of Vanessa Terry’s claims on Notary2Notary have been debunked by available data online.

1. Not all notary signing agents can earn six figures.

According to ZipRecruiter, a notary signing agent can make an average annual earning of $52,092 in the US. This means an average earning of at least $25.04 per hour or $4,341 per month. The website likewise adds that annual salaries in the country can go “as high as $80,000 and as low as $23,000.” In addition, reports that average annual salary is currently at $43,033 in New York while California signing agents earn up to $44,480 per year.

Of course, several factors can dictate the income of a notary - and it can vary from person to person. For example, Notary2Notary encourages their clients to have their own notary business. This can lead to a larger income than working full-time for a company. However, monthly earnings can be unstable for business owners, too.

Other considerations include the notary’s skills, certifications, years of experience, plus the market size and number of potential customers in their area of operations.

2. A notary business may not immediately be the key to “financial independence.”

Achieving financial freedom through the business model may not be possible for everyone. In an article, we read that “the flow of jobs may be unpredictable and estimating how often your clients will need your services may be difficult.” Some mistakes could also lead to lawsuits so you want to make sure you receive sufficient training before accepting clients.

In addition, building a business can be costly. Aside from paying for training and certification, you will also need to spend on LLC registration, marketing, office supplies, and more. Recovering your initial investment may take time.

Also, some mistakes could lead to lawsuits so you want to make sure you receive sufficient training before accepting clients. Otherwise, it could lead to financial and legal problems instead of economic independence.

3. The Notary2Notary online community may not be as big as promised.

Notary2Notary says they have a community of 50,000 notary students. Browsing through their website, however, doesn’t exactly reflect that.

For example, the site’s Notary2Notary Students community has 3,619 members. Interested individuals who want to join this “community of dedicated and driven notaries around the country” can send an email at

Meanwhile, the Notary2Notary Student Facebook group has a total of 3,758 members. This private group was created on August 3, 2019 to provide support for learners wanting to succeed in the industry. 

What Is Notary Business?

A notary business is a type of business model that a signing agent can pursue. Instead of seeking employment or working freelance, establishing a real business can be an effective way to find more notary clients and earn more money.

Through a notary business, a certified notary can provide services such as acting as impartial witness during signings of legal documents such as real estate loan documents. Notary businesses can accommodate customers in person through a brick-and-mortar office or online as a remote online notary.

How Notary Business Works?

A notary business works by taking in clients that specifically need their professional services, such as authorizing contracts, deeds, and other legal documents. Here are some ways a notary business owner can make money:

1. Providing notary signing agent services.

A notary signing agent primarily deals with home loans. Their business is to guide customers during the loan closing process and to help them avoid fraud in any way. That way, the customer can save time and money as they seek expert advice from a qualified notary agent.

2. Working as a remote online notary (RON).

Remote online notarization provides notaries with the opportunity to widen their market. Instead of working exclusively in their area of operations, they can also market their notarial services to different locations.

3. Becoming an apostille agent.

An apostille agent specializes in certifying birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other government-validated legal documents that a customer will use for international purposes. When taking this route, it’s crucial for an agent to be highly knowledgeable with other countries’ current laws and regulations.

How Much Money Can You Make In Notary Business?

A notary business can earn as much as $52,092 per year. Of course, average annual income may differ from one person to another. The notary’s skills, knowledge, and years of experience can all play roles in determining how much money a business owner can make. Additionally, marketing and hard work are also crucial. Besides, running a business in a competitive industry has its challenges. You will need to establish a positive reputation to attract an ongoing stream of clients and customers.

What type of notary makes the most money?

Notary Public, Travel Notary, Notary Public Loan Signing Agent, and Notary Public Signing Agent make the most money since they can earn as much as $80,000 to $181,000. A ZipRecruiter article gives us insight on the different types of notary jobs and how much they make per year.

  • Notary Public
    Annual salary range: $80,000 to $181,000
  • Travel Notary
    Annual salary range: $80,000 to $181,000
  • Notary Public Signing Agent
    Annual salary range: $80,000 to $181,000
  • Notary Public Loan Signing Agent
    Annual salary range: $80,000 to $181,000
  • Closing Notary
    Annual salary range: $52,000 to $63,500
  • Notary Signing Agent
    Annual salary range: $40,000 to $62,500.
  • Loan Signing Notary
    Annual salary range: $38,500 to $50,500
  • Notarize
    Annual salary range: $28,000 to $30,000

Again, we should note that there are different ways of earning as a notary. Some work full-time or freelance while others establish their own notary business. Meanwhile, there are also professionals who choose to work from home by providing remote online notarization services to their customers.

Other Articles That Mention About Notary Business

Conclusion: Is Notary Business Profitable?

Yes, running a notary business can be profitable. If you have competent notary skills and know your way around managing a business, you can make money from serving clients in your area and beyond. As you eventually attract positive reviews, more prospective customers will recognize your expertise and consider hiring your business.

That said, you can also expect to face challenges along the way. For example, local notary and business laws may suddenly change without notice. You’ll have to stay updated or even receive additional training to keep up with policy changes to remain legally compliant. In addition, it’s common for new businesses to have a slow start because of competition. You may even receive low ball offers all while you’re juggling the expenses of upfront and upkeep costs.

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