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Sup everyone, so myself, Shiv, Dan & Simon just did an epic tour through the US where we held these smaller regional events in LA, Dallas, Miami & NYC.

Where we spent 1 whole day doing a more intimate group coaching with plenty of 1-on-1 time. Many of the students that attended were still fairly new to our program but we also had some longtime students that came through that were looking for that extra nudge or kick in the butt so that they can tackle 2019 with extra vigour.

Here some pictures!

We started off in LA

Then Dallas!

Next we did Miami, where we also stayed for a whole week to hang out. 70 degrees weather in January, I’ll take it!

Finally we finished off our regionals in NYC

These regionals were great opportunity for us coaches to get right up and personal with the students on what they needed help with most.

Here’s a common problem that I found.

The internet is a very noisy place.

There’s so many distraction on different ways to build a digital marketing business.

Some students made the mistake of focusing on SEO & Facebook ad clients chasing after the fast money which means they went off the focus of our program.

Which is building lead generation websites that you own and renting it out.

Students that built at least 5 to 10 lead generation websites were all making money.

So a lot of this came down to figuring out why students were wasting so much of their day on bullshit, and not having a clear focus on what they needed to do everyday to move their business forward.

Some of these students simply needed a swift kick in the butt which is why they came to the event in the first place!

The time they were putting into this business didn’t match their goals.

You can’t expect to spend 4 hours per week on this business and expect to swiftly climb up to 6 figure income.

Look guys, we know our business model works so if a student is not reaching his or her goals, our first question is.

“How many lead gen sites you got up?”

inevitably it would be a very low number like 3.

Our coaching then would be all about figuring out how that student can put up 10 lead gen sites in 1 month. (Yes its very possible, even on limited part time basis)

See your work ethic and ambition has to come from within you. Its not something we can coach.

So much of this often has to do with who you’re surrounding yourself with.

Are you hanging out with people that like to smoke weed everyday, drink beer and play video games?

Its time to become extra conscious of what’s hampering down your ambition and productivity and extricate that out of your life expeditiously.

After these regionals, I’m more convinced that what we have here with our lead generation business model is really the lamborghini of all online businesses.

Students came up to me repeatedly to share with me that their lead gen client has provided the most amount of consistent income than any other clients (SEO, Facebook Ads, etc).

Nothing wrong with grabbing fast money when it comes, but your primary focus should always be to continue to increase your digital lead generation property assets that you can set it & forget about it and make the residual, passive income from that long term.

The more income producing assets you own the better your life becomes.

Peep here for more info on our coaching program.


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