Patrick Shyu’s YouTube Backstage Review: 5 Key Factors To Create a Profitable Channel

April 3, 2024

Youtube Backstage by Patrick Shyu is an online program that’ll show you the backend of running a youtube channel. He’ll teach you how to find video ideas for your channel, and the camera or microphone set up you’ll need.

Patrick Shyu’s youtube course has positive reviews across Youtube and Course Ranks. Reviews mentioned the course provided them a guideline to becoming a famous youtuber. However, Youtube Backstage has an affiliate program. Affiliates gain profit in promoting a course or product.

According to Unbox Social, Youtube creators increase brand familiarity by 4x more than celebrities. However, Wyzowl reported there are 114 million active youtube channels on the platform. So, there is a demand for the youtube creators but it is also a competitive business model.

In this Youtube Backstage review, we’ll check out the pros and cons of the course. We’ll also go over its creator, what you’ll gain from it and factors how to create a profitable youtube channel. Lastly, if creating youtube videos is a lucrative venture or there is a better business model to financial freedom?

YouTube Backstage Review: Pros and Cons


Private Facebook Community: You can get access to a private community to ask questions.

Lifetime Access: Updates on the curriculum will be available for you for life.


Controversial Coach: Patrick Shyu has gone through several issue online for his views on mental health and women in tech.

Not Passive: Youtube requires you to consistently create videos to remain relevant to the algorithm.

Not for Seasoned Youtubers: The course is best for aspiring and beginner youtubers.

Refund Policy

YouTube Backstage has a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Patrick Shyu has a mix of positive and negative reputation online. This is carried over to his online course like Youtube Backstage.

How Much Does YouTube Backstage Cost?

Youtube Backstage costs $397. It has a 14-day moneyback guarantee. Although it’s only possible if you’ve viewed less than 40% of the course. They’ll ask for further verification if you request a refund within 24 hours of purchase.

5 Key Factors To Create a Profitable YouTube Channel

1. Foundational Knowledge About YouTube

Foundational knowledge about Youtube will help you navigate the platform better. It’ll give you a better guideline of how to make your channel more profitable. This can include finding your niche and researching the top channels in your chosen niche. Knowing the core concepts like how much money and how long you can expect to generate income from youtube will also help you set the right goals.

2. Gears, Tools, and Equipment

Low-quality video and audio will chase away any viewer within the second. Even if your content is great. So, you should to invest in a good quality camera and microphone. Your gears and equipment will also depend on the video type you’ll create. Vloggers invest in good mirrorless cameras, handheld gimbal stabilizers and a lavalier mic. Most youtubers use DSLRs, condenser mics and studio lighting.

3. Sound and Video Editing

Sound and video editing is where you ensure the quality of your content. It should be entertaining and hooks the viewers right off the bat. It’s best to learn video editing skills and edit your own videos. But you can also hire an editor if you lack the time or the interest.

4. Growth and Success Strategies

Running a youtube channel requires you to plan for long-term if you’re looking to monetize your content. This will include topic ideas and a consistent posting schedule. You can also work with other youtubers, plan livestreams and strengthen your social media presence.

5. Monetization on YouTube

Learning how to monetize your content is a key to 6 or more figures income. Youtube Partnership Program, affiliate marketing, and working with brands are some ways you can monetize your channel. However, youtube also has a strict rule for content creation and copyright claims. A minute mistake can lead to demonization or channel termination.

What is YouTube Backstage?

Youtube Backstage is an online course to start and run a successful Youtube channel. The course helps its students to find the same success as Patrick Shyu. It covers proper gears for quality videos and finding topics ideas. Youtube Backstage also provides strategies like collaboration with another youtuber, upload schedule and monetization. 

Youtube Backstage is for aspiring and seasoned youtubers. It’s also suitable for bloggers looking to turn their blogs into youtube videos. This course also caters to entrepreneurs aiming to boost engagement via YouTube videos. You will get 70+ of video lessons and a lifetime access to the curriculum with Youtube Backstage. There is also a private Facebook group for students.

Are YouTube Backstage Students Getting Results?

There is no clear indication of Youtube Backstage students getting results. There are no success stories on the website. You can find a few reviews on Google and Youtube. Although they’re all affiliates of the course. 

Richard Williams praised the course for balancing the community guidelines and business management of a youtube channel. Tricia Edward mentioned the course reminds youtubers to stay grounded.

Who is Patrick Shyu?

Patrick Shyu is popularly known as TechLead. He’s a Chinese-American programmer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Patrick got his bachelor's degree from the University of California in 2005. He also took a year of Computer Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2004. In 2006, he completed his Master's in Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego.

Patrick Shyu worked in a lot of established tech companies. He interned in Microsoft as a software engineer in 2006. In 2008, he worked in Sony Pictures Imageworks. He got his dream job in Google in 2014. He worked there as a tech lead or a manager until April 2018. Patrick transferred to Facebook in May 2018. He worked there as a tech lead for Facebook video until July 2019. He got fired from Facebook and became a full-time youtuber since then.

His youtube account has 1.4 million subscribers. Patrick’s earlier videos are about programming and applications. His account evolved into a lifestyle channel after his divorce. Now, he’s making videos on his life, the current tech trends and commentary on social issues. Patrick Shyu’s net worth is estimated to be $3-7 million by Gurus Coach and Techie Gamers.

What are Patrick Shyu’s Other Online Programs?

  • Tech Interview Pro - This program is for aspiring programmers in FAANG companies. The program tackles FAANG interview process with tips. Patrick Shyu does resume reviews and live Q and A every two weeks. Tech Interview Pro’s price is $197.
  • Coder Pro - Coder Pro teaches coding interview problems. It’s for aspiring coders on top tech companies. The program costs $97 per year.
  • DeFi Pro - This online course delves on decentralized finance. It also has a crypto community on Discord. Membership in DeFi Pro is $97 per month.

Patrick Shyu’s Claims

Patrick Shyu claims the course will teach you how to succeed on Youtube. He’ll teach you how to create viral videos with more than 1 million videos. Shyu also claims you can escape your 9-5 job and live life on your terms by being a full-time youtuber.

Patrick Shyu’s Claims DEBUNKED

Patrick Shyu’s TechLead youtube channel has 1.4 million subscribers. The course is based on this success. Patrick uses clickbait titles on his videos. According to Mailchimp, click bait titles have high bounce rates. This is important since Youtube’s algorithm prioritizes watch time. High bounce rates will signal youtube algorithms to lose your rank on search results.

It will also take a long time before you can completely quit your 9-5 job. Based on Influencer Marketing Hub, youtubers earn $0.18 per view. Mathias Bartl’s research from Offenburg University in Offenburg Germany showed 96.5% of Youtubers earn less than $12,140 per year.

Is It Hard To Create a YouTube Channel?

It isn’t hard to create a YouTube channel if you already have a Google account. You can sign-in using Google accounts. When you click your profile picture, one of your options is “create channel.” Then you can name your channel and start uploading your videos.

It takes less than a minute to create a YouTube channel. But it takes time and consistency to build a successful YouTube channel, ranging from 6 months to years. According to Mr. Beast, the top earner of YouTube, hook your viewers within 10 seconds. And you should be able to do this consistently.

Creating a YouTube channel is worth it if you can provide valuable and entertaining videos. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine as per Influencer Marketing Hub. It is also the 2nd most popular social network. The platform has 2.7 billion users. It has s significant market that you can tap into.

Is YouTube Still Profitable?

Youtube is still profitable because of its large user base and many ways to gain profit from your content. According to Business 2 Community, 67% of marketers will increase video ad spending. Think with Google also showed 68% of youtubers watch a video before purchasing. So, being an affiliate is a good revenue stream too.

Although keep in mind the challenges of the platform. There are 800 million videos on YouTube, according to Wyzowl. And Podia’s research also revealed 30% of creators can’t find their desired YouTube audience. The competition is high and finding your audience can be difficult.

Challenges of a YouTube Business Model

  • Should Engage and Entertain Audience - The average sattention span of people is 8.5 seconds, according to The Treetop. And to be a part of Youtube Partnership Program, you should have 1000 subscribers. Your accumulated views must also be 4000. Then, you can sign up for the program to get revenue from ads. However, ad revenue is estimated to be $0.18 per view only.
  • Demands High Quality Original Content - Youtube is particular with copyrights. The platform can demonetize your video or strike your channel. With 3 strikes, your channel will be terminated.
  • Highly Competitive - According to Statista, 500 hours of video is uploaded on youtube every minute. There are also 114 million active youtube channels today based on Wyzowl’s report.

Starting a Local Lead Generation Business is Faster and Easier Than a YouTube Channel

Starting a local lead generation business is faster and easier than a youtube channel. YouTube will require consistent high quality videos so you can rank. It’s hard work to edit videos, plan content and publish them on a schedule. With local lead generation, you can rank on SERPs with 10-15 pages. Once you rent your ranking website to small businesses, the income becomes passive.

Another hurdle for a youtube channel is its purpose. According to Think with Google, one of the top 2 reasons people watch youtube videos is to get entertained. So, you’ll have to constantly put out entertaining content. This will inevitably lead to burnout. While local lead generation’s purpose is to deliver leads to small businesses. This business model addresses a pain point for customers and requires less effort.


Local lead generation is a rank and rent business model. You create a website to rank on search results and rent them out to small business owners. It requires knowledge on SEO and website building, but this high barrier to entry also means it's not easily saturated. And you're not competing on a global scale against big companies with advertisement budgets.

Case in point, this tree care site regularly generates me $2000 a month, because it targets a pain point. Then, turn people into high quality leads. The best part of this business model is it can be repeated. All local lead gen websites I own today make me $52k per month. Check out my local lead gen coaching program for this low risk business venture.

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