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OfferVault Review (2024) – Affiliate Marketing Success Thru CPA Offers?

July 4, 2022

Founded in 2009 by affiliate marketers, OfferVault is one of the largest resources for affiliate marketers to find CPS (Cost Per Sale) or CPA (Cost Per Action) offers. CPS gets your commission from direct sales, while CPA commission is from viewers performing certain actions such as lead generation.

Offervault is NOT a network. It is a platform that helps affiliate marketers search for products to promote. Hundreds of affiliate networks post their listings on OfferVault, which makes it a great resource for affiliate marketers to go to and search for offers. There are over 70,000 listed offers on OfferVault.

How To Make Money On OfferVault

It’s free for anyone to use and/or join OfferVault. By joining and creating an account using an email address, you have the option of saving searches and receiving alerts. OfferVault itself doesn't make you money. It is a research tool used to find affiliate offers. It is by joining these affiliate networks and advertising their offers is where you make your earnings via commissions. The links on OfferVault are just preview links and not affiliate links. You must join the affiliate network in order to receive a link from them.

The most common offers on OfferVault are CPA offers. This means you’ll mostly be advertising to generate leads. Earning is all about advertising.

Searching For Offers

You start by searching for offers in your preferred niche. The search bar is supplemented by filters in networks, category, and country.

You can then sort out the results by either name, payout, country, or network. Note that you do not have to be in the country of the offer you are considering. The country refers to where the customers you are targeting are from. You can also filter out results by networks that provide the offer, pay per call offers, mobile offers, or by traffic sources.

This is where you can compare similar offers from different networks to find the best deal for you.

This is where you can compare similar offers from different networks to find the best deal for you. 

Then you can run the offer with the network in order to apply and receive an affiliate link.


You receive your commissions by either sales or leads, depending on the type of the offer you applied for. The commissions are paid by the affiliate network and not by OfferVault.

CPS offers commissions from direct sales. CPA offers award commissions when viewers pick a certain action resulting in a lead. Some examples of CPA offers are:

  • Cost Per Call: The network will pay you by reaching an amount of time per call.

  • Mobile Offers: Perfect if you have an app, you can drive traffic through ads in your app.

  • Email/Zip Code Opt-in: By getting visitors to submit their email or zip code for a mailing list to establish a lead.

Pros & Cons Of OfferVault


  • I’ve reviewed other affiliate networks, but OfferVault seems to consistently have the largest selections of offers available to promote with some of the highest payouts I’ve seen for many niches.

  • Free to use.

  • The ability to advertise your own offer there.

  • Sign up for free to gain access to their webinars and a blog, which may help you with affiliate marketing.

  • Easy to use search engine that would save you hours in browsing over 70,000 offers.

  • Live ticker that scans other searches, great for discovering new ideas.

  • Saving your search if you have an account can be very useful.


  • Not all offers were created equal. Some companies pay out much higher than others, so do your due diligence.

  • The additional step of joining a new affiliate network/company every time you want to promote new offers can be a hassle.

  • Some companies are a bit difficult to get accepted in, for example, if you’re in the wrong country, you have no prior experience, etc.

  • Some affiliate networks failed to get back to me when requesting to Join Network, not OfferVault’s fault, but I wish there was an ability to leave reviews for different affiliate networks out there so you can see which ones are the best.

How Effective Is OfferVault?

The best use of OfferVault is as a review tool to find premium payouts and sniff out low payouts of different affiliate networks. Use it to compare payouts of one network against another different affiliate network. How effectively you use OfferVault would depend on your own skills as an affiliate marketer.

An effective marketing strategy is one way to success. Some strategies to promote these offers are by advertising on social media, Quora, blogs, solo ads in which you take advantage of someone else's mailing list, and paid ads.

The #1 Reason Most People Fail With OfferVault

OfferVault is a great place to find new offers to promote as an affiliate marketer but just because you find good offers, doesn’t mean you’ll make a dime from it. At the end of the day, you need high-level skills of being able to generate traffic if you want to win as an affiliate.

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer but not everyone can reach financial success as one.You will need legit skills in order to actually make it. The marketplace only cares about your ability to deliver value. Without very high-level skills you will not be able to bring much value, hence you’ll always struggle to make money online.

Most people fail because they try to cut corners & take shortcuts when it comes to investing in themselves and their skills. So how do you actually learn the skills needed to succeed in affiliate marketing? This is why there are so many courses out there online that coaches you and provide you with affiliate tools to help you succeed. If you want to check out some of these affiliate marketer courses and their quirks, click here.

There are so many courses out there on traffic generation. Each has their own pros and cons. Being able to generate free traffic & get leads is one of the most sought-after high-income skills on the internet. Once I learned this skill properly from my mentor and became an expert at it.

I went from making nothing on the internet to building a multiple 6 figure income laptop business. Your skills pay the bills. We are teaching people to improve on this skill & it is changing lives. Click here to check out how I learned to achieve financial success online.
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  1. Thank you for this guided list. I was working in cpa affiliate. I believe that working with // is enough to reach out your money goals.
    just don’t waste your effort with free stuff & traffic sources.

    The key here is the space of ad. select correct content with correct space of ad, test your traffic & its quality level, test your ads group and content, test your landing pages. the result will be (the equation of laser targeting).

    And once your campaign setup has been completed according to the (laser targeting equation), you will get the convincing outcome.

    Last word: don’t worry abut your spending in testing purposes. basically, it’s the first important step before publishing your campaigns for any particular offer.

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