Chris Scott Paperless Agent Review: 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System

April 22, 2024

Chris Scott's Paperless Agent is a real estate marketing company that offers the Marketing Club for improving realtors' leads and sales. The company has a 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System as a guide to improving realtors' online presence. Members make money by getting more deals because of increased leads. However, real estate deals prices and fees go over $10,000, making it the least cost-effective business. Marketing will be ineffective if you cannot afford real-estate fees to make deals.

Paperless Agent reviews are mostly positive based on their sales page. However, there are complaints about Paperless Agent from Better Business Bureau website. Common complaints from members are being continuously charged even after canceling the program.

In this Paperless Agent review, we'll discuss the 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System and Marketing Club. We'll also provide the pros and cons of the program, along with its price and refund policy. In this review, you'll also know about Paperless Agent reviews and if it's worth it.

Paperless Agent Pros and Cons


Paperless Agent uses digital marketing, which is helpful in modern real estate.

The company offers modern marketing techniques in helping realtors.

Paperless Agent helps realtors in positioning themselves as experts.


Paperless Agent has a steep learning curve, given that it's a modern approach for real estate.

The company's pre-made materials limit individual creativity or branding.

Paperless Agent's monthly fees can be a burden for beginners.


Paperless Agent charges $77 once the trial period of 14 days is over, following the initial charge of $1.

Refund Policy

Paperless Agent offers a 30-day refund policy for unsatisfied customers.


The origin date for Paperless Agent is 2013.


Paperless Agent's reputation is mostly positive.

What Is the 5 Step Real Estate Marketing System?

The 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System is a unique digital marketing approach Paperless Agent uses for creating and converting leads. The system targets contacts and connections through interconnected activities. This results in getting more from multiple listing services. It also increases leads as a realtor.

  • Step 1: Publishing helpful real estate information. Blogging is the ideal method to execute this step, as it simplifies information production, publishing, and sharing. A blog post publishes useful information that people find engaging and useful. After producing a blog, you can reach out because you've established authority and credibility. 
  • Step 2: Sending information to the people you know. Because you have valuable information to say, you have a reason to reach out. You take Step 2 as an opportunity to share your knowledge, which will cause leads. You need to summarize the blog post in the email you'll be sending and include the link for the full article.
  • Step 3: Sharing a 1-minute video. This step engages audiences with a visual medium, building trust and familiarity. Share these videos on social media platforms like Facebook. By creating an audience from an uploaded email list, you can use it in targeted advertising. Leveraging video content in marketing creates impact with less effort.
  • Step 4: Posting information on social media. This step allows you to reach as many people as possible with valuable information you have in your blog. Create accounts on all platforms and post all of your blog posts. Reach people that need what you have to share.
  • Step 5: Perform personal outreach. It focuses on personal outreach for communication trends. The system recognizes that people are less likely to answer phone calls. It teaches how to use alternative methods like Facebook Messenger. This platform enables contacts to respond at their convenience. As a result, it leads to a high response rate and effective lead nurturing campaigns.

The system also encourages agents to start casual, friendly conversations with contacts. They should mention that they found them on social media and ask about their well-being. This approach nurtures relationships. It also maintains top-of-mind awareness in a non-intrusive, yet effective manner.

What Do You Get With the Paperless Agent Marketing Club?

You get new marketing campaigns each month with Paperless Agent's Marketing Club. Every month, these new marketing campaigns impress your network. This campaign includes tools and strategies for executing the 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System. The Marketing Club roots its content in industry trends and thorough research. Using these contents establishes you as an authority for existing and prospective clients.

Paperless Agent's Marketing Club Includes:

  • A professionally written and posted blog post for   your website.
  • Email template and app for blog content distribution.
  • A selfie script for your videos that helps content come to life.
  • 6 enticing and aesthetic, social media posts you can share on your accounts.
  • Follow-up text message templates to connect with people.
  • Marketing website that's preloaded with valuable content.
  • Library access to pre-made social media posts.
  • Live bi-monthly training with Q&As.
  • Comprehensive video resources on past training.
  • A Facebook group community with 6,000 members, designed for support.

Who Is Paperless Agent For?

The Paperless Agent is for real estate professionals looking to establish themselves as industry experts. It's for realtors who are comfortable embracing digital marketing in real estate and technology. They do this by using digital tools to enhance their market presence and credibility. Some strategies include blogging, video content, and social media marketing. Realtors build their brand and authority in the field with Paperless Agent.

Additionally, Paperless Agent has a 5-step Real Estate Marketing System. It offers a structured approach to how to sell yourself using digital marketing. It's ideal for realtors looking to convert leads using online content creation and distribution.

However, Paperless Agent requires a willingness to learn and adapt. As a tech-centric approach, a steep learning curve occurs for those new to digital marketing. Additionally, providing pre-made materials to streamline marketing efforts limits personal branding. It also affects creative expression, which is a key for realtors who value market identity. The platform's monthly fees of $77 can be challenging for beginners with budget constraints. 

What Are the Paperless Agent Reviews?

Paperless Agent reviews are all positive on their sales page. They present realtor testimonials who benefited from the Marketing Club. Paperless Agent provides video and written testimonials to entice you to join the program.

Teresa, a Paperless Agent member, said that they have tripled their income. They experienced growth year after year after joining Paperless Agent. They also have not experienced the support and material compared to Paperless Agent. She added that the company provides the plan, you just need to work on it.

Rayissa, another member, said that she has been with Paperless for the past two years. Being a member is worth it. She added that it's like having an entire marketing team at your fingertips.

Deb Siefkin, a member, gave her testimony with a video interview. She has her own company and has been with Paperless Agent for 5 years. She said that what the company offers is the best deal out there. It's affordable because, at a cheap price, you get a monthly newsletter. She added that Paperless Agent has a database that every realtor needs and can benefit from. You can market your company or yourself with Paperless Agent.

However, it is important to note that reviews from a sales page are not accurate. Paperless Agent deals with marketing. This means that these testimonies exist because they want you to purchase their program.

Paperless Agent Complaints

Paperless Agent complaints exist on the Better Business Bureau website. What's common about these two complaints is being charged after cancellation. These clients want to ask how to cancel their Paperless Agent account. However, To cancel your Paperless Agent account, you have to request it from their team. It must be in the scope of their 30-day refund policy.

An anonymous client sent a complaint expressing frustration with Paperless Agent for inadequate support in setting up their social media site. Despite her attempts to cancel the service, the Paperless Agent ignored all of her calls. He experienced continued charges of $67 monthly, leading to his complaint. The complaint to their brokerage resulted in Paperless Agent being removed from the brokerage’s preferred supplier list.

Another review came from Nancy. Unfortunately, you can no longer see her full reviews. However, there is still information about her complaint.

She signed up for a free trial and then canceled after. The paperless Agent customer support claimed she didn't cancel and was billed for a year. It's hard to cancel their services even if she didn't use any content or material. She added to not recommend Paperless Agent to anyone.

Is the Paperless Agent's Marketing Club Worth Joining?

Paperless Agent Marketing Club is worth joining if you want marketing done for you as a realtor. Paperless Agent offers modern digital marketing that is essential for the real estate market. Their 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System and AI-powered tools are helpful for realtors. They can establish themselves as industry experts, boosting leads and sales. These features are valuable for enhancing online marketing skills and lead conversion strategies.

The best way to maximize efficiency with Paperless Agent is to engage with the resources provided. You should use their marketing materials, follow modules, and take part in forums. You should implement their strategies to see their full benefit.

The benefits of using Paperless Agent for real estate agents are advantages in streamlining operations. This is through digital tools, up-to-date marketing strategies, and an array of learning resources. It also offers opportunities for professional networking. Additionally, it has the potential to enhance its reputation as a knowledgeable industry expert.

However, there are also factors making Paperless Agent not worth it. The steep learning curve will be overwhelming for beginners. Using pre-made materials could limit personal creativity and branding. This is a critical aspect for many real estate professionals. Additionally, monthly fees will burden people with tight budgets. There are also complaints about the difficulty of canceling the services. It also includes issues with continuous billing.

Paperless Agent Marketing Club depends on an individual's specific needs. They offer convenience for individual and company marketing. This is important in converting leads into sales. But success in real estate is not only dependent on a marketing program.

Who Is Chris Scott?

Chris Scott is the president and co-founder of Paperless Agent. He is a seasoned digital marketer and real estate expert. His leadership role at The Paperless Agent specifically earned him recognition. An Austin, Texas-based expert who has a multifaceted career. His roles include being a software developer and product manager with a focus on subscription models. He also has experience in sales and marketing. His expertise is essential in guiding The Paperless Agent as a start-up to a thriving enterprise with solid revenue growth.

Chris hosts weekly webcasts, attracting around 4,000 real estate professionals each month. He also manages social media accounts with a large following. Additionally, he oversees a team that generates thousands of leads monthly. He also handles the marketing for his real estate firm in Austin.

Chris Scott has contributed to the field of real estate marketing. His approach provides concrete reasons for clients to engage in his services. He established a strong market reputation as an expert and delivered value to clients. This effective method has led to impressive achievements, such as generating thousands of leads per month.

Outside of his professional life, Chris enjoys spending time with his family. including a spouse of over 13 years and four children. He also dedicates time to reading, with interests in theology, philosophy, and historical fiction.

Chris Scott's role at The Paperless Agent extends to delivering training and insights. His lessons address effective real estate marketing, strategies, and scripts for agents to excel in their careers. He focuses on contemporary challenges in the real estate market. He does this by equipping professionals with the tools and knowledge to navigate the industry.

Who Is Garry Creath?

Garry Creath is Chris Scott's co-founder of the Paperless Agent. His career in real estate is extensive, which reflects his commitment to the industry. He has been a significant figure in real estate since 1974. It started as an assistant in his parents' real estate business. His career path includes various roles that show versatility and dedication.

As the Founder of The Paperless Agent, Garry has been a pioneer in digital marketing and real estate. Paperless Agent provided advanced tools and resources and helped real estate agents succeed. This role has established him as a leader in property technology. It uses information technology to help people and companies research, buy, sell, and manage real estate. Additionally, Garry is a key influencer in the industry, along with Chris.

Garry Creath also worked as a Global Real Estate Advisor at Sotheby's International Realty since 1997. This role marks his expertise in luxury real estate. What Garry does in Sotheby is deliver exceptional service to luxury homeowners.

Garry Creath also volunteered as a firefighter and EMT for the Westlake Fire Department from 1996 to 2005. His commitment lies in serving and protecting his community. Additionally, he studied at Texas A&M University. It's where he earned his Business degree in International Business Management. He is also an active member of the waterski team and a business fraternity.

What Are Chris Scott and Gary Creath's Claim?

Chris Scott and Gary Creath claims that they have created a 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System that helped thousands of agents. These agents have doubled, tripled, or 10x their leads and listings using this marketing system. They added that these steps are easy and repeatable.

Debunking Chris and Gary's Claim

Chris Scott and Gary Creath's claim of marketing boiling down to a few easy and repeatable steps needs more evaluation. While structure guides actions, marketing effectiveness depends on variables. These are market conditions, competition, target audience, and execution quality. The simplicity presented doesn't account for these complexities.

Additionally, the claim of agents increasing leads and listings through this system is a selection bias. This is because it only highlights the successful cases using the services. External factors can influence agents' success in doubling or tripling their leads. It can be individual agent skill or market demand fluctuations. While the system may offer valuable guidelines, its effectiveness can vary and is not universally direct, as claimed.

Is Real Estate Investment a Good Business in 2024?

Real estate investment is still a good business option in 2024 if there is consistent growth in market valuation. It's also a good investment if there is steady cash flow from property rentals or sales. The business provides stable income through rents, appreciation, and tax advantages. Additionally, it provides a tangible asset that can hedge against inflation.

The average CTR (Click-Through Rate) of around 3.6% in the real estate sector reveals a moderate level of engagement with email campaigns. This number shows engagement, but not increased leads or listings. It means that using email marketing is not a direct proportion to sales or client acquisition success.

Additionally, the average conversion rate in real estate marketing is about 4.7%, with top performers reaching up to 12%. These conversion rates provide a more direct measure of how many prospects convert into leads or sales. The claim of significant lead and listing growth is optimistic compared with industry averages. These increases would be exceptional and not typical for the industry.

However, real estate investment also comes with its set of challenges. These are market volatility, property management, and significant initial capital requirements. Additionally, ROI can differ based on location, market conditions, and property. While real estate investment can be lucrative, real estate is less liquid. This makes it harder to sell properties quickly without potentially incurring losses.

Digital Real Estate Passive Income with Local Lead Generation

Digital real estate passive income with local lead generation is better than traditional real estate. Websites offer high potential returns with low investments and many revenue channels. Traditional real estate involves owning physical properties. This can provide a steady income from rentals or profits from sales. However, it requires more capital and has higher ongoing expenses. Traditional real estate also requires ongoing physical maintenance. It offers the potential for long-term capital gains but comes with higher risks.

Anyone can start digital real estate with local lead generation. It has minimal upfront investment and offers faster scalability. Return on investment is also higher compared to traditional real estate. Once the website ranks well, it requires minimal ongoing work to maintain its position. Its low-risk nature is attractive for those seeking flexibility and high potential profits with less capital

Try the local lead gen biz if you want digital real estate that has unlimited scalability and flexibility. Compared to traditional real estate, is also more manageable and less risky. Through digital platforms, there is potential for generating passive income. It also reduces the need for physical property maintenance and management. The Increasing reliance on online searches for services makes a local lead generation site a valuable asset.

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