Julia McNeal’s Phone Flipping Academy Review – 3 Headaches with a Phone Flipping Business

May 22, 2023

The Phone Flipping Academy is a course by Julia McNeal that teaches you how to make money flipping high-demand electronics. Phone flipping works by buying smart phones locally and reselling them to direct buyers who will pay you the same day. The aim is to make $100 profit per phone sale.  

This Phone Flipping Academy review will reveal if flipping phones will pay you a passive income each month. I'll also compare phone flipping with the local lead generation business model, which offers a recurring passive income without having to talk to your customers or clients every day. 


Julia made over $500,000 in profit by flipping smart phones.

Everyone today is buying the newest phone and wanting to get rid of the one they own. 

Julia trains you on how to negotiate pricing. 

After you invest, Julia provides you with a list of the top direct buyers so you can have consistent sales. 


Flipping phones is not passive because you have to drive to meet buyers and sellers and negotiate on pricing on almost every deal. You're creating ads on Craigslist and other online marketplaces. 

Sometimes Julia's direct buyers have enough inventory, which means you have to wait to get paid. 


The Phone Flipping Academy costs $197.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy. 


Training lessons along with Julia's proven scripts you can use when reaching out to buyers and sellers. 


Private Discord community for support called Mission University. 


Julia started phone flipping in 2017 and started the Phone Flipping Academy in 2020. 


Julia has a good online reputation and many of her students are making thousands of dollars per month with her phone flipping training. The comments she receives on social media are positive and mostly from people interested in phone flipping. You won't find any negative comments on Reddit.

3 Headaches with a Phone Flipping Business

1. Pricing Negotiations with Potential Buyers/Sellers

Daily pricing negotiations with buyers and sellers can be a time-consuming headache. These negotiations can end up in a deal not getting done if all sides can't come to an agreement on pricing. The constant back and forth with sellers trying to get the best deal can also ruin the business relationship if several deals don't get done. Overtime, your buyers or sellers can choose to go with another supplier. 

2. Electronic Devices in Worse Condition than Expected

Another headache you may encounter is electronic devices being in worse condition than they were presented before meeting your seller. This can happen often as people are looking to get to most for their damaged device. Some sellers may even lie about their device having water damage which can force you to go back to the drawing board and negotiate another price if the device is salvageable to a certain degree. 

3. Driving all around your city to meet buyers and sellers

The fact you have to drive around and meet buyers and sellers is a hassle. It is better than working a 9-5 job but in the grand scheme of things, this doesn't allow you to earn a passive income online if you're reselling a handful of electronic devices per day. This will also cut into your profits because you have to pay for gas.

What you learn in the Phone Flipping Academy

In the Phone Flipping Academy, you learn:

  • Where to source new, used and damaged electronics at prices you can profit from
  • How to determine what to pay for a device
  • How to negotiate the best price
  • How to get paid soon after closing the deal
  • Where to sell for top prices in the shortest amount of time
  • Julia's phone flipping tricks for building her 6-figure phone flipping business

Who is Julia McNeal?

Julia McNeal is a 6-figure entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. She worked multiple jobs as a nanny while being pregnant with her first child and was living paycheck to paycheck. In between her nanny jobs, she drove with Uber. Julia was always looking for ways to make money from home so she could provide for her child and not have to put him in day care.

December 17, 2017, was the first day she started flipping phones. She placed her ad on Craigslist and paid $60 for her first phone and flipped it for $214. Within her first 30 days, she profited around $5,000. After 4 months, she quit her job. Ever since, she hasn't worked a 9-5 job and never looked back, making over half a million dollars in profit flipping cell phones.

In 2020, Julia started the Phone Flipping Academy and has helped hundreds of people make thousands of dollars per month. On her Julia_Aless Instagram account, she often posts content about phone flipping for her over 50.6K followers. 

Julia McNeal Net Worth

Julia McNeal has an estimated net worth of between $500,000 and $2 million when you consider she made over $500K in phone flipping sales and continues to make money with this business model. She has also sold her course to hundreds of students.

Is the Phone Flipping Academy legit?

The Phone Flipping Academy is legit because Julia shows her exact process of buying and reselling new, used, and even damaged electronics. She's made over 6-figures in profits with this business model and many of her students who follow her step-by-step guidance also become profitable and make their money back. If you look through her Testimonials Story Highlight on Instagram, you'll see proof of her student's success. If you're not into the phone flipping business, check World Builders Mastermind. It teaches you how to find and start your own business.

Is phone flipping legal?

Phone flipping is legal because if you purchase a device, it is your property to do what you want. If you want to sell it to your friend for an agreed on price, even if it's more than what you paid, you can. It makes no difference who you buy and sell phones from, and there are no legal repercussions for such business dealings.

The Phone Flipping Academy Reviews

Julia has several students who have made thousands of dollars with this business model. 

This student shared he passed $160,000 in revenue flipping cell phones. 

Damian Schuler is another one of Julia's students. On Twitter, he shared he bought 34 phones and 15 Nintendo Switch games. After flipping all the phones and games, he earned $4,000 in profit.

Is phone flipping profitable in 2024?

Phone flipping is profitable in 2024 because, according to Julia, there is no end to the demand for Apple and Samsung products. Apple generated over $394.3 billion in revenue in 2022 with over 52% coming from iPhone sales. Although Samsung had a poor Q4, they still generated $57.3 billion in 2022. 

Another reason flipping cell phones is profitable is because so many people either damage or upgrade their devices and don't know what to do after they've gotten their new one. Phone companies also won't give you cash back, instead they'll give you a credit you can use on another one of their newer devices. If you don't mind negotiating prices daily and meeting with buyers and sellers, only to earn around $100 per sale, you can earn thousands of dollars every month. 

Phone flipping can make you a living if you work as hard as Julia does and are always putting out ads on Craigslist and Facebook, promoting your service. If you grow your business and align yourself with a team like Julia's, you may earn a living.

But, phone flipping is better off as side hustle because it can be as profitable as some online business models, but it doesn't offer you the benefits the local lead generation business model does. 

Local lead generation offers a more passive and long-term income than phone flipping

Local lead generation will pay you are more predictable long-term income than phone flipping. 

This is because you build out your own digital properties that generate leads on autopilot after you rank them at the top of the search results on Google. 

As your leads are generated, they are sent exclusively to local small business owners, who you choose to work with and who will pay you every month so you can continue sending them leads. If they are looking to continue growing their business and you are helping them reach their goals, they will pay you long-term and you won't deal with your clients trying to negotiate you down. Many times, you can even raise the price and they will still pay you. 

My Grand Rapids, Michigan tree care client has paid me $2,000 every month ever since I built it over 7 years ago because they get consistent, exclusive leads. 

Local lead generation

With local lead generation, you don't have to go meet people every day and sell any physical products. Your digital rental property allows you to be the middleman between paying customers and the local business owner you forward their information to. Once everything is set up, all you do is get paid automatically monthly or, sometimes, weekly. Cash flow is predictable with this business model. 

To learn how to earn a profit margin of over 95% without having to always negotiate with customers and sell physical products, check out the local lead generation training program

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