Neil Guess’s Power Lead System Review: In-Depth Analysis in 2024

March 5, 2024

The Power Lead System is a multi-tool platform created by Neil Guess. It provides lead-generating suite of services for digital entrepreneurs with existing businesses. PLS offers unlimited subdomains, autoresponder services, a website builder, and a background library. It also features SEO- and mobile-optimized templates for funnels and landing pages. Members also get weekly webinars, a VIP club, and dedicated customer support. This monthly subscription platform also has an Accelerated Leverage Compensation plan for affiliates.

Based on 2023 data from WordStream, the internet marketing industry is set to grow by $460 billion in the US alone. Worldwide and by 2026, it is forecasted to even reach $786.2 billion. Because of this, many entrepreneurs seek programs to boost their digital marketing efforts. Power Lead System is among these platforms, promising to provide an all-in-one solution. But, is it truly as good as it claims to be?

In this Power Lead System review, I’ll examine the validity of their claims. I'll also share how this relates to the generous affiliate compensation plan. You'll learn about the pros and cons, costs, refund policy, courses, and the founder's background. Furthermore, I’ll inform you about the reality of wealth-building in the MLM industry.

Power Lead System Review: Pros & Cons


Attractive compensation plan: Affiliates of the Power Lead System receive high commissions. For instance, with the Master Traffic Institute course, the frontline commission is $1,000.

Swift affiliate payouts: PLS affiliates are paid every Wednesday. Their commissions are processed two weeks after a sale. These payouts are quick compared to other programs that offer monthly commission payments.

Substantial Facebook community: Due to the high incentives and swift payouts of affiliates, it's no wonder PLS is popular. In fact, its official Facebook group has a total of 48,951 members as of 2024. It has been around for a decade, created on January 25, 2014.


No other established online presence: Save for its members-only Facebook group, it's unusual that PLS has no other social media presence. As the self-proclaimed “most complete marketing platform,” it doesn't put into practice its supposed expertise.

Lacking recent & non-affiliate testimonials: Besides lacking solid social media presence, PLS doesn’t have new non-affiliate reviews. Note that it has been 10 years since its founding. Its most visible discussion is in the Warrior Forum, none from Reddit or Trustpilot. The testimonials on YouTube and blogs are from affiliates as well.

Priority on self-promotion, not product innovation: Most of these affiliate-generated content focus on commissions, not on the products. There's very little information on new features of the platform and courses. In fact, the official website itself seems outdated.


The Power Lead System was founded in 2013.


The Power Lead System has a negative reputation. Although it is a legitimate source of money online, its products are not competitive enough to gain the recommendation of non-affiliates.

Refund Policy

The Power Lead System has a 7-day refund policy.

How Much Does the Power Lead System Cost?

The Power Lead System costs $30 per month. It also has a 7-day free trial period. If an individual wants to promote it as an affiliate, they can upgrade to the Gold Membership, which is priced at $53.97 monthly. Gold members are eligible to promote Power Lead System products that are listed below.

  • Free Ad Secrets has a $147 price tag, which is a one-time fee.

  • Meanwhile the Social Profit Academy costs $497, another one-time payment.

  • As for the Master Traffic Institute, its price is $1,497.

What Is the Power Lead System?

The Power Lead System is a subscription-based internet marketing platform that aims to help online business owners generate more leads. It features a training area that offers online marketing strategies. Besides that, its custom marketing system has software and tools mentioned on the list below.

  • Ad tracking

  • SEO optimization

  • Email broadcasting

  • Subdomain creation

  • Autoresponder service

  • Landing page templates

  • Ready-made sales funnels

  • Contact management system

  • Drag-and-drop website creation

Every week, Power Lead members take part in Facebook and YouTube live streams and webinars. During these weekly training sessions, members ask for assistance. It also has a dedicated customer support and a VIP club.

Moreover, the platform has a multi-level marketing structure, which enables income through affiliate marketing commissions. Power Lead affiliates can promote the products that include the Gold membership, Free Ads Secrets, Social Profit Academy, and Master Traffic Institute. It was founded by Neil Guess, who was part of another MLM company Solavei, a now discontinued US mobile service. Additionally, the technology used in this marketing platform is powered by the company Priceless Possibilities, which began in 1996 and was created by Michael Price.

What Is the Power Lead System login?

The Power Lead System login is for members and affiliates of the platform .Both are required to provide their username and passwords. As of 2024, it’s not possible to login via Gmail or other third party platforms.

What Is the Power Lead System blog?

The Power Lead System blog is run by a promoter of PLS. It can be accessed on the site address Its oldest blog archives are from August to December 2013. Its recent posts do not include a date of publication.

What Will You Get From the Power Lead System?

With the Power Lead System, you will get unlimited subdomains, an easy-to-use website builder, access to a packed media library, search engine optimization training, as well as an ad tracking system and a contact management system.

  • The unlimited subdomains can be used for lead capture pages, video sales pages, sales funnels, advertisements, or banners for tracking advertisements. This subdomain feature is available within the Power Lead System, eliminating the need for a separate hosting company.
  • The Power Lead marketing platform also features a drag-and-drop website creator that enables users to use YouTube videos and custom ones for background in a single click.
  • Besides that, the extensive media collection also contains a wide variety of full-motion videos and full screen photos that can be used for background.
  • In addition to this, its SEO training includes optimization through images, title tags, phrases, and keywords to boost ranking.
  • Meanwhile, the advertisement tracking system enables users to view which ads are performing effectively and producing more leads.
  • And the contact management system enables lead sorting and rating, note-taking, as well as schedule reminders. It will also allow you to track email open rates and link click-rates. Moreover, the generated email broadcasts for subscribers have a high-deliverability rate. The Power Lead System also has an auto-responder service, plus ability to integrate with third party providers including GetResponse and AWeber.

What Is the Power Lead System Compensation Plan?

The Power Lead System Compensation plan is a structured benefits program for gold level members of the marketing platform. It provides affiliate commission for the products purchased by paylines. Also referred to as the Accelerated Leverage compensation plan, it offers the following unlimited profits listed below.

  • $100 frontline commissions and $25 overrides for Free Ad Secrets
  • $400 frontline commissions plus $50 for retail overrides from the Social Profit Academy
  • $1,000 frontline commissions including $200 overrides for the sale of Master Traffic Institute
  • $20 per month for payline sales and a $50 matching bonus for the Gold membership

How Does the Power Lead System Help You Make Money?

The Power Lead System helps you make money by providing a platform with several tools and services for your online business. These technologies will then enable you to boost leads generated, which will result in income from sales. It also has a generous affiliate commission program that offers as much as $1,000 per product sold.

Power Lead System Courses

The Power Lead System’s courses include Free Ad Secrets, Social Profit Academy, and Master Traffic Institute. For Free Ad Secrets, it provides training on cost-free lead generation. It also covers how to utilize the same traffic to result in diversified income streams. Besides that, it has lessons on downline-generating co-op advertising. Regarding Social Profit Academy, it is a course about social media marketing through the use of advertisements on YouTube, Google, and Facebook. And for Master Traffic Academy, it teaches the Power Lead System customer about traffic generation, with the program’s top earners sharing their proven strategies.

Is The Power Lead System Worth It?

The Power Lead System is worth it if your monthly budget as an online entrepreneur is around $30. If you’re also considering promoting it as an affiliate, its hefty commission rates offer good incentives. However, if you’re searching for a more competitive suite of tools, this isn’t the platform for you. As of 2024, its features are outdated. With the world of search engine optimization and social media constantly changing, it’s best to invest in training programs that are regularly updated and fit the modern times.

Also, despite its high affiliate payouts, it’s still not a worthwhile investment in the long run because you’re selling a product that isn’t top-notch. In a high-competition and saturated market, customers easily can find better options. You need to carefully consider that the opportunity to become an affiliate is not free and you are paying for it on a monthly basis.

Is The Power Lead System A Scam?

No, the Power Lead System is not a scam. You will get a set tools and services in exchange for your payment. However, the platform isn’t the best in the market as it claims to be. Its affiliate program also has a multi level marketing structure. And its high commission rates impact the number of recommendations from affiliates who are looking to make a sale.

Who Is The Founder Of Power Lead System?

neil guess

The founder of Power Lead System is Neil Guess. He is a Washington-based digital marketer. Before becoming the owner of PLS, he worked for the company Solavei as an affiliate. This contract-free mobile business is also an MLM company.

Neil Guess Claims: The MOST Complete And Powerful All-In-One Marketing Platform

power lead system claims

Neil Guess and Michael Price claim that the Power Lead System is the most complete and powerful all-in-one marketing platform. They also share on the website that they have helped thousands of online business owners boost their profit. Additionally, their web designs are structured for maximum conversions.

Neil Guess Claims Debunked: Reasons Why Their Claim Is Not True

Neil Guess and Michael Price’s claims aren’t true. It is not the most complete platform in the market. Every business has a different set of needs and varying target audiences. Therefore, the strategies to achieve their business goals should not be the same. One platform should not be a one-size-fits-all solution if the aim is to stand above the competition.

Also, if a technology provides many features, there’s a good chance that these systems aren’t top-notch. Industry leaders specialize in one service and they ensure that they keep it running well and make improvements as they go. They devote time and energy into developing their products and make tweaks based on user feedback.

Additionally, there are no third party institutions that state that the Power Lead System is the most powerful all-in-one marketing platform available. There are no awards or certifications that prove this claim. The Power Lead System is not even accredited in the Better Business Bureau.

In terms of thousands of digital entrepreneurs finding success in the platform,this cannot be proven except from testimonials of affiliates and its massive Facebook group. Even though the platform started in 2013, it has no verified reviews on Trustpilot, Capterra, or even Reddit. This is strange for a business that has existed for 10 years and tens of thousands of members.

As for the design for their pages and sales funnels do not look modern. This can put off potential leads since the website seems to be inactive. It can also affect website speed and performance.

What Is Multilevel Marketing? 

Multilevel marketing is a business structure where independent promoters generate income from commissions for selling products directly to consumers.It is also called referral marketing, network marketing, and pyramid selling. This can either be digital or physical products. One of its defining features is the presence of uplines and downlines. While it is a legitimate business strategy, it has garnered negative reputation over the years because of its associated with illegal pyramid schemes.

How does an MLM Scheme work?

An MLM scheme works by the company providing two sources of income for customers. The first one is through revenue generated from the products and services provided by the business. The second one is in the form of commissions of the affiliate program. There are also uplines and downlines, wherein money is made from the sales of other recruits.

Is MLM Profitable?

No, MLM is not profitable. This is based on a report from the US Federal Trade Commission. Accordingly, 15 years of research and the study of over 350 MLM companies worldwide has shown that 99% of recruits lose their income. Also, less than 1% of MLM companies make profits, with mostly the top-of-the-pyramid promoters. 

Power Lead System Alternatives

  • Lead Lightning Review is another product by Neil Guess and Michael Price. It is low-cost and best fits beginners.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Review is a popular program by Kyle Loudoun. It provides education and an introduction for affiliate marketing programs for those starting from scratch.

  • Affiliate Marketing Superstars Review is a course founded by Leanne Scott. It is mainly for bloggers and affiliate marketers. It aims to make money without the need for high traffic.

  • Taking Action Online is a affiliate marketing program by Philip Borrowman. It guides aspiring affiliates to build their business and choose a traffic source between Youtube and Google.

Power Lead System Alternative: Lucrative + Less Saturation

Power Lead System is not the best choice for affiliate marketing. It’s wiser to invest in programs that offer high-quality products and are industry proven. In general, affiliate marketing is a difficult business model to make money online. According to 2023 data from Demand Sage, about 80% of businesses have an affiliate program. This means that apart from the already-existing competition you have from other affiliates of Power Lead System, you’ll also be rivals with other businesses worldwide that offer internet marketing tools. There’s also a ton of time, money, and effort needed to be made upfront with no solid guarantee of return of investment.

This is why my top recommendation is a local lead generation biz. Compared to affiliate marketing, you’ll only be targeting specific cities and locations. This exceedingly lowers competition. This also means that you’ll spend much less time and effort to create websites and generate content. With the method I’m teaching, you’ll only need a capital of at least $500 and zero investment on paid ads. With that, you can rent it to local companies and earn money online per month. You can scale it and make as many websites as you’d like, as well as cover any niche or product you’re interested in.

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