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Module 4 of Private Label Masters

August 16, 2020


Private Label Masters - Tim Sanders

MODULE 4 - Review

Detailed Overview of Module 4 of Tim Sanders' "Private Label Masters" online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to become successful sellers on Amazon. 

If you're looking for a different detailed to the max, up-to-date review of Tim's PLM, then stop clicking and start scrolling because you have arrived. 

MODULE 4 - Welcome to the Course

54 minutes and 8 seconds

Video 01 - Intro to Shipping

Tim gives a practical definition of a freight forwarder as well as discusses the options of shipping (air or sea). Air shipping comes in two kinds: Air Express and Air Cargo.

Sea Shipping is cheaper and can save you a lot of money if you are financially able to order literally tons of product.

Tim urges that air shipping be mainly used for rush shipments when you are about to run out of stock, which Tim describes as the death of your listing.

These days, Tim says, he does 90% of his shipping via the sea.
 Total Video Time: 4 Minutes 45 Seconds 

Video 02 - Obtaining Shipping Quotes

At this point in the process, Tim says that now is the time to get quotes on different methods of shipping, so that we can make a decision of how to move the product from the manufacturer's warehouse to the FBA warehouse. Additionally, Tim discusses the difference between FOB shipping and EXW shipping. He defines each of the acronyms and tells members what he always does. 
 Total Video Time: 3 Minutes 2 Seconds 

Video 03 - Giving Customs their Due

In this quick video, Tim explains how the duty rate is calculated and a couple different ways you can choose to pay it, either separately or included inside your freight forwarder's invoice. 
 Total Video Time: 0 Minutes 54 Seconds 

Video 04 - Setting Up a Bare Bones Listing

Tim does a complete walkthrough of how to set up the basic elements of a new product listing within seller central, from how to find the category your product needs to be organized into, to where to get a upc code from and then where to place it inside the listing. he finishes this video by demonstrating the shipping service change from merchant fulfillment to Amazon fulfillment and printing the FNSKU label for the manufacturer. 
 Total Video Time: 7 Minutes 5 Seconds 

Video 05 - Getting Accurate Shipping Quotes, Creating a Shipping Plan and Making FNSKU Labels

Explaining what the FNSKU is in detail and the different ways it can be applied to your packaging (either as a sticker, which is a secondary step, or incorporated into the packaging by your designer (Tim's recommended approach), Tim provides a thorough explanation.

In the second part, he goes into how to set up a shipment via seller central, illustrating how to fill out the various forms from the size and weight to who is going to apply Amazon's special FNSKU labels.

In the third section, Tim shows how to "work on" the shipment, editing the different selections to convey the correct delivering procedure (either small parcel or less than a truck load). 
 Total Video Time: 7 Minutes 34 Seconds 

Video 06 - Creating Labels for Shippers

In this video, Tim goes right into the next step, printing out your carton labels for your supplier (he goes through that intricate process step by step). 
 Total Video Time: 3 Minutes 39 Seconds 

Video 07 - Shipping Directly to Amazon

Tim provides his recommendation on whether or not to ship the product to Amazon directly or to insert yourself as the middleman by having the products delivered to you so you can inspect them. He suggests a third option, hiring a third-party-company inspector to examine the completed order at the manufacturer's warehouse for quality or functionality issues, which, as Tim says, removes yourself from the process, increasing the passivity grade of the FBA business process. 
 Total Video Time: 0 Minutes 47 Seconds 

Video 08 - Requesting a Quote from Flexport

As the founder of Private Label Masters Course, Tim has developed relationships with two different freight forwarders, who serve as median services between the Chinese supplier and Bezo's warehouses. These services are Flexport and Freightos.

In this video, Tim does a complete walkthrough showing how to obtain a quote from Flexport.  
 Total Video Time: 8 Minutes 33 Seconds 

Video 09 - Requesting a Quote from Freightos

In this video, Tim does a similar walkthrough as before, but using the second freight forwarder, Freightos. 
 Total Video Time: 12 Minutes 16 Seconds 

Video 10 - Placing Your First Order

While Tim doesn't do a comprehensive walkthrough in this video, he does offer some key steps to minimize your risk of getting faulty products without having the ability to get your money back.

One of Tim's tips is having an Alibaba approved inspector thoroughly perform an inspection of your products, making certain that the shipment meets the agreed upon-in-writing (Tim stressed the written aspect of the agreement) specific requirements.

If you follow the path that Tim draws in this lesson, you will have a significantly lower chance of experiencing the hardship of having to pay for below-par items. 
 Total Video Time: 4 Minutes 17 Seconds 

Video 11 - Looking Into the Future: What's Coming Up

Tim introduces the fifth's modules topic of brand selection and creating a powerfully persuasive brand  that will make prospects feel like they would be fools if they go with another brand's item over yours. 
 Total Video Time: 1 Minutes 16 Seconds 

Module 4 - My Primary Takeaways 

Probably the largest asset that Tim brings to this module is the established relationships with freight forwarders. This middleman type companies have made my FBA business much more efficient, but I had to establish the relationship from scratch, whereas participants in this course are blessed with the pre-built connection.



Video Quality: 6.5/10

The video quality in this module was lower than previous modules, which did make viewing Tim's explanations inside seller central quite blurry. 


Sound: 7/10

The audio quality is a C+, because it's choppy as in previous sections. 


Content: 9/10 

Tim has created a solid, succinct process to bringing a novice up to speed regarding how move their bulk shipments from China to their marketplace's warehouses. 



As a whole, this module struck me as well put together structurally, from a content point of view, having a step-by-step sequence of videos all the way through. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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