Tony and Sara Robinson’s Real Estate Robinsons Review | 8 Pitfalls of STR Real Estate

October 16, 2023

Tony and Sara Robinson, the Real Estate Robinsons, specializes in short-term rental (STR) real estate business. This husband and wife duo has already built an impressive short-term rental business portfolio. They have turned their real estate investment into a multi-million dollar business in just 2 years. You can follow their journey on their YouTube channel as they share their secrets to success. But if you want to learn more about their strategies, Real Estate Robinsons also host in-person events that will help you build a results-driven short-term rental business. 

The short-term real estate industry continues to flourish in the United States. This study shows that STR bookings have increased by 5.5% in 2023. While STR real estate may seem a profitable venture, it’s still a high-risk investment that requires extensive research and more resources. If you’re looking for alternatives, consider investing in local lead generation.

Unlike short-term real estate, the local lead generation business model requires minimal capital investment, with a profit margin of up to 90%. The goal is to help local businesses generate leads through high-ranking service sites or optimized Google My Business listings. But instead of selling leads, you build, rank and rent your website to local businesses. It’s like digital real estate, where you can avoid high maintenance costs, stringent laws and regulations, issues with tenants and more. 

The STR Ride-Along Event By Real Estate Robinsons

Tony and Sara Robinson will host another STR event on July 15, 2023. The event will take place in Ontario, California, with transit to/from Joshua Tree, California. It’s a one-and-a-half-day in-person event. All attendees will take a 90-minute charter bus ride from Ontario, CA to Joshua Tree, CA. 

During the ride, Tony and Sara will cover some topics about building and growing a short-term real estate business, including Airbnb rental arbitrage. The itinerary also includes some property visits in Joshua Tree, CA. This tour is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Robinsons’ investment property strategies. 

The STR Ride-Along Event comes with a lot of bonuses, so it's not just something that is over and done in one and half day. Similar to a traditional course, it comes with online training videos, modules, live training session and access to private support group and forums. The Robinsons will also have Q-and-A sessions to address your concerns that may arise after the event. 

in this section make the distinction that this comes with a lot of other bonuses, so its not just something that is over and done in one day. similar to a traditional course, it comes with online training vids etc. Say something like that the Robinsons have come up with a tangible personal spin on the traditional online course.

the real estate robinsons

Pros and Cons of Real Estate Robinsons’ STR Ride-Along Event


Event creators, Tony and Sara Robinson have a successful track record in short-term rental real estate and Airbnb.

Attendees get access to Airbnb on-demand training videos.

There’s going to be a live training session via Zoom before the event to give you an overview of what you can learn from the Real Estate Robinsons team.

Attendees will also get access to Real Estate Robinsons’ private support online community.

You can have direct interaction with Tony and Sara.

It will be an intimate event since only limited slots are available.

You can visit some of their actual STR properties in various phases.

Meet Tony and Sara’s team, including their real estate agent, cleaners and staff members.


The event is more likely for beginners or new investors. You may not find the lectures useful if you already have a strong STR portfolio.

The joining cost is a bit pricey. 

There is no cancellation or refund policy.


$1,697 (excluding flights and lodging)


The event will happen on July 15, 2013.


The Real Estate Robinsons has 40.2k subscribers on YouTube and 24.2k followers on TikTok, with 1.2m likes.

Refund Policy

There is no cancellation or refund policy. 

What to Expect from the STR Ride-Along Event by the Real Estate Robinsons

Non-Stop Networking & STR Lectures

It will be a jam-packed event with non-stop learning from start to finish. Tony and Sara promise to share the strategies they used to have a successful short-term rental business.

Direct Interaction with Tony and Sara Robinson

You’ll get full access to Tony and Sara throughout the entire event. The couple will lead the ride-along event and will be ready to answer your questions about STR or Airbnb business.

Property Visits

You’ll get the chance to visit some of Tony and Sara’s properties in various stages. They will walk you through different processes and work required for each phase, including:

  • A property or unit rented by the guests 

  • A fully cleaned property or unit and ready for check-ins

  • A property or unit that has been completed and is now ready to be listed

Private Online Support Group

All attendees will get access to Real Estate Robinsons' private online group. This allows you to connect with other like-minded real estate investors.

Vendor Introductions

The Robinsons will introduce to you their lender and their real estate agent. They will also give you some insights that can be valuable to starting or managing a short-rental business. They can give you tips on financing options, finding the best deals and other important details.


There will be free breakfast and lunch on the day of the actual ride-along event.

Special Bonus 1: Live Training Session Before the Event

The Robinsons will have one live training session via Zoom, prior to the ride-along event. Tony and Sara will break down the key concepts of leveraging software to automate your business. They will also teach you how to conduct in-depth marketing research to analyze a deal.

Special Bonus 2: Two Q-and-A Sessions After the Event

The Robinsons will host two Q-and-A sessions after the ride-along event. It’s going to be a 90-minute Q-and-A session via Zoom. The first session will be scheduled 30 days after the event and another session will happen again after a month. The goal of these Q-and-A sessions is to sort out any follow-up concerns or challenges that arise since the live event. 


Special Bonus 3: Access to Airbnb On-Demand Training Videos

You’ll get access to Real Estate Robinsons’ exclusive Airbnb training videos. It’s an 11-module online training program that teaches you how to start and manage an Airbnb business. The lectures include finding the best deals, deal funding, selecting the right market, property analysis, vendor management, guest management and much more.

What Do People Say About Last Year’s STR Ride-Along Event? 

There are only a handful of video testimonials about the previous STR Ride-Along event. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find reviews about the same event from outside their YouTube channel or other reliable platforms.

“This is the first time I see somebody provide such good value for people who are willing or trying to learn the short-term rental investing space. Coming here and seeing Tony and Sara and how they set this up has been amazing. Just from watching how they’re teaching the way they set up the properties, the niche they’re focused on, the market they’re in and the way they explain things has been awesome.”  - Rafa

“I’m just getting started with my short-term rental investing. I’ve had a long-term rental [business] for several years. I also do wholesaling real estate. This experience has been great to learn–some of the smaller details that you wouldn’t think about with short-term rental investing. The event taught me things you can’t learn from a book. It connected me to the right people who are already successful in this industry.  They have provided me with great information that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.” - Olivia De Oliviera

“We have a small portfolio of long-term rentals and short-term rentals but recently, I [learned] more about Tony when he was featured on a Rob Host Built Camp Coaching Call. Tony hit something when that kind of expanded my mindset as far as looking at a property that may just cost more or not too expensive. So, I changed some of my settings. I expanded my search criteria. And because of that, we landed one of our biggest deals.” 

"We just followed Tony’s advice and doubled our portfolio. That’s why I joined this program. I wanted to meet him, network with him and learn more from them. He’s been really influential on the trajectory of our real estate. The value we’re getting here is we’re able to show up, see what they’re doing, what their properties look like, learn their processes and other aspects you won’t learn from the podcast or any other source.” - Justin

What Other People Say About Going to the Real Estate Robinsons’ STR Ride-Along Event?

On Reddit, more people are skeptical about going to the event. Most of them are saying it’s a waste of time and money since there are tons of information you can find online. However, there are also others who are vouching for Tony and Sara and recommend joining the event, especially if you’re just getting started with STR real estate investing.

Who Are the Real Estate Robinsons? 

The Real Estate Robinsons are Tony and Sara Robinson. This power couple has been successful in managing a short-term rental business using different real estate platforms. Both of them had corporate jobs in the past but then decided to invest in real estate. And in just two years, the Real Estate Robinson duo had remarkable success and is now managing a $10,000,000 STR portfolio

Who is Tony Robinson? 

Tony Robinson is the founder of the Real Estate Robinsons. He is a successful real estate investor, podcaster, YouTuber and educator. Tony also co-hosted in BiggerPockets podcast, where he shares his insights about real estate investments.  Before he became a real estate investor, Tony was already successful in his corporate jobs. He worked in reputable tech companies, including Tesla.

In December 23 2020, Tony lost his job. He was already a senior manager at that time. And after getting rejected from several job interviews, he decided to focus on starting a business. Tony said it took him about 12 months to better himself and decided to enter the real estate industry. He focused on short-term rental properties. And in just 2 years, Tony and his wife and business partner, Sara Robinsons have successfully turned their STR investments into a $10 million dollar business. 

Is the Real Estate Robinsons Duo Legit? 

Yes, the Real Estate Robinsons duo is legit. Tony and Sara Robinson have an impressive track record in managing and growing a short-term rental business. This power couple has scaled their real estate investment from 0 to $10 million in just 2 years. They have been successful with the Airbnb platform, as well. [Check out the top Airbnb courses]. And looking at their digital footprint, many people are vouching for Tony and Sara’s expertise. Most of them are saying their YouTube channel has been providing them with valuable information about STR real estate. 

Is the Real Estate Robinsons’ STR Ride-Along Event Worth it? 

Yes, going to Robinsons Real Estate’s STR Ride-Along event is worth it, especially if you’re new to short-term rentals. Tony and Sara definitely have the expertise to start and manage a short-term rental business. This is a good opportunity to meet them and learn more about their strategies in person. The program they prepared also seems promising, as they will tour you to some of their properties and discuss all the processes you should apply from start to finish. As advertised, you will also meet their team members to give you more insights about their operations. 

The perks they offer are also enticing, including the Airbnb module, private support group, Q-and-A sessions after the event and much more. Overall, this can be a fun and great earning experience for you. 

8 Pitfalls of STR Real Estate You May Encounter

1. Seasonal Demand

The demand for short-term rental properties is usually seasonal. That’s why location plays a vital factor in this business. You should also be prepared to face periods of low occupancy and reduced rental income during off-peak seasons.

2. High Turnover and Maintenance Costs

Unlike long-term rentals, STR properties typically require more frequent turnover and maintenance. Cleaning costs, repairs and regular upkeep may affect your overall profits. So be ready for unexpected repairs or replacements.

3. Regulatory and Legal Issues

STR regulations vary widely between cities and municipalities. Some areas may have restrictions or more specific requirements for operating a short-term rental, such as obtaining permits, paying taxes or adhering to zoning regulations. It’s vital to research thoroughly and comply with local laws to avoid fines or legal complications.

4. Intensive Management

Managing a short-term rental property can be time-consuming. You need to handle bookings, guest communication, marketing cleaning and maintenance. If you’re not prepared for these responsibilities or don’t have the resources to hire a property manager, it can quickly become overwhelming.

5. Occupancy and Revenue Volatility

While short-term rentals can generate higher rental income compared to long-term rentals, occupancy and revenue can be unpredictable. Fluctuations in demand, competition from other rentals or external factors like economic downturns or travel restrictions can impact your property's occupancy rate and income stream.

6. Guest-Related Concerns

Hosting different guests regularly introduces the risk of dealing with problematic tenants. Issues such as property damage, noise complaints or violations of house rules can arise. Addressing guest concerns promptly and maintaining the quality of your property is crucial to avoid negative reviews and maintaining a positive reputation.

7. Market Saturation

In popular tourist destinations or areas with a high number of short-term rentals, there may be intense competition, leading to oversupply. A saturated market can make it challenging to attract guests and maintain competitive rental rates, impacting your rental income.

8. High Interest Rates

Rising interest rates can affect the real estate market. When interest rates rise, it becomes more expensive for individuals and businesses to borrow money from financial institutions, including mortgage loans. This increase in borrowing costs can have several effects on the real estate market, such as: 

1. Mortgage rates and affordability: Rising interest rates typically lead to higher mortgage rates. This means potential buyers may face increased borrowing costs, which can reduce their purchasing decisions. As a result, some buyers may choose to delay or reconsider purchasing a property, leading to a slowdown in demand. 

2. Decreased demand: Higher borrowing costs can dampen demand for real estate. A potential homebuyer or real estate investor may find it more challenging to qualify for loans or afford higher mortgage payments, which can lead to a decrease in buyer demand. As a result, home sales and property values may decline, especially in price-sensitive markets.

3. Investor behavior: Rising interest rates can also impact real estate investors. Higher borrowing costs can reduce their profitability, as financing expenses increase. This can lead to a decrease in investment activity in the real estate market, particularly for projects with thin profit margins or high leverage.

4. Market dynamics: The overall dynamics of the real estate market may shift with rising interest rates. Sellers may face increased competition as buyer demand weakens, leading to a buyer's market. In this scenario, buyers may have more negotiating power, which can result in lower property prices or longer time on the market.

Alternatives on Real Estate Robinsons 

  • Epic Real Estate - In this program, Matt Theriault will teach you how to invest in real estate. It will provide you with helpful materials that can help you start and grow your real estate investment. The course comes with comprehensive investment manuals, checklists, guides and much more. 
  • Real Estate Agent Academy - This course is for those who are interested in becoming a real estate agent. It will provide you with valuable insights on how to become a successful real estate agent. This includes getting leads, how to prepare for an open house, how to optimize your listings and much more.
  • First Responder Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp - This course is geared towards helping first responders learn how to create a new stream of income in real estate.
  • Airbnb Breakdown Academy - If you're interested in Airbnb, you can also check out this program by Bryson Blocker. He will give you some insightful ideas on how to start and manage an Airbnb business, including how to create an LLC, creating a listing, automation tips, creating a budget plan and much more.
  • Airbnb Pricing Workshop - This is program is for Airbnb hosts with at least 1 to 3 listings. Matt Caissie shows how to develop and implement a profitable pricing strategy for your listings.
  • Airbnb Co-Hosting Mini-Course - This course created by Bailey Kramer will teach you how to start your own Airbnb co-hosting business and earn 6 figures. In this course, you will learn how to find clients, land the best deals, manage Airbnb listings and much more.  
  • Fund Your Freedom Masterclass: This cost-free class by real estate coaches Ramel Newerls, Kenneth Smith, and Derek Boone cover the essentials of building credit score and starting a business or real estate venture.  

Local Lead Generation: Safer Investment Option than Short-Term Rental Real Estate

Short-term rental real estate can be a profitable venture. However, I still prefer the local lead generation business model. Unlike real estate, starting a local lead generation business only requires minimal capital investment. As the name implies, it works by generating leads for local businesses through high-ranking service sites. The basic principle is to rank and rent sites for local businesses instead of selling leads to them. 

With local lead generation, there’s no need to deal with expensive property repairs or maintenance costs, economic downturn, legal concerns or intensive property management. With only a few hundred dollars, you can start building and ranking a website. You can also build multiple service sites to generate more leads and maximize your profits. Each site can turn into a passive income stream that can earn up to $2,000 monthly.

STR Real Estate FAQs 

FAQ #1: How to prepare your property for rent?

1. Check legal requirements: Legal requirements like permits may vary from city to city. Visit the municipal office to ensure you comply with their policies and avoid future discrepancies.

2. Clean and repair: Start by thoroughly cleaning the property, including all rooms, windows, carpets, and appliances. Make any necessary repairs, such as fixing leaky faucets, replacing broken fixtures, or patching up walls. A well-maintained property creates a positive impression.

3. Paint and update: Consider giving the walls a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors that appeal to a wide range of tenants. Update any outdated features, such as light fixtures or kitchen cabinets, if needed. Modernizing the property can make it more attractive to prospective tenants.

4. Check safety features: Ensure that all safety features are in working order. Test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers to ensure they are functioning correctly. Make sure the property meets all local safety codes and regulations.

5. Enhance curb appeal: Enhance the property's curb appeal by maintaining the landscape. Trim trees and shrubs, mow the lawn and remove any debris. Consider adding flowers or potted plants to make the property more inviting.

 6. Declutter and stage: Remove any personal belongings or excessive clutter from the property. Stage the rooms with appropriate furniture and decor to give potential tenants an idea of how they can utilize the space.

7. Document the property’s condition: Take detailed photographs or videos of the property before tenants move in. This documentation will serve as evidence of the property's condition, helping to protect both parties' interests.

8. Set a competitive price: Set a competitive rental price: Research the local rental market to determine a competitive price for your property. Consider factors such as location, size, amenities, and comparable rental rates in the area.

9. Create an appealing listing: Craft an enticing rental listing with accurate and detailed descriptions of the property's features, amenities, and any unique selling points. Include high-quality photos that showcase the property's best aspects.

10. Screen potential tenants: Establish a thorough tenant screening process to find reliable tenants. This may include conducting background checks, verifying employment and income, and checking references.

11. Draft a comprehensive lease agreement: Consult with a lawyer or use a reputable lease agreement template to create a comprehensive rental contract that protects your rights as a landlord and outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy.

FAQ #2: What makes for a good Airbnb property?

1. Location: A desirable location is crucial for an Airbnb property. It should be accessible to popular tourist attractions, business centers, public transportation or other points of interest. Access to amenities such as restaurants, shops and entertainment options can also enhance its appeal.

2. Cleanliness and Maintenance: Maintaining a clean and well-maintained property is essential to providing a positive guest experience. Regular cleaning, fresh linens, and well-functioning amenities contribute to guest satisfaction and positive reviews.

3. Unique Features and Amenities: Offering unique features or amenities can set your property apart from others. It could be a swimming pool, a balcony with a great view, a well-equipped kitchen, or special touches like complimentary snacks or local recommendations.

4. Comfortable and Functional Space: Guests appreciate a comfortable and functional space where they can relax and feel at home. The property should have comfortable furniture, sufficient storage space, good lighting and appropriate heating or cooling systems.

5. Safety and Security: Guests should feel safe and secure during their stay. Ensure that the property has appropriate safety measures, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and security locks. Providing information about emergency procedures and local services is also a good idea. 

Read this guide to learn how to make money with Airbnb without owning a property. 

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