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Molly Pittman – Paid Traffic Mastery Review

August 16, 2020


This is the in-depth course review of Molly Pittman's Paid Traffic Mastery course. The goal of this review is to  give you a clearer picture on if this certification course is worth your investment.

You might even be able to see if everything DigitalMarketer offers is worth it.

No need to go to a forum, let alone Reddit for answers.

Read all the way to the end of this article to see my opinion on this business model and if there’s a better way to make money online in 2019.


I Am Not An Affiliate Of Molly Pittman or DigitalMarketer.

Molly is your instructor in this course and if you have no clue who she is, read on.

Introduction To Molly Pittman

Hailing all the way from Danville, Kentucky, Molly Pittman is the VP of marketing for DigitalMarketer.

In Kentucky, she majored in old-school text book marketing, nothing close to digital.

Molly implemented what she learned mostly doing print ads while also bartending at a bourbon distillery.

She soon felt that she had to leave Kentucky and decided to move to Austin, Texas.

After a month there, with no exact idea of what she wanted to do, jobless, she found a paid marketing internship on Craigslist from DigitalMarketer. This internship opportunity was for 12-15 people.

Through 3 months of interning, she put in a lot of work and learned a ton. Week by week, interns were let go, except for Molly and 2 to 3 others.

By the end of the internship, she was hired to a full-time position as social media manager at DigitalMarketer.

Today, she’s the Vice President of marketing there.

She believes that the reasons for her success were what she learned from her family.

Humility and Love for People

Marketing is all about how you interact with people so it’s no wonder that Molly is one of the industry’s most sought after media buyers.

She’s spent over $14 million dollars on Facebook and yes, her ROI (Return on Investment) is super positive.

If you don't believe me, check out her website. Her net worth has to be crazy.

In 2017, she finally went out on her own by starting two businesses.
She put everything she's learned in the last 6 years at DigitalMarketer, into this paid traffic mastery course.

What To Expect In This Course?

Throughout this course, you’re going to learn not only how to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and LinkedIn, but Molly, as well as each of the instructors in this course, will get you very familiar with each platform.

I think that the fact they also teach you marketing strategies, ideas and tips is valuable no matter how you advertise or market.

People of all ages will understand this course no problem.

Facebook is what you'll most learn about but before that, you’ll learn:

  • what paid traffic is 
  • how it’s different from organic traffic 
  • why it’s important
  • what the customer journey is

I’m impressed with how well structured the entire course is. The layout is very simple and after each module, there's a quiz to help you see if what you learned stuck.

Once you complete the course and quizzes, you'll be a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist.

There really is a connecting string that takes you through from beginning to end.

I’m a fan of courses that get right into what they want to teach but I think Molly does a great job of laying out a foundation by getting your marketing mindset ready to learn the ins and outs of paid traffic.

The price of this course is a reasonable $495.

If you’ve already taken another Facebook course, believe me this one stands out.
Time to dive into this course review!

Paid Traffic Mastery Course Breakdown

Module 01 - Getting Started

Before Molly starts teaching you anything about Facebook ads, she wants you to understand a few things first:
  • What's paid traffic?
  • The Customer Value Journey 
  • Your job is as a media buyer
  • What is a media buyer?

I think there's so much value in the fact that Molly explains each one of these.

Many of us who have already been in the digital marketing world know what paid traffic is.

She compares paid traffic to a road that allows you to take products, services or a message and put it in front of any audience.

Molly puts her best foot forward to educate you. It's obvious how enthused she is while she speaking on these topics.

I definitely think that you'll feel relaxed while going through this course because of her positive energy.

You KNOW when someone is confident in what they're saying. If they're good at making money, they're going to be excited about it.

By this point in the course, I already felt that my investment was worth it. If you're new, you're coming out of this module more educated than you did when your credit card was processed.

Molly then speaks on the Big 3 paid traffic platforms. They're the biggest platforms because everyone and their grandmother are on them.
Total video time for the module: 45 minutes, 54 seconds

Module 02 - Core Concepts

In this module, Molly does a fantastic job explaining and teaching you about:
  • The Traffic Store
  • Traffic temperature 
  • The relationship between paid traffic and content

You're probably thinking,

"What in the world is a traffic store?"

"I feel like I'm in a traffic store everytime I go buy food and there's a long line due to only one cashier being open".

Relax, it's just a concept that Molly describes this way.

If you need milk, bread, clothes, or medication, there's a store specifically for each of those things, right?

Same thing with paid traffic. If you need more eyeballs on your stuff, you go to a traffic store. 

A.K.A. advertising platforms.

Picture each store above as one of the big 3 advertising platforms.

If you have something that you want or need to be seen, you go to one of those "stores" and pay for it. 

Towards the end of this course, you'll learn about a fourth "store".

Now, you've probably never heard of traffic temperature, or maybe you have.

It's a concept used to understand where the audience you’re targeting on paid traffic platforms fall in the value journey.

Molly gives you more clarity and value when she goes into what your goals should be when dealing with each type of traffic level or temperature.

This makes sense because at each level, people are different. Some have a higher intent to buy, some less and some are neither here nor there.

Due to that, your approach has to be different.

Her friend and director of editorial at DigitalMarketer, Russ, talks about each temperature level and speaks on the ideal content needed for each one.

If you're taking notes, you're doing great because this information is not taught in every course.

I wish I knew all of this in high school, really.

Total video time for the module: 1 hour 10 minutes