Profit Automation Pros Review: Rebrand of the Dubious Online Cash Machine?

March 30, 2024

Profit Automation Pros is a platform that offers ecommerce training and pre-built dropshipping websites to aspiring entrepreneurs, and digital marketing training that uses innovative strategies and tools to help businesses scale. The platform focuses on marketing and automation to help members create a business that earns passive income. Profit Automation Pros claim to deliver a done-for-you passive income system.

I could not find any Profit Automation Pros reviews from actual members. They appear to be fairly new and evidence shows that they are a rebrand of Online Cash Machine. The platform lacks transparency with their company, their services, and the products that they offer. Both companies have been using actors for their spokesperson and possibly even the testimonials.

There are no official figures, but industry experts estimate that 90% of dropshippers fail and lose money. Profit Automation Pros is one of the thousands of platforms out there that promises to help you be one of the profitable 10% dropshippers. In this Profit Automation Pros review, you’ll learn who this platform is for, what their offers are and what you get with them, if there are any proof of success, who is actually behind it, and what their claims are and if they can deliver.

Profit Automation Pros: Pros and Cons


They offer a variety of packages and services that you can choose based on your situation and needs.

Affordable pricing.

Private Facebook group with over 800 members.


Lack of transparency on who is the founder/owner. Profit Automation Pros could be just one brand used to promote the same product, with different individuals claiming to be the owner.

They appear to hire actors who are reading scripts for both the presentation and testimonial videos.

The products are not organized well and can be confusing. They also do not give exact information on what you get with your purchases.


Profit Automation Pros costs $17 for the standard package all the way up to $147 for the done-for-you dropshipping website.

Refund Policy

60 day money-back guarantee



What Is The Online Cash Machine?

The Online Cash Machine is a vague money-making scheme that promises to deliver a done-for-you automated system that can generate $600-$2,000 of daily passive income. This appears to be a pre-built dropshipping website or affiliate marketing system. You earn through commissions from promoting other people's products or by profit margins through dropshipping.

Online Cash Machine video presentations are unclear on who is behind the program. They have used several people, who are likely hired actors, with names like John Meyers and Steve Thomson and all claiming that they are the creator and owner.

profits automation pros review
profits automation pros review

Online Cash Machine is also a platform on which website appears identical to Profit Automation Pros, with the same offering. It seems Profit Automation Pros is a rebrand of Online Cash Machine. The website is now defunct, but as you can see with the screenshots below, they offer the same programs.

Who Is Profit Automation Pros For?

  1. Newbies who want to learn how to create a dropshipping and affiliate marketing business. Profit Automation Pros has several training packages suitable for all levels.
  2. Business owners who want to learn how to increase their online presence and attract more customers. Profit Automation Pros teaches several digital marketing strategies.
  3. Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to buy a pre-built dropshipping website. Profit Automation Pros sells live pre-built dropshipping websites complete with product listings.

How Does Profit Automation Pros Help You Make Money?

Profit Automation Pros helps you make money by providing you with the training to create your own dropshipping or affiliate marketing business. They provide the tools, blueprints, and support to start and scale your business. Effective marketing and automation is the key to success with Profit Automation Pros. Access to the private Facebook group will allow you to discuss and network with other members.

What Do You Get With Profit Automation Pros?

Profit Automation Pros offers 4 types of membership packages, a supplement selling blueprint, a physical book, and a pre-build dropshipping website. Choose the membership package type that fits your desired level of access, which you can upgrade anytime. They also have a downloadable e-book package for only $4.95.

Standard Package - $17

  • Enhanced Marketing Solutions
  • Customized Strategy Blueprint
  • Flexibility to Upgrade Package Whenever You Want

Pro Package - $27

  • Includes All Features of the Standard Package
  • Simplified Marketing Methods
  • Expert Support from Accomplished Dropshippers

Essential Package - $37

  • Includes All Features of the Standard and Pro Packages
  • Sophisticated Dropshipping Guides
  • Tailored Marketing Strategies Delivered to You

Premium Package - $47

  • Includes All Features of the Standard, Pro, and Essential Packages
  • Customized Business Plan & Consultation
  • Exclusive Access to Top-Tier Tools & Resources
profits automation pros review

What Is the Profit Automation Pros NutraDS Blueprint?

The Profit Automation Pros NutraDS Blueprint is a comprehensive guide for how to create and thrive in the supplement selling industry. The blueprint appears to promote the use of Brand Packaging Group, which is a packaging company that packages vitamins with their client's brand image, and Nutra Brand, which is their subsidiary company that is a one-stop shop that designs, creates, and packages supplements based on the client's brand.

What Is the Profit Automation Pros Pre-Built Dropshipping Website?

Profit Automation Pros pre-built dropshipping website is a customized site that comes with pre-loaded products and professionally made graphics and sales copy. You can edit the site easily to mold it to fit your brand as well as choose your domain and hosting. Your pre-built site will be ready to make money as soon as you go live. Note that this is not a customized, done-for-you website, but a pre-built customizable website.

Are Clients of Profit Automation Pros Successful?

I couldn’t find any member reviews for Profit Automation Pros anywhere aside from the testimonials that they advertise on their sales page. The speakers in the testimonial videos, however, appear as if they are hired actors reading a script, as their testimonial doesn’t feel natural. They also don’t give any real-world examples and simply talk about how great the program is and how they made a lot of money.

Is Profit Automation Pros Worth It?

Profit Automation Pros is not a scam, but it is not worth your time‌. While you can use the training to create your own dropshipping or affiliate marketing business, there are more trustworthy, transparent, and in-depth courses out there. There is simply no believable proof of the effectiveness of Profit Automation Pros' programs and the lack of transparency adds to the doubt.

Who Owns Profit Automation Pros?

Profit Automation Pros is not transparent with who owns the company. My investigation revealed that it is likely owned by the 2 co-founders of Focus Fulfillment, Christopher Hattery and Javan Robinson.

profit automation pros review
profit automation pros review

Their presentation video shows a man named "Mike Harrison" who claims to be the owner. He is, in fact, a professional award-winning actor named Michael-John Wolfe. MJ Wolfe has in been in several movies, such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and has a YouTube channel called The Wolfe Den Show w/ MJ Wolfe, where he interviews online entrepreneurs. He's interviewed dropshipping entrepreneurs that offer similar done-for-you service such as Robert Nikic’s of Why Unified.

profit automation pros review

The Profit Automation Pros website did display a business address, to when traced using the Ohio residence database, belongs to Chris Hattery. Chris has a company called Focus Fulfilment which is a fulfillment and manufacturing company specializing in health supplements and natural remedies that also offers marketing services. This is in line with the services offered by Profit Automation Pros. Focus Fulfillment is co-owned by Javan Robinson and both are admins on the Profit Automation Pros Facebook group. I believe this is enough evidence to tie the two as the owners behind Profit Automation Pros.

Who Is Chris Hattery?

profits automation pros review

Chris Hattery is the co-founder and CTO of Focus Fulfillment from Stow, Ohio. He has over 20 years of experience in web development with 8 of those specializing in ecommerce sites and focusing on mobile optimization. Chris co-founded an unnamed health supplements company, which appears to be Nutra Brand, that developed ecommerce sites that soon expanded to supplement manufacturing and shipping. The company was sold to a client in 2021 after 3 years of operation.

Who Is Javan Robinson?

profits automation pros review

Javan Robinson is the co-founder and CFO of Focus Fulfillment from Akron, Ohio. He is also the creator and CEO of Whatevers Fine, which is a company that specializes in online marketing, specifically in affiliate marketing and email marketing. Javan was previously the COO of Rubber City Nutrition, which was a supplement fulfillment and manufacturing company.

profit automation pros review

What Is the Claim of Profit Automation Pros?

In the sales video, “Mike Harrison” claims that Profit Automation Pros system can make you thousands of dollars from just a few clicks. He claims that this affiliate marketing / dropshipping system will be with the easiest way for you to make money online even with little to no experience. The video then continues to play testimonials who claim that Profit Automation Pros changed their life or has been the best decision they ever made, but give no details or real-world success stories on how it helped them become successful. So just how easy it is to make money with Profit Automation Pros' done-for-you dropshipping business?

Debunking Profit Automation Pros Claim

There is no affiliate marketing or dropshipping business that can make you thousands of dollars with just a few clicks. The only way to earn passively without doing any work will be to pay for a done-for-you system, subscribe to tools that automate repetitive tasks, and hire a team to automate the day-to-day business processes. This means that this system will cost thousands of dollars to begin and with no guarantee of how well your business will do.

Profit Automation Pros does not mention the recurring costs of an affiliate marketing or dropshipping business. There are many costs involved in operating an affiliate marketing or dropshipping website aside from the website hosting. You need to pay for marketing, sales funnels, tools, and more. Automating your business means outsourcing work, which adds to the costs. Brand building takes awhile, so it is more likely you will lose money when starting out. 

Is Dropshipping Worth It in 2024?

Dropshipping is worth it in 2024 if you will invest time and money into building a brand. However, understand that this will probably be a difficult and long journey that will cost you a lot of money before you will see profitability. Only start if you can afford to lose the money you will invest in it. There are many reasons 90% of dropshippers fail. Below are 6 of the major reasons that beginners fail dropshipping.

6 Major Reasons 90% of Dropshippers Fail

  • 1. Lack of product research - Product research should be your first major priority. You need to stay on top of trends and find products that have high demand, low competition, and high profitability. You need to make enough sales to cover your operating costs or you will lose money.
  • 2. Unreliable supplier - Unreliable suppliers who do not ship on time, ship defective products or knock offs will hurt your brand and your business. It is very important that you use vetted suppliers. The best way is to try ordering the product yourself to ensure the quality of the item and the reliability of the supplier.
  • 3. High returns - The National Retail Federation reports that 16.5% of all products sold online are returned. For every $100 in returned products, stores lose $10.40 to return fraud. You can limit returns by using reliable suppliers, actively in answering customers' questions, offering exchanges, etc.
  • 4. Bad customer service- According to data on Statista, nearly 80% of online shoppers do not buy from same store again because of poor customer experience. It is important to ensure customer satisfaction if you want to build your brand successfully. Return buyers ensure cash flow and can even refer your website to others with positive reviews.
  • 5. Not optimized for mobile - Research found that 79% of smartphone users make purchases on their device. With smartphones getting more powerful and more people using them to browse the web, mobile purchases will only increase. Business owners who do not optimize their websites for mobile are likely to lose on those sales.
  • 6. Ineffective marketing - Marketing is the most important part of selling. To compete with big brands and other stores, you need to have an edge and an effective marketing strategy that will attract buyers to your website. Advertising would likely be the most expensive part of your business. Free marketing is possible, but it is time consuming and would take a very long time before it becomes effective. Buying leads, such as email lists, can be unreliable as you cannot guarantee their quality.

Create Low-Risk Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a low-risk, low-cost business that creates passive income. Compared to dropshipping or affiliate marketing, you don’t need to sell any products to make money. You earn a stable monthly revenue with local lead generation by creating and ranking a site on Google and renting it out to local businesses. You need to spend thousands on marketing to earn thousands in profit from affiliate marketing and dropshipping. With local lead generation, it costs as little as $500 in initial investment to start and is as low as $30 a month to maintain.


Local lead generation works by creating and ranking a site on Google based on a specific niche like my tree care site here that's been earning me $2,000 a month of passive income since 2015. Businesses will benefit from the potential customers who visit the site and will rent it out. You can earn as much as $2,000 a month and you get to keep all the profits.

In affiliate marketing and dropshipping, you'll be competing against thousands of other people selling the same thing. With local lead generation, you'll only be competing with a handful of other websites. It is also more scalable as you can simply create, rank, and rent another site with each one earning money hands-free. These are the reasons that local lead generation is my number 1 business in creating time and financial freedom.

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