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Stefan James’s Project Life Mastery Review: How To Master Your Mind and Stop Negative Thinking?

May 21, 2024

Stefan James's Project Life Mastery is a company that provides courses on self-development, book publishing and affiliate marketing. Stefan James helps students master every core area of their life to achieve success. Students can get access to private groups, live coaching, networking events and templates.

Project Life Mastery reviews online are mostly positive. Its unclaimed profile in Trustpilot has a 3.4 rating. Some people credit their success and mindset shift to Stefan and PLM. While others mentioned the course is a copycat of Tony Robbins's content. According to Forbes, 76% of corporations invest employee self-improvement. There is a rising trend for professionals and entrepreneurs to continue improving. 

In this Project Life Mastery review, we'll go over the courses it offers, what students can expect to receive and its creator. We'll also list down the steps of how to master your mind and living a fulfilled life according to Stefan James. Lastly, we'll introduce a much better business model to achieve financial freedom.

Project Life Master Pros and Cons


Wide Content Range: Project Life Mastery covers mindset development, business strategies and affiliate marketing.

Great Blog Content: Project Life Mastery has a lot of blogs content for free.

Reputable Coach: Stefan James is successful entrepreneur, blogger and youtuber.


No Specialization: The platform tackles too many areas that you might not need. Also means it's not focusing on one topic alone.

Expensive: Some offers can be too expensive.


Project Life Mastery Facebook group has 12k+ members.

Refund Policy

Project Life Mastery courses have a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


Project Life Mastery was created in 2011.


Stefan James has a positive reputation online.

How To Master Your Mind and Stop Negative Thinking According to Stefan James

  • Understanding the Animal Brain: Stefan believes that understanding the primitive part of the brain is a crucial part of controlling the mind. This is because the brain is built for survival and is prone to negative thoughts and anxiety if threatened. 
  • Identify Thoughts and Feelings: Observing thoughts and identifying your feelings help you understand your own emotions without becoming emotionally tangled. 
  • Thoughts and Emotions Don't Last: Thoughts and emotions are naturally temporary. They come and go, so don't cling to them too much. 
  • Practice Conciousness: Develop consciousness through meditation to train your mind to focus more on important things rather than on the less important ones.
  • Separate Yourself from the EgoUnderstand the difference between your higher self and the ego (animal brain). Negative thoughts don't entirely define you, but are part of the mind's survival mechanism.

What is Project Life Mastery?

Project Life Mastery is a platform covering strategies to succeed in personal development, online business and affiliate marketing. The company provide courses for "mastering your life" in all areas. The Project Life Mastery mission statement is to provide content that shows the unlimited possibilities offered to those committed in their life mastery. According to Stefan James, that's the only way live life to the fullest.

What is Project Life Mastery Blueprint?

Project Life Mastery Blueprint is Stefan James' 10 core areas of life that needs focus and mastery. These are health and fitness, mindset, emotions, relationships, goals, money, community, fun, contribution and spiritual growth.

He also proposes that there are Four Steps to living a fulfilled life. They are:

Step 1: Committing to Mastery

Committing to mastery means having proficiency in every area of your life. This includes relationships to yourself, family and community, having a clear purpose and building wealth.

Step 2: Start an Online Business

Stefan James advocates setting an online business since it generates income no matter where your are. He also believes there are online business models for everyone. Eventually, it will lead to total financial freedom.

Step 3: Create a Morning Ritual

To be your absolute best all day, it will require starting your day as best as possible. A morning ritual ensures you wake up happy, energized, and focused. So, you'll have no problem going over your day.

Step 4: Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself means having coaches and mentors to teach you. This way, you'll save time and resources. You get the best strategies from the people who already went through the rough journey.

What Courses Are Available in Project Life Mastery?

  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery - Affiliate Marketing Mastery course focuses on building a business out of your passion. It cover branding and how to create multiple streams of income through affiliate marketing.
  • Mastering Book Publishing - Mastering Book Publishing is the upgraded version of K Money Mastery. It goes over niche mining and selection, and creating attention-grabbing title and cover design. Mastering Book Publishing costs $147.
  • Mastering Book Marketing - This course covers Amazon ads training, a marketing plan, copywriting 101, and how to make an audiobook. It also has a private Facebook group, a website setup for you, and book funnel training. Mastering Book Marketing is a monthly membership course at $97.
  • The 24 Hour Book System - The 24 Hour Book System is an 11 step-by-step course how to write a book in 24 hours. It also includes book formatting for Kindle and paperback. It costs $27.
  • Amazing Selling Machine - This is an Amazon FBA course covering step-by-step launch in Amazon. It includes a private group, access to ASM resources, and 180 video training on marketing and operations. ASM students will also get priority access to networking events and workshops like their flagship, SellerCon. ASM costs $2497 or 4 payment of $697.  
  • Marketplace Superheroes - Marketplace Superheroes are for Amazon FBA beginners with a tight budget. The course promises to help your generate $1k per day without selling your own product or importing from China.
  • Online Business Mastery Mastermind - This is an application-based coaching program of Stefan and Tatiana. The price is not publicly available.
  • Life Mastery Accelerator - Life Mastery Accelerator is a program for self-development. Stefan have monthly live coaching tackling the 10 core areas of life according to his Life Mastery Blueprint. It costs $27 per month.
  • Morning Ritual Mastery - Morning Ritual Mastery is a worksheet with 21 morning rituals. It is meant to provide confident and energy through the day.

Who Is Stefan James?

Stefan James is an internet entrepreneur, marketer and life coach. He started life coaching at Life Transformation in January 2008 in Vancouver, Canada. Stefan James is the owner of Project Life Mastery established in 2012. He started writing blogs in 2011 and amassed 1.27 million subscribers in his YouTube channel. 

Stefan's main source of income is affiliate marketing and his courses. Project Life Mastery's blog and his YouTube videos drive free traffic on his site. He's providing free and useful information to his audience to build trust. Stefan James net worth is $5 million.

Stefan was born in May 3, 1986 in Canada. He now lives in Panama, US with his wife, Tatiana James and their son. Tatiana is also an entrepreneur and took the Amazing Selling Machine program. Today, Tatiana has her own YouTube channel with 451k subscribers and a her own course on Amazon FBA.

Is Personal Development Vital for Online Business Success?

Personal development is vital for online business success because it'll help entrepreneurs adapt to any ecommerce change. According to Wifi Talents, 9 out of 10 of the richest people read two or more self-improvement books per month. Furthermore, 77% of people consider it essential for their careers. 

Any type of business carries risk, but startup online business especially have low success rate. According to Zippia, it's only within 10% to 20%. Investing in yourself and learning strategies from mentors can make lessen this risk. In fact, Authority Hacker reported that 66% of affiliate marketers generating $10k per month took affiliate marketing courses.

Build Total Financial Freedom with Local Lead Generation

Build total financial freedom with local lead generation with its passive income, higher success rate and lower risk. Local lead generation is setting up websites for niche local services. You'll rank them on Google search results using SEO techniques. Then, you deliver leads to these small businesses for a fee. its passive income because the websites are low maintenance.  

Local lead generation has higher success rate than affiliate marketing because it is repeatable. With affiliate marketing, entrepreneurs will have to ensure their audience is clicking and paying for the products and services they endorse. For recurring commissions, you'll have to rely on the company to provide good service to the customer you referred. It can get rigorous. With local lead generation, you can create more websites since there are 50+ niches. Its success rate of 35% gets higher the more websites you own.

Local lead generation is also low risk. With 15 to 30 webpages, you can rank on SERPs because you're not competing globally. The Grand Rapids tree care site I made in 2015 is still generating me $2k per month. With all the websites I own and rent out, I earn $52k monthly in the comfort of my home. So whether you're looking to get out of your 9 to 5 job or a side hustle to build your wealth, local lead generation is a great option.

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