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Module 8 of Private Label Masters

August 16, 2020


Private Label Masters - Tim Sanders

MODULE 8 - Overview

Detailed Review of Module 8 of Tim Sanders' "Private Label Masters" online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to become successful sellers on Amazon. 

If you're looking for a different detailed to the max, up-to-date review of Tim's PLM, then stop clicking and start scrolling because you have arrived. 

MODULE 8 - Maintaining and Scaling Your Business

55 minutes and 13 seconds

Video 01 - The In's, Out's and How-To-Get's of Product Reviews

In this video, Tim reiterates the importance of reviews and then shares several of his own follow-up email campaign strategies that have accelerated the accumulation of reviews from customers. Describing the composition and intent of each message, he provides a thorough explanation regarding how to create a short, yet efficient e-mail sequence.
 Total Video Time: 9 Minutes 6 Seconds 

Video 02 - The Amazing World of Amazon's Promotions

In this video, Tim adds one more tip to getting additional sales by using promotional codes and coupons. 
 Total Video Time: 6 Minutes 5 Seconds 

Video 03 - Maintaining Your HQ Listings

In previous videos, Tim has explained the buildout processes (of product listings, ppc campaigns, etc.). Maintaining high quality listings takes a solid plan for keeping them shiny and dust-free. In this video, Tim shares the three aspects of your FBA business that you must keep an eagle eye on to maintain a high level of sales. 
 Total Video Time: 4 Minutes 18 Seconds 

Video 04 - Running Out of Stock

In this video, Tim provides problem-solving guidance regarding properly handling the "running-out-of-stock" senario. He teaches how to stay in stock longer, stretching out the final sales, and then, once you run out of stock, he demonstrates the proper way to close down your listing. 
 Total Video Time: 4 Minutes 19 Seconds 

Video 05 - Split Testing (10Xing Your Profits)

"There's always room for improvement."

It's a common adage that remains true in the FBA world.

In this video, Tim opens the door to the many different aspects of your listing that you can split test, from your title to your backend keywords.

He uses a special program that automatically switches a given aspect of the listing between two options, alternating every other day.

Then after a set number of days have gone by, the program gathers all the data and shares it in your user portal.

This tool has been huge in my business.

As I often do, I saw the results that Tim got after employing this special program, which made me curious about what it would do for my own brands.

So I made a training video showing my VA's how to use the program and had them compare different versions of my listings, and I would estimate that I made an extra 200k over the next year. Don't trust your gut on what works, trust the data. 
 Total Video Time: 6 Minutes 48 Seconds 

Video 06 - Lightning Deals

Tim shows how to get the most out of your lightning deals in this video.

For those who aren't aware, lightning deals are heavily regulated by Amazon, as a product has to have certain qualifications to be qualify for the quick 6 hour long discount. Tim shows where to go in Seller Central where Amazon shows you your LD eligible items.

Tim doesn't just go over the basics though. Oh no. He shows how to elevate the "percentage sold" during the deal, which is proven to stimulate buyers' interest. 
 Total Video Time: 9 Minutes 51 Seconds 

Video 07 - Hijackers

Tim's explanation of hijackers is the most comprehensive I've seen. He not only explains what a hijacker is, but also shows a hijacker on Amazon, which really clarified the issue for me. After doing a hijacker show-and-tell, Tim talks about how to protect your listing, both as an experienced seller as well as a novice. An experienced seller will have their brand trademarked, which is, at minimum, an 8 month process in the United States. A novice's tactic is more involved, but it is possible to have the infringement removed. 
 Total Video Time: 9 Minutes 28 Seconds 

Video 08 - Brand Registry

While it is not necessary to work through the process of becoming brand registered, it is well worth it from Tim's point of view. In this video, Tim declares the features that Amazon only offers to registered brands, from EBC (enhanced brand content) to lightning fast removal of competitors who hijack your listing, which often has the positive results of avoiding negative reviews from dissatisfied buyers who bought the hijacker's low quality item, thinking they were getting your HQ product. 
 Total Video Time: 3 Minutes 27 Seconds 

Video 09 - Hiring VA's

Tim shares his recommendation for where to acquire quality virtual assistants ( as well as how to make sure they are reliable and talented workers. 
 Total Video Time: 1 Minutes 51 Seconds 

Video 10 - Reimbursements from Amazon

In this video, Tim shows a tool that will help you collect what Amazon owes you. He does a complete walkthrough of how he uses Refund Genie to gather reports which he sends to Amazon.

Pro Tip: Only send 5 reports at one time to get your reimbursement quicker. Tim shares this tip and I've done it both ways and sending a few reports at a time has gotten me a faster refund every time. 
 Total Video Time: 6 Minutes 12 Seconds 

Module 8 - My Primary Takeaways 

When I made the efforts to become brand registered and waited the 9.5 months for the paperwork to go through, I wondered whether or not it would be worth the wait. 

In this module, Tim said becoming a legitimate brand has a lot of benefits. I agree with him 100%. After the papers were filed, the advertising doors swung open and I was able to put more, large images on my listings and put a banner ad immediately below the search bar so it would be the first listing that any prospect saw was simply amazing. Tim's advice to get brand registered is straight up excellent advice. 


Video Quality: 7/10

Average video resolution. Hard to make out text in screencast presentations at times.


Sound: 7/10

Average audio. Contains the same kinds of issues as most other modules in this course.


Content: 8/10 

The content in this the final module in PLM is pretty typical as concluding sections go. That said, Tim does provide some golden nuggets.



Structurally speaking, this final module is a bit fragmented, but it still makes sense as Tim is adding a few final tactics to the subjects covered in the previous modules. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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