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Module 6 of Product University

August 16, 2020


Product University - Sophie Howard (Aspiring Entrepreneurs)

MODULE 6 - Product Searching Ideas

This is an in-depth review of Module 6 of Product University, a course by Sophie Howard. 

In Module 6, Sophie goes through 5 ways that she searches for unique product opportunities.

MODULE 6 - Product Searching Ideas

42 minutes, 8 seconds

Product Searching Ideas

Amazon Scroll and Search Technique:
At the beginning of the session she introduced a helpful chrome extension, the DS Amazon Quick View Extended, she uses while sleuthing for product ideas. 

She gives her commentary as she browses through the baby category on Amazon, which she configured to include the out-of-stock items. 

the Chrome extension in the Chrome store

Amazon Catalogue Technique:
  • Step 1: Go to Your Seller Account
  • Step 2: Select a Main Category
  • Step 3: Select a Sub-Category
  • Step 4: Scroll through the Products listed

Key Takeaway
It's important to remember that Sophie's product research method is much less systematic than Amazing Selling Machine teacher Rich's item selection system. Her method is more free-flowing, based on a developed sense of following your nose/intuition. 
The Trade Show Listings:


On this website, Sophie browses through different trade shows, explaining how to find who will be at each ones as well as how you could go about partnering with suppliers to form joint ventures selling on Amazon. 

The Local Classifieds:

Find obscure products located on local sites that are not developed or optimized for search and reach out to the producer to see if there's potential of a partnership.

She uses a local New Zealand tool manufacturer as an example. "The Slammer Tool" is sold on this website as well as has several distributors in several different countries (US, NZ, and Switzerland). 

Sophie sees this as a good option because

(A) the website is out of date and

(B) it is a unique tool that most families in the US wouldn't have and

(C) it's likely that there are few products are similar to this one, so it would be hard to copy

Specialist Topic Magazine Classifieds

In this section, Sophie talks about potential partnerships with wedding suppliers. 

Wholesale Websites:

(here Sophie merely tries a couple of google quieries with no success)

Markets and Bazaars

Here Sophie talks about her 3 month trip to Bali in 2015, where she explored the local offerings.

She loves to travel and find exclusive, authentic product suppliers. 

Tropical Trips (Bali, Tibet, Sri Lanka, India, etc.)

When she goes off to a conference somewhere, she will add some time on the trip and explore the local culture and markets to see what is available. 

She ends the session by talking about her upcoming trip to India, where she has recently partnered with a supplier and got all set up to sell in Amazon India. 

Session Duration: 42 minutes and 8 seconds

Module 6 - My Primary Takeaways 

Module 6 was a quick wrap up.

I really think she could have gone on for a while and filed out her advanced product sourcing places quite a bit more.  

Particularly how to discover wholesale online suppliers outside of Alibaba. 

That would have been really valuable. 

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(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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