Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis’ Online Revenue System Review – 4 Challenges Social Media Managers Face

March 1, 2023

The Online Revenue System is an online marketing course by Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis that shows you how to make money online with social media management. Using the SociSpy CRM they provide, you find what social media profiles business owners need help with posting on. After compiling a list, you reach out to them and offer to manage their social media profiles for $300 per month.

This Online Revenue System review will reveal how profitable selling social media management can be in 2024 and how it compares to local lead generation for local business owners using free organic traffic on Google. 


Nick and Tom have generated over 8-figures in sales because of their marketing and coaching efforts.

They provide you with a CRM to help you find what social profiles local businesses have. 

You learn a simple way to help local business owners that can prove profitable in the short-term.

Social media management allows you more flexibility than a 9-5 job does.


Social media marketing is not a passive business model if you're looking to take on many local clients. Even if you use a automated posting service such as Buffer, you've got to take time to plan all the posts. 

The CRM they provide you limits you to the businesses in one city unless you upgrade your account. 

Business owners get contacted every day by marketers offering to post social media content for them.


The Online Revenue System costs $17. 

Refund Policy

30-day money-back guarantee


5 training modules all presented in video format. 


Private Facebook community for support. 


Nick and Tom lost much of their income because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They started searching for businesses who need social marketing and offering the service to them so they can make money faster. 


Nick and Tom have a good online reputation, as many of their students have left positive reviews of the Offline Sharks platform. You find a negative review about these two, which speaks to who they are as marketers.

4 Challenges Social Media Managers Face

1. High level of Competition

There are thousands of social media marketers offering their services to business. If you want to make an income that you can predict each month and budget for, you'll need to take on at least 7-12 clients. The problem is that businesses get contacted every day by marketers offering their social media marketing services. Most times, they offer their services at lower prices. By lowering your prices, you lose out on money and all the work you would do for your clients isn't worth it anymore. You must separate yourself from the crowd with great content, consistent engagement and posting.

2. No job security

When managing social media profiles for businesses, your clients can stop paying you at anytime. Some business owners are savvy and when they realize that what you do is not so complicated, they may decide to fire you and do the work themselves. Even if they don't want to do it themselves, they may realize that social media isn't bringing them more customers. Your job is not secure as a social media manager and that is why it's best to take on several clients to have some sort of predictable income. 

3. Time Consuming

Creating content for your clients' social media profiles is time-consuming because you have to come up with what things to post. You also have to respond to comments made by followers and try to build relationships with other business owners by sharing their stories, liking them, commenting on them and sending direct messages. As a social media manager, if all you do is post content, you're not really doing much unless that is all your client wants to do for them. Regardless, most of your day is spent online creating content and creating engaging social profiles that make your clients look like an authority in their space. 

4. Easy to get distracted

When you work remotely as a social media manager, it is easy to get distracted scrolling on TikTok or Instagram instead of actively keeping your clients' page engaged. To avoid this, you can set deadlines for your work and schedule your content to be posted by an online program like Buffer. This way, you aren't sitting in front of your laptop all day. 

Who are Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis?

Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis are 8-figure online entrepreneurs. Nick was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii. He worked as an auto mechanic before he started his marketing agency. In 2014, he started making money creating websites for local businesses. The first $500 he made was for web design. 

In 2016, he founded his own marketing company called Nick Ponte Marketing. His agency helps businesses increase their revenue through paid traffic ads, organic traffic, social media marketing, reputation management, and more. In 2020, Nick was awarded the Business Leader of the Year. 

Tom Gaddis is from Oklahoma. Before transitioning into a digital marketing, he was a restaurant manager at Logan's Roadhouse and Bubba Gumps. In 2011, he began copywriting and in 2012, he moved his family to Maui, Hawaii. He also started a lead generation company called Hands Off Media. 

After Nick and Tom met, they created Offline Sharks. Offline Sharks is an online education platform that offers training in marketing and advertising. 

Both Nick and Tom are active in the platform and in the Online Revenue System training program, providing support to their students, but neither has been active on social media promoting their platform. 

Online Revenue System Overview

Module 1) Setting Your Foundation

In the first module, you they uncover what social media marketing services you're going to promote to business owners. Those services include managing their Instagram, Facebook, Google Business Profile listings, and more. 

Module 2) Service Overview

Module 2 teaches you how to get your foot in the door with businesses and how to pitch them on your services to turn them from leads to paying clients. 

Module 3) Outreach & Sales

In this section, you learn Nick and Tom's proven outreach formula with templates they've used to close social marketing deals. You're also shown case studies of businesses they've closed as well as how they onboard clients. 

Module 4) Prospecting & Software

Here, you're introduced to the SociSpy CRM. SociSpy is an online prospecting tool that allows you to find information online about any business. After entering the niche and market of your choice, you'll be provided with a prospects information and social media profiles of businesses. This software was created to show you what local businesses need help with their social media profiles. 

Read my article on how to get clients for social media marketing if this business model is something you actually want to make a career of. 

Module 5) Fulfillment

In the last module, Nick and Todd show you how to automate your entire social media management process and how to outsource the work to scale your business. They also share what the best social platforms are to manage. 


As a bonus, they provide you with 90 days of done-for-you social media content you can implement immediately for 3 secret niches.

This DFY content will help your clients be seen by potential customers.

Is Online Revenue System legit?

The Online Revenue System is legit because you learn how to find business owners who have don't have a consistent social media presence and who can benefit from hiring a social media manager. The SociSpy software tells you how good or how bad of a social media presence a business owner has. Paying $17 to learn how to use a software that will help you get the contact information for business owners.

Online Revenue System Testimonials

Nick and Tom have a great online reputation. It is obvious if you look at the testimonials their students leave in their private Facebook group. 

For example, Syed joined Offline Sharks and in only 3 months, he landed his first client. He sold a reputation review commercial for $199 per month. 

Dorn says he had joined over 300 Facebook groups. Of the 300 he's in, he said Offline Sharks is the best group he's been a part of.

There are many testimonials similar to these that speak highly of Nick and Tom's platform. On the sales page, there aren't many testimonials of students making thousands of dollars. 

Is social media marketing profitable in 2024?

Social media marketing is profitable in 2024 because, according to DataReportal, there are over 4.75 billion people who use social media worldwide. It is not too late to start social media marketing because platforms like TikTok and Instagram have taken the world by storm. Business owners are wise to have a consistent social media presence. Business owners don't have enough time to do their work and handle social media, which means there is money to be made by online marketers.

The issue with social media marketing and management is that your income is not passive because you are always creating content and making sure you are also engaging with other businesses and followers.

Also, if your clients doesn't want to continue paying you, you lose out on income that you were most likely budgeting for. As with other online business models, you aren't in control of anything because you don't own any digital property. Your social media marketing clients own their profiles, which means you are expendable.

You can make a social media marketing agency profitable, but it won't have the benefits that local lead generation has. 

Local lead generation is more profitable because...

Local lead generation will pay you a more passive income than if you were to manage social media profiles for other businesses. 

This is because you aren't relying on anyone else to make money and your income is more predictable. That is possible because you are building your own digital properties, ranking them on Google and sending the leads to a local small business owner you choose to work with. Also, you dictate what you're going to get paid and when since each lead generation website is your virtual property.

My tree care site in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is still paying me $2,000 every month because it's been generating leads for my client ever since I built it over 7 years ago. 

Local lead generation

I chose the tree care niche, my Google ranking strategy, who I was going to send leads to and how much they had to pay me for my exclusive leads. If a business stopped paying me, I just sent the leads to their competitor, who were willing to pay more per month because they understood what it took to dominate their market. 

The best part is that once you build and rank your digital property, there is little maintenance you have to do to it. Once ranked, it will generate leads without you having to pay for ads. That's what makes this business passive. 

To learn how to make a recurring passive income each month without having to schedule social media posts every day for several businesses in your area, check out the local lead generation training program

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