Product Launch Masterplan Review: The 3 Dropshipping Facts That Jack Kitchener Doesn’t Explain

January 19, 2023

Product Launch Masterplan is the newest module of ECom Academy by Jack Kitchener. The experienced Shopify and Facebook Ad specialist teaches entrepreneurs (mainly from the United Kingdom) how to build their first Shopify store from the ground up and earn thousands of pounds each month, with a 3% conversion rate. 

The program aims to help you set up your first dropshipping business and earn your first income within 21 days. However, in his only video on Product Launch Masterplan, Jack glosses over a few critical points about dropshipping, including its highly competitive rate and lack of product control. 

You are made to believe that his program is so simple that you only need to follow his blueprint, sit back, and do almost next to nothing to earn money. Jack even says that it is possible for you to earn 5-figures doing his program part-time, in between a full-time job and your other family responsibilities. 

While dropshipping has one of the lowest points of entry in all of the other business models, it is essential that you have a 360-degree look at what it can offer you - including what you need to look out for. This is something that Jack Kitchener fails to mention, but which I will cover in this Product Launch Masterplan review

I will also discuss other e-commerce options, such as local lead generation, that offer more reliable income and better autonomy so that you have more control over the products you sell. 


Decent curriculum

Experienced mentor

Option for DFY store

One-on-one mentorship



Lack of student reviews

Possible hidden fees


£999 (introductory price) or £2,999 (regular price) with potential upsells 

Refund Policy:

30-day action-based money-back guarantee





The 3 dropshipping facts that Jack Kitchener doesn’t mention

1. You are competing against a lot of people 

As mentioned earlier, dropshipping has a low entry point. You don’t need to have a high capital or a big storage area to get started. In fact, it’s entirely possible for you to set up your first business with just a laptop and a decent internet connection. You can be in the United States or Peru or Australia to get started, too. Dropshipping works from anywhere.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that if you can start your own dropshipping business at a drop of a hat, this also means that your neighbor, his wife, her cousins AND their friends can also start their dropshipping business just as easily. 

It’s crucial that you make the effort to have better strategic plan or more powerful product launch strategies to stand out from the crowd. 

Jack does say that he will teach you how to choose the right product based on a list he has compiled himself, but it seems like he gives the same product launch plan to all of his students (or anyone who watches his video). So, you still will be competing against other people, even if it’s just against Jack’s students. 

2. You have little to no control over the quality of your products

In dropshipping, you promote a product and provide an online storefront. When the customer places an order, the supplier receives it and then ships the product directly, which means that you don’t need to handle the item yourself.  

You earn money by adding a certain percentage to the wholesale price, making dropshipping an easy business model to understand and earn money from. Nevertheless, this also means that your income potential is entirely dependent on the integrity of your supplier. They determine product storage, packaging, and shipping. You likewise have no say in possible quality enhancement or product customization. 

If there are any problems with your product or gaps in your supply chain, it’s your brand that will be blamed. Even the most experienced suppliers make mistakes, so it’s best to be prepared for this inevitability within your master plan

3. You need to choose the right supplier or have multiple suppliers 

For you to earn money through dropshipping, you need to find the right supplier. This can be a trial-and-error process that Jack doesn’t talk about. Similar to the previous point, accidentally choosing the wrong supplier can directly affect your online store and damage your reputation. 

One way to circumvent this is to have a number of suppliers in order to get the best price and quality of stocks. However, this also means that you need to have excellent time management skills to check whether your products are available across all suppliers at any given point. 

What Product Launch Masterplan does teach you about dropshipping 

1. You can start today with little to no marketing experience 

Dropshipping is a lean operation: You don’t need to spend money on building a product, manufacturing it, or even storing it. You also don’t need to have an actual brick-and-mortar store. 

What you do need is great research skills. Once you can find a winning product and connect with a reliable supplier, you can begin earning income right away. Jack offers very detailed lessons and strategic initiatives on finding the right product and advertising your dropshipping store

2. You can sell multiple products in a DFY store

Unlike conventional business startups, you do not need to think about potential item surplus or inventory management. If you want, you can try selling a variety of products at one time so that you can increase your income potential. 

For an additional fee, Jack and his marketing team can create a DFY Shopify dropshipping store for you. It’s a plug-and-play system that allows you to reap the rewards of dropshipping without having to worry about which products to sell. This way, you also don't need to worry about your marketing strategy or creating a grand master plan.

3. You can easily scale your business using Jack’s proven method 

If or when you are successful with your first dropshipping business, it is very easy for you to scale your brand even further. You can easily set up other online stores and target other niches without thinking about product development or other marketing activities.

In Product Launch Masterplan, Jack will teach you how to hire the right virtual assistants so that you can work smarter, not harder. He will also teach you how to speak to your target market more effectively with proper planning and business case examples.

The glaring missing lesson of Product Launch Masterplan 

Quite understandably, Jack emphasizes the importance of finding the right product and then promoting it with targeted ads. You need to sell something that people want or need at the right time and within the right marketing channels. Once you enroll in the program, you will have access to Jack’s proprietary “Product Research Checklist” (currently in its 4th iteration at the time of this writing). 

In this checklist, you can calculate the probability that your preferred product will sell. This demand planning platform is easy to use and uses the traffic light system: Green means it will most likely be profitable; Yellow means you should consider some other factors before selling your product; and Red means that you shouldn’t sell that item at all. 

You can even calculate potential profit. 

After showing you his detailed plan, Jack then jumps to promoting your new product through Facebook or Instagram marketing. 

Nowhere in his more than one-hour presentation does he mention how you will get your products. 

I’ve mentioned that dropshipping is reliant on your supplier, so this is a key lesson that Jack needs to teach, especially because he claims that one of the goals of Product Launch Masterplan is to be an end-to-end program that covers everything you need to know about setting up your business, whether you're from North America or New Zealand.

This doesn’t discredit the course at all, but it is something you should consider. 

Jack Kitchener’s master plan

Jack’s ultimate goal is to help you create a Shopify dropshipping business with a 3% conversion rate with 1,000 potential customers. At 30 sales per day at £30 profit per order, you can potentially earn £27,000 each month. 

In his calculations, even at the worst with 500 visitors per month at a 1% conversation rate with 5 sales each day and £20 profit per order, you can still earn £3,000 profit per month, which is still pretty decent. 

Jack says that in his experience, having a 1% conversion rate is highly unlikely. Even when he started on his own with absolutely no knowledge of dropshipping, he was still pulling in a 2% conversion rate within 2 weeks of setting up his business

He uses this as the basis for saying that your potential income from using Product Launch Masterplan can be anywhere from £3,000 to £27,000 each month. 

What’s in Product Launch Masterplan? 

Product Launch Masterplan teaches you how to find your first winning product, build a converting website from scratch with no coding skills needed, and start earning money with a successful launch in 21 days. 

Jack has divided the program into 6: 

  • How to find profitable products in a specific niche 
  • How to create your online store, including picking a brand name and registering the domain
  • How to design converting ads for Facebook and Instagram
  • How to create automated marketing campaigns for faster ROIs
  • How to scale your business using hyper targeting metrics
  • How to automate all aspects of your business 

You will also receive 7 bonuses:

  • Lifetime access to private student support group
  • DFY Shopify page content and customer service scripts
  • Winning product validation checklist
  • Facebook advertising page moderation file
  • Advertising profit toolbox
  • Business profit calculator 
  • Successful product reveal case study 

Are there upsells in Product Launch Masterplan?

For another £1,000, you can have Jack and his team create a completely DFY dropshipping website from scratch. This includes a custom logo, banners, and imagery, 5 test products, and analytics with conversion tracking. The website will also be optimized for mobile use. 

For an additional £2,000, you can have the DFY website and weekly calls with Jack Kitchener himself. 


You will also need to pay a monthly fee to maintain your Shopify store. This can range from $29 to $299 per month.

Does Product Launch Masterplan have a refund policy? 

Jack Kitchener offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You need to show that you applied all the strategies outlined in Product Launch Masterclass and still didn’t earn any money. 

Who is Jack Kitchener? 

Jack is a Manchester-based entrepreneur who started his first dropshipping business in 2016. He founded Ecom Academy in 2021 to help more entrepreneurs experience financial independence and find time freedom. He specializes in Shopify dropshipping and Facebook ad marketing. 

There’s not much information about Jack, and he seems to take special precautions to keep a quiet social media presence. 

What is Ecom Academy? 

Ecom Academy offers a variety of subjects that teach you how to build your first ecommerce business. Here is a list of what you can learn: 

  • How to start your new business and open a business bank account
  • How to plan your new ecommerce business using Google Analytics and other tools.
  • How to select the right product for your Shopify store
  • How to build your first store
  • How to make your Shopify store more credible and improve your reputation
  • How to set up your social media pages 
  • The Facebook ads masterclass, which includes other lessons on social media marketing
  • The Instagram Influencers masterclass, which talks about how to choose the right influencer for your product 
  • How to source products in bulk and use various fulfillment centers
  • Using CJ Dropshipping, which is a more reliable alternative to AliExpress 

As you will notice, all these courses, aside from product sourcing, are covered in Product Launch Masterplan. If anything, it seems that you need to pay more for “additional” information, but why would Jack not include this in Product Launch Masterplan in the first place or why create the program at all

The official website of Ecom Academy is not updated, with the last entry saying that it will have new courses around September 2021. These include a Facebook ads masterclass and a course on email marketing. However, these were never released and Jack has not said when (or if) he will release these new courses.

What supporting resources are included in Ecom Academy? 

As with Product Launch Masterplan, becoming a student of Ecom Academy will immediately give you access to the exclusive Facebook group where you can chat with other students, stakeholders, and Jack himself. 

You will also receive several guidebooks on suggested products and using the right Facebook jargon for marketing. 

You likewise have the opportunity to join the 10K and 100K clubs once your business can generate over 5 to 7 figures in passive income each month. 

Are there alternatives to Product Launch Masterplan? 

Product Launch Masterplan is a relatively new course so there are no student reviews available. There is also the obvious lack of teaching you how to find the right supplier(s) for your specific product. The only thing that works for the course is that Jack Kitchener is an experienced dropshipper and he offers you first-hand knowledge on starting your own business. 

Here are some other dropshipping courses that you may want to consider: 

Ecom Revolution by Sebastian Esqueda helps you create your first dropshipping business from scratch, much like Jack. However, Sebastian’s preferred social media platform is TikTok. According to Sebastian, using TikTok correctly has directly contributed to him earning 6 figures of passive income each month. 

Nathan Nazareth offers a free course on Shopify dropshipping. He teaches you how to find the best product and set up your Shopify store. Similar to Jack, he mostly uses Facebook to market his products. 

Sharif Mohsin is another dropshipping guru who offers a “full dropshipping accelerator program” that teaches you how to leverage paid Facebook ads to create a successful ecommerce. 

CONCLUSION: Is Product Launch Masterplan worth it? 

Jack Kitchener is an experienced dropshipper who does have something to offer to the world. Still, his course is expensive and offers no differentiating factor that justifies the price. In fact, you will spend £2,000 on top of what you pay for the program just to get Jack to talk to you, which doesn’t seem worth it. 

There are other, more comprehensive AND affordable dropshipping programs out there. I’ve created a list of the 10 best Shopify dropshipping courses if you’re intent on starting an ecommerce there. 

All that being said, I still prefer local lead generation compared to dropshipping. In this business model, you get people who are already interested in a certain service (HVAC, for example) within a specific area and cultivate meaningful relationships with them. Because you are super-niching, you have less competition and have more control over your messaging. 

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