Real Advisors Review: Is It Worth Your Time and Money For Real Estate Investment?

February 9, 2024

REAL Advisors is a real estate investment education platform. It offers modern investment and internet marketing strategies–from live training and workshops to automation and video courses. REAL Advisors promises to deliver efficient results to all of their students while minimizing the burden of massive capital investments from traditional approaches.

Most student feedback is positive. However, external reviews from Reddit and Better Business Bureau include complaints about high upfront fees and few results.

Modern real estate marketing courses, coaching and mentoring programs have been an invaluable tool for real estate investors and marketers. This is because of the high demand for home buyers maximizing online resources to assist with their real estate needs. The National Association of Realtors reports that 96% of home buyers use online tools when searching properties for sale. This include, 3D virtual tours, email notifications from saved searches of real estate websites, and digital floor plans. This is the reason why real estate professionals are keeping up with the latest trends, seeking educational programs to kickstart long-term opportunities.

In this REAL Advisors review, we will know more about what the platform offers, an in-depth assessment of the automated investor system, and if the entire platform is valuable and worth investing in compared to other digital real estate marketing strategies.

The Pros and Cons of REAL Advisors

Pros of REAL Advisors

Flexible program

They provide live trainings, virtual workshops, coaching and mentoring


Unrealistic promises of making money sounds so easy with just a “point, click, and flip” for their automated system.

Many upfront fees


The cost of REAL Advisors offerings range between $97 - $1,297

Refund Policy

For REAL Advisors’ Automated Investor System, it promises a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.


REAL Advisors have positive reviews, mostly from their students who closed a couple of first deals. But no positive external reviews were noted. Some external reviews are in doubt about their Automated Investor System. Also, no Google reviews found. 

What REAL Advisors Promise to Real Estate Investors

REAL Advisors makes a bold promise by offering a comprehensive solution for aspiring and rising real estate investors. Their all-in-one offerings vow to redefine their process with its commitment to convenience and tangible results.

It all starts with the real estate learning materials that cover courses related to the industry. Then, you can opt for more in-depth discussions through live training and virtual workshops. REAL Advisors also cater to coaching and mentoring programs for those who have specific needs.

With REAL Advisors, everything goes down to automation. For real estate investing, REAL Advisors highlights Dolmar Cross’ house flipping app, the Automated Investor System, which includes the skip tracing tool to track potential buyers, sellers, and lenders. But one former user stated that it does not provide an accurate number of results. And you have to pay $0.10 per lead, excluded from the monthly subscription.

What is REAL Advisors?

REAL Advisors is an online real estate education platform. It was established in 2017. They are one of the industry leaders in the financial education industry. Boasting the #8 spot on the Inc. 500 list of Florida’s fastest growing companies in 2021. The REAL Advisors also secured the #2 positions in the 2020 Jacksonville Business Journal's Fastest Growing Companies in Jacksonville.

What Are The Financial Educational Programs REAL Advisors Offer?

The involvement of REAL Advisors’ program covers not only real estate matters. It also gives emphasis to a wider scope of financial education topics. This includes:

  • Real estate investing
  • Financial planning
  • Business growth and management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Asset Protection
  • Digital Marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • eCommerce
  • And more

What are the REAL Advisors Main Products and Services?

Real Estate Club Monthly

Real Estate Club Monthly gives you full access to the best and most advanced real estate courses and video materials. You only have to pay $1 for a trial period of 14 days. If you decide to continue, it's a monthly subscription of $97. It can be canceled anytime.

Master Closer

REAL Advisors’ Master Closer is a course to enhance your acquisition skills. This aims for students to close deals over the phone without spending too much on marketing. This Steve Morales course also tackles the convenience of these tactics, like not going over to see the homeowner’s property in person. You can purchase this one time at $1,297.

Automated Investor System

The Automated Investor System for house flipping offers the following package for users:

A REAL Elite Software: An activation and instant access to buyer, seller, and lender leads.

Full Access for Two Months: Clients have full access for two months for what Dolmar called the national lead database. After 60 days, you will pay $97 monthly to access the system.

Three-Day Workshop: A virtual and interactive 3-day live training.

Real estate Resources: The system provides important resources, such as forms, contracts and agreements.

Video Materials: The video series and library of “How Tos” that walks you through the step-by-step guide on how to start from scratch.

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee: After the 3-day workshop or even after day 1, when you decide that the system won’t work for you, you have an option for a refund.

The initial payment is $497. However, you have to pay $97 for the monthly subscription for continuous access.

Automated Investor System Training: How does the Dolmar Cross Automated Investor System Work?

When you decide to pursue real estate flipping, Dolmar Cross’ Automated Investor System works to lessen the challenges of identifying sellers willing to offer the best deals and securing buyers who are ready to make a sale at desired price.

In the Automated Investor System, Dolmar Cross asserts that this system offers a straightforward solution to overcome these challenges and target financial goals. This system simplifies the entire process down to a simple Point, Click, Flip. It also gives a glimpse of how the app can help people with no cash, no real estate license and prior experience in real estate investments.

According to Cross, the system holds the potential to yield $5,000-$20,000. This projection is within a 30-day period—all with no upfront investment. But technically, you have to invest in REAL Advisors, specifically the Automated Investor System, to gain access to their real estate resources and other relevant programs to achieve profit.

Can Real Estate Investors Make Money in Dolmar Cross Automated Investor System?

Based on most reviews from their students, who are also real estate investors, the system works for them. Here are some of the featured testimonials:

According to Sean Poytner, he didn’t know where to start. But because of the Automated Investor System, he could confidently face a potential seller. He was looking at the two deals with a combined profit of $12,000.

Another student from Los Angeles shared about her being skeptical about the system. She changed her mind then followed everything inside the house flipping app. From there, she claimed to have several deals, and one of them has a projected profit of $288,000.

However, not everyone has the same results as the students. Below are reviews of the Automated Investor System users from Reddit:

According to the user One_Handle_9514, the Automated Investor System for flipping houses is a waste of money since everything that you need to know about wholesaling is found in Google. The free crash course is only a front for you to sign up with the six months mentorship program that will incur a cost of $8,977. What’s more is that you will have to pay $0.10 for every lead when you access the automated investor app.

Another user replied to the thread and shared his experience when he was chosen as part of the promotion of Dolmar Cross. He claimed that they got to talk about the class. He was told that he needs to pay for it and more fees were discussed.

But one Reddit user says otherwise. Based on her statement below, she has an experience of the Automated Investor System in 2020 and recalled that it’s useful for buyers if they are searching for lenders but not for those who want to start with wholesaling.

According to her, it’s a database of information for buyers and lenders. She also brought up that the company ranked Forbes, so she considered them as legitimate.

What Are People Saying About REAL Advisors?

Based on the top 3 featured student testimonials, they have seen results after they got in touch with REAL Advisors. The featured reviews all have one thing in common: being able to close the first deal.

Another testimonial is from their student who attended the 3-day workshop. And also took part in daily coaching and mentorship programs all the way from Ukraine. As per his statement, he has a zero background with real estate yet mastered the real estate wholesaling, all thanks to the program from REAL Advisors.

But not all have the same positive experience with REAL Advisors. An anonymous review from the Better Business Bureau declares his/her disappointment about the program. The participant wanted to drop the 3-day workshop because he/she thinks it’s going nowhere.

Instead of canceling, their sales people still kept on convincing her to enroll in more courses, classes and workshops. Because of the salespeople’s persistence, she just asked if everything would eventually work out after he/she enrolled and ended up joining the $497 workshop. However, the person claimed he/she received no mentorship.

He/she tried to get in touch with the team, yet no support was given. She asked for a refund. Aside from the workshop, she was offered the software because they claim that the app is the best among other software in the market. He/she spent a total of $127 for the six months' use. But according to him/her, still no results or success. No money was given back as well.

The REAL Partners and Advisors

Who is Francis Ablola?

Francis Ablola is the Chief Executive Officer of REAL Advisors, LLC since 2021. He specializes in marketing strategy with a focus on direct response advertising. In 2020, he propelled the REAL Advisors to #80 Inc 500 list of fast-growing private companies in America. Francis manages multimillion-dollar online ad spend, resulting in millions of generated revenue.

He is a speaker, consultant and trainer with his effective marketing strategies and rapid business growth globally. For over a decade, he is a trusted consultant for national real estate investment trainers. Recognized industry leader in real estate marketing, pioneering strategies on platforms like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

Who is Dolmar Cross?

Dolmar Cross has been a real estate investor since 2004. He is also a father, social media influencer, mentor and a speaker. He was 20 years old when he bought his first property in Tampa, Florida. He almost lost his investments when the real estate market crashed in 2008 and declared bankruptcy. With the help of his mentor, he learned the process of real estate house flipping with almost no money involved.

Dolmar made his business a success through automating his processes related to house flipping. Today, he is the co-founder of Real Advisors, a company that educates individuals with the latest trends and processes in the real estate market. He is also the CEO of 3 Day Cash Buyers. One of his major accomplishments is the Automated Investor System, a real estate software for flipping houses.

Who is Brian Hanson?

Brian earned over 20 years of expertise and experience in digital marketing, highlighting his focus on affiliate marketing , SEO, PPC and other marketing strategies. He has a deep knowledge of real estate and investment marketing. Brian is a mentor, consultant, and public speaker about marketing and sales to business owners. He is involved in the increase of profit from one of the largest online engine and transmission companies with an annual sales of $5 million.

Who is Keisha Cross?

Keisha is the wife of Dolmar Cross, a mom, and a former middle school teacher. As REAL Advisors director of education, product creator, and content strategist, she has contributed to the learning resources of the company. For more than a decade, her experience made it to some of prominent real estate investing education companies around the globe.

Who is Steven Morales?

Steven received a 6-figure promotion at his 9-5 job for breaking the company sales record in 2016. But he quit the next day to pursue his real estate investor dream. He closed hundreds of real estate deals and generated millions in revenue since then. As a valuable member of Real Advisors, both new and experienced real estate investors have achieved significant results by implementing his methods.

Who is Richard Dunn?

Richard is an entrepreneur specializing in operations and sales management. He has extensive expertise in sales and modern sales strategies. He successfully transformed failing companies with low revenues and high employee turnover into fully staffed enterprises, generating millions of annual revenues. In 2016, Richard founded a sales agency focused on real estate investing, diversifying with inbound and outbound sales teams.

Cultivates an environment and culture emphasizing excellence through teamwork and continuous education, fostering success for a team of over 30 employees. Actively teaches sales techniques and strategies, providing consultations to real estate investors, small business owners, and individuals nationwide.

Local Lead Generation Recommendation as a Trusted and Effective Real Estate Investment Strategy

Real Advisors is a promising avenue for real estate investment education, boasting a team with impressive credentials. However, before diving in, weigh the upfront costs, actual results, and complexities within the platform.

As Jonathan Hanman, the Managing Director of Taronga Group, shared with the KGMP survey, the emphasis on automation in the property sector can address inefficiencies. He also added that the challenge associated with Big Data and analytics suggests organizations must consistently question the purpose of collecting large amounts of data. So, for organizations genuinely focused on customers, the ability to assess and use data critically may serve as a competitive advantage.

Real estate automation should be less complicated and useful for clients to achieve business efficiency. Much can be self-taught through online resources. You don’t have to spend money on educational programs to be knowledgeable about real estate investing.

Local lead generation differs from traditional real estate. It is a repeatable process that brings in monthly income ranging from $500 to $3000 per month. Remarkably, this process doesn't involve selling physical products, using paid ads, or taking part in affiliate programs.

Local lead generation involves managing a digital property. Digital real estate is much easier to create and maintain, with far less overhead. By following the simple yet effective process of ranking a site and then renting it to small businesses, individuals can secure tangible returns. This approach aligns seamlessly with the trend of real estate professionals adapting to innovative technologies for optimal business results.

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