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Module 8 of Amazon Navigator

August 16, 2020


The Amazon Navigator - Sophie Howard (Aspiring Entrepreneurs)

MODULE 8 - Scaling Your Business

This is an in-depth online review of the course the "Amazon Navigator" by Sophie Howard. 

MODULE 8 - Scaling Your Business

Module Duration: 1 hour, 9 minutes, & 23 seconds

Outsourcing: Utilizing Virtual Assistants

When Sophie started her Amazon business she was working part-time and was really looking to reinvest some of her profits in hiring a generalist who could handle the detail work so that Sophie would be able to spend more of her time on product selection and finding unique suppliers.

Hiring VA's:

She lists tasks that she has had prospective virtual assistants complete to show her what they could do.

Sophie likes self-starters and problem solvers in particular.

She prefers native english speakers so that they can respond with clear english while responding to customer inquiries.

Messaging and Paying Programs:

Pays them via Payoneer or Paypal, based on their preference, only has them sign a non-competition agreement. 

Communicates via Skype Messenger, has at least 1 call/week to stay on the same page as them.

Constructing a High Quality Team

While she could hire cheaper labor, she values the quality and effort that they put in, so she's never really been tempted to do so. 

Sophie also shares the benefits of having a high quality team running the daily pieces of the business, giving her the freedom to hunt down remote suppliers (spoke of a recent trip to Tibet to source incense during which she had her luggage stolen and she was unable to access the web and she didn't worry because she has set up a great team.)

Keep an Eye to the Future of Your Business:

always keep your eyes on the horizon of new products, begin to extend yourself from amazon by getting a website, setting up an ecommerce store (start with shopify, can build a wordpress site that has more flexibility for future integrations) (might not be worth setting up until you have a complete brand set up, might need a website for brand registry application process on Amazon) (facebook page for content marketing, doesn't really work for Sophie's products, but might work for yours.

Session Duration: 27 minutes and 17 seconds

Expanding Your Business Beyond Amazon

Pro Tip: keep an eye on the top brands in your niche and watch what they are doing and consider mimicking them, because they've poured a lot of money into market research. 

Don't worry about making your listing and customer communication all professional, because by keeping your message authentically low tech, you can actually reach more people.

Commonly Outsourced Tasks:

  • Outsource customer service, but get sent reports of common issues so you know what needs to be adapted
  • inventory management
  • labeling (to suppliers)

Sophie has outsourced a lot of the data driven tasks VA manager who has a whole team working separately for him. 

Have a really generous customer service policy (really works in favor with Amazon's customer-centric vision), outsource email list management after you write the content of the messages. 

Find a good designer who you get along well with.

What Skills should You Hire?

Choose the team to offset your strengths (i.e. Sophie likes product selection and sourcing, but doesn't relish managing all the data, so she's found a set of Virtual Assistants to manage those tasks).

Planning for an Exit? 

Sophie leaves a few Valuable Tips as an owner who's sold an Amazon Account before: 

  • Have all your paperwork ready for prospect's due diligence
  • Organize Two Product Lists: Number of consumables vs the one-off products, 
  • Be willing to spend a couple weeks training your buyer on what needs to be done daily and weekly.

If you are considering selling your products via retail, that is the time to get a trademark.

Sophie's Concluding Advice: Have Goals
Build a team to scale, always keep your eye on adding additional products, consider doing joint ventures where you are not locked into the day to day but get compensated on a consulting basis.
 Session Duration: 42 minutes 6 seconds 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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  1. I cannot thank you enough for your review, insight, and incredible knowledge with regard to online business. I came across Sophie's course about a week ago and had been doing some research recently to see which FBA course would best suit me, as I am looking to get into selling on Amazon soon. For some reason she resonated with me, but I wanted to find additional information from others that had taken her course and see what their insight and thoughts were on it. You provided so much information, detail, and tips for finding other information as well and I am so grateful for coming across your page!! Thanks again for sharing all of your knowledge and insight…it's incredibly helpful!!

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