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Paid Traffic Mastery Review (8 Things You Need To Know; Who is Kasim Aslam?)

April 8, 2022

Molly Pittman used to teach the Paid Traffic Mastery course. Now, Kasim Aslam is at the helm with a completely rebranded course.

I've used paid traffic to reach 6-figures in my Shopify dropshipping business, so it works. But, is it worth paying for traffic in 2022 and does Paid Traffic Mastery get you off on the right track to success?

Let's find out.

Who is Kasim Aslam?

Kasim is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, which is one of the top ranked Google agencies in the world. A successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, the University of Missouri also named him one of the top 50 Digital Marketing Thought leaders in the US in 2020. 

He was born to a Pakistani father, a mother of Irish descent, and is also a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson.

The Solutions 8 YouTube channel has over 7,000 subscribers and Kasim takes the lead teaching things like PPC strategies, tutorials, best practices, real case studies and more.

You're probably wondering why the subscriber count so low on this channel? 

Although it was created 5 years ago, it was only 2 years ago that Kasim began uploading videos each week.

Paid Traffic Mastery Course Highlights

This rebranded certification course teaches people how paid traffic works. You'll learn how to create, run and keep your ads performing, no matter what changes may occur on each ad platform. Kasim Aslam is your primary instructor in the course but, there are 3 more to learn from.



Course Started:

Revamped for 2022; new instructors and new course outline


72 videos divided into 7 modules; workbook included with notes, tools, templates & worksheets

Refund Policy:

100% money-back guarantee within 30 days


All instructors are successful at running PPC campaigns for clients on different platforms

Training on Google, YouTube and Facebook ads


They removed the LinkedIn training

No private Facebook group; only phone and email customer support

What is paid traffic?

Paid traffic is traffic that you pay for on platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What your business goals are and who your audience is will determine which platform will provide the best results for you.

According to eMarketer, by 2025, digital ad spend in the US will pass the $300 million mark.

Over the years, the number of businesses using paid traffic to promote their products or services has risen and that trend seems to continue.

Why Paid Traffic Mastery is different

Most PPC courses only teach you how to run ads on one ad platform.

With Paid Traffic Mastery, you'll learn how to run paid traffic on three platforms. First, learn how to advertise on Google, then you're taught how to run ads on YouTube and Facebook.

These modules are taught by Vanessa Vega, Scott Cunnigham and Josh Moran, who are all experts with paid traffic on these 3 main ad platforms.

To successfully pay for traffic, you need to...

Understand why you want to pay for ads (your business goal)

Have a paying client willing to invest in paid traffic (if a prospect doesn't understand the importance after you explain it and complain about pricing, move on to another one)

Know the audience you're advertising to

Choose the best platform to advertise (this depends on the business/niche you're in and the product/service you're promoting)

Split test your ads often (Test ad copy, headline, call to action, images, videos)

Scale your winning ads to other ad platforms

Automate your entire system by training a team

Why some marketers avoid paid traffic

Though there are many marketers that have been flooding the ad platforms in recent years, there have been many of them avoiding paid traffic.

Here are some valid reasons...

  • It's expensive; The rise in competition across all platforms has increased the cost of running ads.
  • Many people have ad blockers installed; Some new Web3 browsers block all ads (Brave Browser)
  • Ad platforms can change their policies with no warning and suspend your accounts
  • Your ads can easily be copied by your competitors
  • There's no guarantee your ads will convert the first time you create them; finding a winning ad is time-consuming
  • Your competitors can fraudulently click on your ads to increase your ad spend
  • They have a limited budget

Is paying for traffic worth it?

My issue isn't with Kasim's course.

It's with the business model.

It's an expensive hassle to test or troubleshoot ads and campaigns before eventually coming across one that might make you a profit. And, that's the thing, it might make you a profit. There's no guarantee that your ad will convert or that the ad platform won't suspend your ad account. All the control is out of your hand.

I want to put my money towards something that's easier to scale and that I have more control over.

The reason this business model isn't for me is in the name...

PAID Traffic Mastery


Look at the comparison between paid and organic traffic to decide on what's the better option for you and let me know in the comments.

Paid Traffic vs. Organic Traffic

          Paid Traffic
Organic Traffic


Expensive; you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars and not see a worthy return on investment

It's free to get started. You aren't spending any money on PPC ads or split testing them.


You don't choose how long a product or service is going to be offered by a company. You also don't decide how much your commission is going to be or when your payout is. When running ads, an ad platform can suspend your account with no notice.

You are in complete control because you can decide how your digital properties will look, how much you will rent them out for and the frequency you'll be paid. If you don't want to work with a certain company, you can fire them and work with the next eager local business.


Here, you attract ready to buy users. Leads can be generated on the same day they go live and your ad was well put together.

It takes longer to generate leads because you have to rank your sites. But, once you do, you're attracting relevant users just as fast as if you were paying for ads except you get to keep all the extra money as profit. These results are much more durable and your profit margin is much higher because of it. 


Scaling might seem like it should be faster, but not necessarily. Ad exhaustion is a real thing so you need to make sure you make different variations of your best converting ad. Even if you were to promote various products, it is time-consuming to find the winning ad for each product and scale without spending thousands of dollars.

Simply build more lead generation sites and rank them. Spend no money on paid ads and keep all the profit each time you get paid your commission.

Local lead generation w/Free traffic is my #1 choice for passive income

The long-term benefits of generating traffic organically are much better than doing so with paid traffic. My local lead generation business has benefited from organic traffic, which is why I've been earning a passive income ever since 2014. 

Would you like to learn more? Click the link below and see what's possible with organic traffic.

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