Is Remote Setting a Good Side Hustle? | PLUS 27 Remote Side Hustles To Consider in 2024

February 8, 2024

The best remote side hustles from home to consider in 2024 include:

  1. Lead generation specialist
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Copy editing
  4. Coaching 
  5. Freelance writing
  6. Proofreading
  7. Travel consultancy
  8. Online tutoring
  9. Virtual assistance
  10. YouTube content creation
  11. Remote real estate investing
  12. Tech support
  13. Data entry
  14. Selling digital products
  15. Teaching English online

Is remote setting a good side hustle? Remote setting is a good side hustle for those looking to develop sales skills or become high-ticket remote closers. A side hustle is any work you can do from anywhere, maximizing the flexibility of remote job arrangements. In a recent survey of Index by Pinger among 1,085 adults in the US, 67% said they have a small business, side hustle, or do freelance work.

You can make good money working remotely as a remote setter because it offers a flexible side hustle where you determine the amount of work you put into and how much you earn. Richard Yu, the founder of the Setter Certification Program, says remote setting is an in-demand recession-proof skill that helps remote companies selling information products or online courses to book calls and, ultimately, close sales. Remote appointment setters communicate with potential leads and help turn them into paying clients. These prospects are those interested in a product or service and signed up on the opt-in page. The remote setter contacts them to schedule an appointment or call with the remote closers, who will close the deal.

You should consider starting a remote side hustle if you want more options on how you could spend your time, where you work, and how to make money online. An appointment setter working remotely can earn $15.32 hourly or $31,866 as of September 14, 2023, according to online recruitment company Zippia. But remember, the earnings of remote workers who set appointments differ according to the company's compensation structure, level of experience, and location.

This article will answer some of the most common questions about appointment setting as a remote role: is it a good side hustle? We'll cover topics such as what makes a good side hustle, how much a setter makes per hour, and if the remote setter position has growth potential. Plus, we listed 27 remote side hustles to consider in 2023 and the #1 side hustle you should learn about.

What Makes a Good Side Hustle?

  • Flexible schedule. A job with a flexible schedule is a good side hustle for most workers. According to Bankrate’s 2023 data, 2 out of 5 adults in the US have picked a side hustle to make money besides their regular income. Meanwhile, out of 10 people taking side hustles, 3 do it to augment their income. 

    People who look for a side hustle need a more flexible schedule. Flexibility helps them determine when they can work to align with their day job or primary job schedule or handle multiple tasks. 

    Job flexibility is also more healthy for workers and companies. An Atlassian report shows that people with flexible options view their workplace more positively, describing them as “thriving.” Also, there were fewer reports of burnout symptoms, with only 14% of those with flexible job schedules. The report said 36% of those without job flexibility reported burnout symptoms.

  • Part-time hours. The dictionary definition of “side hustle” is a work one does to supplement a primary job. Therefore, like job flexibility, the ability to work part-time hours in a side hustle appeals to most job seekers. A part-time side hustle provides the ideal work-life balance, helping you keep your other commitments, whether your day job, school, or family. 

    Part-time hours can also help you test the waters, explore the side hustle before committing to it for a longer period, or even full-time if it’s more favorable. Having a part-time side hustle can also help you gain economic stability. Doing part-time work is normally more manageable compared to a full time job. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows part-time jobs or side hustles can be 1 to 34 hours. In 2016, the BLS recorded 27.7 million people working part-time.

  • Good earnings ability. A side hustle with good earnings ability can help augment your income, allowing you to reach your personal or financial goal. The 2022 survey conducted by Lending Tree showed that side hustlers earn $473 on average. Gigworker had a slightly higher estimate, showing an average monthly earnings of $483 to $810 monthly. It added that 15% of side hustlers earn over $1,000 monthly. However, several factors affect your rate of earnings as a side hustler. 

    Rhett Power, the head coach of Power Coaching and Consulting, said three elements determine your side hustle success: 

    1. Being intentional.  

    2. Building connections.

    3. Knowing when to take a side hustle to the next level.

  • Solid growth potential. A side hustle that offers solid growth potential allows you to increase your earnings over time and contributes to your career development. Sixty-seven percent of side hustlers, according to Gigworker, look forward to continuing their gigs, which shows that side hustles have the potential to become sustainable and long-term.

    This is why doing something you enjoy as a gig is important. The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) said that when choosing a side hustle, look for one where you can do what you love and stay committed.

How Much Does a Remote Setter Make per Hour?

A remote setter makes $10-$100 per hour when you check Upwork’s best appointment setters. However, the hourly rate of remote setters varies. Zippia’s September 14, 2023, data shows that remote appointment setters have an average salary of $15.32 hourly or $31,866 yearly. If you look at the BLS, remote or appointment setters fall into the “Administrative Professionals” category with a median annual salary of $37,230. 

What Hours Does a Remote Setter Typically Work?

The hours a remote setter typically works vary depending on the employer, industry, and geographical location. If you're in a different time zone, you must align your remote work schedule with your employer's, team members, and clients. Other factors, such as the job or customer preference, may also affect the working hours of a remote setter. However, working as a remote setter offers flexibility in schedule. You can work as a remote setter part-time or full-time. You just need to ensure that you have an expectation setting with your employer, remote team, or the client to get the right time that's most effective for both parties. 

How Many Hours Does a Remote Setter Work per Week?

A remote setter works one to 40 hours per week, depending on the job's demands. Many hiring managers on offer full-time and part-time jobs for remote setters, offering weekly 20-40 hours of work. Clients also have different KPIs set daily or weekly as regards the number of calls, follow-ups, and appointments you need to make.

According to Remote Closing Academy, the industry-standard makes about 20 sets a week, and the remote closers should have a weekly 30% rate from those sets. Just note that your number of hours as a remote setter varies based on individual preference, agreement with your client or employer, and the specific demands of the role.

Does the Remote Setter Position Have Growth Potential?

The remote setter position has growth potential for those interested in developing their marketing, sales, and networking skills. Remote setters book calls or appointments with potential customers. But you can also easily transition into remote closer as you gain more experience communicating with potential clients and booking appointments. Aaron Martinez of Remote Closing Academy says one way to become a remote closer if you’re an appointment setter is to let your clients know about your plan and ask them about their expectations.

According to ZipRecruiter, remote sales closer in the US earn $124,944 annually as of November 8, 2023. The hourly rate of remote closer is $60 per hour. Also, Richard Yu shares that remote closers can earn up to 10% commission for every sale made. 

Is Remote Setting a Good Side Hustle? 

Remote setting can be a good side hustle for a remote employee, but you must consider the time you need to work to earn extra cash and the lack of predictability in monthly earnings. Remote setters' hours of work vary. For instance, current and previous employees in one company on said appointment setters work from 9 to 40 hours weekly.

If you work full time and take a remote job as a side hustle, you might find earning a consistent and predictable monthly income difficult. While some appointment setter jobs pay a base salary, most remote setting jobs are commission-based, which relies on the closers tasked to talk to the clients you set appointments with. Once the sales team closes the deals, you make about 3% to 5% commission per sale. 

But to earn a substantial appointment setter monthly income, you need to make as many appointments weekly. The more appointments you book, the higher the chances the sales team has to close a sale. 

ZipRecruiter's national average for remote appointment setter salary is $24 hourly. Meanwhile, Zippia's data, as of September 14, 2023, shows that remote appointment setters have an average salary of $15.32 hourly or $31,866 yearly. 

This rate is lower than US employees' national average hourly earnings in private nonfarm industries. Data from the BLS shows that as of November 3, 2023, the average hourly rate is $34.

Who Should Consider Remote Setting as a Side Hustle?

Anyone looking to start a career in sales should consider remote setting as a  side hustle. Remote setting is a legitimate work from home side job that allows you to earn income even with no start-up capital. Remote setters book appointments and calls so salespeople can explain more about the product or service to a target client and close a potential sale. As a remote setter, you can earn a percentage for every closed deal from 3% to 5%. You can also earn a base salary depending on the company's offer.

One advantage of becoming a remote setter is that it's an entry-level role. But that also makes it prone to saturation. As you gain more experience and training in booking appointments in this remote position, you can learn to identify and build your niche, grow your network, connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners, and expand your portfolio. 

27 Side Hustles From Home

1. Lead Generation Specialist

Lead generation specialists concentrate on identifying and cultivating potential customers for businesses. says as of October 25, 2023, the average salary of lead generation specialists in the US is $73,280. In particular, if you specialize in local lead generation, you can earn $750 to $2,000 in monthly passive income.

2. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a perfect option for you if you're a detail-oriented individual. By tracking income and expenses, balancing accounts, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations, you provide a vital service that allows businesses to stay organized and financially accountable. The salary of bookkeeper in the US ranges between $39,014 and $48,421.  

3. Copy Editing

As a copy editor, you will refine and polish written content for clarity, grammar, and style. With your keen eye for detail and language expertise, you can assist authors, businesses, or students in enhancing the quality and professionalism of their written material. Copy editors in the US earn $44.73 per hour, according to

4. Coaching

If you're passionate about a hobby or an expert in a field, use your experience and offer coaching services. Many entrepreneurs succeed as life coaches, career coaches, or fitness coaches, but any other specialized area can also be lucrative. Zippia's data shows that as of September 14, 2023, coaches in the US earn between $12 to $31 per hour.

5. Freelance Writing

Businesses constantly require quality content. Many freelance writers find opportunities to write for SEO, email marketing, or website content. says that freelance writers in the US have a base salary of $22.98 per hour.

6. Proofreading

Attention to detail is necessary in any written content. Offering your skills as a proofreader ensures that documents, articles, or manuscripts maintain high accuracy and professionalism. Proofreaders in the US have an average income of $57,319 as of October 25, 2023.

7. Travel Consultancy

As a travel consultant, you assist individuals in planning their dream vacations, offering expertise on destinations, accommodations, and activities. Travel consultants earn commissions from bookings made through your recommendations. A travel consultant in the US has an average hourly salary of $26 per hour as of November 11, 2023, says ZipRecruiter.

8. Online Tutoring

The demand for virtual tutors continues to grow, especially for academic subjects, test preparation, and specialized skills. Share your knowledge and help students excel in their studies by offering online tutoring services. An average online tutor in the US earns $14.85 per hour or $30,886 yearly, according to

9. Virtual Assistance

Take on various administrative tasks for businesses or entrepreneurs as a virtual assistant and earn extra income. From managing emails and scheduling appointments to handling customer inquiries, your organizational skills can be invaluable in supporting others while making money from home. On Upwork, virtual assistants earn $10 to $20 per hour.

10. YouTube Content Creation

A side hustle as a YouTube content creator is one of the popular options for those looking to make money online. Data from ZipRecruiter shows that as of November 2023, a Youtube content creator in the US can earn $116,940 a year on average. A dedicated audience can generate revenue through ad monetization, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

11. Remote Real Estate Investing

Explore the world of real estate investing as a home job by engaging in remote real estate opportunities. The average pay for real estate investors is $139,851 yearly, according to ZipRecruiter. From investing in real estate crowdfunding platforms to researching and acquiring properties in different markets, this side hustle allows you to grow wealth through strategic investments. 

12. Tech Support 

Provide remote tech support to individuals or businesses. You can earn between $14 to $25 as a tech support representative in the US by troubleshooting software issues, assisting with device setup, and offering guidance on technical challenges.

13. Data Entry

Data entry is a straightforward side hustle if you excel at accuracy and speed. A data entry clerk in the US earns $18.13 per hour on average, says Businesses often require assistance in inputting and organizing data, making your skills in demand for maintaining efficient and organized databases.

14. Selling Digital Products

Monetize your creative talents as a hustle job by designing and selling digital products like ebooks, printables, or digital art. Rachel Jimenez of Money Hacking Mama shared in Business Insider that she earns an average of $9,500 a month selling printables and templates. Various online platforms today help make products accessible to a global audience.

15. Teaching English Online

If you're proficient in a second language, offering language teaching services is a good hustle idea. An article published on International TEFL Academy's website shares that online English teachers can earn between $10 or $40 per hour. Whether through one-on-one lessons or online courses, helping others develop language skills can be fulfilling and financially rewarding.

16. Interpreter

Bridge cultural gaps by offering your services as an interpreter and earn extra money amounting to $22 to $27 per hour (data from Working as an interpreter facilitates communication in business meetings, conferences, or healthcare settings. 

17. Graphic Designing

Freelance graphic designers help businesses by making visually appealing designs. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graphic designers working in advertising, public relations, and related services earn $32.62 per hour on average. Meanwhile, those in printing and related support services earn an hourly mean wage of $21.67.

18. Executive Assistant

Working as an executive assistant can be a best side hustle for you if you're interested in helping executives manage calendars, organize meetings, and handle administrative tasks. A part-time executive assistant in the US earns between $13.94 to $48.80 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter's data. As an executive assistant, you play a crucial role in helping professionals stay organized and focused on their core responsibilities.

19. Customer Service Representative

Join the growing field of remote customer service and assist customers with inquiries, issues, and product information. says customer service representatives in the US can earn between $16 to $21 per hour. With many companies outsourcing customer support roles, this side hustle allows you to connect with customers while working from home.

20. Project Management

Apply your organizational and leadership skills as a remote project manager and earn from $14.66 to $71.63 per hour. ZipRecruiter says a part time project manager salary in the US is $43 per hour. 

21. Social Media Management

Online presence has never been more critical. A social media manager creates and curates content, engages with followers, and implements strategies to grow a brand's online community. The median hourly rate of social media managers on Upwork is at $20 per hour. 

22. Website Design Service

Offer your skills in website design to businesses or individuals looking to establish or revamp their online presence. Crafting visually appealing and functional websites can be a lucrative side hustle for a remote worker in today's digital age. According to the BLS, website developers and digital designers earn an average of $80,730 per year in 2022, or $38.81 per hour. 

23. Self-Publishing

In 2022, BLS data shows that writers and authors in the US earn $73,150 a year or $35.17 per hour. Share your writing with the world by self-publishing books or ebooks. With platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, remote opportunities for self publishers have become more popular. 

24. Search Engine Evaluation

Search engine evaluator or web search evaluator provides feedback for designers and contributes to achieving quality search engine results. Flexjobs reports that a search engine evaluator can earn $17 per hour or $35,471 yearly.

25. Transcribing

Popular remote job opportunities include transcribing audio or video content for businesses, podcasters, and creators. It can be a flexible and in-demand way to earn money from home, even with multiple jobs. ZipRecruiter says a transcriptionist can earn $8.89 to $32.69 per hour.

26. Translation

If you're fluent in multiple languages, provide translation services for businesses or individuals looking to reach a broader audience. Your linguistic skills can bridge communication gaps and open doors to diverse opportunities. Data from shows that the average translator hourly wage in the US is $30.

27. Taking Online Surveys

While not a primary income source, you can easily earn money by taking online surveys in your free time. A report published on CBS News on March 1, 2023, explains that one question you need to consider in earning money through online surveys is how much time you will spend. For instance, Survey Junkie surveys are 5 to 20 minutes and pay between $0.20 and $4.00 each.

What Are the Top Online Sites to Look For Remote Side Hustles?

  • Upwork: Ardent Partners' 2023 Digital Staffing Technology Advisor Report named Upwork as a market leader in digital staffing. With extensive job listings from writing and editing to web development and marketing, Upwork caters to different skills and varying experience levels.
  • Fiverr: On November 10, 2023, Fiverr released its Third Quarter 2023 results and reported that 4 million customers worked with freelancers on Fiverr in the past year. You can find various side hustle jobs on Fiverr, including content writing, web development, virtual assistance, and social media management.
  • Behance: Behance can be your haven if you're a creative professional. It allows millions of creative freelancers to showcase their portfolios to potential clients and discover remote design, illustration, and photography job opportunities.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides a valuable resource for finding remote work opportunities. Users can access its features to help them in job hunting, get job alerts, use interview preparation features, and see unique job insights. LinkedIn has over 950 million members.
  • Indeed: Indeed is a comprehensive job search engine with a dedicated section for remote work opportunities. Their extensive job listings database allows you to filter your search per job type, location, and salary range.
  • FlexJobs: FlexJobs prides itself in providing legitimate work from home side jobs. This subscription-based job board focuses on quality over quantity and manually vets job postings to ensure they meet their flexibility, compensation, and legitimacy standards.
  • We Work Remotely: We Work Remotely features a convenient platform to search for legitimate remote work without sifting through irrelevant listings. The platform posts an average of 1000+ new positions monthly.
  • Toptal: Toptal is a high-end freelance marketplace that connects freelancers to businesses in various fields, including software development, finance, and marketing. They have a screening process where only the top 3% of applicants are admitted, making it a reputable platform to look for high-quality remote work.
  • CareerBuilder: CareerBuilder is a popular job search portal for remote work opportunities. It has advanced search filters and a user-friendly interface, allowing you to narrow your job search and find remote side hustles matched to your qualifications and preferences.
  • The Muse: The Muse is a career platform that recently acquired Fairygodboss, an online career community for women. Besides job listings, it offers a comprehensive suite of support for job seekers, including career advice and company profiles. 

Conclusion: What Is the #1 Side Hustle?

Local lead generation is the #1 side hustle in 2024 because owning the assets in this business model gives you more control and a more predictable monthly passive income. Remote setters help business owners close sales, but remote setters are not the business owners. This situation makes you reliant on the performance of the remote closers tasked with closing the deals. If you become a remote closer, you rely on the sales commissions. With local lead generation, you own the website, allowing you to set your rates, choose the local business to partner with and get paid monthly.

You can make much money working remotely as a digital landlord with local lead generation. It is the best side hustle because of the flexibility you can get after setting up and ranking the website and partnering with a local business. You can earn by spending part-time hours, too. I own over 50 websites that are running and which local business owners rent.

Local lead generation

I earn from those websites every month and get a real work life balance. Take this tree care website I built in 2015. Every month, it brings up to $2,000 in residual income. In contrast, you don't get as much flexibility with remote setting because you need to work to set appointments every day so that the closers turn them into sales. 

Local lead generation also has good earnings ability as a remote side hustle because you own 95% of the profit margin. With remote setting, you only get 3, 5, or 10% commission per digital product or service sale. In addition, there's more solid growth potential in local lead generation.

Again, you are not just an employee in local lead generation; you own the websites, and companies who use them pay you. You can scale the business as much as you want and make more websites targeting businesses in a local area. Start a local lead gen biz by joining our online course today and see why it's the best side hustle this 2024

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