Wes McDowell’s The Profitable Website Launchpad Review | 5 Factors That Prevent Service Websites From Generating Leads

March 11, 2024

The Profitable Website Launchpad is a step-by-step online program by Wes McDowell that teaches entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to generate leads using a structured and optimized website. It offers insights and practical advice into sales and marketing strategies, content creation, visitor engagement, and website customization and launching. This online course helps you navigate the digital marketing space using Wes’ proven frameworks, techniques, and formulas to capture the other 96% of your site visitors and attract more potential clients.

The Profitable Website Launchpad reviews from Wes’ course landing page and exclusive Facebook group are all positive. Students praised the course and Wes McDowell for the comprehensive and simple process of building and marketing their business and personal websites. They mentioned how The Profitable Website Launchpad allows them to set up their ideal sites even without in-depth technical knowledge and skills. According to Wes, their community has over 1.5K students. However, the course has limited reviews on third-party platforms like Reddit and Quora.

Lead generation businesses are getting more popular because of the need for high-quality prospects and a stable source of customers. In Jordan Stambaugh’s YouTube video entitled David's Rank and Rent Story, he highlighted the profitability of generating leads and building digital real estate. His student, David, earns $25K monthly on average. Lead generation is an online business model that focuses on ranking websites and renting them out to local businesses. These time-saving business assets help you create sustainable income. However, succeeding in this venture requires comprehensive knowledge, reliable mentors, and future-proof technical skills. Explore this review and find out what the best move is to build a profitable lead generation business.

The Profitable Website Launchpad Review: Pros and Cons


The Profitable Website Launchpad training course offers lifetime access to the modules. Students can access the program online anytime.

You don’t need coding experience or technical website-building skills to enter the coaching program.

The course applies to other website builder platforms and all types of business models.

Wes McDowell shares his personal advice during the weekly Q&A sessions. You also get 24/7 Wes-Bot access (an AI chatbot with Wes’ insights).


The Profitable Website Launchpad only offers three-month access to the live Q&A sessions, Wes-Bot, and exclusive Facebook group.

You still need to purchase outside resources, like a hosting plan and the Elementor Pro plugin, when joining the course and creating your website.

The Profitable Website Launchpad has limited reviews on third-party platforms.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing website and engaging content still depends on the student’s capacity and creativity. It is not guaranteed.


The Profitable Website Launchpad costs $497. You can also pay $97 monthly for 6 months.


The Profitable Website Launchpad offers a self-paced video training program.

Refund Policy

The Profitable Website Launchpad has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Wes McDowell has 269K YouTube subscribers, 3.8K Instagram followers, 2.3K LinkedIn followers, and 1.7K Facebook followers.

5 Factors That Prevent Service Websites From Generating Leads and Conversions

1. Low-Quality Website Content

Low-quality website content can drive potential and existing customers away instead of toward your business website. Online content that has multiple errors, has irrelevant keywords, or can’t address the customer's questions can make a site seem unprofessional and unreliable. Amrit Hallan’s 7 Disadvantages of Publishing Low Quality & Cheap Content article on LinkedIn mentions that mass-producing low-quality content leads to poor customer trust and loyalty, site traffic, search engine rankings, and conversions. It also results in a high bounce rate.

Alternatively, generating high-quality content that is well-researched and customer-focused captures more clients. Wes teaches you the proper ways to incorporate keyword and market research into your content creation process. He also shares his copywriting formulas to help you improve traffic plan development. This process involves choosing the most relevant and engaging words, topics, headlines, and information to drive quality traffic. According to Semrush, a good bounce rate is about 40% or less. If it's 60% or more, it means you need to check your website's content and make it better and more interesting.

2. Lots of Irrelevant Website Pages and Sections

A website with lots of irrelevant website pages and sections can make it difficult for customers to find what they need. This includes product or service details, business history, and contact information. According to Jonas Fischer’s article on MailerLite, a good website should have a home, about, contact, product/service, blog, and a terms of service and privacy policy page. You can add more relevant pages. But this depends on the size of your business. Small businesses often have these main pages, while big ones have more.

A solid digital strategy that Wes discusses involves having a few well-designed, informative pages rather than many unrelated ones. This makes it easier for customers to go through your website and find what they need. In website marketing, this focused approach can lead to more inquiries and sales because visitors find it easier to decide without the distraction of non-relevant content.

3. Outdated Creatives and Website Design

Outdated creatives and web design can give the wrong impression to your target market. It makes a business seem unreliable or out of touch. If a website uses old graphics or cluttered layouts, customers might think that it’s not legitimate or the business can't offer the best products/services because of how unappealing its website is. According to GoodFirms’ web design survey, 38.5% of web designers worldwide state that an outdated site design and layout is a major reason visitors leave a website.

The Profitable Website Launchpad offers extensive information and tips on modernizing your business’s website. Having a clean design, a contemporary color palette, high-quality images, and readable fonts enhances a company's reputation and online presence. Refreshing your website's design occasionally is really important for your brand awareness and digital marketing campaigns. It can help you get more leads by making your business website look more trustworthy.

4. No Website Sales Funnel Strategy

A sales funnel strategy is a goal-oriented structure that helps your business guide website visitors and potential customers to purchase your products/services. Without a data-backed website sales funnel strategy, businesses risk losing visitors before they reach a purchase decision. Aaron Agius’ article entitled 5 Shortcomings of the Classic Marketing Sales Funnel mentions how it is crucial to customize and evolve your strategy, improve the customer experience, and create a multifaceted customer journey map. Wes helps you develop content that drives prospects through the sales funnel and set up a robust marketing strategy. In fact, 48% of marketers are prioritizing sales funnel optimization, according to HubSpot. This technique streamlines the customer decision-making process to increase your bookings, sales, and inquiries.

5. Boring Calls To Action (CTAs)

Boring or wrongly placed Calls To Action (CTAs) can push potential clients to leave a website or lose interest in buying a product/service. For example, a CTA like "Click Here" is not exciting or specific enough to motivate a visitor. On the other hand, too many CTAs or those with overly aggressive language can annoy customers. That’s why your website CTAs should not be passive and confusing. According to HubSpot, personalized CTAs convert 202% better than basic ones.

The Profitable Website Launchpad shows you how to craft and place CTAs properly and strategically. This entails a practical execution focus on the size, language, format, and design of your CTAs. You can get accustomed to the entire process by consistently practicing this skill. Interesting and relevant CTAs attract and encourage potential clients to act, like making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

What is The Profitable Website Launchpad?

The Profitable Website Launchpad is a 4-module video training that teaches aspiring business owners and online entrepreneurs how to design and launch a website. It also focuses on generating leads and converting prospects by developing a proven sales funnel strategy and implementing engaging Calls To Action. The course helps you create and optimize a business or personal website to attract promising clients and sell digital products with ease. It covers web design, content creation, and digital marketing strategies. The Profitable Website Launchpad emphasizes practical skills and insights for modern business owners to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

What Do You Get With The Profitable Website Launchpad?

You get lifetime access to the full 4-module program, Wes’ customizable Site Template Kit, workbooks, and guides with The Profitable Website Launchpad. This program offers frameworks, formulas, and processes to streamline your lead generation and website marketing efforts. The Profitable Website Launchpad will show you how to market your services to attract and convert customers effectively.

The course comes with several bonuses. First, you get Wes’ personally designed Site Kit Template. Second, you get access to the TurboTraffic module that teaches you how to drive traffic to your website. Third, you get 3-month exclusive access to Wes’ weekly live coaching calls, the Wes-Bot, and the program’s private Facebook community.

Module 1: You’ll Craft Your Magnetic Sales Message.

Wes McDowell introduces basic marketing principles using proven frameworks and concrete examples. It focuses on identifying your target market’s needs and wants.

Module 2: You’ll Create All The Content For Your Site.

This module focuses on developing high-level messaging and content creation through reliable copywriting formulas. It also shows you how to choose the right web design elements, such as colors, themes, images, fonts, and many more.

Module 3: You’ll Produce Your ‘Future Client Generator.’

Learn how to develop engaging, relevant, and high-performing central content in your website to entice over 90% of your site visitors. Wes also teaches you the techniques for automating your lead generation process.

Module 4: Let’s Launch!

The final module focuses on actualizing your dream website. It offers a highly customizable kit for a simplified website-building journey.

Who is The Profitable Website Launchpad for?

The Profitable Website Launchpad is for aspiring business owners and online entrepreneurs who want to create a successful service website or lead generation business. This course can help them optimize their business websites, create high-quality content, drive traffic and leads, make more conversions, and earn more revenue. The Profitable Website Launchpad will provide aspiring business owners with the foundational knowledge they need to build a successful online business. The course teaches essential web design and digital marketing strategies to create a strong online presence.

Are The Profitable Website Launchpad Students Getting Results?

Yes, The Profitable Website Launchpad students are getting results based on the positive testimonials on their website. The course helped them speed up and improve their website transformation process, lead generation efforts, social media and other online marketing campaigns, and customer engagement initiatives. Wes’ students are industry professionals. He mentored agency owners, motivational coaches, family therapists, consultants, IT specialists, and many more. They praised the comprehensive course and Wes’ straightforward teaching style and practical templates. Many of them have seen tangible results, like increased bookings and quote requests.

Aaron Attwell, a digital agency owner, first saw Wes McDowell’s videos on YouTube. He was looking for a website that could generate income 24/7. The Profitable Website Launchpad course helped him create one by creating the right strategy, choosing high-value target customers, and developing a unique brand message.

Lia Huynh, a licensed marriage and family therapist with a private practice in Silicon Valley, liked how knowledgeable Wes was in his videos on YouTube. So, she signed up for The Profitable Website Launchpad. Lia liked the weekly live coaching calls and how Wes would answer questions that were posted on the Facebook group. This helped her get through her website process quicker. She says that the course content has tons of new information and provides a lot of value.

Allison Hartsoe, a data analytics agency owner, said that the best value she got from The Profitable Website Launchpad was communicating effectively. She learned the right techniques to engage with potential clients/companies she wanted to serve.

Who is Wes McDowell?

Wes McDowell is a web strategy expert and coach, digital marketer, and graphic designer from Chicago, Illinois. He created How to Get More Customers with Your Small Business Website with Wes McDowell in Semrush Academy. He also partnered with Semrush for a free 7-part masterclass called How to Outrank Your Competition in Local Search. Wes hosted a podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts from 2019 to 2021 called The Profitable Website. He discussed topics around website conversion, Facebook ads, email marketing, video marketing, and more.

Wes used to work as a graphic designer for Nova Development and Portal Design Innovations. He was also the principal and head of strategy for The Deep End before starting his web strategy consultation business in January 2020.

Wes McDowell’s Free Online Offers

  • ChatGPT Marketing Prompts Playbook - It contains ChatGPT prompts that you can use to market your business better while cutting down significant time. This playbook helps you unlock your business’s marketing potential 10x better.
  • The Ultimate Google Ranking Kickstart Kit - This is a comprehensive kit that has blueprints, checklists, and workbooks to create the best search campaigns. You get information on SEO, Google My Business ranking, and keyword research.
  • Profitable Facebook Ads for Service Businesses Toolkit - It has in-depth information and concrete examples of the best Facebook Ad campaigns. This kit also offers free Facebook Ad images.
  • “What’s Killing My Website Results?” Quiz - This quiz will help you identify the primary reason your website isn’t growing and performing well. You also get a solution action plan and a customized video after the quiz.
  • The Automated Clients-On-Demand Website Blueprint - This free course offers insight into choosing the right elements and strategies for your website marketing and client generation process. It also teaches you to launch your website in just a few hours.

Wes McDowell’s Claims

Wes McDowell claims that his end-to-end system can help optimize your website to capture more clients, build a sustainable lead generation content plan, and increase your potential income. His strategies can supposedly help you improve lead magnet development through better graphics, content quality, Calls To Action (CTAs), and sales funnel strategy. Wes believes that this well-built, customized technique will bump up your monthly revenue by 3x even with no website design, marketing, or technical skills.

Wes McDowell’s Claims DEBUNKED

You need significant effort and time to learn basic marketing concepts, lead generation strategies, and foundational knowledge on drag-and-drop website-building platforms. Venturing into a comprehensive course with zero information on these aspects will hinder your learning process. Quora user Taylor Ackley mentioned in a post that drag-and-drop website builders are mostly for small businesses because of their limited functionality. Individuals who use these platforms will definitely have a difficult time when they want to add a website function or element that doesn’t have a template. This can lead to costly upgrades.

In another Quora post, Suzanne McCarthy shared her experience in building a webpage for her boss using a drag-and-drop site builder. The output was good. However, the platform didn’t allow her to change parts of the website. She ended up making a new website with the right programming language. These instances prove the limited capabilities of website builders that Wes promotes.

Making 3x more money through website marketing isn’t guaranteed. It depends on many factors, such as your niche, target audience, products/services, and many more. Every business is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all system for everyone. Your income also depends on your eagerness to learn the latest marketing strategies and lead generation techniques.

What Lead Generation Business Opportunities is Possible With Website Marketing?

Organic traffic, paid advertising, and email marketing are the lead generation business opportunities possible with website marketing. There is an increased demand for digital advertising channels because of the rise of internet penetration and e-commerce globally. According to Salesmate, 89% of marketers prefer email marketing for generating leads. Alternatively, paid ads or PPC advertising offers an 80% uplift in brand awareness while SEO accounts for 45.1% of all online clicks, as mentioned in WebFX and AIOSEO’s 2024 articles. 

Can You Build a Successful Lead Generation Business Using Website Marketing?

Yes, you can build a successful lead generation business using website marketing, given you have in-depth knowledge of rank and rent and the latest market trends. A lead generation business model deals with creating microsites for specific services, ranking them on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and renting them out to business owners. This entails knowing your target market and the services they want and need. According to Junaid Farooq’s LinkedIn article entitled How Much Time Does a Website Take To Be Profitable?, it takes a few months to make a profitable website. You can create a website in hours. But making it profitable for online businesses like lead generation takes 1-2 months.

Is a Lead Generation Business Profitable?

Yes, a lead generation business is profitable because of digital and account-based marketing trends in 2024 and beyond. You can earn from $1,000 per lead to over $50,000 monthly. According to Statista, there are 5.35 billion internet users in the world. This means that you have 66.2% of the global population as your potential market. Making money with this business model entails choosing a profitable niche and developing top-ranked websites. Reddit users Sadiaripa and YelloRhinoDino mentioned in their comments how lead generation helps potential customers find the services they need while allowing businesses to scale their monthly income.

Rank and Rent Websites in 2024: Why You Should Only Trust Local Lead Generation Experts

Lead generation is highly profitable and in demand in 2024, but local lead generation is more sustainable and scalable because of its targeted market and customer segments. The local lead generation business model involves ranking websites and renting them out to local businesses. You can earn sizable revenue for every lead you send to your clients. However, you should choose skilled individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in this industry.

Local lead generation has a 35% success rate. This is higher than most online businesses like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and copywriting with a 1% to 20% chance of success. Aspiring business owners with at least 10 local lead gen sites are now making money with passive income. There’s less saturation since the market is localized. You don’t have to compete with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, marketers, or copywriters. Also, you don’t need physical inventory, customer service systems, and continuous audience engagement campaigns to acquire leads and sales.


The first step to building your local lead generation business is finding a profitable and in-demand niche and local services. Then, you need to build websites for each one and rank them organically on search engines like Google through SEO. Once your websites rank, you’ll start generating free leads. You can then forward these leads to local businesses and earn around $10K for every website you make. Say you have 10 websites consistently generating leads for 10 high-demand local services. You’re looking at around $100K of passive income monthly.

Choose a revenue-generating opportunity with less hassle and operational issues. Go for a local lead gen biz and create time and financial freedom.

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