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1. Local Lead Generation

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You build lead generation websites at the top of Google that generate leads to local service providers like plumbers, roofers, HVAC, tree care, electrician & more. It's much less competitive than e-commerce because you're only competing against dozen companies in a city not globally. There's also less hassle of dealing with physical products. We use tracking phone numbers to simply forward the calls to the local service provider and get paid for each lead. Once the lead gen site ranks, we can leave it alone and it'll continue to generate leads with little maintenance. This creates long-term residual income. Go here to learn more: Start a Local Lead Generation Business

2. Amazon FBA Business

Buy inventory, ship it to Amazon FBA warehouse, list your product on Amazon, rank it with positive reviews & when orders come in, Amazon takes care of the shipping, handling & returns for you. First, you find product categories where the competition is not as saturated. You then find quality suppliers to source your products. Sellers try to differentiate from the competition by creating a unique brand, study negative reviews and work with the supplier to fix those issues, bundling related products together, & sometimes even innovating on a product, changing the design / specs. Once a product ranks, you're generating passive income by leveraging the large customer base of Amazon. Start Amazon FBA Business

3. Shopify Dropshipping

The allure of dropshipping is that you don't need to invest in inventory. You find trending products and create social media ads that elicit catches people's attention and sell a product that's got some virality. Once you get a sale, you use the customer's money to make an order to the supplier that'll ship the product to your customer. You're playing middleman. The advantage of not having any inventory is that if one product stops selling, you can quickly move on to another product and keep testing different product until you find one that converts. Classic example of a viral product is the hoverboards or fidget spinners. By mastering your skills in creating great ads and landing pages, you're able to leverage the virality of these products and run paid advertising to get impulsive purchases. Start a Dropshipping Business

4. Affiliate Marketing

You earn commission by promoting other people's products. There's an affiliate offer for virtually any product you can think of from supplements, info products to all the physical products. Simply do a search of "product" + "affiliate" and Google will tell you different sites that have affiliate offers with different commissions. You can become an affiliate for Amazon as well and earn a commission on any product you decide to promote, the cool thing about Amazon is if a customer goes to Amazon from your link and buys different products even if it's in a different category you still earn commission, up to 30 days. There's two major ways to generate traffic in affiliate marketing, free & paid. Free traffic means creating a blog or YouTube channel where you might create different product reviews with an affiliate link. With paid traffic, you're promoting products specifically designed for paid traffic, which involves using hype because if you can't grab their attention and convert right away, that customer is gone forever. Start Affiliate Marketing

5. SEO Agency

You master the skill of ranking websites at the top of Google, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you do it for other companies. These companies pay you on a monthly basis to keep your site at the top of the search engine. The skills comprise on-site optimization, which include keyword research and then creating articles (content marketing) that target those keywords. And off-site optimization, which is about creating backlinks (links from other sites). This business model has a lot of similarities with local lead generation, both businesses is about ranking in Google. In local lead generation, you're ranking your own sites and then simply selling the leads. In SEO, you're ranking other people's sites. Of course, owning your own site is far better because no one can take those away but you have to rank it with your own resources. In SEO, a client is paying you from day 1 so you can use the client's money. When you become superb at SEO, you can land big companies that pay handsomely. Start a SEO Agency Business

6. Social Media Marketing Agency

There's two parts to being a social media marketing agency, content marketing (free) & paid advertising. Content marketing is about making free posts on the company's profile geared towards driving engagement from the followers. If the engagement is good, the algorithm will begin showing that post to other people (non-followers). You can also run various contests & free giveaways where you make people tag 2-3 of their friends in the comments to enter. This is called viral marketing. Finally, the big needle mover is running paid ads for the client most likely on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. Create an outstanding ad with a photo & great copy or a great video, do some basic targeting, and allow the algorithm to take over. An ad always needs some sort of hook. A reason why the audience should act (click and convert). It could be a free eBook/guides, coupon, webinar, or a product so interesting that you can send the traffic directly to the store and get sales. The most important thing to do with paid advertising on social media is to test, test & test. If you do a great job, you can get different companies on a monthly retainer. Start a Social Media Agency Business

7. YouTube Automation

A YouTube channel that generates income completely passively? Certain strategies can help this become a reality for you- like outsourcing your content creation, hiring a freelance team to operate your channel, and more. These cash cow channels are faceless, so you won't have to become an onine personality to generate traffic. Rather, they feature simple videos with stock footage, music, and voiceovers. Monetize by joining the YouTube Partner Program and recieve 55% of ad revenue generated by your videos. The amount of money that you can make varies, depending on the niche you choose. For your channel to create real income, the niche must have a good CPM and collect hunddreds of thousands of followers. But, ads aren't the only way you can make money from YouTube. You can also generate money through affiliate marketing, brand deals, channel memberships, and selling products. Start a Youtube Automation Business

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