Private Money Club: Owning A Business vs. Investing In Real Estate

August 9, 2023

Private Money Club is a networking app for real estate borrowers and lenders. It is a platform with over 1000+ members, where you can build connections with business partners. They are a communication and educational website. They recommend potential business partners depending on the type of business loan you want. It was created by Chris Naugle and launched in 2021. The app is still fairly new and there aren’t many testimonials yet.

Chris Naugle is successful within the real estate industry. He even hosted a reality TV show about flipping houses. Despite the app’s lack of reviews, Chris’s reputation covers for it. However, I found some of his features blog posts to be duplicated on multiple websites- which we will discuss further below. The app is expensive to invest in, especially if you’re just starting out, but they provide additional values which are great for beginners. Private Money Club doesn’t just serve as a platform to network, but you can learn as well, which we will get further into later.

Investing in real estate has its pros. It doesn’t require that much experience to get started and is scalable. However, it’s also high-risk. Choosing your deals carefully and learning how to protect yourself legally is essential so you don’t lose money. If you’re looking for a business model, that doesn’t require much capital and effort to start. You might be interested in local lead generation. This model doesn’t deal with physical properties or have a large start-up cost. All you would need to do is build a website that generates free traffic. 

Owning A Business vs. Investing In Real Estate

Owning A Business
  • High wealth building potential
  • Provides liability protection and tax structure 
  • You can generate long-term traffic. 
  • Requires more effort and time. 
  • Higher knowledge and skill set. 
Investing In Real Estate
  • Can become a business. 
  • Doesn't require much background knowledge or experience. 
  • Less effort. 
  • Possibility of getting sued if you don't protect yourself. 

Owning a business requires more knowledge of what industry you’re in before you can start scaling. Investing in real estate does not require the same level of dedication and effort. However, you need to think of your real estate investments as a business. This would serve as your protection from any liabilities and can allow you to scale your passive income further and achieve financial freedom. If you are really into owning your own business, check World Builders Mastermind that teaches how to start and scale your own business into multiple figures. 

What Is Private Money Club? 

Private Money Club

Private Money Club is a communication app for real estate developers and investors. It provides a messenger system and connects people based on types and value of investments. The app is designed as a “dating site” for real estate. It was founded by Chris Naugle in 2021 and has accumulated over 1000+ members and closed 100+ deals. 


They don't charge any additional fees. 

There is educational content included. You learn while you connect. 

It is run by someone who's found success in the industry. 

They offer a free option. 


The app is quite new and does not have much testimonials. 

It is quite expensive. 


$1,497 per year

Refund Policy

30 Day money-back guarantee




The app does not have testimonials from outside sources. 

Who Is Chris Naugle? 

Chris Naugle is an ex-professional snow boarder, real estate investor, reality TV host, author, and entrepreneur. He owns 16 businesses and dedicates his life to being America’s #1 Money mentor. In 2018, he built his own business called Phatman Boardshop before hosting his HGTV show, Risky Builders. He runs three training programs, The FlipOut Academy, The Money School, and The Money Multiplier. In 2021, he launched, The Private Money Club. He published two books, The Private Money Guide in 2018 and Mapping Out The Millionaire Mystery in 2020. 

Chris Naugle Social Media Presence

Chris created his YouTube channel, The Chris Naugle, in 2019 and has amassed over 14.4k subscribers. His content revolves around strategies and tips for investing in real estate. His Instagram account features testimonials from his clients and has over 341k followers. 

Chris Naugle YouTube

Who Is Private Money Club For? 

Private Money Club is for people looking to invest in real estate. You can be one of the private lenders or a borrower. However, you can not live on the property you’re investing in. You won’t need to have that much knowledge of the industry, as the app also serves as an educational tool. If this course is not for you, you can check Foreclosure Academy

In Which States Does Private Money Club Operate In? 

The Private Money Club operates in 34 states across the U.S. The 14 states that they cannot operate in are:

  • Arizona [AZ]
  • California [CA]
  • Florida [FL]
  • Georgia [GA]
  • Idaho [ID]
  • Nevada [NV]
  • Michigan [MI]
  • Minnesota [MN]
  • New Jersey [NJ]
  • New York [NY]
  • North Carolina [NC]
  • Oregon [OR]
  • Pennsylvania [PA]
  • Utah [UT]
  • South Dakota [SD]
  • Vermont [VT]

They are currently working on being accessible in each part of the country. 

How Much Does Private Money Club Cost? 

The Private Money offers a free and premier membership. You can use the app for free to get a feel for it but you have limited access to Deal Listings. You can't be a borrower under the free membership. If you sign up for the Premier Membership, you get full access to templates, tools, webinars, professional services you may need, and group coaching. The Premier Membership costs $1,497 a year, which may be subject to changes 

Private money Club price

Does Private Money Club Charge Any Extra Fees?

Private Money Club does not have any additional fees. They do not receive any cuts from the deals that are closed. You only need to pay the membership fee to get full access for a year. 

Does Private Money Club Offer Refunds? 

Private Money Club offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are no requirements to qualify for the refund. If you are unhappy with the product and the services, you are free to request for one within the 30-day period. 

Private Money Club Affiliate Program

Private Money Club is under The Money School’s affiliate program. You need to be a premier member of the app first before you can be an affiliate. Their affiliate commission is typically 20% per sale through your link unless stated otherwise. 

How Does Private Money Club Work? 

Private Money Club functions as a dating-site for institutional investors and borrowers. They provide a platform for communication where you are connected to other real estate professionals depending on the deal. The app primarily works on Slack for communication. You also receive access to training materials and useful tips and strategies. They provide everything you would need to get started, such as done-for-you templates, workbooks, and an interest calculator. 

Private Money Club preview

How Does Private Money Club Legitimize Funds Between Peers? 

Private Money Club does not hold any liability for the deals made through the app. They do not receive a cut for any negotiations made. However, they enforce three standard practices within the app.

Rules of Engagement

  • Never lend to an individual - When lending money to a borrower, make sure that they are a legal entity and not just an individual person. Ask for proof. 
  • Ensure there are tangible assets to secure your money - You should make sure that both parties sign a promissory note detailing everything about the deal. This would include information proving that both are legal entities. A Mortgage note would be needed that informs the lender is additionally insured for any unforeseen disasters.  
  • Never send money directly to the borrower - Always use a third-party when transferring funds. You can either use your attorney or a title company. The third-party organization will make sure both parties have completed and filled up the necessary information before moving forward with the transaction.

What Are The Uses of Private Money Club? 

1. Borrowing

If you’re a real estate developer without any funds. You can use Private Money Club to find business loans. You’re free to negotiate your loan term, such as loan amount and the interest rate with a private money lender. Being a borrower will only be available to you if you sign up for the premier membership. 

2. Lending

You can become a lender and join the lendingclub bank. It is up to you on what kind of loan you’re interested in funding. The lendingclub bank is open for anyone who signs up for the app and Private Money Club does not receive any cuts from your deals. 

Private Money club Uses

What Are The Needed Documents When Investing In Real Estate? 

Private Money club’s premier membership comes with The Perfect Loan Proposal. This is a template for borrowers to use based on Chris’s experience of borrowing money from banks and private investors. 

The Perfect Loan Proposal

  • Credit Report - Just like with a bank, you need to present your credit report when applying for a personal loan. 720-750 is the typical credit score to be eligible for personal loans. Having bad credit would show that you are incapable of managing your personal finance and credit card. You can learn how to fix your credit from financial coaches like Marcus Barney.
  • Personal Financial Statement - You would need to provide your personal financial statements to prove that you are a legitimate borrower who can manage their finances responsibly.
  • Corporate Documents - Prepare documents that can prove you’re a legitimate entity or that the property is connected under a business name.
  • Promissory Note - The promissory note includes all the terms of the deal. This includes the loan amount, interest rate, and how long. They provide samples you can take to your attorney to customize.
  • Mortgage Note - This serves as a security piece. They advice to find a good attorney or title company to handle the legal side of the mortgage.  

Why Should You Use Private Money Club Instead Of Institutions? 

When you work with institutions like banks, you lose a lot of control on the terms of the deal. You’re not in a position to negotiate and the banks are in control of the money. With Private Money Club, you have access to a platform of borrowers and lenders alike. You have the opportunity of playing the role of the bank or getting a deal where you hold more control. if you're a borrower, you can partner up with someone and make money without owning property

Private Money Club doesn’t just let you sit on one deal. They offer a platform with over 1000+ members. While you’re closing on a deal, you can start looking for the next one. 

Private Money Club Review and Testimonials

Private Money Club is a new company. There aren’t many testimonials outside of those Chris provides on his sales page and social media accounts. However, Chris has built a well-known reputation in the real estate industry. He has his own reality TV Show, Risky Builders, and has mentorship programs. Many people find his content to be educational and helpful. They find that Private Money Club’s price doesn’t match the worth of the service it provides. If you want another course that has tons of testimonials and success stories, check out Do Deals With Me

Private Money Club Features

Private Money Club’s launch was featured on some blogs. However, I found the articles are merely duplicates of the same text posted under different writers and sites. They claim to have been featured on bit sites such as Forbes, Fox news, Entrepreneur, ABC, and NBC. 

Conclusion: Is Private Money Club Worth It? 

Private Money Club is a legitimate app that provides a useful service to real estate investors. They allow borrowers and lending club members to have more control over their money. Since a lot of businesses have gone digital, digital networking allows you to have more time and financial freedom. The app itself does not have a lot of testimonials from outside sources. According to their sale page, they have closed 100+ deals but there’s no way to know how many deals the average user closes and how much their annual percentage yield is.

A lot of Chris’s followers find that the course is too expensive, at $1,497 annually. The app is still fairly new and isn’t available in all states so they’re still developing its features. If you’re someone looking to invest in real estate but have no steady network, this may be the app for you. The additional information they provide is also great for beginners.

Investing in real estate is great for generating passive income. However, if you aren’t careful, you may end up losing money. There are a lot of legal matters you would need to consider. It would be advisable that you work with a third-party company to ensure that you don’t end up losing money on your investment. If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t have a lot of potential legal issues, you might be interested in local lead generation. This model requires that you build your own digital real estate instead of physical real estate. Once your website ranks and incurs free traffic., you rent out a piece of this digital real estate to local business owners. You just need to keep up with your payments for managing a domain. 

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