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Module 3 of Amazon Navigator

August 16, 2020


Amazon Navigator - Sophie Howard (Aspiring Entrepreneurs)

MODULE 3 - Product Selection & Sourcing

In this module, Sophie talks about where she finds her products (Hint: it's not all Alibaba).

This is a detailed review of the third module of the Amazon Navigator course by Sophie Howard. 

MODULE 3 - Product Selection & Sourcing

Duration: 21 minutes, 2 seconds

Selecting and Sourcing a Product

Sophie shares what kind of information that you will want to get from your supplier (product details, sizes, etc.) as well as places that are common and a few that are unique to source your products.

Some common places she highlights are:
  3. (Alibaba's Chinese Storefront)
  4. Product Fairs around the World
Places Sophie travels to prospect:

Since using Chinese suppliers through alibaba has become super popular, to have a long-selling product with low-levels of competition, it's vital to have an exclusive, hard-to-access supplier/manufacturer. 

Often, Sophie will combine her personal vacations with business product fairs, enabling her to get the most out of her time (and a nice tax deduction). 

  • Indonesia
  • Bali
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • United States
Opportunities for Joint Ventures:

Partnerships are becoming a larger and larger portion of Sophie's business, as, with her ecommerce experience and success, she is able to come alongside other businesses selling products on the internet and guide them to greater levels. #consulting

She pursues these opportunities because, as she says, it's an easy way she can get paid, yet not be involved in the day-to-day operations.

  • Potential to sell unique products
  • Share the initial investment and profits
  • Cover yourself with signed contracts
  • Check all documents with your lawyer (don't know what you are stepping into or if something with their company shifts during the course of your relationship, you want to be protected legally).
Recommended Google Queries:

A great deal of your product selection process will be determined by your proficiency with the search engine, finding suppliers in the dusty cracks of Google's results.

Sophie recommends employing the following search formats to get the most out of your time online: 

  • National: Country + Niche + "Wholesaler" or "Manufacturer"
  • International (non-china): -China niche + "Wholesaler" or "Manufacturer"
  • Looking for a Wholesale Supplier? Use This: Country + Brand + Wholesaler (can do PL or joint venture)
2 of Sophie's Product Selection Tips

1. Don't give up after page 2 or 3, hidden diamonds could be on page 4, 6, or 9
2. "USA Made" can be a great selling point in Amazon
Building Great Supplier Relationships:

Sophie has developed relationships with suppliers and Amazon personnel that often give her the inside scoop on what's going on in the largest e-commerce business in the world. 

  • Better Business  
  • Better Deals
  • Better Communications (notice of things changing, going off-course, etc.)
  • Higher Level of Trust
  • Top Priority (If they like you more, you will get expedited) 
  • New Product Ideas (get sent more catalogues, suggestions of potential items, etc.)
  • Better Knowledge of Competitor Activity

Sophie likes to travel, so she has had great success in going to the country where the manufacturing is taking place and meeting with suppliers in person.

She says that that investment in the relationship has been very appreciated and helpful in establishing strong connections with product manufacturers.

3 Ways to Invest in that Relationship are:

  • Pay Suppliers on Time
  • Take the Time to Get to Know Them
  • Be Courteous in all Interactions

Bottom Line: Treat your suppliers well and they will treat you well. #goldenrulestillapplieshere

 Session Duration: 21 minutes and 2 seconds 

Module 3 - My Primary Takeaways 

Product selection is the most important part of the process and Sophie does a pretty good job at explaining it, but while she covers the overall process, she doesn't do any walkthroughs of using Alibaba or mention many practical ways she has invested in relationships with her suppliers. 

So overall, while I appreciate some of the unique supplier sourcing ideas she brings to the table, she could have filled out this module considerably with some step-by-step guides as well as actionable advice for interacting with suppliers. (Tim Sanders does a much better job at this in his Private Label Masters course).



This Module goes into great detail on what Facebook advertising entails. It teaches different methods and ways to implement FB ad campaigns for different niches and products. Both beginners and more advanced drop shippers will find this module valuable.

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