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Oberlo 101 Review – Legit Dropshipping Course? Or sales hook to use the Oberlo App?

June 9, 2022

There are SO MANY dropshipping courses out there, how do you know which one to choose?

Is dropshipping still the best possible online business as it was in 2015?

How does Oberlo 101 compare with other dropshipping courses?

Don't stress! I got you covered in this unbiased review! 

I even have an Oberlo FAQ's section to answer all your questions related to the course and the Oberlo App itself.


I am in no way affiliated to Oberlo. This means I am not getting any financial compensation for writing this review. It is purely my own personal opinion of the course. THUS: you get an honest, unbiased review of Oberlo 101 - nothing more.

So why am I doing this for free, you might ask? 

Simple. I was once where you are now. Just starting out. Very unsure of myself with millions of questions about online business and no place to find answers.

I guess this is me giving back.

I hope it helps!

Oberlo 101 Course Overview

Ranked #6 out of 30 dropship courses (See the full list here)
7 hours
Sufficient content to cover most of the basics. Despite being only 7 hours long, you'll be a much more proficient dropshipper after this course.
3.5/5 - Good basic content for the beginner dropshipper at a bargain price!
$49.90 or $39.92 discounted price

Introduction to the course presenter and contributors

This is a dropshipping course by Oberlo itself, presented by Jessica Guzik, with contributions by Harry Coleman, Scott Hilse, Yuliya & Mike, Chris Wane and Paul Lee.

According to Oberlo, Jessica Guzik is an eCommerce business owner and educator. She helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch brands that are built to last.

Apart from that, we don't know much about her. 

It is, however, refreshing to see a female course presenter. Jessica presents with flair and enthusiasm, and unlike many of her dropshipping counterparts, she does not rush through the course.

She also doesn't pose with a sportscar...

I already like this course.

What to Expect in this Course

First, the good news: How much is the Oberlo Course?

Getting the course is easy – just visit and click on "access the Course."

But don't do that just yet! 

There are two reasons why...

First off, browse through a few pages and a pop-up will appear offering you a 20% discount off the Oberlo 101 course.

Use the pop-up window to add your details and enroll in the course. Voila! You have access to the Oberlo course AND you got it for only $39.92. It's a steal!  

Secondly, don't ever be too rash. Yes, it might be less than $50 for the course, but would you want to waste all those hours if the course wasn't worth it?

Read my review of the Oberlo Course first, before making a decision.

So, where to start..?

Let's start the review with a simple question that you might ask.

What do I get from Oberlo 101?
The course includes 23 lessons and has under 7 hours worth of content videos.

The course is very well presented and laid out and automatically picks up where we left off, as soon as we sign back in.

In fact, Oberlo 101 is the most professional-looking dropshipping course that I have come across. It features a simple but very user-friendly design that will not make you feel overwhelmed. 

Yes, it looks even better than eCom Success Academy that cost $1 million to develop - I can’t imagine anyone spending that amount of money on creating an online course, when it is so cheap nowadays to create digital content…
Professional-looking clean interface
A little too cluttered for $1m...

Anyway, back to Oberlo’s dropshipping course...

The course is very well presented by Jessica Guzik, an “Online Entrepreneurship Expert”.

The course website states that it had the input from successful dropshippers and lists the likes of Harry Coleman, Scott Hilse, Yuliya & Mike, Chris Wane and Paul Lee as contributors.

As the course presenter, Jessica does an outstanding job.

She appears knowledgeable and what I liked most, was that she didn’t rush through the course content like some of the other dropshipping courses (Yes, I’m pointing fingers at Kevin David and Jared Goetz in particular).

Both beginners and more seasoned dropshippers will not get frustrated with the pace of the course.

I must warn you though, that the Oberlo course is specifically targeted at beginner dropshippers. 

More experienced dropshippers might not learn much new.

Oberlo 101 Course Breakdown

In this review, I offer a Module Overview Review of the entire Oberlo 101 course. This is done Module-by-Module and is a review based on each Module/Section as a whole.

If, however, you want a more In-Depth Review, then you will find a Lesson-by-Lesson Review of the entire Oberlo 101 course, as well.

You can access these Lesson-by-Lesson In-Depth Reviews of the course by clicking on the blue "..Read the full Module Review..." buttons (as illustrated below).

In short, this is what the Oberlo 101 course entails:
  • We learn about different e-commerce business models, specifically dropshipping.
  • We are taught how to figure out which products to sell online  
  • Jessica shows us how to find the right suppliers for these products that we have identified
  • We learn how to build an online store from scratch, and
  • how to populate it with products
  • And finally, we learn how to create ads

Module Overview Review

Module 1 - Getting started with Oberlo 101

In this Introduction module to the course, we learn how to navigate the course and access exclusive content.

The additional content includes a link to Oberlo's Dropshipping FAQ's and a very useful 217-page dropshipping e-book. 

Jessica also gives us the lowdown on dropshipping and what this business model entails. 

The videos that are included in this module, covers:
  • How to get the most out of this course
  • A brief introduction to dropshipping 
  • The three dropshipping business models and why people are excited about them.

There's nothing really new in this section. No revelations. No industry secrets. Sorry.

This is basically an introduction to the course (and dropshipping), and nothing more.

Total video time for the module: 19 minutes.
Module 2 - Find great products to sell
The videos that are included in this module, are as follows:
  • Brainstorm brilliant product ideas
  • Choose winning products for your store 
  • Find trustworthy suppliers

This is an incredibly important module, as finding products and suppliers are central to the success of our dropshipping store. 

Without these two key ingredients, our dropshipping business dreams will die a quick, horrible death. 

Question is: Does Oberlo teach us the necessary skills to ensure our online success?

The answer: if you complete this module, you will definitely have done your due diligence in finding good products and suppliers. 

It's a really good module that covers basically everything you need to know in finding products from good suppliers, despite the relatively short video time.

Total video time for the module: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Module 3 - Set up your online store

This section deals with Signing up for Shopify, coming up with a business name, and using Oberlo to add products to our store.

Shopify realizes that many people who join the dropshipping business model will be newcomers to e-commerce.

Therefore, they have simplified the process of opening an online store as much as possible. Novices with no coding, web design or technical skills, can effortlessly go through the process.

You'd think that coming up with a business name is easy, but it should actually be a well-thought-out process. Jessica shows us why it is important to choose a proper business name.

Jessica takes us through her suggested business-naming process.

Lastly, adding products to our store is not a complicated process anymore.

Thanks to Oberlo's automated system, adding products to your store is now a breeze (a couple of years ago, this was not the case, and it took a bit of time and some technical skill).  

It's a simple case of copying and pasting the product URL and clicking a button. It does a lot of the leg-work for you, thereby saving you time and frustration as opposed to adding products manually to your store. 

Total video time for the module: 2 hours and 13 minutes.
Module 4 - Launch Facebook ads

This module in Oberlo 101 can be summarized as follows:

  • We are taught how the Facebook Ads Algorithm works.

  • How to set up and optimize FB Ad Campaigns,  

  • How to create attention-grabbing Video Ads, and

  • We learn how to analyze Facebook ad results and adjust our Ad Campaigns accordingly.

Truth be told, this is a superb module on Facebook Ads.
  • It is jam-packed with informative content such as over-the-shoulder tutorials that show us how to actually implement suggestions (and why), and
  • the module contains useful additional resources, such as links to free software, websites that offer royalty-free images and music, documents and more.

The highlight of this module, however, is in the way that FB Ad Campaign setup and ANALYSIS is taught. 

Most courses skimp on the analysis part and you're never quite sure WHEN to scale, or even HOW. This module deals with it in a clear and succinct manner that is both easy to understand AND to implement.

Full marks to the course developers!

AND, Jessica and the Oberlo team are honest and transparent about their FB Ad Campaign results, which deserves an honorary mention (and probably a dropshipping award), in its own right. 

Yip, it's that good.

It's one of my favorite modules on Facebook Ads out there...

Until Jessica offers you feedback on the Ad Campaigns...

In the end, they spent over a thousand dollars on FB Ads and only made $100 in 6 weeks... 


It's the perfect example of how FB Ads can potentially kill your business.

Total video time for the module: 2 hours and 23 minutes.
Module 5 - Scale your business
In the last of the Oberlo 101 modules, Jessica teaches us how to
  • Fulfill orders and track shipping, and
  • Manage returns and refunds like a pro
These are important aspects of running a dropshipping business and every course worth its salt should include this. 

Surprisingly though, this module is not as detailed as the previous modules and the content is not as thorough as we've come to expect.

One glaring omission, for example, is not showing us different Shopify Store Apps that can be utilized to optimize our store and marketing efforts.

Most of the other dropshipping courses went into quite a bit of detail to suggest different apps to help with conversions on our site, how to get emails for retargeting purposes etc. 

Lastly, I'm not a big fan of including Q&A sessions in a course - as most of the info offered has no bearing on your particular business. Most of the Q&A's are irrelevant - it's only useful to watch when you have posted a question yourself... 

Total video time for the module: 46 minutes.

Before I dig even deeper into the Oberlo dropshipping course, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Oberlo 101 that I haven't covered yet:

Oberlo Course FAQ's

1. What kind of online business will I create with Oberlo 101?

The Oberlo course helps you learn about dropshipping and setting up a dropshipping business. This means that you sell products on your store without holding inventory. Once you make a sale, you place the order with a supplier, and the supplier ships the product directly to the customer. Great thing is, the products don't cost you a cent. You only pay for a product once you have received money for the sale.

2.Who is the Oberlo course for?
This course is for anyone who wants to enter the dropshipping fray. The dropshipping selling points are:
  • You determine your own success, 
  • You make money on your terms, and 
  • You build a business that can be run from anywhere in the world. 
  • You don't need any previous experience
  • What matters is your willingness to learn, take smart risks, and build something you can call your own.

3. What do I need to get started with Oberlo 101?
All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and an eagerness to learn. You don’t need any prior business experience or technical skills. (That makes this an extremely easy business model to enter... It's not necessarily a good thing...)

4. How long do I have access to the Oberlo course?
You have access to the course for as long as you want. Once you enroll in Oberlo 101, you have lifetime access to access course materials. This means you can finish the course at your own pace and review lessons whenever you want - even years down the line.

5. How do I start dropshipping with Oberlo?
If you are new to Oberlo and dropshipping, then it's a good idea to get started by taking the Oberlo 101 dropshipping course.

During the training, you will learn how to
  • create an account on the Oberlo website and
  • how to set up your Shopify store.

After you install the Oberlo app, you can add and import products from AliExpress directly into your new store.

You can also use products and suppliers suggested by Oberlo.

6. How do I access my Oberlo account?
If your Shopify store is connected to an Oberlo account, then you can access it through your Shopify admin:
1.From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.
2.In the Installed apps section, click Oberlo.

You can also go to the Oberlo website and access your account there by clicking on "Login".

7. Is Oberlo free to use?

Oberlo has a Starter Plan that is 100% free. I suggest using this when starting out and then upgrading to the Basic Plan when sales start coming in. 

The Oberlo Basic Plan costs $29.90 per month. If you have the cash reserves, then I suggest you start with this plan from the very beginning as the Basic Plan has many additional features to the Starter Plan. 

As soon as you are ready to scale and hire staff (such as a virtual assistant to handle your order fulfillment), you will have to upgrade again to the Oberlo Pro Plan to add multiple staff accounts. Oberlo Pro costs $79.90 per month, which is a lot when it only offers this one additional feature above the Basic Plan...

You can compare the different Oberlo Plans here.

8. How do I get paid with Oberlo?
All Shopify-supported payment methods are fulfilled by third-party providers to process your sales transactions. Providers have to process each payment separately, so there is usually a delay between when the customer pays you for their order, and when you receive the payment. After the payment is processed, the purchase amount is transferred to your merchant account. You must then still pay your supplier/vendor in order to have the product shipped.

9. How do I cancel my Oberlo account?
You simply uninstall the Oberlo app from your Shopify store. If you decide to use Oberlo again later, then you only have to re-install the app. Your dropshipping products will re-sync again automatically to your Shopify store.

Please note: Once you close your Shopify store, then the associated Oberlo account is automatically canceled.

10. Is Oberlo only for AliExpress?

No, Oberlo can also be used with the Oberlo Supply Market where you can also find Oberlo approved vendors/suppliers. (So. Using Oberlo you only have two options. Remember this if you have an alternative source for vendors, such as Supplier Directories.)

Is Oberlo 101 a worthwhile course?


The Oberlo 101 course itself, is exceptionally well thought out, laid out, presented and includes all the essentials that every beginner dropshipper needs. It even has Additional Resources to help you get started. 

Yes, some of the Additional Resources are available for FREE on the Oberlo website, but there are a total of 6 exclusive resources available to students that you won't find outside of the course.


Well, it's a course about dropshipping - a business model I'm increasingly becoming more critical of...

Apart from the obvious big woolly mammoth in the room, there are a few other things that bother me about the Oberl 101 course as well.

As detailed (for beginners) as the Oberlo course is in most of the dropshipping subject material covered, there are some shortcomings:

1. FB Marketing (I’m going to be very critical here...)
Every single dropshipping course tells you that you will be a successful dropshipper, based on your product choices and marketing. If you get either of those wrong, you’re sunk. So, it’s a bit disconcerting when Oberlo themselves, can’t get their FB Ads campaigns right. Remember, these are professionals with dropshipping experience behind them.

The scenario – they spent over $1000 over a six week period and only had 4 sales totaling less than $100… And then you get a smile and encouragement with the words “…just stick with it.” 

In the real world, you will not have an unlimited marketing budget. You also don’t have all the time in the world to make it work… To me, this doesn’t make for a business model that I have much confidence in. And remember, I HAVE done dropshipping. I’ve had six-figure stores. With the emphasis on “had”. I don’t do dropshipping anymore, and with good reason. FB Ads are just one of them...

2. FB Ad Budget Scaling
After a few days of running your ads (most courses suggest between 5-7 days), you analyze your data and decide which ads to kill and which to scale. The Oberlo course does an excellent job of showing you HOW to analyze the data (it’s one of the best modules on FB Ads out there), BUT it doesn’t tell you in detail how to scale your ads. Other courses, such as eCom Elites and eCom Hacks, give you guidelines on how to do the scaling – with amounts or percentages AND time frames. Oberlo doesn’t offer any of these…

3. Shopify Apps
ALL the other courses go into great detail as to which apps you can use from the Shopify App Store to boost your productivity and marketing, whereas Oberlo 101 does not suggest any… Oberlo can’t send marketing emails, nor for example, can it create urgency with pop-ups. Don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t need other apps. Oberlo doesn’t do it all…

4. Sales Funnel and Retargeting
The Oberlo 101 course also neglected to include any content on putting together a successful sales funnel. There's also nothing about retargeting using your FB Pixel and other third-party apps to run email marketing. These are must-have weapons in your online marketing arsenal... 

The Oberlo App itself...

Buying the Oberlo 101 course, you're setting yourself up to be locked into using the Oberlo App.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, it is one of the most trusted apps on the Shopify Store and Oberlo is even suggested by some of the other dropshipping course creators. 

Just know that there are other options available...

  • It's always interesting to read user reviews - in this case, Oberlo has just under 2400 reviews, of which the majority are favorable on the Shopify App Store
  • It's worth reading the 1 Star Reviews as well though, just to give you a heads-up of possible issues you might experience. 
  • On, Oberlo has a slightly lower rating with 4.1 Stars from 408 reviews.

As with any type of software / digital tool, there are bound to be some problems - it's always a good idea to be aware of them.

Review Conclusion

If you really think dropshipping is still a great idea at the beginning of 2020, then I suggest you read further on down this page. 

But, if you're only here for the Oberlo course review and you're dead-set on dropshipping... Here's the low-down:

Oberlo 101 is one of the better introductory dropshipping courses out there. 

Where it comes to value for money, it is exceptionally good. For the money, you get a surprisingly well thought out course with comprehensive enough content to get you started on your dropshipping voyage.

There are a few shortcomings and one potential deal-breaker. 

Biggest issue:

Their own FB Ad Campaigns weren't successful - they spent over a $1000 dollars on FB Ads and sold less than $100 worth of products by the end of week six. There hasn't been any updated info since, so we don't know if it got better or worse...

As it stands, it's a threat to the successful continuation of their business.

Oberlo 101 isn't a complete guide to dropshipping, but then again, none of the courses I've reviewed are perfect. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. 

There is a much better alternative though...

Scroll down to find out more.


What I like about Oberlo 101:

  • The Course Price. It is dirt cheap! You get outstanding value for money.
  • A lesson summary (sometimes with additional resources) found underneath each lesson video.
  • A good combination of theory and practice.
  • A great module on Facebook Advertising in terms of theory and data analysis.

What I didn't like about Oberlo 101:

  • Bidding strategy for scaling your ads
  • There are no suggested apps from the Shopify App Store
  • FB Ads strategy is lacking - it didn't work...

So what is the best online business platform?

OK, just to clarify.

I'm not saying dropshipping is dead.

I'm just saying it is increasingly becoming more and more difficult to enjoy some modicum of success at it. 

The trend of creating new millionaire dropshippers, is a thing of the past.

However, with dedication and hard-work, decent cash reserves, the right products, unique advertisements, a flawless FB bidding campaign, great website, and awesome retargeting methods, you can make a full-time income from dropshipping. 

It won't necessarily be working from a beach with a cocktail in hand, but at least you'll be slaving away for yourself, right?


It doesn't quite sound like the dream, does it?

What if I told you there is an alternative that makes much more business sense..?

A business model that offers a lot less hassle, uncertainty, marketing budget, customer complaints and and and... (with dropshipping the list goes on and on...)

If the dropshipping "ship" is struggling to stay afloat, what is the alternative?

Look, I've tried just about EVERY online business there is. 

Name it and I have the T-shirt.

Just read some of my case studies and you'll see that I talk from experience. 

The reason why I started Ippei Review was out of sheer frustration. I kept trying these online business models and none seemed to work as I wanted.

I wished for a site that would give reviews on courses and give some advice that could steer me in the right direction.

And when I couldn't find one, I created my own. My mission is to help other business owners avoid some of the frustration and pitfalls associated with online businesses. 

I'd like to help.

My number 1 online business model for 2020 (and beyond), is local lead generation

Don't know what it is? 

Here's a quick breakdown:
Why lead generation is my number one business choice
Besides the fact that:
  • I've successfully been doing lead generation since 2014, AND
  • My lead gen business keeps growing, AND
  • It provides me with a passive income
I believe lead generation is far better than dropshipping because:
  • Unlike dropshipping where your success depends on finding the right trending product month after month, lead gen isn't based on fads or styles.
  • A BIG bonus - you do NOT have to run Facebook, Instagram or other social media marketing campaigns or even Google Ads... Yip, ZERO ad spend!
  • You create FREE organic traffic from Google. 
  • It's quite possible to leave your lead gen site for months on end, without having to tweak it - true story. I have sites I haven't touched for months.
  • And the most appealing aspect of lead gen? Lead generation provides you with a passive income!
Here's an example of one of my lead generation sites, that still brings in constant leads every month:
All my lead gen sites make me a passive income of between $750 and $2000 per month. It might not sound like much, but it all adds up after a while. 

And it's something you can do with the right bit of training too.

Want to know more? Click the link below...
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