Jon Chintanaroad’s Recruiting Accelerator Review: 8 Steps for Becoming a Successful Recruiter

May 24, 2024

Recruiting Accelerator is a program for acquiring passive candidates and niche-specific candidates by Jon Chintanaroad. It includes an 8-step method to becoming a successful recruiter, one-on-one coaching, technical troubleshooting, and an online community of over 300 students.

By candidate sourcing both passive and active applicants, recruiters widen their talent pool. Gitnux’s 2024 marketdata report shared that 70% of the workforce worldwide are passive job seekers. Forbes also stated that specialized skills especially are difficult to find.

The Recruiting Accelerator has no third party reviews available in 2024. And, this industry has been struggling due to the economy and labor market. Tech integration has also become a must, increasing operational costs.

Here, we share Jon Chinanaroad's 8-step method, along with notes on this program's support, resources, student testimonials, his background, and this business model in 2024. 

Recruiting Accelerator Review: Pros & Cons


Beginner-friendly resources: The program has training, support, artificial intelligence, and tools for complete beginners in the recruiting space.

Technical support included: It also includes technical support for systems and recruitment software.

One-on-one coaching + group support: Individual coaching is provided, plus a community of recruiters is available to students.


No pricing transparency: The price for the program is not disclosed to the public.

Lack of third-party reviews: The reviews available for Recruiting Accelerator are only website testimonials.

Competitive industry: The recruiting industry is highly competitive, going against firms, agencies, and other freelancers.


Recruiting Accelerator cost is not disclosed on the website.

Refund Policy

Recruiting Accelerator refund policy is available, with a 100% money-back guarantee.


Recruiting Accelerator was founded in 2020.


Recruiting Accelerator reviews has a mainly positive reputation coming from testimonials on the official website. Clients share that they had high profits in a short period of time.

8-Steps for Becoming a Successful Recruiter

8 steps for becoming a successful recruiter include education, specialization, booking calls, automation, leveraging top-quality candidates, using Google, scaling through a team, and reaping profits. This is according to Recruiting Accelerator.

  • Step 1 - Get the help of a mentor or coach: Start a recruitment business by first learning about the industry. This can be achieved through the help of a coach, mentor, or anyone with established knowledge in the space.
  • Step 2 - Specialize in a niche: Choose a niche that is based on market demand, personal background, and interests. 
  • Step 3 - Send out messages: It’s crucial to craft attention-grabbing “perfect match” messages to potential clients. The goal of this is to book a call with them.
  • Step 4 - Automate your system: Automation tools maximize chances of getting consistent meetings with hiring managers. This includes email marketing and LinkedIn automation.
  • Step 5 - Leverage high-value candidates: To land clients, place their attention on high-candidates during the meetings.
  • Step 6 - Utilize Google as a resume database: Apart from LinkedIn, use Google to find top-quality passive candidates. Passive candidates are qualified individuals who haven’t applied for a vacancy.
  • Step 7 - Scale through a virtual team: Grow the business and increase your income by hiring, managing, and training a talent acquisition team.
  • Step 8 - Enjoy financial rewards: By having a recruiting business, the average profit per successful placement is $20,000. With a team in place, these profits increase substantially. 

What Do You Get With Recruiting Accelerator?

Recruiter Accelerator Training Program

Recruiting Accelerator program provides video training for freelance recruiting.

It features an 8-step methodology, with a focus on acquiring passive candidates. The program promises to help land the first $20k placement in a span of 90 days. Moreover, it covers the following listed below.

  • Placing candidates

  • Securing payments

  • Identifying & engaging clients

  • Personal growth through work-life balance

It is both for complete beginners and those who want to scale their recruiting business. It also enables part-time and full-time opportunities.

Holistic Support System

A holistic support system is provided for students of Recruiting Accelerator. This includes daily coaching calls, a dedicated client success manager, a community of 100+ recruiters, and technical support.

Daily calls are given by specialized coaches. Each of them has at least 10+ years of experience in the areas mentioned below.

  • Mindset
  • Automation tools
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Business development

Another benefit of the program is a dedicated client success manager. They provide scheduled one-on-one calls, with unlimited success. They ensure that students hit revenue targets and continually optimize their business.

There’s also a community made up of 100+ recruiters in groups and forums. Through this community, members are able to conduct split deals. They have the opportunity to help a member on a placement and then divide the fee into $10k each.

Additionally, technical support is available for Recruiting Accelerator members. Regular check-ins are provided for the following listed below.

  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Recruitment databases
  • Recruitment CRM System
Automation Tools & Resources

Automation tools, resources, and AI recruiting software are made available to Recruiting Accelerator members. These are all designed for minimal time input. They make recruiting viable for part-time work.

Automation tools enable follow-ups, as well as steady messaging with clients The automated client acquisition system, in particular, has the following benefits listed below.

  • Simplifies acquisition for clients
  • Lowers need for manual outreach
  • Enables recruiters to focus on hiring managers

Additionally, resources for streamlining business operations are given. This includes the following mentioned below.

  • Documents
  • Contract templates
  • Negotiation guidelines
  • Client and candidate interaction scripts

The founder also beta tests and researches the newest recruitment technology. This includes AI tools for business development.

Who Is Recruiting Accelerator For?

  • Part-timers

  • Aspiring freelance recruiters

  • Freelancers scaling to become business owners

  • Individuals possessing an entrepreneurial mindset

Recruiting Accelerator is for people looking for a part-time opportunity. It has training, systems, and tools for automation.

It is also for complete beginners seeking to become freelancer recruiters. The program includes one-on-one coaching calls, technical support, and a dedicated manager.

Additionally, it is also for freelancers wanting to scale into a business. Recruiting Accelerator has lessons on how to hire a virtual team in order to expand.

It is also a good fit for people that possess an entrepreneurial mindset. For people who have industry experience, they are able to leverage this to start a niche-focused business.

Are Students of Recruiting Accelerator Successful?

Yes, students of Recruiting Accelerator are successful. This is according to testimonials posted on the official website. Students disclosed that they earned $10,000 to $84,000. Their profits started pouring in within 2 weeks to 6 months.

Lauren Bencekovich Recruiting Accelerator review

Lauren Bencekovich shared that she made $80,000 in 2 months. She is the founder of Lauren Recruiting Group, LLC. Her niche is health.

Kyle Cravens Recruiting Accelerator review

Kyle Cravens earned $80,000 within 12 weeks of joining the training program. He is in the software engineering niche. He’s also the founder of Key Resource Group.

Molly James Recruiting Accelerator review

Molly James profited $10,000 in a span of 30 days. She is the lead recruiter for APT Recruiting.

Cristina Procopii made $23k and got her first clients within only 2 weeks. She is the founder of Tamm Recruiters, in the logistics niche.

Jinsoo Kim earned $84,000 within 6 months of joining the program. He is in the tech niche. He’s also the founder of Ninja Recruiting.

Who Is Jon Chintanaroad?

Jon Chintanaroad

Jon Chintanaroad is a training coach, recruiting agency owner, and a former firm employee. He has about a decade of experience in recruiting. He is the founder of Recruiting Accelerator. It provides training, support, and tools for recruiters. Before this, he worked for 5 years in his own recruiting agency. He also worked at a firm in San Francisco prior to this.

He was employed at a tech recruiting company. He’s also the first hire of the brand new business. He initially enjoyed high profits, filling technical roles. However, his company faced financial challenges and Chintanaroad was laid off. With what he learned in this recruiting firm and with his network, he began his own recruiting business.

What Is Jon Chintanaroad's Claim?

What Is Jon Chintanaroad's Claim

Jon Chintanaroad’s claim is that recruiters are able to start in 7 days without prior experience. He stated this in a YouTube video uploaded on January 27, 2024.

Debunking Jon's Claims

Jon Chintanaroad’s claim that you can become a freelance recruiter in 7 days is questionable. Beginner recruiters find it hard to make the venture profitable because of the following reasons.

  • Length of hiring

  • Stiff competition

  • Initial operational costs

According to Zippia, top candidates are only on the market for 10 days on average. This means that 7 days is a short period to contact a client and candidates.

Not only that, but novices have to deal with staunch competition. This includes the following mentioned below.

  • Employee referrals

  • Scarcity of skilled candidates

  • Companies using social media

Based on the same source, 88% of companies state that referrals provide the best hires. Most employees are motivated to provide them for the following reasons stated below.

  • Recognition

  • Monetary compensation

  • Ability to recommend friends and family

Additionally, top candidates aren’t easy to come by. 72% of businesses struggle to find skilled candidates. It takes expertise and great effort to land recruiting deals.

Then, there’s social media. 84% of companies share that they use social media for recruitment. LinkedIn is the most favored medium.

With the popularity of referrals and LinkedIn, as well as the difficulty of acquiring skilled candidates, new recruiters are undoubtedly disadvantaged. They require more than 7 days to start a lucrative recruiting business.

Is Recruiting a Good Business in 2024?

recruiting reddit
No, recruiting is not a good business in 2024. This is because of the still-in-recovery recruiting industry and the need for tech integration in the space. The job market is also experiencing a slow-down. This is based on 2024 reports from Hunt Scanlon Media, BlueSignal, and Reddit discussions.

In 2024, talent shortage and economic slowdown is still prevalent. A year prior, many industries struggled, including the recruiting space. This is reported by Hunt Scanlon Media.

Recruitment has also become more advanced. According to data from BlueSignal, 2024’s tech integration in recruitment includes automation tools, AI, and remote hiring. This makes it even harder and require more initial cost.

Additionally, discussions in the r/recruiting subreddit comment on the job market slowing down. Although there are some advantages of the online recruitment business, it's undeniable that the tech space is still having difficulty recuperating. 

How Do You Choose A Niche For Recruiters? 

  • Assess yourself: To choose a niche for recruiters, first evaluate your network, personal interest, past roles, and background. It’s important to recognize the niches you are aligned with, especially those you are viewed as authority.

  • Choose growing industries: Select industries that are growing and have high turnover rates. You can spot this by conducting market research on employment trends, job analytics, hiring challenges, and industry reports.

  • Stand out from the competition: Assess your competition within your niche. Ask yourself what you can offer that’s unique or better. You can also choose a niche that is less saturated.

  • Gather insights about client pain points: Learn about client pain points through networking events, direct outreach, and LinkedIn discussions.

Create Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a better alternative to recruiting because it is passive, more scalable, and has less competition. There’s also no need for marketing, even paid ads.

Through a local lead gen, you can earn thousands of dollars passively. Most of the work is in setting up and ranking a site. After this, little maintenance is required. Per website, profits can be as high as $3,000/mo/site, with only an initial investment of $300.

It is also more scalable compared to recruiting. Since you’re earning passively, you have more free time. This means you can make new sites or spend your energy on new ventures. There’s no need to invest in LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Recruiter. When you scale, you aren’t subject to economy or market labor changes.


More importantly, through a local lead gen training, you are only competing with certain locations and cities. With recruiting, you’ll be going against international and/or more established recruiters.

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