Ralli Roots Review: Can You Really Earn Dollars From Reselling Vintage Clothes?

January 9, 2024

Ralli Roots is a resale, investment, and education company by Ryan and Alli Roots. It offers an end-to-end resale platform that creates an effortless way for people to sell preloved or vintage items. The platform takes care of all the details so sellers can focus on earning money.

Ralli Roots makes the reselling process simple. Shoppers can find high-quality, vintage goods at up to 90% off retail prices. Meanwhile, sellers earn cash for clothing they no longer wear. The only downside is that the resale value offered for vintage clothing may be less than sellers expect. This means there is a potential of a lower payout than what is promised. 

The Ralli Roots review explores the pros and cons of its buying and reselling process. You’ll also learn how to make money using Ralli Roots, the mentoring program it offers, and different ways to earn money such as dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and day trading as explained by Roots himself.

Ryan Roots’ Ralli Roots Review: Pros and Cons


Makes the reselling process simple.

Shoppers can find high-quality, vintage goods at up to 90% off retail prices.

It accepts returned items within 14 days of delivery.

Offers a well-organized platform and stellar customer service.


The platform takes a cut of the profits, keeping 50-70% of the sale price.

There can be a potential lower payout since resale value is subjective.


The Ralli Roots course is $99 per year.


Ralli Roots mentoring program offers access to a VIP Facebook page. Members are guided by reselling experts.


Ralli Roots has a significant social component in the form of a private Facebook group.

Refund Policy

The Ralli Roots program does not have a refund policy.


Ryan and Alli Roots started the business in 2016.


Ralli Roots has almost 200k combined followers/subscribers on Instagram and YouTube.

Can You Really Earn Dollars From Reselling Vintage Clothes?

You can earn dollars from reselling vintage clothes. Ryan Roots has first-hand experience in doing this business. In a 2016 YouTube video, Roots shared that he earned $400 on eBay for reselling used items he initially purchased for $200. 

Another video from 2017 showed Roots’ total earnings amounting to $145,058 in six months. This means Roots was able to make $24,176 per month from reselling vintage items on eBay.

Who is Ralli Roots for?

Ralli Roots is for people that are into reselling items they previously owned. They can benefit from Ralli Roots by decluttering their homes while earning money. Ralli Roots also appeal to eco-conscious people looking to refresh their wardrobe sustainably. By selling only vintage clothing and accessories, Ralli Roots makes it easy to do good for the planet.

Ralli Roots YouTube

Ralli Roots maintains an active YouTube channel where they post unboxing video, hauls, and styling tips featuring items from their shop. Their videos offer an inside look at some of the unique vintage pieces offered on the site. Viewers can also discover the ups and downs of the buy and sell business, flipping tips, and other ways to earn money from Ryan and Alli themselves.

The Ralli Roots YouTube channel has gained over 18.4 million views since it started. This translates to a hefty sum of money that it has earned for their content. In 2021, a video content revealed that the channel earned an estimated $200,000 from their YouTube channel.

Ralli Roots Mentoring

Ralli Roots provides mentoring opportunities for new resellers to learn from experienced resellers. The mentoring course pairs newcomers with expert resellers who have a proven track record of success.

Mentors provide guidance on everything from sourcing quality goods to optimizing listings to building a loyal customer base. For resellers just getting started, access to a mentor can help them avoid common mistakes and find their footing much faster.

What Do You Get With Ralli Roots Mentoring?

You get access to the Ralli Roots VIP Facebook Group, live Zoom calls weekly, admittance to a full Discord group, personal access to a team of expert resellers, and daily support with Ralli Roots mentoring. This program also offers guides and courses, challenges, giveaways, and exclusive events.

How Do You Make Money With Ralli Roots?

You make money with Ralli Roots by selling used clothing and accessories. Sellers can list items for sale on their website or mobile app and ship them off once they sell. Ralli Roots handles the rest, photographing and listing pieces and taking care of the payment and shipping. They deduct a small commission from each sale, typically around 15-20% of the final selling price.

Are Students of Ralli Roots Successful?

Ralli Roots students are successful completing the mentoring program. The training provides students with a solid foundation in reselling through both hands-on experience and mentorship. Graduates gain valuable skills that translate into lucrative reselling businesses and successful side hustles.

Ralli Roots Reddit Reviews

Ralli Roots has received good reviews on Reddit. Redditors frequently praise Ralli Roots for:

1. Its massive selection. Ralli Roots offers over 50,000 pre-owned items across all categories, from clothing and accessories to electronics, home decor, and more.

2. Great mentoring support. Members have regular one-to-one sessions with expert resellers.

Ralli Roots Net Worth

Ralli Roots has a net worth of over $100 million. It earns money through different ways, including:

  • Commission fees from the resale of used items on their platform. 
  • Shipping and handling fees charged to buyers and sellers.
  • Fees for professional photo, authentication, and other optional services.
  • Advertising revenue from companies promoting products on Ralli Roots.

Who is Ryan Roots?

Ryan Roots is the founder and CEO of Ralli Roots, an online reseller of refurbished tech launched in 2017. Roots started the company with a mission to make high-quality tech products more affordable and accessible.

A long-time tech enthusiast and tinkerer, Roots worked as an engineer for several major tech companies before striking out on his own. He saw an opportunity in the growing reseller market to do things differently by focusing on refurbished products.

Through Ralli Roots, Roots is transforming the reselling industry with customer-centric strategies. The company rigorously tests and certifies all products to like-new conditions. They offer free shipping, free returns within 30 days, and provide a one-year warranty on all items. Prices are up to 70% off retail, making tech more budget-friendly.

Ralli Roots Amazon Store

Ralli Roots has become a leader in the online resale market by focusing on providing a premium experience for both buyers and sellers. Their dedicated Amazon store features a curated selection of like-new apparel, shoes, handbags, and accessories from top brands.

Ralli Roots is transforming online resale through their premium yet affordable take on secondhand fashion. Discover the savings and sustainably shop their selection of coveted styles on Amazon.

Ralli Roots eBay Store

Ralli Roots makes reselling on eBay simple. They source the inventory, optimize the listings, handle shipping and customer service, and cut resellers a check. All resellers have to do is find great stuff to sell. Ralli Roots has unlocked reselling on eBay for thousands of people and helped many turn their side hustle into a successful business. They are truly transforming the reselling industry.

Ryan Roots' Claims

Ryan Roots’ claims it is easy for people to buy and sell used clothing. Reselling vintage items can be a lucrative income stream for people. Roots says that individuals can start this reselling business with their own pre-loved items. In the Ralli Roots YouTube channel, Roots claims he earned $400 by reselling used clothes on eBay back in 2016.

Roots also aims to transform consumer habits by making reselling the easy choice. The success of Ralli Roots shows that an online marketplace focused on reselling vintage items can be a viable business model.

Debunking Ryan Roots' Claims

Ryan Roots’ claim of reselling vintage items as an easy way to earn money is not exactly checking out in the real world. Making reselling as an income stream can be difficult since there are uncertainties with the profits. Sellers cannot predict earning a large sum of money from this business model.

Sourcing items must be done carefully. Although the items are pre-loved, they must be of sound condition. Most items that do not pass quality standards are discarded and cannot be listed on online selling platforms like Ralli Roots.

Is Reselling Items Online Worth It?

Reselling items online is worth it since it allows people to declutter their homes and make some extra money. Many people have found success buying and selling used goods on websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. However, it does require time and effort to be worth it. Reselling entails facing shopper dissatisfaction, complex product tags and descriptions, and authentication issues. Some resellers also find it challenging to clearly state the actual condition of the item. This leads to pricing issues when the customer receives the item.

In his Syte article entitled The Rise of the Resale Marketplace — and 7 Challenges Rising With It, Ofer Fryman discusses the factors that improve a reseller and shopper's online experience.

  • Photography - A high-quality photo is essential to capturing interest from potential buyers. It's important to take pictures of the item from different angles and in natural lighting. 
  • Item descriptions - Detailed descriptions, measurements, and information about the item's condition provide transparency to buyers. 
  • Pricing - As a general rule, pricing items between 40% to 60% of the original retail price is a good place to start. The price can always be adjusted based on interest from buyers. 
  • Customer service - Prompt communication and fast shipping help build a good reputation and a loyal customer base. 

For many, the extra effort required for reselling is worth the potential profits and decluttering benefits. However, it may not be worth it for those without the time or patience to go the extra mile and ensure their products are accurately presented. Reselling items online can be very rewarding if you go into it with realistic expectations and are willing to put in the work.

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With a local lead generation business, you can do away with worrying about where to source items to resell. It also saves you from dealing with using online selling platforms that take cuts from every sale you make. It only requires you to create websites and rank them on Google. After ranking your sites, you will get leads that can last for months. With this business model, you can have a passive income stream with very little effort. Take more control of your online business with local lead generation now!

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