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Module 7 of Amazon Navigator

August 16, 2020


The Amazon Navigator - Sophie Howard (Aspiring Entrepreneurs)

MODULE 7 - Managing Your Seller Account

This is a detailed review of the 7th module of the Amazon Navigator created by Sophie Howard.

Sophie primarily covers how to generate business reports from Seller Central and what to pay attention to on that report. 

MODULE 7 - Amazon Account Maintenance

 Module Duration: 40 minutes, 12 seconds

Maintaining Your Amazon Account

Generating Your Business Report

Sophie highlights 4 Columns of your business Report  that are most important:

  • Traffic (Are you getting a lot of listing views?)
  • Buy Box (Is your Buy box being clicked?)
  • Conversion Rate (How many viewers who click onto your listing buy your product?)
  • Profit (Are you making the margins you want/need?)

Seller Performance Section: 

ratings and refund rates,

Getting Help through Seller Central

She elaborates 3 points dealing with the Seller Central Help Tab:

  1. What to use them for
  2. When to Escalate (mainly during urgent situations that are actually urgent)
  3. "Dear Jeff" (Reminder: This is the last level of help, so don't use it too early)

20min Customer Management

Sophie offers 4 tips to expedite customer service. 

While she mentioned email sequences in the previous module, she gives a few more details here as to the structure: Make your customer follow-up emails 3 to 4 in number, sent out a week apart. (If you don't space them out enough you are likely to be marked as spam. 

Banking Advice

How do you handle out of country payments and deposits?

Sophie suggests using an American Credit Card while doing business in the United States and for getting paid, she recommends choosing to set up a bank account with World First, an international bank based in the UK.

Staying in Control: 

Suppressed Listings - Your listing might be suppressed if Amazon changes the character limit in the titles. 

Hijackers - Protect by having your brand registered and using unique packaging and uncommon source (not Alibaba).

Closed Accounts - If your sales velocity goes through the roof, Amazon might just close your account while they investigate to make sure that everything is kosher. 

Listings: Make sure that all your listings are checked by a VA everyday, just to make sure that they are all live and everything is dandy.

Sophie's Final Advice: Protect Your Asset
Recognize that your account is precious and is important to keep well maintained and in saleable condition. Set your banking up well so that you are not paying away your profits in fees.
Session Duration: 40 minutes and 12 seconds



Module 7 gives a 10,000 foot on keeping track of your business metrics.   It teaches different reports and statistics that must be monitored with a careful eye. While beginners will benefit most from this module, Sophie offer a unique take solving problems like a hijacked listing. 

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(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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