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Publishing CEOS Review (2024): Low Content Books vs High Content Books

May 8, 2023

Publishing CEOS is a digital publishing coaching program by Alex Kaplo. It teaches you how to become an author without having to write a book through outsourcing. Their courses include how to ethically repurpose your manuscript and scale your publishing business. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything there is to know about Publishing CEOS and if they can help you become a successful digital author.

Self publishing Amazon KDP is a great way to earn passive income. It’s an international business, meaning you can do it from any part of the world and not just in the United States. You can create and publish content without actually needing to write anything yourself. However, this still requires a bunch of advertising, so you can ensure that your book sells. Business models like local lead generation don’t require advertising. All you need to do is make sure that your book ranks so you can generate free traffic.

Low Content Books vs High Content Books

Low Content Books

Books where the consumer fills in most of the content. These are journals, planners, activity books and notebooks. 

  • There's no need to hire a ghostwriter. You can write it yourself.
  • You can make it in bulk and it's easy to replicate. 
  • Low risk. Upfront costs are not required. You would just need to do extra work. 
  • Shorter learning curve. 
  • Lots of competition and can become over saturated
  • Time consuming if not outsourced.
  • You would need to publish a lot of books to make decent income. 
High Content Books 

Books where all the content is produced by you. These are how-to books, novels, and educational text. 

  • Higher profit margin. People are inclined to pay more for extra content. 
  • Easier to create a brand and build customer relationships.  
  • Harder for other writers to replicate. 
  • Long term income. 
  • You can create books with content that are related to each other. 
  • You need capital to get started. 
  • Capital recovery takes more time. It takes longer to see any profit. 
  • Higher risk. 

What Is Publishing CEOS? 

Publishing CEOS

Publishing CEOS is an Amazon KDP online course created by Alex Kaplo in 2021. They've recently undergone a change in their business format. Instead of being a do-it-yourself course, they are now a done-with-you training program. In this program, can get training by Alex Kaplo and several other features designed to help you publish and scale your book quicker. The Publishing CEOS Accelerator program currently has 74 students. 

Pros and Cons of Publishing CEOS


They include other platforms you can sell on, such as Draft2Digital and IngramSpark.

They teach you how to repurpose your manuscript so you can double your earnings. 

You receive 1-on-1 training sessions with Alex Kaplo 4x.  

Alex Kaplo is experienced in self-publishing. 

There is 6-month money back guarantee. 


There aren't much reviews. 

There are requirements so you can be eligible for a refund. 


Their regular price is $4,997. However, for a "limited" time, it's only $1,997

Refund Policy

6-month money back guarantee




There aren't much reviews about the course besides those posted on their website. All of the reviews are positive. 

Who is Alex Kaplo?

Alex Kaplo is a digital self publisher and guru. Starting off, he worked a 9-5 job before deciding to make digital publishing his full-time income. He started the Publishing CEOS Accelerator program in 2021. He’s very active on other social media platforms, such as YouTube and TikTok. His YouTube channel has amassed over 1.33K subscribers and his TikTok account has 50.5K followers. He regularly posts information about self-publishing and manages a blog to teach people how to start and scale their own publishing company. 

How Much Does Publishing CEOS Cost?

The Publishing CEOS coaching program is originally priced at $4,997. However, for a limited you can purchase it with an upfront payment of $1,997 or 3 monthly payments of $797. Alex Kaplo also accepts other forms of payment, such as the minimum payment strategy, where you can use your credit card to pay $30 a month until you complete the full $1,997. You can also use PayPal Credit, where you pay for the full $1,997 within 6 months.

Publishing CEOS Accelerator coaching program full-time payment cost.

Does Publishing CEOS Offer Refunds? 

The Publishing CEOS Accelerator coaching program offers 6 month money-back guarantee. You just have to list at least one book on Amazon, get 25 reviews, and attend two of the 1-on-1 coaching calls with Alex Kaplo. 

Puyblishing CEOS accelerator coaching program money-back guarantee conditions

Who Is Publishing CEOS For? 

The Publishing CEOS coaching program is open to anybody who is interested in self-publishing. They teach you how to build and scale your own digital publishing company and provide various materials and services to help you reach 6-figures annually quicker. You would just need a small amount of capital to get started with their business model besides the coaching program’s cost and set aside at least 30 minutes of your day. But if you're not into the idea of becoming an author without having written it on your own, check Punchy Books Accelerator. It teaches you how to write and publish your own book. 

What Is Included In Publishing CEOS? 

The Publishing CEOS coaching program comprises 5 services and materials you get instant access to once you get started. There are also 5 bonuses that you receive if you sign up for the program within a specific amount of time. 

Publishing CEOS Video Course - The course consists of 7 modules designed to teach you how to publish and scale your own done-for-you book. 

Six-Figure Publishing Roadmap & The Winning CEO Mindset

  • General Housekeeping
  • The Biggest Period of Change of Your Life
  • Six-Figures Publishing Roadmap
  • Your Foundational Winning CEO Mindset

Riches In Niches - Define & Grow Your Golden Niche Brands

  • Understanding New Age "Data-Driven Value Publishing"
  • Decoding the Amazon Ranking Algorithm
  • Deep Dive Into The World of Niches, Sub-Niches and Keywords
  • The 3-Tier Wolf Keyword Family Model
  • Beyond Keywords - Taking View On the Market Matrix
  • 10 Six Figure Foundational Research Methods
  • Leveraging Technology To Accelerate The Research Process

Crafting Your Book Using Bulletproof Methods

  • How to Ensure You Deliver Maximum Value
  • Crafting Your Bestseller "Book Publishing Kit"
  • How to Hire Top Talent & Get Your Books Written For Pennies On The Dollar!
  • How to Easily & Efficiently Format Your Kindle & Print Books
  • How to Get An Attention-Grabbing Cover Done (Architect Your Brand Theme)

The Publishing DNA Behind Bestsellers

  • Unmasking The Digital Book Marketing (Leveraging Amazon's Sales Velocity)
  • How To Set Yourself Up To Appear Like A Multi-Million Dollar Brand
  • How To Convert All Your Visitors Into Buyers (“What’s in it for me?”)
  • Leveraging Amazon’s Keyword Combinations
  • Getting the #1 Best Seller Badge For Your Book
  • Final Touches of Creating A New Title Inside of KDP
  • Easily Creating Persuasive A+ Content Designs

Growing Your Audience of Raving Fans & The 'Battle-Tested' Book Launch Formula

  • How To Build A Digital Fortress Around Your Publishing Business
  • Creating A Tribe Of Raving Fans and Your ARC Team That Grow Your Business For You
  • The Battle-Tested Book Launch Formula & Getting Amazon Reviews Fast (Without Getting In Trouble)
  • Understanding the Book Portfolio Patrolling and Book Re-Launch Process
  • Automatically Capture & 'Conveyor Belt' Your Audience

The Audiobook Creation Process & Skyrocket Sales with Amazon Ads

  • Understanding The World of Audiobooks
  • The Audiobook Creation Process
  • Pulling The Curtains & Revealing How To 2-4X Your Money
  • Skyrocket Sales with The Amazon Ads Formula
  • Optimizing Your Ads to Help Maximize Your Profits
  • Scaling Your Amazon Ads To Six-Figures

Scaling Your Publishing Empire To The Moon & Going Beyond Amazon

  • Scaling Your Business Vertically, Horizontally & Spherically
  • Exclusivity vs ‘Publishing Wide’ for Ebooks, Print and Audio
  • Creating New Highly Perceived Books For Almost Free
  • Doubling Your Book Portfolio For A Fraction Of the Cost
  • Publishing Cannibalization: Dominate All of the ‘Shelf Space’ Mafia
  • Creating A New Passive Cashflows & Going Beyond Amazon

Live Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls - You get access to a Zoom call with Alex Kaplo and the whole Publishing CEOS community where Alex answers all of your questions. 

1-on-1 Coaching Calls - You get four 1-on-1 training calls with Alex Kaplo where guides you through Publishing CEOS 4-step process.

Exclusive PublishingCEOS Members' Only Community - You receive access to the Publishing CEOS private group where you can ask questions and receive help from Alex and his team or other students. 

Publishing CEOS BlackBox - You receive done-for-you templates to help you get started on building your own digital publishing company. 

Webinar Only Bonuses

  • $500 Cash in your pocket - You receive $500 cash back once you list your first book.
  • A Winning Bestseller Book Topic - Alex Kaplo chooses your first book topic.
  • Experts, Templates & Resource Rolodex - You get access to experts and templates that Alex's uses and you also receive information about tools you can use on a daily basis.
  • Guaranteed Profits Workshop - You get access to a special profits workshop where Alex shares a new winning strategy.
  • Additional PublishingCEOS Membership Access - You get to invite another person you want to do the program with 

What Is The Publishing CEOS 4-Step Process?

1. Find 

The first step is to find a book topic that can get you a lot of book sales. One way of doing this is to check out the genres and see what’s the popular sub-genre with a lot of demand but not much competition. 

2. Outsource

To publish high content books, you would need to find an outsourced freelance employee to write it for you and to create the book cover. If you publish an audiobook, you also need to look for a professional voice actor. Alex Kaplo recommends you use websites like Guru and Fiverr to look for a food freelance employee. 

3. Exposure

There are two important keys to being a successful digital publisher with a lot of book sales. First, you need to have good keywords on your title, subtitle, and description so your book actually shows up on Amazon. Second, you need to have a lot of good customer reviews. There are three websites you can use to boost your customer reviews; 

  • Puuby
  • AMZ Discover
  • Facebook

4. Scale

Once you publish your book, the next step is to scale it so that you can get more book sales. One way of doing that is by creating 2-in-1 books so you can increase your profits. People are highly inclined to purchase deals. You can also sell them as individual books. Another way is by publishing your book on multiple platforms. 

Scaling your book by Publishing CEOS

How Can You Ethically Reproduce Your Manuscript? 

1. Print Books

You can receive 60% in royalties for each paperback book sold. Amazon offers a print-per-order system. You won’t need to worry about printing books as it will all be taken care of for you. There are printing costs depending on the size of your book which is subtracted from the 60% royalties. 

2. Ebooks 

If you sell your manuscript as an ebook you can earn 70% in royalties. There aren’t any additional costs and many people buy ebooks for the cheaper price. 

3. Audiobooks 

One way you can increase your book sales to a more customers is by converting your manuscript into an audiobook and posting on Audible. Audible has professional narrators that you can hire. 

What Other Platforms Can You Sell Your Books On? 

1. Draft2Digital

Draft2Digital charges nothing for you to publish your manuscript on their platform. They only take a 10% share in all book sales. 


2. IngramSpark

IngramSpark is a publishing company where you can publish print books and ebooks globally. They charge different fees per title depending on how you want your book to be distributed. 

IngramSpark costs

How Should You Price Your Self Published Book? 

If you’re a self-publisher who is just beginning, Alex Kaplo recommends you publish your book below the average price. This is so that it isn’t a battle to get more reviews and book sales so that you can increase your momentum. Pricing your book above other writers allows for a higher profit margin, but if you haven’t built an audience of readers yet, this may cause your book sales to plummet. You need to build an email list and brand first before you can price your books competitively. 

Publishing CEOS Review and Testimonials

The Publishing Ceos coaching program doesn’t have a lot of reviews yet. Since it’s founding in 2021, there haven’t been a lot of students. Their private Facebook group has 74 members and this would include people with free memberships. However, despite its small number, the reviews are all positive. Many people have found the training program to be educational and has made the self-publishing process easier. 

Conclusion: Is Publishing CEOS Worth It? 

Publishing CEOS definitely provides a lot of useful information if you’re starting out as a digital self-publisher. They teach you book selling on Amazon and how to reach more readers. They also provide knowledge on different platforms you can use to increase your profits. However, there are a lot of other Amazon KDP courses that offer the same knowledge.

Digital Self Publishing is a great business model if you're looking to sell without worrying about inventory or storage. However, marketing is essential in making a good profit, as your passive income is correlated with your book sales. If you’re looking for a business that doesn’t deal with marketing, then you may be interested in local lead generation. This business model doesn’t require marketing. Like self-publishing, you would need to create a digital asset. In this case, a website which you can rank on Google to generate free traffic. 

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