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Top 5 Rank and Rent Courses

January 22, 2023

What is the Rank and Rent business model?

Rank and Rent is a lead generation business model where you build websites and Google map listings, optimize them so they rank at the top of search engine results, and rent the leads they generate to local business owners in need of more customers. This business model offers you some of the highest profit margins (80%+), low startup costs and is less demanding compared to other online business models such as Amazon FBA and Shopify dropshipping.

There are many online business models that work but, what stands out with lead generation is the amount of control you have. You decide what niche you're going to generate leads in, what business you'll forward leads to, how much you're going to charge them, and if you have to move on and work with someone else. These lead generation sites and map listings are your digital properties that can pay you on autopilot each month if you put in the work.

Click here to learn how you can build your rank and rent business.

#1 Rank and Rent Course

The top rank and rent course is the local lead generation training program I joined in 2014. Dan Klein is the fearless leader of this program of over 7000 students from all over the globe. Joshua Osborne and I are products of this valuable coaching program. Joshua took what he learned and created his own course. After learning the skills I did and got my over 50 lead generation sites ranked and rented, I've gone full-time into blogging and marketing this lead gen program. 

But there is more to the program than just learning skills. 

Dan holds live coaching calls on Tuesday's and Thursday's and talks about how to become an overall better entrepreneur, how to stay focused and consistent with building your sites, and much more. The private Facebook community is such an active group full of valuable contacts and resources at your disposal to help you start, build and consistently scale your lead generation business. Currently, we're teaching what the critical ranking factors for 2023 are.

Dan's local lead generation training program is the biggest and most successful rank & rent program out there.

Expensive Rank and Rent Courses

BAM University by Joshua Osborne

BAM University was created by Joshua Osborne, who learned how to generate leads from my mentor and now business partner, Dan, in the local lead generation training program. He's made millions of dollars with the knowledge he learned and in 2018 created his own course. There are over 250 videos in this course that teach you how to create and scale your lead gen business by outsourcing certain aspects of your business. Many of his students are already making hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this is a solid option to learn the business model. After all, he learned from Dan Klein. 

Price: BAM University costs $5,860

More info: BAM University review

Digital Storefronts by Cory Long

The Digital Storefronts course by Cory Long is another course that stems from the teachings of Dan Klein and the local lead gen coaching program. Cory Long became a student of Dan Klein in 2015 and learned everything he could. He found outstanding success after getting started earning $40K per month from his lead gen websites. Unfortunately, he had to be kicked out because he was selling his products and services to other students. He branched out in 2019 and started his own course with the goal of helping Christians make enough money each month to support their ministry work. Most of his students are in some form of Christian ministry. Cory also holds live coaching calls each week.

Price: Digital Storefronts costs $5000.

More info: Digital Storefronts review

Affordable Rank and Rent Courses

Local AutoPilot (Google Maps Elite/The Arbor Academy) by Chad Kimball

The Local AutoPilot Google Maps Elite program by Chad Kimball does a great job of zeroing in on how to rank and rent Google map listings (Google Business Profiles). Chad made $2 million dollars with this business model in only his first 2 years and has made millions more today. When you take this course, Chad provides you with a software that will help you automate your rank and rent business and scale it. If you don't want to focus on building out sites, this course is a great option because you're being taught by someone who has been successfully ranking and renting map listings for over a decade.

Price: The Local AutoPilot, Google Maps Elite program costs $997

More info: Local AutoPilot review

Rank and Rent Club by Herc Magnus

Rank and Rent Club by Herc Magnus teaches you how to create 3 to 4 page websites, rank them on Google and send leads to local businesses. In this course, you're taught how to rank organically under the map pack. We're talking about Google search. Not just with a map listing. Herc teaches you about PBNs (Private Blog Networks), and even created his own software to help with the entire process. The Rank and Rent Club has 3 different membership packages, which start with an upfront payment followed by monthly payments to continue having access to their tools. It all depends how many months you want access to their tools. A con about this course is that their SEO tools work with WordPress only. 

Price: Rank and Rent Club costs $1,747 with monthly payments of $197. There are 3 different membership packages that require an initial payment, along with recurring monthly payments.

More info: Rank and Rent Club review


The Rank and rent is the best business model because it will allow you to earn a passive income. In 2014, I learned these skills of building websites with the purpose of ranking and sending the leads to local business owners. It all made sense to me, but it wasn't until I actually generated my first lead that I realized the magnitude of what was possible.

The local lead generation coaching program changed my life and the lives of the 7000 students who have joined. Our private Facebook group has been a genuine source of value with the contacts and resources that are available to you. The coaches are always ready to answer your questions and if you need more hands on support, you can join a team to keep you accountable. 

Now is the time to learn these skills and take control of your life for good.

Ready to learn more? Click here to see how you can join the local lead generation training program.

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