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We Thought You Should Know About What's NEW

With JK... 

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First of all...


We're always here to serve and bring you the best! 

The JK training was recently updated on a new interactive platform that is really focused on providing real time results and numbers to add more arsenals to your JK tool belt.

You're going to love how it much easier it is to learn the skills which pay the bills!

Snapps. Website Creator

You have the ability to rise above all your competitors with a working prototype preview of a website.

Make dreams a reality that they can play with. Now, you're selling something tangible as opposed to an ‘idea’.

It’s also free!

New Due Diligence Tool

This awesome new tool will compute the Due Diligence for you!

DD is key if you're going to succeed in this business model.

Now, we've made it easier for you to get it done so you can get into a niche/market and dominate.

Heat Map Tool for GMBs!

This takes Google ranking to another level!

You're able to clearly monitor your ranking progress as you optimize your GMB and site.

Use the tool to prospect and look like a straight up boss while doing so!

Once you show this to business owners, they're going to beg you to take their money!

Callsling's Newest Features

It's easier to use interface and tons of new features.

The Call widget is a game changer.

Clients will never miss calls again and that constant recognition of your value will lead to an increase in revenue.

There's even the new Callsling App now for you to monitor your calls right from your mobile device!

JK Teams

An amazing program to really start using all the tools and skills you gained from the training to SCALE your business.

Be surrounded by like minded entrepreneurs that can push you farther in your business with goals and competitions.

Also, there's exclusive training by top leaders in the JK group. 

When you join Teams, you'll receive focused commitment and accountability with leadership that has a track record of success. 

$103,000 in 2 weeks!!

Jump Start w/Dedicated Coach

In addition to your lead coach, Dan, when you jump in now, you get access to another one on one coach to make sure you get the ball rolling.

You get a dedicated coach for about the first month and a half ( usually about 5-6 private zoom sessions ) to get you acquainted & jump started on your path to killing your job! 

We will have dedicated tasks to make sure you're implementing what your learning.

You'll also have the ability to ask questions and dive fast into the program. 

This jump start sets you up for success to then move on into our JK Teams!

Tuesday/Thursday Lives

No, they’re not NEW but what IS new is how supercharged they’ve gotten.

New guests, new innovation, new tools and tricks.

Value after value.

What's taught is gold...

It’s your own fault if you’re not on there every week!

7K Strong In Facebook Group

There are opportunities everywhere in a group of like minded individuals.

The proper way of utilizing the group isn't by just asking questions if you’re stuck but also through collaborations, joint ventures, contract work.

Network, network, network...

With 7k people across the world - you have to turn the stones over to find the diamonds.

Dig in!

Work Study Opportunity

To help you cover your payment contract, we've made it possible for you to trade your time/work for it.

We're all about helping you find solutions!

New Year, New Goals...

2021 brought a lot of uncertainty to many of our lives.

Ask yourself...

  • What are you doing to prepare yourself & your family for the next year? 
  • Where were you when you had your first call?

Be real... 

  • Are you still in the same place?
  • How & what are you really going to do to start taking control of your life again? 

Time is the most valuable currency...

  • What have you done differently to change and really start reaching your goals?

Take your time, dig deep with these questions and...

Be honest with yourself...

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Trust The Process...