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In the video above, I show highlights of Ashley introducing a new business model to our lead generation coaching program, the swag business or selling branded merchandise to our small business clients.

Swag or selling promotional products is $24 billion dollar industry, why not get a lil' piece of the action.


This now allows students to double dip their revenues, because our lead generation clients already love us, the trust has already been built, it is a very EASY upsell that you can offer which adds directly to your bottom line.

For those that are still stuck at a 9 to 5, this is gonna make it that much easier & faster to get rid of your job once & for all.

Swag is the perfect marriage for the lead generation business.

Ashley made $300K this year alone in selling promotional products.

I mean we're already delivering customers (leads) to them everyday and their business is growing because of us, and many of these niches could use promotional products that they can hand out to their customers.

and what if we told you that we've already created the system with trained people in this industry that can automate this whole business.

Business owners don't just buy these products just once, re-orders will keep coming in. Recurring income.

Products are shipped direct to customers from the warehouse, they do all the design and invoicing, so you don't have to carry inventory or ever mess with the product yourself. It's all outsourced. It's all handled for you which is really important because we're all about creating passive income streams.

You even create your own website of promotional products and you can make it look like its your own.

There's 3 main ways to implement this swag business.

Method 1: Just to Get Your Foot In the Door

You could use it to get your foot in the door.

As in:

"Not ready to invest in lead gen.?"

"Cool, how 'bout some branded swag?"

It's an easier, entry-level sale.

For example:

Every biz owner understands slapping their logo on a t-shirt...

And passing 'em out to their target audience. 

But not every biz owner is gonna buy into pay-per-lead or SEO right off the bat.

So this is a great way to collect some money...

Deliver a tangible product...

(i.e. 100 branded T's)

And build trust with them.

Then, ideally, they come back for more swag.

And, eventually, they say:

"You know what, screw it, tell me more about your lead generation service."

Method 2: Easy Upsell

(As previously mentioned) It's an easy upsell you could offer to existing clients.

For example, you might say:

"I had an idea."

"You know all those new customers I've been sending ya?"

"What if I made you some branded hats you could give them?"

"That way, when they wear 'em around town, it's like free advertising."

"I can do it all, at an affordable price, if you're interested."

"Lemme know."

-Note: According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, the average piece of swag is held onto for about seven months.


How much would you have to spend in retargeting campaigns to get that many views?

And let's not forget, your prospects and clients are already purchasing swag.

So why not get in on the action?

Wet your beak a little?

Method 3: Create a Swag Agency, Rank a Map Listing & Have Customers Come to You

You could create an entire agency around this service.

So like, check this out.

I just Googled "promotional products" and here's what I noticed:

A, a crap-load of advertisers.

(And where there's advertisers, there's money to be made.)

And B, a Maps Pack:

So, is it just me...

Or could you optimize a local listing...

(Maybe even a website...)

(Plus or minus an AdWords coupon, while all that simmers...)

In a city of your choosing...

And have peeps... who wanna purchase swag... coming right to you?

All day... every day?

Getting stronger in business is all about being able to solve more problems for people. Looking for the best Seattle Asbestos Removal & Inspection Company? Check this site.

Plain & simple.

Companies spend a lot of money to foster relationships with their customers, every business owner knows that repeat business is the best type of customer to work with.

Facebook retargetting ads & email marketing are some of the main ways in which businesses foster this relationship but for many of these small businesses, the ability for merchandise to create that cost effective brand awareness in existing customer base cannot be overlooked.

According to recent studies, average american owns 30 promotional items, so this is already a well established industry that you're simply tapping into.

My team will be pursuing this business opportunity with some of our big clients.

And early bird gets the worm as many of our students are already cashing in new income streams very rapidly with their existing clients.

When you generate leads for business owners, the amount of good will you build with them is simply out of this world. 

Success breeds more success.

Because you helped their business get to the next level, they want to do even more business with you. They already seen that spending money with you is having profoundly positive impact on their business.

Their excited to spend more money with you.

And business owners have their own ego and take great pride in their brand, who wouldn't wanna dominate the market even more by getting even more lead generation / brand awareness properties out there in physical merchandises. 

Check out some of the new testimonials that's flooding into our private Facebook group.

Facebook Testimonials Are Already Coming In!


I love being in this marketing space because there's so many opportunities to create that long-term residual income because marketing is one of those things that businesses perpetually need to keep their business going.

And if you're good at what you do, you're forming long-term relationship with business owners, that'll keep coming back to you month after month, year after year.

Everybody wins.

Selling Swag Gear is just another tool in our tool-belt that allows us to do more of that.

If you can become the solution for customer acquisition for all these different industries, you have so many opportunities knocking at your door.

Add to that different skills you can offer in lead generation and now selling merchandise gear.

It truly does make you unique in the marketplace and give you an unfair advantage in forming clients for life.

Business owners are busy, they don't want to be dealing with 5 different marketing companies.

They'd much rather just go to 1 company that they trust can handle all their marketing needs (online & offline).

Within our lead generation coaching program we're setting our students up to have a big arsenal of ways to add new income streams. From SEO, Lead Generation, Website Building, Phone Tracking, & Now Merchandising, I can't tell you how much having this large set of tools & skills have helped me land new clients over the years.

Talk soon,


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  1. Hey Ippei,

    this sounds cool and all, it’s basically B2B dropshipping.

    One question: would it be possible to acquire a reseller certificate when you are not a US resident?
    And would you need to incorporate (at least LLC) for this?


  2. Hi Ippei,

    I’m thinking of getting into swag
    but I have some questions

    Does the swag training include ways to get in front of business owners, like promotional materials showing what I’ve got available or will i have to make my own?

    Is there huge dues I need to pay to the swag supply company? (aka how are the profit margins?)

    Interested in learning more.

  3. What a great way to get your foot in the door with business owners and start doing business. They can’t deny the fact that they need and want their own swag products.

  4. I think this is not only a good way to get your foot in the door, it’s also a downsell if people don’t want to move forward with your leadgen services! Not to mention being a great way to get in contact with some of those “harder to get ahold of” business owners such as dentists!

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