Chelsea Guarriello’s Online Business Mastery Review: What Are Its 3 Reasons To Start a Dropshipping Business?

April 17, 2024

Online Business Mastery by Chelsea Guarriello is an online course on dropshipping. The course teaches practical strategies like paid ads, TikTok content creation and competitor research. Online Business Mastery is for beginner and seasoned dropshippers looking to scale their online business.

Online Business Mastery reviews are positive, although they’re all from the course site. According to Growth Devil, dropshipping increases a store’s profit by 50%. But based on Do Dropshipping’s study, 175k dropshipping stores are made in the 1st quarter of 2023 alone. Market saturation and competition go up daily.

In this Online Business Master review, you’ll learn what you’ll get from the course, its pros and cons and its creator. You’ll also know if the course yields results and if you should start a dropshipping business in 2024.

Online Business Mastery Review: Pros and Cons


Invited guest speakers from the ad agency working with Chelsea for internet marketing.

Covers advertisements on FB, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

The ad strategies are helpful for beginners and intermediate business owners.


Expensive. It cost $5k originally. There are promos and partnerships with Shop Pay. But the full payment is still expensive.

Focuses on paid advertising so you’ll need huge capital to see profit.

Some information may already be on her e-books available for a lower price.


Online Business Mastery costs $5k. They offer a promo of Full Digital Course Access at $1,997, Half Digital Course Access at $1,250 and a Secure Your Course Access at $250.


Online Business Mastery is self-paced.


Online Business Mastery has a private group chat on Telegram

Refund Policy

Online Business Mastery has no refunds.


Online Business Mastery started in 2022.


Chelsea Guarriello has a positive reputation online.

What Are Online Business Mastery 3 Reasons To Start a Dropshipping Business?

1. E-Commerce Industry Growth

Online Business Mastery states the dropshipping industry grows 23% per year. And mobile shopping is estimated at $3.2 trillion. According to Statista, the global dropshipping market is projected to reach $301.11 billion in 2024. But Abdalslam reported fraudulent transactions can impede this growth.

The North America region is the fastest rising dropshipping market. Based on Grand View Research’s study, North America will grow 23.4% until 2030. The same study reported the fashion industry is the leading niche at 24.8%. Demand Sage’s study revealed 116,045 Shopify stores are part of the fashion segment. Electronics and Media comes 2nd at 19.15% market share.

2. Cost and Time Freedom

Online Business Mastery will help you jumpstart a dropping business or grow an existing one. The course states it’s a business model that gives you cost and time freedom. It doesn’t need an inventory and you don’t have to manage a warehouse.

Forbes Advisor reported you can start for as low as $100 because you don’t need to buy inventory or products. According to Shopify, dropshippers working 10-15 hours per week can earn $2k.

DSers is the top dropshipping software installed 117k times. DSers let dropshippers place orders, pay in bulk, and track their mail from AliExpress. The status is in sync with Shopify stores. It takes less time and effort to manage than a brick and mortar small business.

3. Earn 6-Figures or More

Online Business Mastery will get you access to Chelsea’s dropshipping strategy and private community. This strategy is what she used to generate $100k in 6 months.

According to Gelato, Shopify dropshipper’s average income range is $1k to $5k per month. But it’ll take a profitable niche, reliable supplier and optimized site. Sebastian Ghiorghiu reached $8 million with a compelling business plan. He started with FB ads, uploaded YouTube videos and implemented SEO strategies. After that, he created a course on dropshipping, then focused on building his own brand. 

The partner Sarah and Audrey’s strategy relied on influencers. Adam Greenspan’s unique niche required a comprehensive SEO strategy and pay-per-click links.

What is Online Business Mastery?

Online Business Mastery is an ecommerce training program. The course focuses on Shopify dropshipping. But Chelsea claims the strategies apply to any online business. It teaches students how to use FB Manager, TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest to gain traffic. 

According to Chelsea, the secret sauce to a successful e-commerce business is paid ads. And she’ll teach you proven and tested ad strategy for each platform.

What Do You Get With Online Business Mastery?

You get 10 modules, a private group chat on Telegram, cheatsheets, winning product checklist, ad strategies on different platforms, and done-for-you services with Online Business Mastery. If you paid the course in one payment, you will also get a bonus 1-on-1 call with Chelsea.

Online Business Mastery also teaches other business models like print on demand, private labeling and digital marketing.

Online Business Mastery has an ongoing discount. You can get full-access to the course for a one-time payment of $1,997 or 2 payments of $1,250. You can also secure access to the course with $250. It’s also available for installment payment with Shop Pay.

Who is Online Business Mastery for?

Online Business Mastery is for all levels of entrepreneurs. 

  1. Aspiring online business owners can learn Shopify dropshipping, print on demand (POD), digital marketing and private labeling.

  2. Successful business owners can use the ad strategies to gain more exposure for their business.

Are Online Business Mastery Students Getting Results?

Yes, the Online Business Mastery students are getting results based on their website testimonies. Although most reviews mentioned Pennies to Gold, Online Business Mastery’s former course name. According to Stacy, she made $10k since meeting Chelsea. While Tashi said she joined the program on May 2, ran the ads on May 9 and started earning by June 1.

Who is Chelsea Guarriello?

Chelsea Guarriello is a coach and business owner. She graduated from Florida State University at Tallahassee, Florida with a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

After graduating, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Chelsea worked as a hair and makeup artist for TV shows, before discovering ecommerce. Chelsea Guarriello lives in Los Angeles, California with her two kids.

Chelsea Guarriello’s Other Courses, Mentorships, and E-Offers

SIMPLY Passive

SIMPLY Passive is a course on digital marketing, branding and product creation. It covers time management, email marketing with Flodesk and automation tools like ManyChat. SIMPLY Passive also has Master Resell Rights. You can resell the course for your own profit. SIMPLY Passive costs $500.


Instagrowth+ is a course on growing your Instagram presence. It includes building social proof, brand awareness and using hashtags for new followers. Instagrowth+ comes with a 2-hour masterclass on creating viral content and Chelsea’s list of VIP influencers. Instagrowth’s price is $500.

Wi-Fi Money Starter Pack

Wi-Fi Money Starter Pack will teach students how to set up a 1-product Shopify store. The course courses with a list of pandemic-proof products. Wi-Fi Money Starter Pack costs $99. Its upsell Wi-Fi Money Starter Pack + Instagrowth+ costs $350.

Top 7 Masterclass Course

Top 7 Masterclass has 7 experts teaching you strategies in crypto, wholesaling, brokering luxury boats and the millionaire mindset. Chelsea’s dropshipping masterclass is a bonus. Top 7 Masterclass costs $20.

Exclusive Live Webinar

Exclusive Live Webinar will get you access to Chelsea’s Dropshipping Masterclass webinar. The webinar covers finding winning products and optimizing your website for conversion. Exclusive Live Webinar is accessible at $19.

Top Floor

Top Floor is an exclusive community. Membership is $29.95 per month. The community has live sessions every month with guest speakers from different industries. It includes real estate, wholesaling, cryptocurrency and e-commerce.

Shopify Store Audit

Chelsea will check your Shopify store in Shopify Store Audit for $50. The feedback and points for improvement will be emailed in 3 days.

Consulting Call

Consulting Call is a 1-on-1 consultation call with Chelsea about your online business. The coaching call lasts for 30 minutes and costs $750.


These are digital products by Chelsea covering profitable side hustles, pandemic-proof niches, upgrading social media marketing and motivational content. The E-books price range is $19 to $109.

Chelsea Guarriello’s Claims

Chelsea Guarriello claims Online Business Mastery can help students earn up to 6 figures in less than 6 months. She teaches the same strategies that she used to achieve 6-figures in her online business.

Chelsea Guarriello’s Claims DEBUNKED

It takes 6 to 12 months to earn a profit in dropshipping. According to Shopify case studies, successful dropshippers like Cole Turner, Andreas Koenig and Alexander Pecka had to experiment on different stores and niches before they hit 6-figures.

Chelsea's blueprint relies on the use of paid ads on social media. But according to Insider Intelligence, user trust in social media declined in 2022. And Statista's research showed a click through rate of 1.2% only. When using paid ads, you'll also have to run an A/B testing. It's a risky strategy with no guaranteed ROI while the ad spend increases every day.

Is Shopify Dropshipping a Profitable Online Business?

Yes, Shopify Dropshipping is a profitable online business if you choose a profitable product, find the right supplier and maintain profit margins. 

According to Growth Devil, 87% of dropshippers said finding a good supplier is a challenge. So, it's important to have dropship agreements with the supplier. According to Sprintlaw, a dropshipping agreement is a customizable and legally binding contract to protect the interests of all parties involved. The same study revealed only 1.5% of dropshippers reach $50k per month. According to Anton Kraly, dropshippers should aim for 10x return on ad spend to ensure profit.

Can Shopify Dropshipping Courses Boost Your Potential Income?

Yes, Shopify Dropshipping courses can boost your potential income if you get valuable insights and practical strategies. You can get tips about what works in the market, regulations per market and avoid investing in niches that aren’t profitable. One of the important regulation you learn from a dropshipping course is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It's a guideline for the collection of personal information in the EU market.

Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly, a seasoned dropshipper, can teach you how to sell and course high-ticket products. Shopify awarded his course as Best Ecommerce Course in 2017. Sharif Mohsin’s dropshipping course can teach you how to scale your business and make more money.

Is Shopify Dropshipping Worth It in 2024?

Yes, Shopify dropshipping is worth it if you’re willing to put in the work. Fashion is the leading segment of ecommerce and there are 100k+ fashion stores on Shopify. The competition can be tight. 

According to reddit user Sure_Literature94, Shopify dropshipping requires time and capital. Investing in ads is vital to scale the business. And it’s important to plan for the bigger picture because Shopify dropshipping is not sustainable for the long run. 

Scarlett_Fire7 said selling products isn’t the only way to incur profit in Shopify dropshipping. You can also sell Shopify websites or become an affiliate of the platform. Your customer lifetime value can be good indication if you have to work on your customer service or sell the Shopify store.

Why Local Lead Generation is a More Profitable Online Business Than Shopify Dropshipping

Local lead generation is a more profitable online business than Shopify dropshipping because it’s scalable and passive. Shopify dropshipping will demand your time for product research and capital for product testing and ad spend.

With local lead generation, you use SEO to rank on search engines. And you can rank with as little as 15-20 pages within 6 months. It’s not also  Once you’re ranking, you can rent the site to local service providers and watch the passive income pile up.

The best thing about local lead gen is it’s reproducible. You can make multiple websites to rank and rent for local businesses. A tree care site I built years ago still generates me $2k per month. All the sites I own today collectively earn me $52k per month. So if you’re looking for a more profitable and passive business venture, local lead gen is a better choice.

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