Hannah Ingram’s Passive Playbook Review — Is Creative Financing Method The Key To Build Your Own Empire?

March 15, 2024

The Passive Playbook by Hannah Ingram is a step-by-step program that shows you how to acquire car washes, laundromats, and storage facilities without using your own money, credit, or getting a bank loan. What makes her course even more appealing is that the businesses you buy already have customers, so you don't have to spend all your time looking for them. It already has a client base. With Passive Playbook, you can take over existing businesses and start making money right away.

Owning a self-service car wash can be profitable, with earnings ranging from $41,000 for a small self-serve car wash to $686,250 for a high-end car wash. However, self-service car washes have drawbacks that limit their potential for passive income. These include maintenance, supply management, and operational challenges because of customer involvement. Is Hannah's creative financing method really the key to build your own passive empire?

Local lead generation offers a highly passive and lucrative business model that surpasses owning a self-service car wash. With local lead generation, you can enjoy a consistent income without the operational challenges and physical maintenance that comes with a carwash. The concept is simple: create high-ranking websites for local services, attract customers actively seeking those services, and then sell the leads to local businesses for profit. Unlike a carwash, local lead generation requires minimal ongoing attention once the websites are optimized and established. 

Passive Playbook Pros And Cons


Hannah Ingram is still doing this business and successfully bought multiple car washes.

The course already helps hundreds of students to have their own car wash.

Currently, it is 50% off for the first 20 people.

They do cold calling and research for you. 


Only 20 slots per session.

The course is still new.

It has no refund policy.

After the 20 slots, the price will return to its original price of $1,997.


Passive Playbook costs $1,997, but it is discounted to $997.

Refund Policy

The course has no refund policy.


Passive Playbook started in 2022.


Hannah Ingram has 892.5K followers on TikTok, showing her popularity and legitimacy.

What Do I Get In Passive Playbook?

With the Passive Playbook, you will get all the tools and support you need to succeed in the car wash industry. This includes over 20 in-depth videos covering the entire process, access to a private community for support and networking, 90 days of free group calls for expert guidance, and a "done for you" service for cold calling and research assistance. 

Passive Playbook Course Content

In the Passive Playbook course, Hannah Ingram teaches you lessons for finding the right passive income stream, effective property-hunting methods, and strategic communication scripts. She provides steps to follow in finding a property, meeting with sellers, negotiation techniques, and her personal experience of buying a carwash at a young age. The course also covers creative financing options like contracts for deeds from a title company and explains why traditional loans may not be necessary.

Bonus Lessons

  • Closing your 1st deal: Hannah guides you through successfully closing your first property acquisition, ensuring you understand the steps.
  • Making your first $20,000: Discover strategies to maximize your earnings and generate substantial profits from your property investments.
  • Milking your property for the most money: Learn how to optimize your property's potential to generate the highest possible returns on your investment.
  • What to do after securing your 1st stream: Hannah provides guidance on the actions to take once you have secured your initial source of passive income.
  • Using your 1st stream to get your 2nd stream: Explore methods to leverage your first stream of income to acquire additional streams, further expanding your passive income portfolio.
  • Real-life example with numbers: Hannah will provide a real-life case study that includes specific numbers, illustrating how the strategies and techniques translate into actual results.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Access a collection of commonly asked questions and their answers, providing further clarity on crucial aspects of the passive income journey.

Bonus 1: Done For You Cold Calling And Research

In this bonus, Hannah provides a service to support your property acquisition journey. Hannah and her team will conduct extensive research in your area, compiling a list of available businesses, including car washes, laundromats, and storage facilities. They will also make cold calls on your behalf. This bonus takes the burden off your shoulders, saving you time and effort to find potential investment opportunities.


Bonus 2: Private Access To Facebook Group

This private community provides a platform for networking and support throughout your property acquisition journey. Connect with like-minded individuals who are also learning and implementing the strategies taught in the course. Share insights, seek advice, and collaborate with others who share the same goals.

Bonus 3: Monthly Group Zoom Coaching Calls For 90 Days 

These coaching sessions offer a unique opportunity to receive expert guidance and support directly from Hannah Ingram. During the calls, you can ask questions, gain further clarity on the course material, and receive personalized advice to help you overcome challenges and maximize your success.

Who Is The Creator Of Passive Playbook?

Hannah Ingram is the creator of the Passive Playbook, a real estate agent, investor, and mentor. She entered the real estate industry at 17 and earned her license at 18. Hannah gains popularity in TikTok by sharing her inspiring story of owning a car wash. At just 22 years old, she purchased her first car wash with no financial assistance from family or relatives. Hannah uses the seller financing method, making monthly payments to cover the seller's loan instead of relying on upfront or traditional loans. This enables her to own the property, earn profits, and manage maintenance.

Hannah uses the creative financing method and actively teaches it to her students. Through her mentorship, she helps many individuals start their own side hustles and generate passive income by owning their own car wash. Car wash is one of the rural and small town business ideas in 2023. Although the car wash isn't her primary income source, it helps her earn up to 7-figure and get her dream car, a Maserati.

Is Passive Playbook Worth It?

The Passive Playbook is worth it for beginners. You can get it at a 50% discount and choose a convenient payment plan. It's a good way to start with low costs. Hannah provides a 90-day community group call where she answers questions, tracks progress, and supports you along the way. Her team also helps you with cold calling and research for free. And what makes the course appealing is when you can't find a car wash within 30 days, Hannah and her team will help you find one.

Hannah also offers a free master class that reveals three secrets. You'll learn how to find properties that make passive income, no matter where you are. You'll also learn how to manage properties while juggling other responsibilities. And you'll discover a financing method that doesn't require loans and protects your credit. Taking part in this free master class will give you important information to decide if you want to join Hannah's course. If you're not into this kind of business, you can check my article about online businesses that you can start with no money for your alternatives. 

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Self-Service Car Wash


Convenience for Customers: Self-service car washes allow customers to wash their vehicles whenever they want, giving them control over their time.

Lower Labor Costs: Since customers wash their own cars, you don't need to hire as many employees, which helps save on labor expenses.

Cost Savings: Self-service car washes typically use less water and electricity than other car washes, resulting in lower operating costs.

Extra Income Opportunities: You can offer additional services like vacuum cleaners or vending machines, creating additional revenue streams.


Equipment Maintenance: Maintaining the car wash equipment, such as pressure washers and coin-operated systems, requires regular attention and can be costly.

Weather Dependence: Bad weather can reduce customer turnout, affecting your revenue and profits.

Vandalism and Misuse: Self-service car washes may be more prone to vandalism, misuse of equipment, and theft, that requires security measures and surveillance

Liability Risks: With customers operating the equipment themselves, there is a higher risk of accidents or injuries, potentially leading to liability concerns.

What Is The Creative Financing Method?

The creative financing method is a clever way to buy a car wash or any business with no money upfront. Instead of getting a big loan or paying a large amount, this method involves finding creative solutions, like taking over existing loan payments or making special agreements, to become the owner.

Let's say a man named Marc bought a car wash in 2002 with a $150,000 loan. He pays the bank $500 every month. Now, imagine you want to buy the car wash from Marc. Instead of getting a new loan, you propose a creative solution. You suggest that you take over Marc's monthly loan payments while becoming the owner of the car wash. You pay the bank on Marc's behalf, but the car wash becomes yours. In that way, you created a win-win situation. You avoid getting a loan or paying a down payment, and Marc gets relieved from his loan payment. It's a way for both of you to benefit without traditional financing.

Is Creative Financing Method The Key To Build Your Own Empire?

Yes, creative financing methods can be the key to build your own empire, but there are some things you should consider. One big drawback is the higher risk compared to traditional financing options. This method often uses assets or unconventional loans, which can make your financial situation less stable. Another issue is the possibility of legal problems. Some creative financing strategies may go beyond what's allowed by the law, so you must be careful and understand the legal rules. Lastly, using creative financing methods may limit your access to capital in the long run. Despite these factors, the method remains appealing for those with limited funds, allowing them to enter the car wash industry and build a business empire. 


Another way to build your own empire is through local lead generation using the rank and rent model. This means creating and managing websites that generate leads for local businesses and leasing them for passive income. You can grow your empire by making and ranking more websites for different industries. By taking advantage of local opportunities and partnering with local businesses, you can build a portfolio of income-generating websites and become a landlord of online assets.

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