James Neville-Taylor’s Rapid Profit Machine Review: How Does a Free System Help You Make Money

September 9, 2023

James Neville-Taylor's Rapid Profit Machine is a free course and affiliate program. James created a DFY system that is designed to help people earn money online. RPM helps you identify business opportunities and teaches you how to be an online entrepreneur. Another option is to be an affiliate of the system and earn 10% to 50% commissions from James’s products.

The Rapid Profit Machine System operates with a 2-tier affiliate marketing system. Allowing you to make money with every person that you bring in. While advertised as free, there are upsells and subscriptions recommended once you put your system out there. After all, having a business means investing in your venture. Especially with how competitive the affiliate market is.

In this Rapid Profit Machine review, we talk about how a free system like RPM can help you make money. Find out what's inside their dashboard, the founder, cost, reputation, and the current state of affiliate marketing in 2023. 

James Neville-Taylor's Rapid Profit Machine Review: Pros and Cons


Easy Navigation- The RPM system's dashboard is organized. The topics and lessons are easy to follow through and looking for a specific lesson video is convenient.

Cheap Entry to Making Money Online- Although RPM is only completely free for the first 14 days, the cost is lower compared to other programs. This makes it accessible to anyone who wants to try becoming an affiliate marketer or an online entrepreneur.

Member Support- The Facebook lives, community, and Q&As are very important to beginners and those who want to expand their skills. RPM invites experts weekly to share their knowledge, and support is given to members.


Ineffective Traffic Generation- In affiliate programs, the results depend on your efforts. Traffic generation when not done right could reduce income potential and low conversion rates.

Competitive Environment- Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive field. Building your audience might be difficult and would require you to stand out. Free traffic might not be as effective or might be time consuming.

Lack of Transparent Reviews- It's difficult to find feedback that's transparent since many write reviews to promote their affiliate links.

Trial Version

The entire Rapid Profit Machine is free and Warrior+ has a 14-day free trial.


Rapid Profit Machine is free.

Refund Policy

Rapid Profit Machine has a 14-day iron-clad money-back guarantee.


Difficult to get honest reviews because people are promoting it as an affiliate. There are some mixed opinions about the support provided in the group.

What is Rapid Profit Machine?

Rapid Profit Machine is a free course and affiliate program. James Neville-Taylor created a system that is designed to help people earn money online. Rapid Profit Machine helps you identify business opportunities or invite you to join theirs by becoming an affiliate. The goal is to generate multiple passive income streams easily, which explains the DFY plugins. 

Beginners are welcomed to join as everything needed is handed to them. The system includes training videos, templates, support, live Q&As, and a community via Facebook. While advertised as free, RPM does require your investment to be effective in online income generation. James will sell you his Secret Traffic Source and running your Warrior+ will require a subscription as well. Technically speaking, your free system will only run for 14 days before it'll cost you.

How Does a RPM’s Free System Help You Make Money

Rapid Profit Machine can help you make money through being an affiliate and by teaching you how to be an online entrepreneur for free. After setting up your Warrior+ and Builderall accounts, your RPM system is up and running. You can also earn 10% to 50% affiliate commissions from James’s products.

You can make money through a 2-tier affiliate marketing system. This works by giving you commission from both direct and indirect referrals. Bringing someone into Builderall will get you 100% affiliate commission in the first month of their subscription. Other than that, you'll get a 30% recurring income every month. 

Other than the affiliate aspect, the system contains training videos, templates, and support. There are three steps in RPM's program:

1. Choosing a Niche

James provides a list of profitable niches to get you started, or if you have one in mind, you may proceed with it too. RPM emphasizes on choosing a niche that you're passionate about, but also has the potential to make money. 

2. Creating a Product

After identifying your niche, it's time to create a product that solves a problem or fulfills a need in said niche. The RPM system contains templates that will guide you in this process.

3. Selling Your Product

It's time to sell your product. RPM includes affiliate marketing training that will help you with marketing and selling your products. These cover social media, email marketing, and other strategies.

Who Is Rapid Profit Machine For?

The Rapid Profit Machine program is for anyone who wants to start making money online. The free system is also fit for:

Anyone who wants to start making money online

Affiliate marketers


Experienced marketers

What Is Included in the Rapid Profit Machine?

RPM includes free training, Warrior+, DFY funnel, private FB group, and James' Secret Traffic Sources (for $7). The Rapid Profit Machine will cover affiliate marketing basics, introduction to solo ad, Facebook ads, and James' proven strategies.  Let's look at the RPM dashboard and what welcomes new members:

Step 1: Welcome To The Rapid Profit Machine

James will welcome you to RPM and instruct you to join the private Facebook group. In the welcome video he encourages members to participate in the weekly live Q&As where he invites experts to share their valuable insight that might help the members in their affiliate marketing journey. 

Step 2: Your Affiliate Info

For the second part of the onboarding, you will learn how to set up your affiliate link for RPM through WarriorPlus. 

Step 3: DFY Automation

This is where you set up your Builderall affiliate account. Builderall is a DFY funnel and additional income stream outside of WarriorPlus. According to James, this is used for sending email and hosting additional funnels.

You start with a free trial for 14 days and pay $16.90/mo from then on.   

Step 4: Fresh Buyers Traffic

James will introduce you to solo ads and recommend a premium clicks package for $1400. 

Step 5: Your Next Steps

After finishing the initial setup, you will proceed with the lessons, which include: 

  • Introductory Modules 
  • RPM Training
  • Secret Traffic Sources
  • RPM Pro
  • RPM DFY Peace Of Mind
  • Turbocharger

Rapid Profit Machine Login

Signing up for the program only takes a few seconds. The next three pages after signing up for the free system, will take you to discounted offers for James' Secret Traffic Sources priced $7. If you decline the offer, you'll be asked to at least purchase his top 3 sources for $4. Before completing your registration, you'd either wait for approval or pay $1 to activate your account instantly.

Rapid Profit Machine Affiliate Program

The Rapid Profit Machine affiliate program is straightforward and done-for-you. After signing up, this is the first thing that you will set up on the dashboard. RPM uses WarriorPlus to set up your affiliate link.  

Are Members of Rapid Profit Machine Successful?

Rapid Profit Machine members appear to be successful. Unfortunately, there are no substantial reviews other than the ones in their pages. This can be difficult to trust, considering that they're trying to sell the system to you. The reviews outside their pages come from affiliates and will naturally come with praises. 

Rapid Profit Machine Reddit Reviews

Rapid Profit Machine Reddit reviews appear to be the same as the ones in their landing pages. However, they are less enthusiastic and actually encourage you to be cautious and do your research. I agree with them as the program will eventually cost you money. The free entry is good especially with the fact that you get access to resources and support. 

Who Is James Neville-Taylor?

James Neville-Taylor is a successful 7-figure affiliate marketer with many awards. This Australian marketer received his Associate’s Degree from the University of Cambridge and started his brand online almost 7 years ago. He's recognized by platforms like Builderall and Legendary Marketer.

In 2020, James received a congratulatory package from Builderall for earning over $200k as an affiliate. His most prominent work is the Rapid Profit Machine, which is an affiliate marketing program that reaches prospects through email, social media, or through his DFY system. Before that, he launched MAB (Massive Affiliate Blueprint) which is also a DFY system and is a part of RPM.

James Neville-Taylor's Claims?

James claims that RPM is a revolutionary affiliate marketing tool that can make you about $2,000 a day for free. On the main page of RPM, he discloses his own results, which amounted to $91,815.42. The selling point of RPM is it being a free system to automate your online money-making venture. 

Issues With James Neville-Taylor's System

While you can technically make money with RPM spending nothing for 14 days, you'd still have to invest at some point. Even James agrees that you would need to spend money to generate traffic and make money with his system. That's the reason behind the upsells and offers. 

It is also possible to generate your own leads without purchasing the Fresh Buyers Traffic. You'd have to learn how to generate leads, nurture them, and eventually make a sale. All these together will tell you that it's not easy to make the same amount of money using this automated system. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2023?

Affiliate marketing is worth it in 2023. Throughout the years, it remains as a good way to make money with the opportunity to build multiple income streams. The world of online business operates around online marketing and email marketing, making them integral to the strategy of those who want to earn affiliate commissions. 

However, its success doesn't make it immune to difficulties. According to statistics, 95% of affiliate marketers fail and quit. Here are the reasons why:

Difficulty of finding high converting products

The need to build a large and engaged audience

Need to continually adapt to changes in the market

Need to keep up with the changes in the product and services 

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My Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2023?

A free program sounds like a great entry to the online market. I do agree and see this as a fact. However, free systems can only serve you for a short amount of time. Beyond that, you need to shell out some cash to keep your business running. Setting up for affiliate marketing typically costs about $500 to over $2,000, so finding a free DFY system is great. 

It's easy to get excited when you see $91,815.42 earnings for just 7 days. That's probably why James always adds a disclosure on his results. And the reality is, 57.55% of affiliate marketers earn less than $10,000. The figure is not small at all, but factoring in the cost to run your system, drive traffic, and keep your audience engaged, those five figures might not be as big as they initially appeared

If you stumbled upon RPM in hopes of finding a way to earn money online and financial freedom, I have something for you. Have you heard of local lead generation? Think of it as a way for you to invest in digital estates and rent them out to make money with minimal involvement and maintenance cost.

I've been doing this since 2014 and in the present, I'm teaching over 7000 students about local lead gen and how they can use it to attain financial success. I rank websites, rent them to small businesses, and enjoy the passive income stream. You can start small and add more throughout the years, that's the beauty of it. Learn about local lead generation today and start earning a minimum of $2000/month for a single site alone. 

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