Affilorama Pathway To Passive Review | Does This Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Cover Everything You Need To Get Started?

March 15, 2024

Pathway to Passive is an ebook about affiliate marketing strategies. This blueprint guide by Affilorama targets new and advanced marketers wanting to earn passive income through their affiliate websites.

Today, affiliate marketing is a $17 billion industry. Competition, however, can be tough because some niches may be saturated. As such, marketers definitely need to use the best strategies to succeed. Of course, content creation plays a crucial role in creating niche sites that attract significant traffic and potential buyers for affiliate products. Pathway to Passive discusses this subject at great length and can provide learners with practices that help them save time and money.

What are the pros and cons of Pathway To Passive?


Pathway to Passive is a simple course. Lessons are easy to understand. Besides, the course is ideal for newbies wanting to learn the basics and experienced marketers aiming to boost their income stream.

The course is reasonably-priced. For a comprehensive blueprint. Pathway to passive is fairly affordable at $37.

There’s a money-back guarantee. Anyone unhappy with their purchase of Pathway to Passive can avail of the company’s 60-day refund policy.


Pathway to Passive is non-downloadable. Learners have to use a computer or mobile device and connect to the internet to view the lessons. It is not downloadable and is not accessible offline.

No video content. Since this is an ebook, an obvious downside is that it’s not as optimal for visual learners. Some competitors deliver their lessons in a variety of formats, such as the $7 course 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge by Legendary Marketer.

Some content may be irrelevant for advanced learners. Experienced marketers may find some sections unnecessary since they cover general affiliate marketing information.

How much does Pathway To Passive Cost?

Pathway to Passive costs $37. As mentioned, the course offers a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied learners. Just make sure to request for a refund within 60 days after the date of purchase.

What's included in Pathway To Passive?

Pathway to Passive is an eBook that teaches effective content strategies for affiliate marketing. The blueprint helps marketers achieve passive income as they promote affiliate products on their websites. The course is made up of 4 sections.

1. How to find profitable niches and products

This section covers pointers on how to choose a niche from 11 profitable niches. It also discusses how to find the right affiliate products and how to stand out in a competitive market.

2. How to attract the right people

After picking a profitable niche, marketers need to go with the best keywords and topics to attract potential buyers. This section also shares the “reverse engineering” technique and talks about ideas for ways to generate income from content creation. It also provides a blueprint for writing effective product reviews.

3. How to convert your visitors into buyers

This section tackles how to convert casual website visitors into actual buyers as they click affiliate links. Marketers get to learn about the 5 “Readiness Levels” and what to tell prospective customers here. In addition, this also talks about content site funnel creation and how to monetize pages.

4. How to create content that attracts

This section digs deep into the importance of natural link building so marketers can boost their search engine rankings. Learners get to discover “16 creative ideas for content”, along with tips on how to attract authoritative links.

Who is Pathway To Passive For?

The Pathway to Passive course is suitable for both newbies and experienced affiliates. Beginners will benefit from its simplified approach. According to the company, the ebook “only takes around two hours to read” but it could save new affiliates from “months of costly and frustrating mistakes.” Meanwhile, experienced marketers can use the step-by-step guide to evaluate and optimize their websites. The strategies also discuss ways to improve their passive income stream and search engine ranking.

What are Pathway To Passive Reviews?

Aside from testimonials on the Pathway to Passive page, we dug online and found a few reviews posted on different websites
Richard Walker of PathToOnlineIncome wrote:

“Pathway to Passive is a step by step blueprint that ties everything together… This information was not groundbreaking, but it was surprisingly good. So I do recommend you buy the eBook if you are new to affiliate marketing.”

Russell Bowyer of said about Pathway to Passive:

“The course is not just a simple, effective and informative way to learn about content marketing, but it’s also about helping you to increase your earnings, too.”

Meanwhile, a Pathway to Passive review by ReviewsBoss reads:

“Pathway to Passive is a great guide for those who want to start exploring this industry… Veterans in the industry should also read it so they can keep abreast of recent trends and new strategies that can help them keep up with competitors.”

So far, there are no relevant Pathway to Passive reviews on Quora, Reddit, and YouTube.

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an affiliate marketing education and software company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was founded in 2006 by renowned affiliate marketer Mark Ling with CEO and co-founder Simon Slade. Affilorama claims to be “the largest affiliate marketing education and community website on the internet.” According to their website, they currently have over 300,000 members across the world.

Furthermore, we learn that the company’s goal is to help affiliate marketers to succeed in their own affiliate businesses faster. They also offer a free affiliate program along with paid online marketing trainings and tools for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

What are Affilorama reviews?

Affilorama reviews attest that their affiliate marketing trainings definitely work. Several student testimonials can be seen on the official Affilorama website. We also dug elsewhere to find out what other people are saying about the platform’s programs and services.

For example, Affilorama has a 4.8-star rating out of 9 reviews on Google. Customer John Gernatt shared that the training was a big help for him as a new affiliate marketer. “I can’t speak highly enough about the course and its comprehensive nature and style of its training,” he wrote.

Lisa Fanuzzi praised the company for its “outstanding and excellent customer service.”

On TrustPilot, Affilorama has a 4.9-star rating out of 322 reviews. In his review, James Hayes described Mark Ling as “the most trusted resource for affiliate marketers of all levels.” 

Meanwhile, client Judy F. only gave Affilorama 3 stars, complaining that the advertised live webinar “seemed like a pre-recorded program.”

Mark Ling responded to this review, explaining that the webinar was indeed “run live,” adding the company also had “additional ‘encore’ sessions” and “live support.”

What is AffiloTools?

AffiloTools is Affilorama’s “premium suite of online tools for marketers.” It allows users to manage their business websites more efficiently with features like competitor analysis, keyword research, revenue management, social media performance, website analytics, and more.

The tool provides you with detailed reports to help you see a clearer picture of your website’s ranking and performance. You can even view specific data in different search engines and regions. That way, you can check out your Google or Bing rankings in the United States and compare it with, say, that of Canada. You may also utilize the Link Finder feature to “find high quality sites in your niche with the best potential for building beneficial backlinks.” AffiloTools also integrates with Google Analytics, Facebook, MOZ, SemRush, ClickBank, NameCheap, and more.

For those who want to test the software without spending money, the basic version is available for free. Meanwhile, access to AffiloTools’ advanced features costs $17 per month.

What is AffiloJetpack?

AffiloJetpack is a “Business-In-A-Box” software package that provides affiliate marketers with everything they need to start earning income from their affiliate websites. The website creation tool includes customizable designs, content cheat sheets, pre-written emails, professional headers, traffic strategy trainings, and 1 year free hosting.

Basically, users get 5 pre-built affiliate marketing websites that are 80% completed so they won’t have to do most of the work anymore. With a little tweaking, they can immediately begin making money in about 2 or 3 weeks time. Users may also choose 5 niches from 17 profitable affiliate niches, including dog training, golf, green energy, muscle building, self help, weight loss, and more.

That said, AffiloJetpack can be extremely useful for those with little or no experience or skill in building websites. It’s also ideal for busy affiliate marketers who’d rather focus on their business than spending long hours on website creation.

The AffiloJetpack package costs $997.

What is the Affilorama affiliate program?

The Affilorama affiliate program invites interested individuals to make money online through affiliate marketing. On their website, we learn that joining the said program is free. We also read that since the company has “multiple products for sale,” affiliates may enjoy multiple ways to earn affiliate commissions.

Case in point, an affiliate marketer can earn 50% commission on every referral that signs up for membership and buys Affilorama products. “We work hard to reel in the leads you send us,” the company also assures. “Even if the purchase isn't made immediately, you still get full credit for the sale.”

By signing up with Affilorama, affiliates can expect to access affiliate marketing quick-start guide, a downloadable roadmap to success, and over 120 video lessons.

What is the Affilorama Login?

The Affilorama login page functions as the portal for welcoming new and existing Affilorama members. Email address and password are required to enter the website. For users signing up for the first time, they will also need to give their name. 

Again, joining the platform is free and gives users access to affiliate marketing information and opportunities.

What is the difference between Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is another popular online marketing platform. Launched in 2005 by Kyle Loudon and Caron Lim, Wealthy Affiliate also has unique offerings when compared with Affilorama.


Wealthy Affiliate


Affilorama is ideal for new affiliate marketers who want to find the right tools to start, get access to valuable lessons, and boost their earnings.

Wealthy Affiliate targets “beginners and experts alike.” Like Affilorama, they also offer marketing education, community support, website building tools, and hosting.


The platform offers free membership and free access to basic features. On the other hand, their programs and tools can cost anywhere from $17 per month (AffiloTools) up to $997 (AffiloJetpack).

WA offers three levels of membership, namely Starter (free), Premium ($19 for the first month, then $49 monthly) and Premium Plus ($49 for the first month, then $99 monthly).

Reach and membership

Majority of Affilorama’s members are from the US, although they also have members from over 100 countries. Currently, the platform has a membership of over 300,000.

According to their website, WA now has over 2.6 million members in 193 countries across the world.


Affilorama has a 4.9 star rating out of 322 reviews on TrustPilot.

Meanwhile, Wealthy Affiliate also has a 4.9 star rating out of 570 reviews.

Customer support

Their dedicated number +64 3-288-0216 accepts calls Mondays to Fridays from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Their dedicated numbers +1 250 483 5293 and +1 604 588 9974 are available 24/7.

Refund policy

Affilorama offers a 60-day money back guarantee for their premium programs and tools.

Although monthly subscriptions can be canceled anytime, Wealthy Affiliate does not offer refunds.

Affilorama's Claims

Affilorama claims that they are “the largest affiliate marketing community and training website on the internet.” On their website’s homepage, the company also tells people, “we're here to help you kiss your day job goodbye!”

In addition, Affilorama also suggests they can help interested learners to make $10,000 per month as affiliates.

3 Challenges That Make Affilorama's Claims Difficult To Attain

1. Affilorama is NOT the largest affiliate marketing community.

According to their website, Affilorama has over 300,000 members worldwide. They also have 30,000 followers on Facebook and over 1 million registered members on their forum. In comparison, ClickBank has over 200 million users in 200 countries. They also have 417,000 Facebook followers and over 100,000 affiliates worldwide.

2. Not everyone can leave their jobs and do affiliate marketing full-time.

Some Affilorama members claim they have quit their day jobs to pursue affiliate marketing full time. For example, Chrisi Darrington says she took AffiloBlueprint in 2009. She made her first affiliate sale in a month and then earned around $500 on her own website within 4 months. She immediately grew her business into 6 affiliate product sites. 

This, of course, may not be the typical scenario for new affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing can be a competitive industry and beginners often struggle with going against established affiliates with strong following online.

It is also worth noting that upon checking, we also found out that Chrisi’s website PrimeInsiders leads to a deadlink. On social media, she only has 128 LinkedIn connections and 19 Facebook friends. Her Facebook group Quick Tips for Struggling Marketers is no longer available. So we can’t tell how far she has progressed through the years or if she’s still under the program.

3. Earning $10,000 per month in affiliate marketing may not be realistic for most.

As mentioned, affiliate marketing is a competitive industry. Not all niches perform well, so the constant challenge is to find those that are most profitable. Moreover, top-earning niches are usually heavily-saturated and can be hard to penetrate for beginners.

Glassdoor also reports that while affiliate marketers may earn anywhere from $58,000 to $158,000 a year, average annual salary is at $59,060.

Other affiliate marketing courses

  • Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard is an affiliate marketing course that mixes “text, tools, and easy-to-follow videos.” This program is ideal for those who want to earn passive income as an affiliate marketer.
  • Passive Income: Affiliate Marketing by Greg Gottfried teaches students how to find the best niches and the best affiliate offers. The course also shares step-by-step pointers on creating an effective affiliate marketing website.
  • Digital Worth Academy by Andrew Hansen and Sara Young is all about “building income-producing affiliate and authority websites.” Currently, one of their affiliate sites is making up to $12,000 per month.
  • Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy discusses the how’s of building successful business websites. In this online training course, Adam shares the strategies he used to earn as much as $500K per month from blogging.

My recommendation to make passive income online in 2023

Pathway to Passive can be a worthwhile investment for anyone interested to learn about affiliate marketing. Plus there is nothing to lose since the company offers a money-back guarantee. Meanwhile, other Affilorama tools and packages may also be worth looking into for those who have money to spend.

In many ways, local lead generation can be a better option than affiliate marketing. Instead of attracting potential buyers, your goal is to boost a niche site’s search engine ranking. As you use proper SEO techniques, outranking local competitors will be easy and then you can rent out your sites to local business owners who may want the traffic. This puts you in greater control towards achieving financial freedom since income is more stable compared with affiliate marketing. Your earnings are not dependent on the number of buyers you get each month. Instead, entrepreneurs happily pay you a specific monthly rate as you drive quality leads to their websites. For example, I earn $2,000 per month from the tree care site shown below. And I own over 50 of these lead gen sites.

If your goal is true financial independence, you may benefit from our local lead generation coaching program.

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