Ali Abdaal’s Part-Time Youtuber Academy Review: Is It Too Late to Become a Youtuber?

March 26, 2024

Part-Time YouTuber Academy is an online course by Ali Abdaal that teaches you how to create and monetize a successful YouTube channel. This YouTube course gives you step-by-step lessons that cover the entire process of creating a personality YouTube channel, from content creation and video editing to monetizing and outsourcing.

In this Part-Time YouTuber Academy review, you'll learn what's included in the course and how you can make money with it, how successful the students are, if this course is worth it, and all about its creator. You'll also find out if being a YouTuber is the best business for you and why local lead generation is my recommended part-time business for making money online in 2024. Note that this review is for the updated version of the course. The 6-week cohort-based course that is sold at $1,995 to $5,995 is no longer offered.

Ali teaches that by creating at least 1 video a week for at least 2 years, you'll be able to create a YouTube channel that can replace your 9-5 income. Is this a practical use for your time and effort? 1 video a week for 2 years is a lot of effort that might not pay off. Check out the local lead generation for a business that takes less time to monetize.

Ali Abdaal's Part-Time YouTuber Academy Review: Pros and Cons


Ali Abdaal is a verified success and is very transparent with his earnings and failed businesses.

The course has been continuously improved using feedback from over 3,000 students.

The Part-Time YouTuber Academy is no longer a live cohort based program, meaning you can now purchase the training as a standalone for a lower price.


This course is for those who want to create a personality YouTube channel. If you not have the confidence to show your face, this may not be for you.

Live mentorship and coaching are only available with the Accelerator program and are only available for 12 months.

Membership to the community is only for 12 months.


Ali Abdaal’s YouTube course costs $1 for the Foundations, $995 for the Academy, and $4995 for the Accelerator.

Refund Policy

30-day money-back guarantee so long as the student completes 100% of the course.




Extremely positive.

Who Is Ali Abdaal's YouTube Course For?

  1. Beginners who have no experience with creating content on YouTube. The course teaches you everything you need to know to become a monetized YouTuber.
  2. Full-time professionals or entrepreneurs who want to monetize their specialities and business on YouTube. The course covers how to monetize your skills by creating quality content on your YouTube channel.
  3. Current YouTubers who want to learn how to grow their channel. The course will teach you how to improve your channel and content in order to scale quickly and successfully.

Ali Abdaal's YouTube Academy is NOT for those looking to make an automated faceless YouTube channel, commonly known as cash cow channels.

Part-Time Youtuber Academy Scholarship

Every month, Ali reviews applications for scholarship into his program. To apply for the scholarship, you need to fill the form on the website and link your unlisted video. This introduction video should be no longer than 2 mins explaining why you deserve the scholarship. You must also have an existing YouTube channel with at least 3 full length videos.

How Does Part-Time Youtuber Academy Help You Make Money?

Part-Time YouTuber Academy teaches you how to monetize your YouTube channel using AdSense, affiliate marketing, and brand deals. Using all 3 monetization strategies will ensure a constant cash flow. The lessons in the course can work for any type of YouTube channels, but work best for educational channels.

The most common source of YouTube monetization is by running ads through the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube pays an average of $18 per 1,000 views. This, of course, will depend on various factors such as niche and ad type. YouTubers do not get paid if you skip the ads. You need to watch an ad for at least 30 seconds for the advertiser to be charged, and the YouTuber paid. Realistically, most ads last 30 seconds and are unskippable.

There is no minimum length for monetizing a YouTube video. Longer videos work better to maximize earnings from ads with 8 minutes being the optimal length. YouTube Shorts can be monetized. The ads are displayed in between Shorts. If the monetized shorts include music in it, part of the ad revenue will go to the music partner.

What Is Included in Part-Time Youtuber Academy?

Part-Time YouTuber Academy costs a one time payment of $995. You can choose to pay 3 monthly payments of $365/month. This will get you access to the following course content:

  • Lifetime access to the core curriculum with over 10 hours of training videos that will teach you everything you need to know, from creating your YouTube channel to monetising and scaling.
  • Additional 16+ hours of training videos that will help improve your YouTube business.
  • Access to 2 other courses: Creatorpreneur Academy and Camera Confidence Masterclass. These 2 courses can help with creating content.
  • The 56-page PTYA Workbook, which turns each of the lessons into exercises you can learn through practice.
  • The Part-Time YouTuber Productivity System, which includes frameworks, checklists and templates, to help your content creation process.

Part-Time Youtuber Academy Modules

Introduction: The Part Time YouTuber Blueprint

The introduction module gives you an overview of the Part-Time YouTuber Academy program and their holistic approach to building your YouTube channel.

Chapter 1: How to Find your Perfect Niche

In this chapter you will learn how to identify or find your niche. You will learn how to approach your YouTube channel, whether as a business or as a passion. Chapter 1 also teaches you the 2 approaches to content creation, the architect and archeologist approaches, in order to determine which best works for you.

Chapter 2: How To Stand Out On YouTube

By doing effective competitor analysis on YouTube, you will learn how you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Module 2 will help you find your unique edge and teach you how to embrace it. You will also learn how to develop a focused mentality to ensure long-term success.

Chapter 3: How To Generate Endless Ideas

Module 3 is all about consistently generating new ideas within your niche so that you never run out of topics to create your content on. You will learn how to organize your thoughts and build a database of ideas for future videos so that you can focus on creating content.

Chapter 4: How to Write Incredible Titles

A title has to be captivating and interesting enough to build curiosity that your target audience would want to click on it. This module will give you a step-by-step lesson on how to create attention-grabbing titles that will increase your video views.

Chapter 5: How to Make Banger Thumbnails

Just like titles, creating attention-grabbing thumbnails is important in attracting your target audience to watch your video. Module 5 will teach you how to create professional looking thumbnails. You will also learn how to develop a unique style that would establish your brand identity in your thumbnails.

Chapter 6: How to Boost your Watchtime

Using the HIVES framework, you will learn how to keep your target audience watching. You will get the step-by-step roadmap on how to create captivating videos that will keep your audience entertained and increase your watch time, from having a great intro that keeps them in place, to delivering engaging and informative content that leaves them wanting more.

Chapter 7: How to Grow on YouTube Part-Time

Long-term success is all about building your brand. Creating trust between your subscribers will keep them coming back for more. In module 7, you will learn how to build genuine connections with your viewers through the content of your videos and the confidence of your presence.

Chapter 8: How to Repurpose your Content Effectively

Using the Idea Generation Machine, you can make sure that you save time on getting ideas for your content. This chapter will teach you how to efficiently write high-quality scripts, recycle old ideas into new content, and hire expert freelancers to leverage their skills and save you time.

Chapter 9: How to Expand your Empire

The final chapter is all about growing your channel, monetizing your channel using different revenue streams, and even creating and selling your own personal products. Finally, you will learn how to manage your growing empire just like how Ali's team manages his.

Are Students of Part-Time Youtuber Academy Successful?

Part-Time YouTuber Academy has created several highly successful YouTubers. Here are some of these successful students who found huge growth with their channels after taking the PTYA course.

part-time youtuber academy

Dr. Izzy Sealey took the PTYA course on July 2021. Her YouTube channel where she posts lifestyle, travel, and language related content has now over 428,000 subscribers.

part-time youtuber academy

Ellie-Jean Royden took the PTYA course on March 2022. Her body and style YouTube channel now has over 303,000 subscibers.

part-time youtuber academy

Warikoo created his business and entrepreneurship Hindi-language YouTube channel in October 2017. His channel saw almost no growth until he took the PTYA course on December 2020. Warikoo has since attracted over 3 million subscribers.

part-time youtuber academy

Ethan Chlebowski had created a cooking YouTube channel and grown it to over 400,000 subscribers in 2 years. He took the PTYA course on November 2020 to further grow his channel. After taking the course, his subscriber count grew to over 1.67 million.

There are many more testimonials like these on the PTYA website. These testimonials are verified, so this course has the potential to make you a successful YouTuber.

Is Part Time Youtuber Academy Worth It?

Past-time YouTuber Academy is worth it if you’re looking to create YouTube videos part-time or even full-time. The course is especially worth it if you plan to create an educational YouTube channel. Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes is the educational channel that has the highest subscriber count on YouTube. The channel has over 163 million subscribers, with total views exceeding 165.8 billion.

Educational channels have higher search volumes as viewers are seeking free information and have longer view times as the viewer tries to learn all they can. By strategically placing your ads, you can ensure the ads are viewed. Building interest with educational videos will also increase the chances of earning from your affiliate links. As your channel grows, sponsorships and brand deals will follow.

Online education has grown during the pandemic. Many people flock to YouTube courses because of these 5 advantages:

  1. More effective way of learning for visual learners.
  2. Engaging videos can grab your attention and keep your focus.
  3. Videos can incorporate visual tutorials or over the shoulder lessons.
  4. Saves time as watching a video is faster than reading articles.
  5. Can be accessed online anywhere and at any time.

Alternative to Part-Time YouTuber Academy, you can take the Accelerator for coaching and hands-on support, or the Foundations for a short tutorial on the basics and an overview of what you can learn in the Academy.

Part-Time YouTuber Accelerator

Part-Time YouTube Accelerator is the mentorship program that includes everything with the Academy, plus 12 months of unprecedented access to all the resources to build success. This program is for those who want to have the highest level of support to increase their chance to make a successful YouTube channel.

For $4,995, you get unlimited access to Ali’s own team of professional scriptwriters, editors, marketers, and more during office hours, from whom you can ask for guidance and advice from. You also get a weekly 1 hour interactive session in which the team can supervise your work and give advice. There is also a 1:1 personalized feedback for your videos every 2 weeks and monthly live Q&As with Ali Abdaal. 

Part-Time YouTuber Foundations

Part-Time YouTuber Foundations is a short beginner course that teaches you the basics in just under 4 hours. This is a good program to buy to see what you can be learning from the Academy to decide if it is a course for you. The Foundations only cost $1.

Who Is Ali Abdaal?

part-time youtuber academy

Ali Abdaal is a doctor turned entrepreneur and founder of Part-Time YouTuber Academy from London, England, United Kingdom. He is a YouTuber that earns an average of $130,000 from ads per YouTube video. Ali has over 4.58 million YouTube subscribers. He initially created his YouTube channel in 2016 to post guitar and piano covers of his favorite songs. He then turned in into a vlog for his medical journey and to promote his 6med website. His channel blew up in popularity after he started posting passive income and productivity tip videos.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, to a family of doctors, Ali has a degree in medical surgery from the prestigious University of Cambridge. He has also lived in South Africa before migrating to the UK. Ali learned to code at 12 years old and started doing freelance work. While he was a med student at Cambridge, he created 6med, a website that helped aspiring medical students with their BMAT, UCAT, and medical school interviews. Ali also runs a podcast with his brother Taimur called Not Overthinking.

Ali Abdaal's Net Worth

Ali Abdaal has been a millionaire since 2020. His net worth is estimated to be over $4 million. Ali Abdaal became a millionaire at 26 years old. He earned his first millions from 14 different income streams, both passive and active. His 3 main sources of income are from YouTube AdSense, affiliate marketing commissions, and brand sponsorships. He also earns from course sales from PTYA and various courses that he sells on various platforms like Skillshare.

Is It Too Late to Be a YouTuber?

It is not too late to be a YouTuber. While the most popular YouTube niches may be saturated or dominated by long-term, well-established channels, new channels can still gain success by offering unique and engaging content. You also need to have an attractive personality and display confidence in your videos. If you are too shy to show your face on your videos or are not good at speaking yet still want to have a YouTube business, you may want to check out the YouTube automation business model.

The YouTube's algorithm is constantly being updated but is not good enough that new channels that offer value have a chance at competing. There is no magic method to beat the YouTube algorithm, you just need to follow these guidelines:

  • Be consistent in posting new videos.
  • Create engaging videos.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Create captivating titles.
  • Optimize your descriptions and thumbnails.

Is a Creating a YouTube Channel Worth It in 2024?

It is worth creating a YouTube channel in 2024 if you have the right strategy to monetize it. Being a content creator is a good part-time way to make passive income on YouTube. Whether you create is as a passion or solely as a business, it is a great way to create multiple income streams. Taking a YouTube course can definitely help increase your chance of success and save you time from making common mistakes.

It takes a few weeks to a few months to learn how to become a YouTuber. How fast you take depends on your current skill set, your understanding and ability to learn new technology and processes, and how much time per day you can dedicate to the learning process. The challenge comes in making your channel sustainable. You need to keep researching new topics and creating new content in order to get views regularly. Most YouTube channels take years before they grow enough to  bring in income consistently.

How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money on YouTube?

It takes about a month for YouTube to review a channel application for monetization. A channel needs 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months to qualify for monetization through YouTube's partner program. The average YouTube channel takes a few years to start have a consistent viewer base to qualify for monetization. It all comes down to your niche, topics, consistency, and quality of content.

YouTube Creator Academy

The best YouTube course is probably YouTube Creator Academy. It is created by YouTube and therefore the best place to learn every aspect of creating a YouTube channel. The platform offers a variety of courses specializing in different aspects of creating a YouTube channel.

YouTube Creator Academy is free to join. Some courses require you to purchase them before you can access them. To join YouTube Creator Academy, you just need to sign in with your Google account. You’ll then be able to see the variety of courses they offer, ranging from beginners courses to advanced lessons. YouTube Creator Academy does not typically give certificates. However, YouTube certified courses are offered to YouTube partners.

Alternative Articles on YouTube Courses

  • YouTube Business Academy - A step-by-step YouTube course by George Vlasyev and Ron Rauwerda that teaches you how to monetize a YouTube channel that focuses on YouTube Shorts.  
  • Jet Video Academy - This YouTube course by Greg Kononenko and Alen Sehovic focuses on SEO to grow your channel. SEO is the main holistic method of getting views on YouTube.
  • Automate Channels - A comprehensive YouTube automation course by Caleb Boxx. The course teaches you how to make $5,000 a month or more while doing none of the work.
  • Youtube Affiliate Masterclass - An affiliate marketing course on Youtube by Greg Gottfried. It tackles camera gears, affiliate programs and faceless videos.

My Recommended Part-Time Business for Creating Passive Income in 2024

Local lead generation is my recommended part-time business for creating passive income in 2024. It takes a few hours of work to create a site that would rank on Google search. By creating and ranking a website on Google using SEO tactics, you rent out your ranked website to local businesses who benefit from the organically generated leads. This creates monthly predictable passive income.

Compared to creating a personality YouTube channel where you need to spend a lot of time growing your channel before you can monetize it, local lead generation creates immediate cash flow. New YouTube content creators have to compete globally with a lot of older, more established channels. With local lead generation, you only need to compete with a handful of websites. It takes a few days to 3-6 months on average to rank a new website since you only compete locally. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of areas to do your local lead generation business.

Local lead generation

My tree care website has been up since 2015 earning me $2,000 consistently each month. I barely have to update my websites with some websites untouched in years and still bringing in monthly revenue. Compared to having to research and create new content for your YouTube channel constantly, local lead generation is passive and more sustainable.

Scaling a local lead generation is as simple as ranking and renting out another website. Each site can earn up to $2,000 and there's no limit on how many you can rank and rent. This makes local lead generation not only the best part-time business that adds supplementary cash flow, but also one that can become your main source of income. Check out local lead generation for the best passive income business model to create time and financial freedom with.

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