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28 Rank & Rent Niches – Average Cost per Job + Lead Value Calculator

January 13, 2023

When building rank and rent sites, the two main starting points are:

  1. What niche?
  2. What location?

Niche selection is where many people get stuck because there's so many choices.

Once you have your niches, then research the best locations to target.

This list contains some great niches that I have had personal experience in or have seen others have enormous success in our coaching program of over 7400 members doing the rank & rent business for the last 7 years. But first, avoid these niches.

Rank and Rent Niches to Avoid

1. Solar

The solar niche is too competitive. According to the National Solar Jobs Census 2021, over 250,000 Americans working in the industry at over 10,000 solar companies. These numbers show that competition is high, which makes solar a niche to avoid, especially for your first rank and rent property.

2. Locksmith

The locksmith niche has been spammed to where Google makes it difficult for you to get a Google Business profile verified if you aren't an actual locksmith. Going into the locksmith niche is not worth it at this point unless you actually own a locksmith business and are going to expand into nearby markets. It's also a tricky niche to get into because a locksmith can naturally think they're helping someone who's locked out of their house or car. But it has occurred that, in fact, it's a criminal or someone dealing with a dispute who calls your client. You don't need your lead gen mixed up in a police investigation.

3. Garage Door Repair

The garage door repair niche has also been spammed too much and is not worth getting into for your first niche. 

4. Roofing

You should avoid the roofing niche if you're a beginner because it is highly competitive. Roofing is a high paying niche, which is why many marketers look to get into any kind of lead generation service for roofers. Some look to run paid ads for them while others try rank and rent with organic traffic. This makes it harder for you to rank your lead gen site. Marketers contact roofers every day, which makes them skeptical of marketers to begin with. Many have failed them and the majority overprice their services because of greed. According to Forbes, the national average of replacing a roof is around $8,000. The level of competition in the roofing niche will make it difficult to rank your lead generation site. 

5. Anything Real Estate related

The real estate niche or any niche related to it is another one to avoid because large real estate companies like Zillow,, Century 21, Remax, and more saturate and dominate the search results. It will require an enormous investment on your part to even try to make a dent in the marketplace. 

Rank and Rent Niches

1. Air Duct Cleaning

Until recently, most people probably gave little thought to what's lurking in their air ducts. The industry standard to have them cleaned every 3-5 years. Besides the touted health benefits, cleaning out air ducts increases the efficiency of a heating and cooling system, reducing power costs too.

How much does air duct cleaning cost?

According to Home Guide, the national averages for air duct cleaning is $500, ranging from $300 at the low end to over $700+ at the higher end.

There are several factors that influence the cost:

  • Size of the property
  • Climate of the area
  • The number of vents to be cleaned
  • Accessibility of the vents
  • Level of contamination

An air duct inspection might turn up some nasty surprises, such as mold or rodents. In these situations, more specialize cleaning services might be required to take care of the problem.

2. Appliance Repair

We all rely on our household appliances daily; fridge/freezers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves and so on. But things break. And appliance repair costs continue to riseEspecially with newer appliances having more parts and circuits than older model.

How much does appliance repair cost?

It depends on the appliance, and what parts need replacing.

Labor costs range from $50-$150 per hour, depending on the location.

Common repairs and prices:

Washer & dryer repairs:

  • New drum bearings: $150 - $185
  • Belt replacement: $140 - $150
  • Motor: $320 - $400
  • Pump replacement: $25 - $40

Refrigerator repairs:

  • Freon gas leak: $150 - $400
  • Freezer repair: $90 - $650
  • Ice maker repair: $300
  • Thermostat repair: $100 - $440

Oven and stove repairs:

  • Igniter replacement: $110 - $230
  • Control board: $220 - $300
  • Sensor replacement: $100 - $200

3. Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is the best driveway option for cost and durability.

There’s a variety of factors involved with pricing:

  • Size of area
  • Type of Asphalt
  • Condition of the land
  • Any permit requirement
  • Location
  • Cost of labor

How much an asphalt driveway cost?

According to Home Advisor, $7 - $13 per sq.ft.

That's $4,200 - $7,800 for a new 600 square foot asphalt driveway.

4. Autoglass

Did you know that there are over 13 million windshields replace in the US every year?

There's auto glass shops where customers can take their vehicles and there are mobile auto glass repairers who travel to the customer for convenience.

How much does auto glass repair cost?

The average cost of replacing of a windscreen runs around $335. The parts to do the job cost the auto glass company around $90, so there's a healthy $245 profit per job.

Smaller repairs cost between $40-85, depending on the severity of crack or chip.

5. Auto Window Tinting

With increased awareness of sun damage and cancer, the demand for tinting vehicle windows is growing. Tinting also helps reduce the vehicle’s interior temperature, which is really useful in hot climates.

There are five types of window tinting available:

  • Dyed: It comes in customized levels of darkness because its several layers of dyed film layered together. It’s also the most affordable window tint option but doesn’t offer as much UVA protection as the other choices.
  • Metalized: Embedded metal particles reflect the sunlight while also adding strength to the window in case of an accident. The vehicle can have a harder time receiving GPS signals because of the interference from the metal particles.
  • Hybrid: A dyed and metal particles combo. Interferes less with the GPS, but the UV protection level is lower.
  • Carbon: A more expensive option for tinting, but the carbon fiber particles are more effective at blocking UV rays. It also provides insulation, resulting in a 40% drop in heat.
  • Ceramic: The premier option that blocks 99% of UV rays and reduces the interior heat by 50% but it comes at a premium.

How much does window tinting cost?

Cost will vary by location, but here’s a rough guide:

  • Two Windows: $99
  • Front Windshield: $150
  • Small/mid-size vehicle: $200 - $225
  • Large vehicle / Truck / SUV: $250 - $300

The average window tinter can handle 5-8 cars a day. Factor in travel time if they're mobile.

Estimate 20% on material costs per job. That doesn't include any overheads such as insurance, equipment or labor - all of which will be specific to the business owner.

6. Cabinets

This has always been a high ticket niche with installation or custom cabinets. However, we've seen recent lumber shortages coupled with higher demand as people renovate kitchens they are spending more time using.

Another option is repurposing what is already there. Sometimes refinishing or repainting is a suitable alternative and less expensive.

How much does it cost to install cabinets?

Depending on the style chosen and the size of the job, standard pre-designed cabinets are between $3,200 to $8,500.

Custom cabinets are more expensive and homeowners will have to fork out anywhere from $12,500 upward for this luxury.

A less costly option is to repaint or refinish the current cabinets, if that's an option.

The average cost to repair cabinets ranges between $131 to $469, depending on the amount of work involved.

7. Carpet Cleaning

According to Cleanfax, 60% of people never consider hiring anyone to clean their carpets. They either can’t afford it, will do it themselves, or the need to get them deep cleaned never crosses their mind.

10% of the market are regular users of carpet cleaning services, accounting for most of the industry’s revenue. Leaving the remaining 30% section who might use an occasional special offer or have to hire someone because of a one-off situation.

How much is carpet cleaning?

It’s recommended to get carpets deep cleaned every 12-18 months to keep them performing and looking their best

  • Price per room: $25 - $75
  • Average for a 3 bedroom house: $175
  • Range for a large house: $300 - $600

8. Cleaning Services

Trying to juggle work, family and maintaining a household is a lot. It's becoming more popular to outsource house cleaning, sometimes referred to as maid service.

There is also a sector serving Airbnb and other rentals for their cleaning needs.

Plus, the traditional moving out cleaning services when a property owner will opt for a deep clean to prepare for the next renters.

How much does a cleaning service cost?

  • Hourly rate: $25 - $65
  • Average for an apartment: $80 - $110
  • Range for a 2000-sq-ft house: $150 - $250

9. Decks

This is another industry that has seen supply chain issues.

But adding or upgrading a deck is a great way to enhance a home for relaxing evenings or entertaining.

In addition, adding a deck is a great way to boost home value because it can have up to 70-85% return on investment.

Costs to install new decks vary depending on size, materials, location, level, site preparation, and whether you want to include benches and planters.

There are three main types of materials to use in deck building:

  • Hardwood
  • Redwood / Cedar
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Composite

How much does a new deck cost to install?

Labor costs vary by location. Plus factor in if you have an old deck requiring dismantling and disposal.

For example, the average cost of a10x12 ft deck in South Florida:

  • Lower budget - $2,628
  • Mid-level - $2,987
  • Top quality materials - $3,571+

10. Drywall

Most modern homes have drywall instead of plaster walls and ceiling. Drywall is cheaper, non-combustible, and doesn’t require as much labor. It also offers better insulation from sound and temperatures.

Different drywall is required, depending on the room. Ceilings require ⅝ drywall whereas kitchens should have fire-resistant drywall.

How much does drywall installation cost?

For drywall installation, the costs range from $1.30 to $4.00 per square foot for labor and materials combined.

Drywall for a 2,500 square foot home with a home theater, 2-story ceilings and a garage averages around $24,695.

To remove old drywall will range from $2.00 - $3.25 a square foot, including disposal.

Removing the old drywall and installing new on that same 2500 sq ft home could run as much as $39,515, factoring everything in.

11. Dumpster Rental

Renting a roll-off dumpster is a great alternative to hiring a junk hauler.

Providing there's space to put the dumpster, it can be more cost effective for customers who either have a lot of trash to throw out or who are doing remodeling projects and need to dispose of debris.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

Rental cost varies depending upon the size of the dumpster and the location you’re hiring in. Renting a dumpster is Hawaii will cost almost double the price of renting in Alabama.

Time of year and level of demand will also influence pricing. For example, summer is usually the busiest time for dumpster rental, and prices will be higher.

When renting dumpsters for construction debris, they cost more because of the increased weight and higher disposal fees.

There are significant fixed and variable costs to run a dumpster rental business. Here are the real numbers:

You can see they lose money on each rental until they scale past 300 units per year.

That's exactly why they need leads! provides these price estimates as a starting point for a 7-10 day period:

rental prices for dumpsters from

There will also be additional fees for:

  • Adding prohibited items (car batteries, freon, paint, tires, hazardous waste)
  • Going over the capacity
  • Exceeding the rental period
  • Having to dig out debris that is stuck

12. Electrician

Another solid lead gen niche because when something needs repair, it’s often urgent. 

So many of our daily tasks rely on something powered by electricity that it can be highly disruptive when there's an electrical problem.

Add the home upgrades, with people adding new lighting, solar batteries and chargers, and smart home app and there's plenty of demand.

How much does it cost to hire an electrician?

According to Home Inspection Insider, the cost per hour for an electrician can depend on the level of experience needed. There are three ‘levels’ of training and experience, each commanding a different hourly rate of pay.

  • Apprentice: $40 - 50
  • Journeyman Electrician: $50 - $70
  • Master Electrician: $100 - $120

Emergency call outs (those that are outside of normal business hours) can cost time-and-a-half or double the usual hourly rate.

Here’s an idea of prices for some common electrical jobs:

  • Installing light fixtures: $135 - $450
  • Upgrading an electrical panel: $800 - $1000
  • Installing an outlet: $120 - $200

  • Smart home automation: $100 - $1200

  • Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station: $450 - $3,000

13. Exotic Car Rental

There’s a thriving luxury car rental market and if you target the right location, it could be the ideal high ticket niche. 

There are people who will treat themselves to an exotic ride for their birthday or special occasions. Then you also have people renting them for video and photo shoots too.

How much does it cost to rent an exotic car?

There's a vast range depending on:

  • The vehicle
  • Location
  • Length of rental
  • Current demand & availability

At the lower end, some vehicles are $129 per day, but at the top end, a Lamborghini Aventor SVJ could run upward of $2,799 a day or $1,999 for 4 hours.

4 exotic cars and their rental price for 4 or 8 hours

14. Fence Installation

There are two kinds of fencing companies. 

The first is the type of company that will compete on price and they often subcontract the work to cheap laborers. 

The second type has their own employees, does quality work and charges more, but they have a better reputation. They also end up being able to price bigger jobs more competitively because they are better structured for scale. 

Another notable factor with the fencing niche is the profit margin. It’s easy to get excited about the ticket price but when looking at the numbers, only around 10% of that is profit for the company. Some companies will differ, but here’s a general breakdown from The Fence Expert on his company's average job:

the true cost of building a fence

Materials are the biggest expense here. Labor includes wages, benefits, and general company staffing costs.

How much does it cost to install a new fence?

The cost of installing a new fence is going to vary depending on:

  • Fence material
  • Size
  • Location

Here’s a Home Guide pricing guide for privacy fence installation.

fence installation price based on material type from home guide

15. Feng Shui Specialists

Feng Shui design is based on principles of energy flow and space. According to this Chinese philosophy, where you place specific objects in your home affects your health, prosperity, relationship, and luck.

How much do Feng Shui Specialists charge?

Feng Shui consultants usually charge by the hour or have packages for the number of rooms or the entire home. 

  • Hourly rates - $75 - $175
  • One bedroom - $200+
  • Entire house - $550 - $800+

16. Flooring

There are flooring choices to fit every budget and style. The most popular options are tile, hardwood, vinyl or laminate.

Flooring can be a longer sales cycle and might not be an obvious choice as a lead generation niche. However, if you find the right client who’s good at selling the leads you send, it can be a higher paying niche.    

How much does flooring cost?

Here's a guide from on installations costs for a 200 square feet space:

  • Hardwood flooring:$2,200 - $8,500
  • Vinyl flooring: $400 - $2,800
  • Laminate flooring: $1,500 - $3,500

  • Hardwood floor refinishing:$600 - $3,100

  • Tile flooring: $500 - $11,500

17. Gutters

Gutters play an important role in controlling the flow of water that hits your roof by safely moving it away from your home to avoid damaging the structure or foundation.

Not all areas need gutters. For homes in extremely dry climates, many don’t have them installed because there’s not enough rainfall to warrant them.

If you're planning on building gutter lead gens, you want to research the climate first and if the houses there use them.

How much are gutters to repair or install?

According to, the average cost to repair gutters ranges from $50 - $2,000 depending on the type of repair.

Something on the lower end is patching a seam while replacing a rotted fascia board is much more expensive.

The cost to replace gutters depends on the material used, number of spouts, location and size of the house.

It ranges anywhere from $900 all the way to $5,000 or more.

18. Handyman

A handyman refers to someone who provides household repairs but is non-licensed.

Many handymen don’t need to carry insurance, but there’s also no legal recourse if customers refuse to pay because of the lack of a contractor's license.

Before jumping into this niche, it’s worth researching the state’s regulations.

For example, in California, a Handyman can perform “casual, minor, or inconsequential” repairs to the value of $500. This includes things like light repairs, furniture installation, and basic repairs. Anything above $500 requires contractor state licensing.

Jobs can include:

  • Replacing doors
  • Assembly furniture
  • Painting a front door
  • Mowing lawns or other yard work
  • Replacing a ceiling fan
  • Fixing a broken toilet or leaking faucets
  • Mending a fence or gate
  • Small appliance repairs

How much does it cost to hire a Handyman?

Thumbtack's rates to hire a handyman:

  • Lower range: $40
  • Higher range: $119
  • National average: $60

Some Handymen charge different hourly rates depending on the task.

For example, a plumbing job might be more expensive than a simple drywall patch or assembling a piece of furniture.

You should also factor in a call out charge or travel costs. This can vary with some charging a fixed fee, whereas others will charge a cost per mile, especially for remote locations.

Finally. there's also the cost of any parts or materials to add too.

19. HVAC

Unless you live in a mild climate year round, you understand the need for a heating and cooling system. With locations that can dip below -20 or soar beyond 100, not having heat or AC can be a life or death situation. 

That said, there will be times of the year where households can manage without HVAC because of mild temperatures, so it can be a seasonal niche with ebbs and flows in volume.

This is another niche where you need to research your location carefully.

How Much does HVAC repair cost?

It depends on the required repair.

Here are some examples:

  • Service calls & tune-ups: $70 - $200
  • Thermostat: $75+
  • Emergency call outs: $315

  • Refrigerant leak: $100 - $350

  • Drainage issues: $75 - $575

  • Evaporator & condenser coils: $75 - $1,300

How much does it cost to replace a HVAC system?

This depends on the model and what is being replaced. If it’s replacing an entire HVAC system, that’s anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000.

How much do HVAC companies make in profit?

According to the HVAC Millionaire's YouTube channel, the average HVAC business owner makes 2.5-3.5% after accounting for expenses and taxes.

There are top-performing business seeing 20-25% margins, but those are the ones handling multi-million dollar contracts and not your average HVAC business.

20. Interior Decorators

There are several reasons to hire an interior decorator. The two most common are to boost the value and buyer appeal when selling or to get that perfect space without going over budget.

These pros know how to bring out the best features in a space, what’s going to work functionally, and they can source the right furniture or accessories to fit a client's budget.

How much do Interior Decorators charge?

Interior decorators usually charge by the hour and then add on the cost of materials.

Many interior decorators offer consultations too.

  • Hourly rate - $50 - $150
  • Markup on materials bought - 10% - 40%
  • Consultation fee - $100 - $300

21. Junk Removal

Starting a junk removal business to make some fast cash has become popular over the past few years.

All that's needed is a truck and some sweat equity. Obviously, it’s better to have a bigger trailer or truck to take bigger loads, but sometimes, a small pickup truck is enough to get started.

How much does junk removal cost?

How much junk removal companies charge is going to depend on:

  • Size of the load
  • Type of material (and the subsequent dump fees)
  • The distance to cover in getting the junk to the truck
  • How far away the location is for gas and time to travel

The best junk removal companies will usually offer a rough quote range over the phone or via text and then confirm once they get to inspect the job in person. 

They also have rates for:

  • Minimum price pickup
  • Quarter load
  • Half load
  • Three quarter load
  • Full load

Location is a major factor with each dump location charging different rates for the items they accept. It’s crucial for each junk removal company to know how much it will cost them to dispose of items so they’re not under pricing.

For small loads, it can be as little as $75. The bigger jobs, such as house clean-outs or construction site clean ups, can run $3,000+ 

22. Limo Rentals

Although this niche took a hard hit with the pandemic, events, parties, and travel are rebounding. 

Limo and party bus rental are solid lead generation niches in the right market. The key is finding locations with high demand and plenty of businesses fighting for customers.

It’s worth deciding what kind of service you’re targeting. 

There are different segments within the limo market. With the expense involved in running a fleet, it’s unlikely that many limo companies will try to cover everything themselves.

  • Retail (party buses and unique vehicles)
  • Airport transfers
  • Chauffeured luxury vehicles

Airport transfers are usually a standard fee, while they often charge the others at an hourly rate plus any additional services or costs incurred.

How much does it cost to rent a Limo?

Location and time of year will price factors.

If renting a limo around the same time as special events in that city, the prices are likely to be higher than normal.

price chart for limo rental

23. Mobile Dog Grooming

With more people viewing their dog as being part of the family, spending on pet care continues to increase. These types of mobile services are becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

How much do Mobile Dog Groomers charge?

Mobile dog grooming fees usually start around $50 for a smaller dog with a basic groom.

Larger breeds are $75 or more.

Keep in mind that breeds like poodles and goldendoodles take a lot longer because of their fur and the extra care required. You can expect to charge another 30-40% for the extra labor involved.

24. Outdoor Kitchens

While not a high volume niche, it’s certainly high ticket. As more people look to make their home more luxurious and enjoyable to spend time in, home improvements have skyrocketed. The option to entertain outdoors is high on that list for those with the space and the resources.

It’s also a great way to increase the value of the property too.

How much does it cost to install an outdoor kitchen?

Each outdoor kitchen is a unique design, and there are a lot of options for customization.

The main variables for expenses include:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Materials used
  • Appliances
  • Condition of land and if it needs new concrete

Adding a fireplace usually involves laying a concrete base all the way to the frost line, permits, and passing a safety inspection, making it an expensive addition but also really desirable for those evenings when the temperatures drop.

Landscaping Network suggests the following as a guideline:

  • Basic outdoor kitchen: $2,000 - $10,000
  • Luxury outdoor kitchen: $50,000 - $100,000

Some of the major appliances include:

  • Grill: $200 - $4,000
  • Refrigerator: $400 - $1,000
  • Stainless steel sink: $100

25. Piano Movers

Pianos can cost anywhere from $3,000 all the way to $190,000 for high-end grand pianos. It’s a real headache to move something that bulky and expensive, creating a specialized niche to solve it.

A grand piano or baby grand is going to be more expensive to move because they require some disassembly to get through doorways.

How much does it cost to hire a Piano Mover?

The major cost factors are:

  • Distance 

  • Stairs, corners and general difficulty of the move

  • Heat treated crating if it’s a long distance or overseas move

Home Serve estimates prices between:

  • Local move - $350 - $1,000
  • Long Distance move - $700 - $3,500
  • Overseas move - $2,000 - $5,000
  • Upright piano local - $150 - $300
  • Upright piano long-distance - $1,000+
  • Grand piano local - $200 - $1,500
  • Grand piano long-distance - $2,000+

Keep in mind that major cities where space is tight might require a crane to get a larger piano in or out of the building. This is more common in places like New York City, with its high-rise buildings and small elevators.

26. Stamped Concrete

Most homes require concrete in some form. If homeowners are looking to avoid boring finishes like plain concrete or asphalt but without the higher expense of pavers or stone, decorative concrete is a good middle ground.

Stamped concrete is a popular choice for many homes, both indoors and outdoors, for an attractive finish. You’ll see it commonly used for patios, driveways, floors, and countertops.

stamped concrete

How much does Stamped Concrete cost?

There are several factors which influence cost:

  • The quantity of stamping textures
  • The detail and how complex it is
  • The quantity of colors wanted
  • Any special details and finishes
  • The location and condition of the site

Materials and labor are the two major costs. The more complex the finish and the bigger the area, the more expensive it will be. 

Upgradedhome estimates the following as a guideline but it can vary depending on how much work is involved and the location. 

  • Stamped concrete (single color) - $8 - $30 per square foot
  • Single pattern 600 sq.ft. driveway - $4,800 - $7.200 
  • Multi-patterned 600 sq.ft. driveway - $7,200 - $12,000

27. Tree Removal

Removing a tree is a significant expense for a homeowner and often times its a necessity. When a branch is hanging over a house or a storm came through and ripped parts of the branch or if the tree is dying. It's hazardous for the residence. Removing a big branch hanging over a house is a very dangerous job. You need specialists that are professional tree climbers to get the job done. In fact, tree service is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Therefore, it also costs pretty good money to get the job done.
  • Roots growing too close to building foundation or sewer lines
  • Dead trees
  • Storm damage
  • Clearing space for new structures

Some key factors that will factor into the costs of removing a tree:

  • The height, diameter, and volume of the tree
  • What type of species it is
  • It’s health
  • If there are power lines, structure, or other obstacles
  • Time of year
  • If the stump being removed
  • Are they keeping the wood or wanting it hauled away

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

According to, the cost of removing a tree can range from $155 on the low end to over $2,000. The national average lands between $400 to $1,100 to remove one tree.

The species and the size of the tree make a difference. Here are some popular trees and their costs to remove:

  • Pine: $1000 - $5000+
  • Palm: $2000 - $8000
  • Cedar: $2000 - $10,000+
  • Oak: $2000 - $10,000+
  • Maple: $1,000 - $5000+
  • Sycamore: $700 - $5000+

28. Towing

The high call volume makes towing a popular option for lead generation. Yes its lower ticket but tow truck companies can make big money when you have very strong organic rankings. Cars breakdown all the time. These companies are hungry for more leads, which makes it easy to close them.

How much do tow trucks charge?

Prices are going to vary depending on the location, the type of vehicle involved and distance it needs towing.

There is usually a base fee and then a fee per mile on top, ranging from $2.50 - $5 per mile.

These are the average rates, according to J.D. Power;

  • Up to 5 miles: $35 - $125
  • Up to 40 miles: $125 - $275
  • Up to 100 miles: $275 - $600

Tow trucks offer a range of additional services with separate fees:

  • Jump starts
  • Tire changes
  • Delivering gas


This list should come in handy when picking a rank & rent niche. Once you know the average value of the service, ask your client what their close rate % is as well.

This will give you an idea for how much you should charge for a lead. Ask your client what their close rate % and their profit margin %.

This calculator will show how much each lead is worth to the business owner.

So if you charge a fraction of that value to the business owner for every lead, its a win-win.

When you want to fast-track your results with rank and rent, check out our coaching program that walks you through every step of the process:

  • Niche research & essential due diligence
  • A platform for building quality lead gen sites at scale
  • Juicy ranking strategies (even more in-depth than my Rank & Rent SEO article) 
  • Proven prospecting & sales strategies to land clients
  • Weekly training
  • Mentoring teams with accountability
  • Close knit community with tons of support
  • we also have call tracking software that'll automatically charge your client for every lead that comes in
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    Seems like a no brainer.


    1. Hi Jane! Thanks for your comment. If there’s a market and demand with low competition, then for sure, go for it. Part of our coaching is around due diligence, where we outline base parameters to ensure our students have the best starting point when choosing a niche, and that includes population and competition. Personally, I haven’t done the healthcare niche, and I’m not sure what (if any) legalities would exist in that space (depends a lot on where you live), but worth investigating. Are you a student? Do you own a lead gen business? Hope this helps, but if you want more info about our coaching program, you can book a call with this link: Thanks again for taking the time to comment, and best of luck!

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