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6000+ Students

Making Money Online

By Generating Leads for Small Businesses

Hey my name is Ippei, joining this program and learning how to rank sites in Google,

changed my life. Now I've become partners with the mentor & I'm here to spread the word... Why I believe this is one of the greatest opportunities of the decade especially for those looking to slay their 9 to 5 & want something more out of life.

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The Lead Generation Business

Here's why its so sick:

Long-term Residual Income!

Better believe it. I have sites from 2014 still paying me today, once you optin I'll show you those exact sites.

Time Freedom

Once these sites are ranked, they require very lil' to no maintenance. Which means you make money while you sleep, the biz doesn't run you.

High Demand

Srsly what biz doesn't wanna be #1 on Google? Yet not that many ppl know how to do it. Once you have this skill you can help so many people and get paid really well for it.


Since its an internet based biz, in our group we've devised systems to help each other out and dominate the market place.

Lead-Gen = Long-term Passive Income

On the next page I reveal my sites that's been making me money since 2014... PLUS

  • 30+ Case Studies of Different Students
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5800+ Students & Counting...

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Latest Post

September 12, 2020

Vegas Reload 2020 & My Rant on Personal Responsibility for Our Own Life Experience

This year’s Vegas Reload (our annual live event we’ve been doing since 2014) was quite the quagmire to figure out, to say the least. We did a virtual event back in August but in September we promised a real live event in Vegas crossing our fingers that Vegas stayed open… fate would have it this event

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January 6, 2020

As we enter 2020, many people are feeling this extra motivation to

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November 16, 2019

Today I talk to my roommate Shiv about his experience at Jordan

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Ippei Kanehara

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Been self-employed since 2014 because I learned how to generate leads by ranking websites in Google. Over the years, I've tried other biz models such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, social media marketing however the lead generation business model has out performed all of them. Today I rank for some of the toughest keywords on the internet, in 2019 I spoke on stage in Vegas showing people how they can take their internet biz to the next level, the key is to create digital assets that pay you residual income. I am also now one of the coaches inside the very lead generation course that changed my life, Click here to find out more.

Honorable Mentions

Dan & Tori

Main Mentor & Wife

Dan is the mentor & the reason for my success. Not just the lead-gen skills but his winning attitude infects our whole group.

He's been doing live coaching calls twice per week since 2014, this level of dedication is unmatched on the internet. We all tune in each week and get on fire. Its this weekly stoking of that energy that ignites a level of passion and drive in this group that you rarely find anywhere else. Tori is the powerful glue of our group, responsible for setting up all our live events. Everyone loves Tori because yes she is that cool.



Lives few blocks from me in SF. He's responsible for all the high-level automation & software tech that gives us competitive advantage, making this biz easier for students.

He's also a student of the program that became Dan's right hand man in 2015 & even moved to go live near Dan when he was 20 years old. (I started working with Dan & Shiv closely since 2018)

Join 5800+ That Are Changing Their Lives.

Through commiting to the process we have laid out, ranking digital assets that pay you longterm residual income: