Greg Pimentel’s Rental Arbitrage Academy Review (What Are The Pros and Cons of This Program?)

May 30, 2024

Rental Arbitrage Academy is an online course created by Greg Pimentel. The program teaches how to build a profitable Airbnb rental arbitrage business. Using Greg’s “proven, straightforward system,” learners can look forward to making a six-figure income.

Rental arbitrage is a business model where a tenant rents a property and offers it to other people for short term rental. They use Airbnb, FlipKey, Furnished Finder, Vrbo, and other platforms to attract attention from potential guests. This business model allows individuals to become landlords without actually buying and owning local real estate properties.

In this review, we'll show you the pros and cons of Greg Pimentel’s Rental Arbitrage Academy. We also tell you what to expect from the program. Furthermore, we discuss a bit about his free rental arbitrage course on YouTube plus. Lastly, we share why local lead generation is an easier business model and how it can help you earn passive income.

Rental Arbitrage Academy Pros and Cons

Rental Arbitrage Academy Pros

Ideal for beginners. Rental Arbitrage Academy covers basic, easy-to-understand information. It is ideal for those who want to start an Airbnb short term rental property business from scratch.

Lifetime access. Students get lifetime access to the program's curriculum and course materials.

Direct communication with mentor and community support. All learners get limited access to contact Greg Pimentel via email. This can be helpful for those who have questions about rental arbitrage. Additionally, students are also invited to join a private group.

Quick results. Rental Arbitrage Academy assures students they will see results within 30 days.

You only need to pay a one-time fee. The entire course costs only $37.98 via Teachable. There are no hidden fees or any other additional expenses required from students.

Rental Arbitrage Academy Cons

A lack of reviews. Rental Arbitrage Academy's official website used to display two short student testimonials. There are no other online reviews out there. This may make it hard for some potential customers to trust the program.

Most of the information is already available online. Some learners may find it impractical to spend on the course. Besides, most of the topics covered are available for free on YouTube and other online resources.

Limited opportunities for one-on-one mentorship. There is no opportunity for one-on-one mentorship from the course creator. Greg can only be contacted via email occassionally. However, he is quick to add that his one-on-one mentorship course will be available in the future.


Rental Arbitrage Academy perks include lifetime access to full curriculum, documents, landlord scripts, and contracts. Learners also get added to an Airbnb Private Community Students group. Plus they can have limited direct communication with Greg Pimentel.


Rental Arbitrage Academy costs $37.98 via Teachable. 

Refund Policy:

Rental Arbitrage Academy issues refund requests within 14 days of purchase. Also, refunds are only allowed if the buyer has only viewed 15% (or less) of the curriculum.


Rental Arbitrage Academy does not have reviews online. The official website used to display short student testimonials. The course and the testimonials are no longer accessible on the site, although the program is available via Teachable.

What Can Students Learn from Rental Arbitrage Academy?

Students can learn how to “unlock the formula to earn a six-figure income on Airbnb” from Rental Arbitrage Academy. The course provides information on how to create “next level Airbnb and Furnished Finder listings.” It also covers many other important topics such as:

  • Chapter 1: The Fundamentals of The Rental Arbitrage Business
  • Chapter 2: Forming Your Business
  • Chapter 3: Market Research
  • Chapter 4: How To Pitch Landlords
  • Chapter 5: How To Furnish Your Rental
  • Chapter 6: Mastering The Airbnb Platform
  • Chapter 7: Managing Your Rental Arbitrage Business
  • Bonus Chapter: Furnished Rentals Mini Course

“I made this program to help you become the next rental arbitrage legend in under 30 days,” explains Greg. “I packaged all my knowledge and experience into one program.” He also claims he used the exact formula to earn “hundreds of thousands.”

To clarify, Rental Arbitrage Academy is not a one-on-one mentorship program. All lessons are pre-recorded. This makes it convenient for students to learn at their own pace.

One of the perks of joining the program is gaining access to a private community group. Learners can ask questions and network with fellow rental arbitrage professionals.

Airbnb Arbitrage PDF Kit

Also included in the program is the Airbnb Arbitrage PDF Kit, which contains:

  • Lease Addendum (Rental Arbitrage Contract)
  • 3 Landlord Scripts (In-person Script, Phone Script, Email Script)
  • Bonus Documents (Welcome Book Template, Landlord Objections, Cheat Sheet)

For interested buyers who only want to get the Airbnb Arbitrage PDF Kit, it is also available for purchase at $38.99.

Rental Arbitrage Academy Reviews

Rental Arbitrage Academy reviews are hard to find online. In fact, their official website used to feature testimonials from two students. A student named Temmy described the course as “an undiluted training and a well designed short term rental course for beginners.” She likewise adds that the program is “worth the investment.” According to her, she immediately began making a monthly profit of $2,000 from one Airbnb rental property.

Meanwhile, Adam thanked Greg for providing the much-needed coaching. “He made sure I didn’t make any mistakes,” Adam shares. “I built the confidence I needed to get going and I'm now headed for my second property.”

Both of these testimonials are no longer available on the website.

Is Rental Arbitrage Academy Worth It?

Rental Arbitrage Academy may be worth it for beginners. Newbies who want to understand how the industry works and how to get started may find the course helpful. However, some may argue that most of the information are available online for free.

Meanwhile, advanced rental arbitrage professionals who need more in-depth information may want to look elsewhere. For example, courses like Derek Cheung's Airbnb Empire Academy offer a more comprehensive program.

Who is Greg Pimentel?

Greg Pimentel is an Airbnb host and online entrepreneur based in San Diego, California. In 2019, he started his rental arbitrage business after convincing his landlord to list the rented property on Airbnb. The idea turned out to be a success and so he went ahead to expand it immediately. After making 6 figures, he finally decided to leave his day job so he can focus more on his rental arbitrage business.

Today, Greg is helping interested learners succeed in the rental arbitrage industry through his courses. He also runs the Greg Pimentel YouTube channel where he has over 34.4k subscribers. As of this writing, Greg has uploaded 10 videos and has attracted over 221,000 views.

Greg Pimentel’s Free Airbnb Course on YouTube

Greg Pimentel has a free Airbnb course on YouTube called How to start an Airbnb business without owning property. The free course runs for 54 minutes. Interestingly, the free YouTube course covers similar topics with his paid Rental Arbitrage Academy program.

The free YouTube course includes:

  • Intro & Course Overview
  • What's Airbnb
  • Who's This Business For?
  • The Basics of Airbnb
  • Market Research
  • Forming Your Business
  • Signing Your First Arbitrage
  • Airbnb Arbitrage PDF Kit
  • Furnishing Your Airbnb
  • Marketing Your Airbnb
  • How To Manage Your Business

According to Greg, he only covers the basics of Airbnb rental arbitrage business in this free course. At the end of the video, he also invites viewers to purchase his Airbnb Arbitrage PDF Kit.

Rental Arbitrage Academy Alternative

Airbnb Kickstart Course by Kyle Stanley is a self-paced online course about rental arbitrage. It discusses practical ways to start, automate, and scale an Airbnb arbitrage business. It teaches students how to generate a 6-figure income within a year. The program also offers exclusive access to a community of industry experts, a one-on-one onboarding call with Kyle, and 9 modules of educational videos.

Price: Airbnb Kickstart Course costs $1,497. Students can also choose 3 payments of $582 per month.

More Info: Airbnb Kickstart Course Review

Why is Local Lead Generation Better Than Rental Arbitrage?

Local lead generation is better than rental arbitrage because it allows you to earn passive income through owning digital properties. In rental arbitrage, you will need to deal with property owners and guests all the time. To increase your occupancy rate and revenue potential, you will also have to find quality real estate properties in prime locations. Moreover, the market is heavily saturated. You may have to compete with top Airbnb businesses in your area.

Local lead generation allows you greater flexibility. Instead of dealing with different people, you will only be working closely with startup entrepreneurs. As a lead gen expert, you will build and rank business websites from scratch. Specifically, you will target corresponding keywords in certain geographic areas. Once you achieve top search engine ranking, your websites will automatically attract traffic. You can then rent out your sites to interested business owners in need of quality leads. In turn, you get to earn consistent income from your lead gen clients. 


Each of your top ranking lead gen sites can make you $500 to $3,000 per month. For example, my Grand Rapids tree care site has been making me over $2,000 per month over the years. I now earn over $52,000 per month from lead generation.

Anyone interested in local lead generation can also acquire the skills needed to succeed. We have a coaching program where we teach students proven lead gen practices to help them rank their sites and make good money. Unlike rental arbitrage, you won’t have to worry about heavy competition and slow seasons. All you have to do is to retain your sites’ search engine rankings. You’ll keep earning as long as you can deliver leads to your customers.

With local lead generation, you won’t have to rent and maintain properties. You get to earn big bucks without worrying about house repairs, routine cleaning, tenant concerns, landlord complaints, and other common issues that come with rental arbitrage. Instead, you will focus on building business websites and ranking them on Google. As your sites achieve top ranking, your clients will benefit from the constant stream of organic traffic. You get to make passive income while experiencing less competition. Plus the best thing is you can run your business from home - or from a hotel room when you're on vacation.

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