Today I’ll be reviewing Graham Stephan’s Real Estate Agent Academy course.

From course overview, to what I like about what Graham’s teaching, to some of the shortcomings of real estate agent, why many of them do struggle to get ahead in life and truly live the lifestyle they dream about?

Hinte: Lack of passive income flows.

We’re also gonna take a look at what I do to generate $50K in passive income every month by building virtual real estate aka lead generation properties that bring customers to my small business clients, how the lead gen coaching program differs from Graham’s real estate agent coaching.

By the end of this blog post you should have better understand of how you can allocate your efforts so that you create a life of financial security and freedom.

About Graham Stephan

This kid hustled his way up the ladder as an Real Estate Agent that had no prior connections to work from. He basically started small with scraps that other agents didn’t care for, because he started at when he was 16 years old so he was willing to do small gigs because anything at the time was a lot of money for him. Even with these small opportunities he was still going out there working hard as if they were big lucrative jobs, and he started to build relationships with people, over time he got lucky with few homeowners that saw the hustle of this kid and trusted him to pick the home for him.

He landed his first multi-million dollar home deal for a couple when he was 18 which made him a pretty incredible commission and re-affirmed to him that becoming a real estate agent should be his primary focus not going to college. So he did exactly that.

By Age 26, he has made million dollars in commission being a real estate agent and so he has a journey of going from nothing to success and with his course he shows exactly how he did it, what kind of tricks & tips he has gained along the way that has helped him prospect, build relationships, negotiate, go for the close and everything in between.

Graham has a pretty popular youtube channel with over 160K subscribers, constantly sharing great content to his audience.

He has been in real estate for a while now, at least 10 years, and he has finally started to diversify his income streams by starting a youtube channel and beginning to sell his real estate agent course.

Good for him.

He is building passive income streams and that’s exactly what he should be doing.

As cool as it might sound to sell multi-million dollar homes and make that fat commission, you still have to trade in time to make that money.

You need to be doing some other business on the side that allows you to build passive income streams aka ability to make money while you sleep.

Real Estate Agent Academy Course Overview

This course is split up into 8 sections

Part 1: Why Real Estate Agent & Why Would You Want To Become One?

Part 2: Getting Your License

Part 3: How to Join a Real Estate Brokerage

Part 4: How to Start Your Career

Part 5: Getting Leads & Business

Part 6: Working with Sellers

Part 7: Working with Buyers

Part 8: Working with Lease Clients

Part 9: Tax Planning and Final Thoughts

My View on Being a Real Estate Agent

The advantage of being a real estate agent is that you have the opportunity to operate like an entrepreneur.

Make your own hours.

Make more money for hustling harder.

And possibly more money than most jobs out there if done correctly.

I’ve read plenty of books about real estate agent field before I became an online entrepreneur with the local lead generation business.

The problem with being a real estate agent though is that depending on the market, it can be pretty saturated / competitive.

Its all about going out there and prospecting harder than the next guy or gal.

Graham Stephan talks about doing door knocking & cold ways to got get attention, because money follows attention.

You have to let people know about you in order to make money that’s for sure, and similar to network marketing I too tried these methods of cold approach.

And got burnt out pretty quickly.

That’s when I started searching the internet for better ways to market myself and I came across lead generation using free traffic, basically the skill of ranking websites and having customers come to you instead of having to chase them.

Attraction marketing vs. interruption marketing.

When I acquired that skill of lead gen with this coaching program(our #1 recommendation), that’s when I really started having success of being able to cut my own paychecks and my income started to grow.


I think real estate agent is definitely a worthwhile career especially when you get mentors like Graham that gives you all his tricks & tips to land big deals but you’re still required to trade in your time for dollars with being a real estate agent.

Even though its high dollars when you get good at prospecting & building relationship with people which is good… but you only begin to grow true wealth when you can begin building passive income streams.

The ability to make money while you sleep.

Because what happens as a real estate agent when you want to take a vacation for a whole month, or you get sick and you cannot work for a whole month?

When your income is directly tied to your ability to work. You’re always at risk of losing that income on a moments notice when something happens that comes in the way of your ability to work.

Traditionally people think its too difficult to build passive income stream, because they’re thinking they might have to invest in multi-family units which can cost $200K to play ball.

Well with the internet there’s a whole new world of opportunities to create passive income, especially in the digital marketing space where we create simple easy to build lead generation websites, rank them high in the search rankings so that it begins to generate leads on auto-pilot with free traffic and we just rent these properties out to small business owners.

We’re calling it virtual real estate.

What’s great is that it doesn’t cost that much to build these sites out, but the return on investment is pretty insane. Any one of my lead gen sites make me anywhere from $750 to $3000 per month.

Now I’m making anywhere from $40K to $50K passive residual income per month with all the lead gen sites I have out there. Truly a internet business model that gives you amazing freedom. Go here to learn more. Talk soon.


even Graham understands the value of passive income

But this is after working 10 years as an agent and you’ve got $6475 per month in passive income… I think a true entrepreneur needs to be building passive income streams from day 1 so it should be much higher than that imo. Which is why I think he has made his youtube channel and started selling a course to try to increase his passive income streams…. in the end, its internet marketing skills that will give you the direct keys to the kingdom of passive income. Lead generation for small business is where I would start.

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