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Oberlo 101 Module 1

August 16, 2020


Oberlo 101 - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 1: Getting started with Oberlo 101
Video Lesson 01: How to get the most out of this course
This is a very short video that serves as nothing more than an Introduction and short Course Overview.

There's really not much more to say about it...
 Total video length for Lesson 01: 4 minutes 15 seconds
Video Lesson 02: A brief introduction to dropshipping
This is another short video that introduces us to dropshipping. Jessica explains what dropshipping is and stresses that as a beginner online entrepreneur, we want to start a relatively low risk business.

Jessica states that dropshipping is the easiest way to launch en e-commerce business without spending a ton of cash.

True statement - it probably is the easiest to launch with the least amount of capital BUT you'll quickly learn that your day to day running costs (because of the marketing) are far from cheap...
Jessica explains the three pillars of e-commerce:
  1. Where you sell - the platform we'll be using, such as Shopify
  2. How you sell something - the marketing/advertising used to make people aware of our store/products
  3. What you sell - there are literally millions of products to choose from, which is actually a problem as we need to know WHAT to sell.
According to Jessica the How part is easy to solve, because we have so many options, such as FB Ads, Instagram posts, Google Ads etc.

BUT - it's actually NOT so easy, as most of these advertising platforms work on a bidding system. It's basically an advertising auction where you hope to outbid the competition, without knowing how much they bid or which methods they use... It's a complicated process and far from easy...

Perhaps we're lucky and she solves this problem that MOST dropshipping business owners struggle with...
 Total video length for Lesson 02: 3 minutes 22 seconds
This Lesson contained added resources:
  • Url link to the Oberlo FAQ page that deals with Dropshipping. 
  • Best thing about this lesson, was the 217 page e-book, titled Dropshipping 101 by Daniel Threlfall. It's a course in itself!

An excerpt from the e-book:

This guide assumes you have no previous dropshipping knowledge and helps you get a business up and running. It’s structured to be a chronological, step-by-step guide that will show you what you need to do to start your dropshipping business.
...I’ll start by introducing you to the fundamental concepts of dropshipping. I’ll then build on that foundation and talk about more advanced concepts."

I'm not reviewing the "guide", but let's just say after going through it, it does deliver on it's promise stated above. 

This is a GREAT resource to have! Well done to whoever decided to include it in the course.

Video Lesson 03: The three dropshipping business models

In this video, Jessica introduces us to a few successful dropshipping entrepreneurs. They offer some hints an motivation. Jessica starts with Paul Lee.

Paul Lee: 

Highlight of his interview: when he started out, he convinced himself that there was no difference between himself and other more experienced and super successful dropshippers. Why? Because we have access to the same resources that they have, we just need to learn how to use them! - Fair point!

Jessica then introduces us to the three different types of dropshipping business models (I would call them the different types of Shopify Stores...):
  1. One-product stores - they are built entirely around one product.
  2. General stores sell a wide range of products from different categories/niches.
  3. Niche stores offer multiple products within the same niche.
Jessica tells us which stores suit which type of entrepreneurial strengths and what the pros and cons are for each type of store.

Jessica stresses the point that all the different types of dropshipping models work, but that none of these models works for everyone... Thus, you need to figure out which model is the best for YOU. Therein lies the trick - or one of them at least. When it comes to dropshipping there are quite a lot of them.

Lastly, Jessica spends a bit of time explaining why a Niche Store is probably the best bet if you are just starting out. Jessica also reveals the Platinum Product method and explains what it entails. 

 Total video length for Lesson 03: 9 minutes 22 seconds

Module 1 - My Key Takeaways 
I honestly feel this was a good start to the Oberlo 101 Dropshipping Course.

First off, the course layout is superb. It's simplistic and easy to navigate. The video quality of the lessons are great and there are no sound issues. Jessica is also a great presenter and her enthusiasm for her presentation material is infectious - we actually want to implement what we learn.

Yes, Section 1 is only 19 minutes long, but as a beginner dropshipper, we actually gain some useful info. It is however, only a course introduction and still way to early to make any predictions on whether Oberlo 101 will be a good course, or not.

Section highlight:

The additional Dropshipping 101 e-book to refer to for more detailed info about this business model.


We're off to a good, solid start. It's all theory in Section 1, but that is to be expected in a course that is geared towards beginners.

Baby steps people! We need to know the basics and have a solid foundation before we practice what was preached.  

Just one thing I picked up though:
In the Key Takeaway section below lesson 3, it lists the names of four "Merchants featured in this lesson", however, we are only introduced to ONE of these entrepreneurs (and he only features for about a minute).

Starting to have doubts about dropshipping yet?

Can I recommend my number one online business?

Have a read by clicking the link below. It might just change your mind about the different online business models out there...

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