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Module 6 of Amazon Navigator

August 16, 2020


The Amazon Navigator Course - Sophie Howard (Aspiring Entrepreneurs)

MODULE 6 - Product Launch

This is a detailed course review of the 6th module of the Amazon Navigator created by Sophie Howard. 

MODULE 6 - Launching and Promoting Your Product

Module Duration: 28 minutes & 2 seconds

Product Launch and Ongoing Promotion

By this point in the course, some of Sophie's students have experienced their first sales, so Sophie begins her session by congratulating them as well as sharing a few tips to get those first sales if the students are still working towards that milestone (One of her tips was asking friends and family to buy 10 products (1 per person) and leave a review to help them get started.

 Promotions: promoting your products is very important according to Sophie.

She discusses 5 points in this section: 

  • Amazon Advertising, i.e. Amazon Marketing Services today,
  • follow amazon seller central guidelines
  • $10/day autopilot Amazon Ads: this is sophie's recommendation for starting your product. At the point she is in her business, she says they spend nearly 300 per day
  • increasing ad spend the smart way, by reading reports and getting fancy by setting up a three-stage manual campaign (broad-phrase-exact)
  • coupon codes - be sure to check the box that has engages the code's limitation.

 Make absolutely sure that you watch that you are setting up either a percentage off or a money off code, don't get mixed up between the two. To minimize risk incase your coupon code is leaked, you can set up one-time use codes, which Sophie says is a little more work at the beginning, (they are, because you have to spreadsheet them and track them). 

When you are selling the first shipment of your product your goal is to accomplish two things:

  1. Gather your first review 
  2. Test the market to see if your product is liked

In the final part of this module, Sophie does a quick run through of 7 key metrics to monitor when catapulting your product into Amazon's marketplace:

  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Ranking
  • Keywords
  • Competitor Pricing
  • Ad Cost
  • ACoS (Average Cost of Sales
Session Duration: 28 minutes and 2 seconds

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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