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Module 7 of Private Label Masters

August 16, 2020


Private Label Masters - Tim Sanders

MODULE 7 - Overview

Detailed Review of Module 7 of Tim Sanders' "Private Label Masters" online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to become successful sellers on Amazon. 

If you're looking for a different detailed to the max, up-to-date review of Tim's PLM, then stop clicking and start scrolling because you have arrived. 

MODULE 7 - Welcome to the Course

1 Hour 25 Minutes and 25 Seconds

Video 01 - Learning Amazon Sponsored with Aaron Eaton

In this introduction to the seventh module, Tim explains the important role that pay-per-click ads play in bringing visibility to your products because of the multiplicity of locations in which they appear.

A few places that ppc ads show up are:

1. At the beginning of the rankings

2. At the bottom of the rankings

3. At the bottom of product listings often after the "frequently bought with" section. 

4. At the right of a product listing under the buy box

At the finale of this video, Tim introduces his assistant, Aaron Eaton, who, Tim notes, runs the ppc for several multi-million dollar brands.

 Total Video Time: 2 Minutes 42 Seconds 

Video 02 - Taking Keywords to Another Level

In this lesson, Aaron explains how to have your ad spend used on your highest converting keywords.

At the beginning of the lesson, Aaron, in prime pedagogical form, defines the vocabulary that he will be using, explaining what he means when he uses, such as "keyword," "search term," and more.

Second, Aaron gives a brief introduction to the three different specificity types of campaigns (broad, phrase, and exact) enumerating on the precision of each kind of promotional campaign.

Third, he goes on a diatribe on the usefulness on negative keyword lists and how eliminating them will reduce wasted funds on irrelevant terms, though he does issue a brief caution, saying that consideration must be exercised on the potential impact of placing common words on those lists of terms shunned from triggering the display of your ads. 
 Total Video Time: 14 Minutes 9 seconds 

Video 03 - ACoS and Bidding

In this lesson, Aaron elaborates on how the ACoS formula (Average-Cost-of-Sales) impacts your adspend and the algorithmic system that governs what the winning bid price is. Then, Aaron moves on, showing how the two play into each other when it comes to ppc management, like how the end goal is not a super low ACoS, but rather an increase of profitability. Summed up, its better to sell a ton of products at a higher average cost of sale than it is to sell only a couple products having a minimal cost of sale. The more items you sell, the more money you make. 
 Total Video Time: 7 Minutes 49 Seconds 

Video 04 - The Auto Campaign

In this video, Aaron demonstrates how to set up an automatically refining campaign. He does a complete walkthrough of the ad sets in the back of seller central, running a two campaign system for each product (an automatic one and a manual one). One rule of thumb he applies when deciding on his bid is to think two steps ahead of the competition: Rather than going one cent above a competitor's bid, Aaron goes three cents higher, which, he notes, gives him the winning bid at minimal risk. The benefits of running an automated campaign does three things for your business, Aaron reiterates at the conclusion of this ppc training:
1. effectively produces revenue
2. generously provides additional data for more keyword research
3. scientifically tests prospective keywords
 Total Video Time: 8 Minutes 37 Seconds 

Video 05 - Manual Campaigns

Aaron sets up a manual campaign live in this video.

He sets up an ad group for each set of keyword types previously discussed (exact, phrase and broad).

Providing a lot of tips throughout, like when to use viral launch to develop your campaign. 
 Total Video Time: 14 Minutes 2 Seconds 

Video 06 - The Search Term Report

In this video, Aaron shows how to download this report from Amazon and explains what the different categories inside the report mean as well as how to filter it to find keywords that worked well to discover how to optimize the ad campaign (spending more on winning keywords and eliminating adspend drainers). 

 Total Video Time: 3 Minutes 43 Seconds 

Video 07 - PPC Pyramid

In this video, Aaron elaborates on the PPC pyramid, which is the analogy that is used for the tiered phases that are cycled through with the goal of putting the most adspend to the highest converting keywords. Moving from bottom to top, the search terms that show themselves to be winners get moved up and up and up, from an auto campaign to an exact match campaign. 
 Total Video Time: 8 Minutes 45 Seconds 

Video 08 - Moving Up Keywords

In this video, Aaron does a show and tell of the pay-per-click pyramid that he explained in the previous lesson. He moves the winners up and places the drainers on the negative keyword list. Essentially each layer of the pyramid is a filter, with the tightest filter being at the top and the loosest at the base. 
 Total Video Time: 14 Minutes 32 Seconds 

Video 09 - Weekly Tasks

In this video, Aaron explains the three tasks that you must do each week to keep this system working at the highest level of efficiency. I'll share the first two here. The first task is moving up the winning search terms. While it’s a bit difficult at first, once practiced, the process becomes second nature. The second task is to check for negative keywords, looking for the words that are not performing well after a certain number of impressions; but don't get rid of them too early.
 Total Video Time: 6 Minutes 3 Seconds 

Video 10 - Structuring the Ultimate Campaign 

This video is a bonus video that shares a course exclusive campaign strategy. Aaron goes through a step by step setup for the secret style campaign that enabled Aaron to get an insanely low ACoS (2.38%).
 Total Video Time: 4 Minutes 16 Seconds 

Video 11 - Watching Your Step: a Heads Up to What's Next

Tim gives a brief preview of the next module as well as summarizing the steps that can now be taken upon the completion of the 7th module.
 Total Video Time: 0 Minutes 47 Seconds 

Module 7 - My Primary Takeaways 

Aaron delivers a lot of gold ppc nuggets, but he organizes it super well, moving from definition to practice. Honestly, Aaron's first video was one of the most compact, yet super thorough overview of pay-per-click terminology, the progressive types of campaigns, etc. Great stuff. 

My second takeaway was the second to last video where Aaron explains the three tasks that need to be done either daily or weekly. When I saw this lesson, I took action immediately, streamlining my VA's listing maintenance task lists using the three to provide the foundation. Then I put together a customized series of training videos and forwarded them to my VAs, asking them to adapt their practices. The next six months were night and day from the previous. Product sales went up by 27% and wasted ad spend was decreased by 18%. 

Doing PPC the right way is all about refining the keyword lists like a old time prospector panned for gold, sorting through the dirt to find the winning terms.


Video Quality: 8/10

These videos were much clearer than previous modules. Aaron must have made them using a higher resolution. 


Sound: 8/10

the audio quality has also improved considerably. Aaron's voice comes through clear as a bell.


Content: 9.5/10

Content doesn't get much better than what Aaron put together in this module. 



This module goes into great detail about Amazon Sponsored ads (commonly known as PPC). Tim did the right thing and had his assistant (who's an expert in pay per click campaigns) put together this super high quality training. #highlyrecommended

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