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Module 3 of Product University

August 16, 2020


Product University - Sophie Howard (Aspiring Entrepreneurs)

MODULE 3 - Sales Funnels

In-Depth Review of Module 3 of Sophie Howard's "Product University" internet course that advises people of all ages how to become profitable sellers on Amazon. 

If you're looking for a unique, ultra-detailed, up-to-date review of Sophie's PU, then stop clicking and start scrolling because you have arrived. 

MODULE 3 - Sales Funnels

5 hours, 24 minutes, 19 seconds

Session 1: Sales Funnels Intro 

At the beginning of her session, Sophie introduces sales funnels.

She is passionate about them as she has just finished a 6 week course about them herself.
Sophie explains that there are two main parts to a funnel:
  1. Traffic heading to a landing page (a.k.a. a lead magnet) 
  2. The funnel itself 

Simply put, it is like running a really slim business, super-targeted to a certain audience. 

Sophie's Funnel Ethics: Don't Auto-Enroll
While sales funnels are very helpful, they also have been used unethically. Some marketers will "auto-enroll" customers who buy a 2 dollar sample into a full priced subscription. Sophie recommends not doing this.

Her Outline:

  • Why Sales Funnels are Going Crazy
  • How to Sell Physical Products 
  • How to Sell Memberships and Digital Products 
  • Logistics 
  • Making it easy: Buy a Proven Funnel 
  • Automations

Most of Sophie's students have been with her since January and have been progressively building an Amazon business with her guidance. Each month she has goals for them. 

Mindset and Action Goals for March: have an idea of what is possible and by the end of your first year have a sales funnel set up.

In this session, Sophie introduces these topics:

  1. Traffic
  2. Facebook ads and opt-ins
  3. Free plus Shipping Offer
  4. Free Downloads
  5. Email list building
  6. Self Liquidating Offers
  7. Lead Magnets

For the rest of the session, Sophie showed a few sales funnels that others have set up by going through them. and then showed her own Clickfunnels homepage.

Session Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes and 57 seconds

Session 2: Sales Funnels: ClickFunnels Walkthrough

Summary Sentence: Sophie does a walkthrough on how to build a sales funnel using Clickfunnels beginner plan ($97/month).

She goes through each step, from the opt-in to the one-time-offer, all the way through to the thank-you page.

As a heads up, in this session, she experienced a lot of technology issues, mainly user-related (She and Zoom don't get along).

She does a good job at answering questions that she receives, reading the question and then giving a pretty full explanation.

Sophie does an intro to Canva, the graphic design platform, then dives into designing fb campaigns and answers questions relating to the difference between a branding campaign vs a sales campaign.

Cautionary note: all ads are trial and error, sometimes you can put a lot of effort into a campaign and have it flop and then another time you just throw something together and get a high conversion rate.

Sophie's Tip: 2X Your Facebook Ads
-Put Multiple Interests in the interest field when designing your campaign to get the intersection:
Sophie sets up an ad set with incense as the primary interest and then amazon as a secondary interest, so then you know that the person has an expressed interest in online shopping, specifically on amazon, where your product is located. 
 Session Duration: 1 hour 6 Minutes 48 seconds 

Session 3: Product Selection: Week 3 (of 4)

In this session, Sophie got an product idea from one of her students, designed a funnel for it and gives an introduction to Clickfunnels.

The product was volunteered by Tim and was a baby first aid kit.

She gives Tim 2 ideas to help broaden his search keywords:

  1. Bundling the first aid kit with another sellers' item, making an agreement with them to split profit 
  2. Launching another similar/related product like a digital book that explains baby health or what to do if your baby has xyz symptoms.
Sophie set up FB ads for Tim's product:

Facebook ad demographics: new parents, parents of 1-2yr olds and expectant parents, ideal size is about a million, says Sophie.

After she selected her target population, she finishes constructing the ad. She shows how to set up a super url, which is no longer able to be done (Amazon closed the loophole in mid-2017).

Then she heads over to Merchant Words and checks to see what keywords really stand out (and should be included in the description) while suggesting more ideas to Tim of who he can involve in the sale of his kits.

After placing the finishing touches on the first aid ad, she switches over to Russell Brunson's ClickFunnels.

She highly recommends buying a pre-built, proven funnel template that you tweak for your product, it will save you both time and money in testing your own funnel that's built from scratch.

At the conclusion of the session, she shares her latest business developments (an update on her incense product line) and answers some questions from her course participants. 

 Session Duration: 1 hour 31 minutes 39 seconds 

Session 4: Product Selection: Week 4 (of 4)

This session has four general parts:
  1. Evaluate Tim's first aid ads, 
  2. Update on incense funnel, 
  3. Update on Incense supply chain, 
  4. Q & A 

Part 1: Tim's listing moved from position 3 to position 1, even with the meager ad budget. 

Sophie explains the difference between traffic and conversions, and explains why the conversion rates tend to drop when you send FB traffic to Amazon.

Furthermore, she names the time when the target audience is exhausted (when they've seen the ad three times and not clicked on it much).

Key Takeaway: Sophie's Traffic Principle
Rather than having less traffic and more conversions, Sophie would rather see more traffic and a lower conversion rate. because it correlates to higher numbers of sales.  

She says it's best to find FB interest groups that are centered on activities that are complementary to your physical product to gain the most traction.

She then tells what to do when you find an audience that works: clone the audience via one of Facebook's special features. 

She continues to elaborate on different aspects of the ad to test, who the ad is running to, etc between part 1 and part 2. She then offers to have her designer make a simple funnel and free it sharely with the members of the Product U group.

She uses PPC Entourage to run her Amazon Sponsored ads to get the most of them as opposed to hiring a specialist because she's running so many products at the same time. Lays out expectations for sales funnels: most sellers don't get into them until their second year.

(Note: While Sophie is pretty disorganized and not very tech savvy, she is people-oriented, which makes her cohort a pretty close bunch. She is more focused on answering their questions than getting through her material.)

Sophie is vulnerable: she shares her ad spend and how that scares her a bit even where she is. She also shared that she is doing over 6 figures in revenue each month on Amazon.

Key Takeaway: Don't Force Product Adaptation
If the product adaptation isn't natural, Sophie advises, don't force it. Rather, go on and find another idea.

At the conclusion of the session, she answers questions and decides (based on the queries) that the virtual team will be covered in the next 4 sessions. 

 Session Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes 55 seconds 

Module 3 - My Primary Takeaways 

One of the key points that Sophie emphasizes is the benefits of buying a funnel vs making your own from scratch. I started by building my own funnel, so then I would know the process in and out, but I will say that the highest converting funnels I have are proven ones I've bought. 


Video Quality: 7/10

Video quality is okay. 


Sound: 8/10

Overall the sound quality doesn't hinder the training, but there were a few muffled sections. Sophie said she'd get a microphone for future sessions. 


Content: 8/10 Information is very basic. 

The quality of this content is pretty basic with the addition of a few facebook advertising tips that Sophie mentions because of her extensive experience. 



This Module goes over the basics of Sales funnels, what they are and how they can be made or purchased. Sophie also has several helpful walkthroughs, both setting up funnels and setting up the facebook ads that drive traffic into them. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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