Suzi Whitford’s Printables By Number Review: Earn Passive Income With This Freedom By Number Course?

March 26, 2024

Printables By Numbers is a step-by-step course by blogger Suzi Whitford and her Husband Jon that teaches you how to earn passive income by selling printable products online. Printables by Number is legit. You will learn all you need to create high quality printables and how you can make money selling them using several methods.

Printables is a digital product that can be printed out on any printer. Examples are printable planners, calendars, greeting cards, activity books and more. Printables work by creating designs and then selling them online. Customers who purchase the printables will then be able to print them out for their own use.

Creating printables won’t cost you a dollar, but can be very time consuming. The market for printables is also heavily very saturated. If you are looking for a passive income business that has less competition, check out my local lead generation.

Printables By Number Review: Pros and Cons


Over-the-shoulder style of training that makes it easy to follow.

Suzi is a professional blogger with almost a decade of experience selling printables.

The course teaches multiple ways of monetizing printables.


Printables are a saturated niche.

No money back refund policy.



Refund Policy

30 day exchange policy. You can exchange the program for platform credit, which you can use to purchase other Freedom By Number products.




Positive. They have an affiliate advertising program that can affect reviews.

Who Is Printables By Number For?

  1. Newbies who want to learn how to create and sell printables online. You will learn how to create printables with no graphic design experience and where you can sell them.
  2. Bloggers who want to learn how to monetize their blog by creating printables. This can work for almost any type of blog.
  3. Anyone who wants to follow Suzi’s business model. Taking Printables By Number and Blog By Numbers together is a great combination. You’ll learn how to create a blog and monetize it by selling Printables.

Printables By Number Login

printable by number review

To access the Printables By Number course, you need to login to the Freedom By Number website. You'll also be able to access other courses and products you purchase through this login.

Overview of The Printables By Number 3.0 Course

This is the 3rd update of the course. You will have access to 9 hours of easy-to-follow videos in modules. This is everything you need to know, from effective market research and product creation to scaling your business and increasing sales.There are also many resources included with the course, such as the Premium Checkout Template.

Step 1: Market Research

Lean Suzi and Jon's specific market research process to find profitable niche for your printables. This will assure that you don't waste time just creating printable products that won't even sell.

Step 2: Create, Create, Create!

You’ll get Suzi's 10+ done-for-you graphic and design templates to give you ideas and inspire you to create beautiful printables. The more efficient you become and the more fun you have, the easier it will be to create printable products. You will learn how to use Canva and PowerPoint to design your printables and access  Suzi's 100+ Printable Ideas.

Step 3: Store Setup

Determine the best way to sell your printables. You’ll learn how to sell printables in a method that suits your situation, whether that is through ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Etsy, or through your own website. You will learn how to have this set up in just a weekend’s work. For bloggers, they can also access the included Blog Shop course, which teaches how to sell printables on their blogs. Another incldued bonus is the Etsy Launch Strategy.

Step 4: Phase 1: Your First $100

Learn the confidence you need to earn and make your first sales. The first and hardest part of your business will be launching and making your first $100. Getting in the right mentality and finding the rhythm is the first step to success.

Step 5: Phase 2: Momentum: $100 to $1,000

Now that you have the basics down and your business up and running, you will learn how to scale. You will learn different ways to create traffic. The course provides you with a complete step-by-step 60-day plan to generate consistent traffic. This includes launching your own free "Resource Library" to grow your audience base. You also get the Marketplace Scaling Blueprints.

Step 6: Phase 3: Funnels: $1,000 to $10,000

Sales funnels are a powerful tool to scale any business. You will learn all there is to using the Printable Funnel Method to scale your business to great heights. This lesson will help you make 5x-20x more of your current numbers. You also get 2 Complete Printable Funnel Maps.

Step 7: Phase 4: Scale up: $10,000 to $100,000+

In the final module, Suzi will help you identify bottlenecks so you can focus on these areas. You'll learn 7 scaling strategies and how to apply the best one that suits your situation.

How to Make Money Selling Printables?

To make money selling printables, you to create your own printables and select a platform to list it on. Creating printables can easily be done using free or paid programs that allow graphic design. Select a platform to sell it based on what works best for your situation.

The Tools You Need to Create Printables

You don’t need graphic design experience to make and sell printables. There are many softwares today that anyone can easily design printables to sell. You create printables on programs like Canva, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. You can even use your phone to create printables using apps like Adobe Scan.

Creating Printables in Microsoft PowerPoint

You probably would never have thought of using PowerPoint to create graphic designs for printables. Suzi claims that it is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use tool to create printables. This is one of the two methods that Suzi teaches and probably the most unique method of creating printables you’ll find being taught today.

Create Printables in Canva

Creating printables on Canva can be done on the free version. You can sell printables created with Canva as long as you follow the guidelines within their Content License Agreement. You are not allowed to resell Canva templates or stock elements as-is.

Selling Your Printables

Printables really do make money. Printable stores on Etsy make an average of $400 per month in passive income. You can sell your printables in almost any ecommerce platform. If you have a website for another business, you can even create printables based on your business and sell it on your existing website for extra income.

How Successful Are Printables By Number Students?

There appear to be many successful students of Printables By Number. Their website is filled with tons of student testimonials. Suzi also posts testimonial videos and interviews with her most successful students. The presence of an affiliate program may affect reviews, so take them with a grain of salt.

Is Taking Printables By Number Worth It?

Taking Printables By Number is worth it. Realistically, you can make $10-100 a week selling printables on ecommerce platforms. Realistically, you can make $10-100 a week selling printables on ecommerce platforms. You don’t have to spend anything creating printables. The only investment you need is time. Printables By Number is best taken along with other Freedom By Number courses, such as the Blog By Number.

What Is Freedom By Number?

printables by number review

Freedom By Number is the platform that Suzi and Jon use to sell their digital products. They sell books, courses, funnel templates, graphic designs, and printables. There are 7 courses, 4 funnel templates, 5 books, a collection of graphic art, and tons of printables.

Blog By Number Course Review

printables by number review

Blog By Number is an 8-module blogging course where you will learn how to create and monetize your blog. Blog By Number helps you make money by teaching you how to create your blog from scratch. You will learn ways to monetize your blog and how to make and keep it profitable. It comes with tons of bonuses such as 30+ starter website design templates, email support, WordPress lessons, SEO training, and more for only $147.

Blog By Number is worth it if you want to create and monetize a blog. It is one of Suzi’s most popular courses. Being a professional blogger herself, this course is well made. Blogs can be highly profitable. Blogs actually make money through monetization methods like selling a product or promoting affiliate marketing offers. Below are some of the most popular types of blogs to monetize.

  • Marketing blog
  • Review blog
  • Health blog
  • Lifestyle blog
  • DIY blog
  • Tech blog

Other Freedom By Number Courses

  • Children Book Publishing Workshop $97
  • Little Product Launchkit $27
  • Ads By Number Course $497
  • Course by Number $397
  • Services by Number $147

Who Is Suzi Whitford?

printables by number review

Suzi Whitford, nee van den Heever, is a blogger, engineer, and the co-founder of Freedom By Printables from Jacksonville, Florida. She is the founder and CEO of Start a Mom Blog. Originally from South Africa, she has a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Florida. She interned for General Electric Healthcare and The Walt Disney Company. Suzi then spent 3 years working for General Electric Healthcare as a Service Optimization Leader. When she had a baby with Jon, she started blogging full time.

Who Is Jon Whitford?

printables by number review

Jon Whitford is an industrial and systems engineer and affiliate marketer. He left his job to help Suzi grow her blogging business. Using his engineering skills to scale the business, he and Suzi created the educational platform Freedom By Numbers. Jon learned how to use sales funnels and was able to scale the business to earn $150,000 a month.

Are Selling Printables Worth It in 2024?

Selling printables is a highly saturated business. You need to build a brand and come up with unique angles in order to compete. Seling printables on Etsy is one of the most successful and popular method. You can make anywhere from $0 to $1,000 a month selling Etsy printables. Many sellers have reported earning around $150,000 in 2 years selling printables on Etsy.

It costs $0.20 per listing to sell printables on Etsy. Etsy also takes 5% of the income plus taxes per sale. You do not need a license to sell printables on Etsy. You just need to make sure you are selling your own designs created using programs and not just exact copies or as-is templates. Selling printables can be profitable and can also be a great way to earn extra passive income if you have a blog and brand.

What is the process to start selling printables on Etsy?

  • Select a niche - Choose your printable niche. You need to do research in order to find specific sub-niches that have low competition but have high demand.
  • Design your printables - Design and create your printables using easy to learn programs.
  • Open a store on Etsy - Follow the process of opening your Etsy shop. Make sure to use a catchy name that will represent your brand and niche.
  • List your printables - Research on pricing to find the optimal price for your printables. List your printables and launch your store.
  • Market your business - Find the best way to market your printables based on your niche and situation.

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My Top 1 Passive Income Business Recommendation for 2024

Local lead generation is my top 1 passive income business recommendation for 2024. As a type of digital real estate business, it creates passive and predictable income. By using free SEO tactics to rank your website on Google, it will attract visitors organically. You can then rent it out to local businesses who are happy to pay you for the leads they will be getting.

Compared to the market for printables which is highly saturated, you don't have to worry about competition with local lead generation. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of areas, so competition will be very light. It costs as little as $500 initially to start a local lead generation business. This will mostly go to the tools you need to rank your site. After your site is ranked and rented, it will cost little to maintain it while you can earn up to $2,000 per website.

You earn a predictable income every month and don't have to worry about making sales or launching marketing campaigns. To scale, you simply need to repeat the rank and rent process. The stability of cash flow makes local lead generation the best sustainable passive income business model to scale and create financial freedom with.

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