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Module 3 of Private Label Masters

August 16, 2020


Private Label Masters - Tim Sanders

MODULE 3 - Overview

Detailed Review of Module 3 of Tim Sanders' "Private Label Masters" online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to become successful sellers on Amazon. 

If you're looking for a different detailed to the max, up-to-date review of Tim's PLM, then stop clicking and start scrolling because you have arrived. 

MODULE 3 - Welcome to the Course

45 minutes and 47 seconds

Video 01 - Introduction to Product Sourcing

In this video, Tim gives an overview of what will be covered in Module 3, from the ins and outs of Jack Ma's eCommerce creation:, to how to begin communication with suppliers as well as negotiate with manufacturers to obtain excellent introductory pricing. 

 Total Video Time: 1 Minute 42 Seconds 

Video 02 - Intro to

This video is a quick crash course on how to use the Alibaba website. Tim starts by showing the different certifications/supplier filters as well as explaining the benefits of Trade Assurance.

Then he states that categorically speaking, you can ignore the MOQ and the price range as they are often made up as clickbait and are entirely negociable.

Next, Tim shows how he multi-tasks, conversing with multiple suppliers at once using Alibaba's chat feature. He also offers some tips on how to communicate well, building both rapport and your status as an kind and eager buyer.

Communicating live with suppliers, Tim rapidly begins chatting with 9 suppliers, making brief introductions and getting their Skype numbers for more lengthy, saved conversation.

Overall, Tim is very informal when he chats with suppliers. He also names a few other means that suppliers like to use, one is WeChat. 

His conversation with suppliers was super lowkey compared to the conversations that I've had with the majority of mine. He did provide some structure when getting down to business, but the majority of those resources are contained in the accompanying pdfs. 
 Total Video Time: 18 Minutes 22 seconds 

Video 03 - Interacting with Suppliers

In this video, Tim talks about how to build a great relationship with Chinese suppliers, noting the differences between American communication styles versus Asian business customs.

He gives several examples of creative ways that he has encouraged suppliers to act in his best interest through the establishment of a relationship. (He sent some money to a chinese manager who told him she is getting married soon as well as a special coat to another manager who, during their communication, divulged her fondness of the unique material.) 

Once you start to get a sense that this supplier is one that you will be working with, Tim says, start making  investments in the relationship, knowing that you will be working with the supplier for the long term. 
 Total Video Time: 6 Minutes 10 Seconds 

Video 04 - Vetting Suppliers

Tim lists several need-to-know answers that you need to get from each potential supplier, the first being price.

He also shares several questions that he often asks manufacturers, such as: 

"What makes your product better than the others?"

It's through their answer to this question that you can begin to make your choice of supplier. 

In my experience, an excellent sales rep for supply companies has both a great knowledge of their company's offerings, but also a great knowledge of what their competitors can provide as well, which enables them to draw direct comparisons and explain how their product is superior, why I should work with their company as opposed another manufacturer. 
 Total Video Time: 8 Minutes 32 Seconds 

Video 05 - MOQ's

Tim defines MOQ and explains its flexibility.

Then he discusses how to decide how much product to order, emphasizing the importance of staying in stock or only going out of stock for a couple of days at maximum, because your rankings will suffer and will have to be built back up.

Finally, Tim offers a suggestion as to the number to order from supplier.

At the end of the video, Tim shares a couple of strategies to encourage them to lower their minimum order quantity. 

When it comes to MOQ's, Tim is right on when he stresses how flexible they are. More than anything else, they serve as a negotiating starting point. Since I am an established seller, now I can more easily persuade suppliers to lower their initial minimum order quantities because I have a substantial amount of proof that I will be placing more than one order with a supplier who provides great products. It was a little more difficult when I first started, but I made it happen.
 Total Video Time: 7 Minutes 6 Seconds 

Video 06 - Ordering Samples

Sharing what to expect when ordering samples from manufacturers, from price to shipping time and what to do while waiting for them to arrive, Tim encourages members to use their time efficiently.

Additionally, he advocates for having multiple people inspect your products, preferably members of your target market, as they will most certainly notice important aspects of your samples, be they features or flaws.
 Total Video Time: 4 Minutes 14 Seconds 

Video 07 - The Magic of 1688

In this video, Tim introduces the Alibaba storefront that is made for Chinese sellers and how to use it to negotiate even better rates from your suppliers.

He also does a walkthrough of using this web resource so you know the process precisely. 
 Total Video Time: 5 Minutes 2 Seconds 

Video 08 - Previewing What's Next

Tim tells where you should be before moving on from this module as well as a sneak peek of what's to come in Module 4 (more than you will ever want to know about freight forwarders, customs, etc.)
 Total Video Time: 0 Minutes 41 Seconds 

Module 3 - My Main Takeaways 

In this section, Tim provides a lot of HQ content about discovering the best suppliers for your products using a simple, straightforward process. 

Having watched Tim's third module would have saved me some time as when I started I was not aware that conversations had in Alibaba's chat is not saved. I remember I put in some long requests and then logged back in the next day to check for responses and found myself staring at an empty discussion box.

Therefore, Tim's tip to move to Skype or WeChat would have saved me some hours of playing catch up.


Video Quality: 8/10

Same as the previous two modules. 


Sound: 7/10

The sound also is the same as the previous modules. A lot of times when clipped pieces of video are put together there's either an increase or a decrease in volume. Quite choppy.


Content: 9/10 

Tim's summarizing strengths are again evident. He does a great job at explaining the evolving complexity of what needs to be considered when partnering with an overseas manufacturer, negociating MOQs, etc. in ways that are concise, yet, for the most part, complete.



If Tim were to up the quality of his videos to a true 1080p and level out the audio, I would give this module a 95, which is basically as high a course can get with me. Tim provides a solid introductory module to starting business relationships with Chinese suppliers through Alibaba.

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(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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