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Remote Integrator Academy Review – What is Ravi Abuvala teaching? (Must Read!)

April 8, 2024

The Remote Integrator Academy is an online course created by Ravi Abuvala. This workshop teaches how to make money online by creating efficient business systems. It works like digital real estate, where you provide business solutions for other companies that will streamline or automate their operations. The goal is to help them save time so they can focus on more important tasks like scaling or growing their businesses. 

Ravi's training program will show you the exact framework and skill set he used for his remote integration business, where he claims to generate  $9 million in three years. 

According to Technavio’s latest report, the market size of remote integration solutions is expected to grow by $9,481.02 million at a CAGR of 26.18%  from 2022 to 2027. While the forecast shows the profitability of becoming a remote integrator, it also comes with several challenges. This includes expensive startup and production costs, complicated processes and systems, dealing with technical issues, workforce management, intense competition and scalability difficulties. 

In this Remote Integrator Academy review, we will break down the coverage of this workshop and discuss the pros and cons. We will also cover Ravi’s background and present you with other reviews from different online platforms. Let’s find out if this course can really help you build a passive income stream.

Remote Integrator Academy Review: Pros and Cons


Successful Course Creator: Ravi Abuvala is a successful remote integrator. He claims that he earned $9 million after 3 years using the same business model and skill set. 

Client Referral: The Remote Integrator Academy program promises that you will get a high-paying client after 90 days of being in the program

Direct Interaction: Apart from the on-call onboarding process, the program also includes 2 live coaching sessions with successful integrators (2 hours weekly). 

Positive Testimonials: There are a handful of positive student testimonials posted on their sales page and their website. 


It’s not a Passive Income Stream: The program doesn’t really teach you how to earn money passively. 

Lack of Transparency: There’s a lack of transparency with Ravi’s program. Many people complain about hidden expenses to fully access or implement the program. 

It’s Expensive: It’s an expensive program. Other than the mastery course, they will also charge you for Ravi’s recommended tools, workshops and services. 

Too Much Emphasis on Hiring VAs: The Remote Integration Academy focuses more on hiring VAs, instead of creating business solutions.A 


The Remote Integrator Academy cost is $7,000 to $7,500. You won’t see the actual price on their site or sales page since you need to “apply” first to their program to get the quotation. So I did more research and discovered that the price of the actual coaching program is $7,000. Plus, you also need to consider other ongoing expenses, including Ravi’s recommended tools and his VA services.

Here's a breakdown for your reference: 

  • Remote Integrator Masterclass - $997 (they also offer seasonal significant discounts and you may purchase the Masterclass course for $39.99
  • Remote Integrator Program - $7,000 to $7,500 
  • Ravi's Recommended Tools & VA Services - $1,000 per month

Refund Policy:

The 30-day money-back guarantee only applies to the masterclass. They don't offer any refund policy for the actual coaching program that costs $7,000 to $7,500.


 It's a 3-month coaching program.


You can get access to their private Facebook support group  and Smaller Accountability groups when you join the program (500+ members).


Ravi started the Remote Integrator Academy in 2021.

What is Included in the Remote Integrator Academy?

1. Remote Integrators Curriculum

The core training has over 120 training videos. In these modules, you will learn how to: 

  • Sell yourself

  • Get clients

  • Change how you view systems and business

  • Continuously provide value

  • Conduct data analysis

  • Problem solving

  • Create generational wealth and more

Ravi also shares several case studies to show you what's possible with this business model.

2. Messenger and Facebook Group

Similar to most online courses, there is a private Facebook group for support within the Remote Integrator Academy. There is also a messenger channel where you'll have direct access to your success coach.

3. Accountability Group

Aside from joining the private Facebook community, you also get put into smaller accountability groups of between 4-8 people who are new to the program so that you can all help each other continue making progress.

4. Remote Integrator Placement Program

They place all students who graduate from the Academy program in the Remote Integrator Placement Program. This is where you might get hired by one of the Academy's clients. To help get you hired, Ravi's team tests your knowledge, teaches you who your ideal client is, and prepares you for an interview. There is no guarantee you'll get hired, but they claim that the probability of getting hired is high.

5. Ravi's VA Service

For around $1,000 per month, you get access to Ravi's network of virtual assistants. By paying for this service, you don't need to look for legit VAs yourself. You can jump right into providing results for your clients and scaling your Remote Integrator business.

What are Remote Integrator Academy Reviews?

Remote Integrator Academy reviews are mixed. You can see a handful of good reviews and case studies posted on their site. It also scored a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot, based on 42 reviews. I did more research to validate these testimonials and found several negative feedback and complaints about Ravi’s program. 

The same thing goes for the Remote Integrator Masterclass review. Many people say there’s nothing valuable in this course. They say the “masterclass” does not have any actionable steps and will eventually tell you to purchase Ravi’s main coaching program, which costs $7,000 to $7,500. 

Even industry experts on YouTube don’t recommend purchasing the course or joining the coaching program. On Trustpilot, Ravi’s former student shared his negative experience with the program. He emphasized that the video lessons they offer are not valuable at all

What is Remote Integrator Reddit? 

Remote Integrator Academy reviews on Reddit are mostly negative. Many Reddit members say the investment is not worth it and the entire program is a scam. The Remote Integrator Master class also had some negative Reddit reviews. They say Ravi is just overcomplicating everything and the quality of the training is not good at all. 

This member explained how Ravi scams other people with overpriced workshops, tools and VA services. 

Ravi charges you $7.5K to join the program, and $1K per month for a virtual assistant, which only costs him $250 per month. If this is true, Ravi is profiting 3 times the amount the VA is making, and he's not doing any work. 

It will move few people to want to work with Ravi when there are plenty of free resources online that can help you find your own virtual assistants.

What is Remote Integrator Academy Reddit?

Another Reddit member shared similar insights about the Remote Integrator Academy. He also said it’s not worth the investment and further emphasized that the Remote Integrator Placement program does not exist at all.

Remote Integrator Success Stories

Brandon Mozonne

Brandon Mozonne was a former scientist, who commutes to work for 4 hours. According to his video testimonial, he was also working 10 hours every day. Brandon was also doing FB ads and digital marketing as a side hustle when he joined Remote Integrated Academy. Brandon just strictly implemented what he learned from Ravi's workshop. 

After the 60-day period, he got the results he was looking for. This success made him quit his 9-5 job and made twice his previous salary as a formulation scientist. He also claims that he is now earning 5-figure monthly income with remote integration business model.

Jason Farr

Jason Farr was a tech business owner before he joined the Remote Integrator Academy. According to his testimonial, he completed the course in just 2 months and landed his first client right away with the help of Ravi's team. Jason worked with them for a month. Eventually, the same client offered him a monthly retainer of $17,000. 

Is Remote Integrator Academy Legit?

Yes, Remote Integrator Academy is legit. Even though many people say it's a scam, technically, it's not. The Remote Integrator Academy exists and you can access all their workshops once you purchased their course or join Ravi's program. 

However, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing both the Remote Integrator Masterclass and the actual Remote Integrator coaching program. They used misleading marketing strategies by not disclosing the actual expenses you need to spend for the program. And apart from the negative reviews from different online platforms, the quality of the training isn't good at all. For a price of $7,000 to $7,500, you should be getting more extensive video modules. 

The course doesn’t really cover that much about building efficient business systems. It focuses more on hiring virtual assistants, which also requires additional payment to get access to Ravi’s team of VAs. Overall, it’s not worth the time and money. I suggest looking for other courses or investment options.

What is a Remote Integrator Salary?

The average remote integrator salary in the US as of August 2023 is $99,230 per year, according to ZipRecruiter’s report. And according to Glassdoor’s recent report, remote integrators make $120,495 per year. 

Who is Ravi Abuvala?

Ravi Abuvala is the creator of Remote Integrator Academy. He was born in Atlanta and grew up in Destin, Florida. His first job was as a dishwasher at his older brother's Italian restaurant. In 2016, Ravi graduated with honors from Florida State University and even worked for governor Rick Scott for some time.

After they diagnosed his father with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, he moved back to Atlanta to care for him. It was during this time that his perspective on life changed and although the top law schools in the country had accepted him; he quit pursuing a career in law. In 2018, Ravi saw marketing ads by Tai Lopez and bought into his social media marketing course to start his online marketing career. First, he started marketing for his brother's restaurant and then worked with a plastic surgeon. In 9 months, Ravi only made $3,000. 

Ravi them stumbled upon the Remote Integrator Academy business model and, after diving in, found true financial freedom. He didn't share what he was doing and in 3.5 years, had already made $6.39 million working with real estate agents.

As his business grew, he had his team qualify the real estate leads for agents to make the process easier for them. This helped increase his revenue exponentially. In 2019, Ravi started his marketing company, Scaling with Systems, which helps generate leads for businesses through the use of sales funnels and advertising. To date, they've served over 2,100 clients.

Ravi also created the Remote Integrator Academy course, which teaches you how to manage many of the tasks other online business owners need to get done but who don't have the time to do it all since they're trying to scale.

On the Ravi Abuvala YouTube channel, he posts content every Tuesday for his over 33.6K subscribers, showing how entrepreneu rs can scale their business with the help of sales systems, online marketing, virtual assistants, and more.

Ravi Abuvala Claims

  • Remote Integrator Academy will teach you how to earn consistent passive income.  
  • Ravi’s team will refer you directly to a high-paying client within 90 days of joining the program.
  • The program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

Ravi Abuvala Claims Debunked

  • I did tons of research about Remote Integrator Academy’s trainings and unfortunately; the program doesn't teach you how to earn passively. I was hoping to learn more about automating systems or more in-depth actionable steps to become a successful remote integrator. However, there is more emphasis on hiring VAs to operate a remote integration business.
  • The Remote Integrator Academy’s placement program is questionable. Other than lack of evidence to support this, there are former students of the program say that it doesn’t exist.
  • The 30-day full refund policy only applies to Remote Integrator Masterclass. So, if you’re investing in the actual program that costs $7,000 to $7,5000, take note that there’s no refund.

Is being a remote integrator worth it?

Being a remote integrator can be worth it. You can make money online with remote integration. In fact, the average monthly salary of experienced remote integrators in the US is $8,269 per month. However, building actual systems for companies or business owners requires extensive knowledge, experience and the right skill set to ensure success. 

The daily tasks also take a lot of time, especially if you’re dealing with bigger projects. While outsourcing can be an option, this can be costly, even if you hire overseas. It also takes a lot of time and resources to establish an efficient team for these projects. So, if you have the expertise, the right tools and resources, then being a remote integrator is worth it.

Ravi's Strategies on Generating 20 Sales Calls Per Day Using A Self-Sustaining Funnel According

  • The 7-11-4 RuleRavi suggests using Google's 7-11-4 rule: taking 7 hours to create content, having 11 touch points, and exposure in 4 locations to convert a prospect into a client.
  • Content Strategy: The approach integrates YouTube content with top, middle, and bottom funnel marketing assets.
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: A funnel is designed for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, which aims to generate the most revenue with the least amount of resources.
  • Trust Recession and Marketing ShiftRavi explains that traditional marketing methods like cold emails, webinars, and DM ads are losing effectiveness because of a "trust recession", while his systems are designed to build trust before the sale.

Related Articles on Remote Integration Academy 

Renting Digital Properties Pays a More Consistent Income than Being a Remote Integrator

Being a remote integrator can be a thriving venture. However, it requires in-depth knowledge and expertise to execute daily operations, especially for different projects. Starting a remote integration business, as Ravi’s program suggests, is also possible. However, this can be really costly since it involves outsourcing skilled VAs. 

Following Ravi’s program, you need to pay $7,500 upfront and spend $1,000 monthly to access his team of VAs. You also need to consider the ongoing costs for training, research, communication tools and other software. Even if you outsource your operations, this business model still requires a heavy workload, since you need to create different business solutions for each client, which was not really covered by the Remote Integrator Academy.  

If you’re looking for a smarter way to make money online, local lead generation is still my #1 recommendation. This business model is well-equipped with efficient time freedom strategies. Unlike remote integration, it’s a lot easier to learn and does not involve any complex tasks. It’s also more passive since you can automate daily operations. All you need to do is build, rank and rent service sites for local businesses.

Another problem with remote integration is unpredictable and unstable income. With the local lead generation business model, you can ensure consistent cash flow., with a profit margin of 85% to 90%. 

Are you ready to make real money while you sleep? Check out our local lead generation course now! 

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